Hey guys, I'm back. I had the idea for this story, and decided to run with it. If you guys like it, tell me so, and I'll continue it. For those who don't know, I'm a fast updater, so once I get going, it'll be up pretty quick. Thanks in advance to all you readers/reviewers!

Logan Parker

Summary: The Curtis' parents died a month ago, but instead of leaving Darry with two siblings, they left him with five. With only Soda to help him with the bills, money is tight and silence is a rare delicacy. Will the death of their parents bring the siblings together, or will it all be too much for Darry to handle? Insanity is an understatement. But what is normal anyways?

The Curtis':

Darry: 22

Sodapop: 17

Genesis Fallon (Gen): 15

Ponyboy: 14

Ringo Starrgazer (Gaze): 12

Hendrix Jazzartist (Art): 10

Two-bit Matthews: 18

Dallas Winston: 18

Johnny Cade: 16

Steve Randle: 17

Chapter 1 Define Normal (Darry's Point of View)

"Yes, I understand sir, but this really isn't a good time." I say into the phone, plugging my right ear with my finger in hopes to hear him better. My boss has been 'seriously encouraging' me to take a job in Florida, that would require two weeks away from Tulsa. As convincing as the offer sounds, there's no way I could leave Soda here alone with four kids. I don't even trust Soda to stay here with Steve, let alone with the rest of our siblings.

"I know you say now isn't a good time, Darrel, but this is good money." My boss answers, the annoyance evident in his voice. I'm sure he would have gone on, had it not been for the loud bang that came from the living room.

"I'm sorry, hang on, just one second." I say into the phone, through gritted teeth. I walk as far as the cord on the phone will allow me to, and peer into the living room.

"What the hell was that?!" I yell. My answer is Gaze jumping on Art's back, knocking him to the floor.

"You guys! Cut it out!" I yell again, though I might as well be yelling at a brick wall.

"Yeah, shut the fuck up so I hear the goddamned television!" Dally snaps. I start to yell at him about the language, before Art interrupts me.

"Well, if you would let me outside, then I wouldn't have to be so loud inside!" He tells me, going to tackle Gaze.

"Hendrix, don't even think about!" I say, stopping him. "And if you would stop bringing home detentions, then you wouldn't have to be grounded." Like Pony, Art was moved up a grade, and every since he entered junior high, he's been getting in all sorts of trouble. At ten, you'd think he would listen to his teachers and follow directions, but you'd be surprised.

"Darrel…Darrel listen to me. I really need you. You're one of my best workers." My boss says, reminding me that I'm still on the phone with him. I step back into the kitchen to finish my conversation.

"Listen, George, surely you've heard the chaos from your side of the phone line. Hell, I'm sure the president of Mexico could hear the chaos going on in my house!" I tell him. "I just can't leave them here. I hope you understand, but it's just not going to happen." He sighs and lets a silence fall between us, which is filled by the front door slamming.

"Hey People! I heard the wrestling match a mile down the road! Oh, and you know what else I heard?" Two-bit asks, flopping himself on the couch beside Dally.

"I understand. I'll let you go. See you at work tomorrow." My boss tells me, obviously understanding that I wasn't going to change my mind.

"See you there." I answer.

"Well, are you going to tell us, are leave us hanging?" Dally snaps at Two-bit, not bothering to look at him. I go into the living room to inspect the damage done by my two youngest siblings.

"Darry, I'm going out with Katie and Morgan." Gen tells me, stepping over Art and Gaze, who have decided to watch the TV, sprawled out on the living room floor.

"I heard ole Tim has gone and started trouble with the Madison gang." Two-bit answers.

"Where is Pony?" I ask Gen as she heads for the front door. I can see Katie standing outside on the sidewalk waiting for Gen. I don't blame her for not wanting to come in.

"Do I look like his babysitter?" She asks back with annoyance. I sigh with frustration and am about to answer her, when Dally answers for me.

"He and Johnny went down to see Steve and Soda at the DX." He tells me. Figures that Dally knows where Johnny is. He can keep up with Johnny better than I can keep up with my own siblings.

"Thanks. Gen!" I yell, stopping her on the front porch. She gives me an annoyed look.

"What?" She asks when I don't answer her.

"Just be home by eleven." I tell her, answered by her rolling eyes and the front door slamming.

"Dally, turn up the TV!" Gaze tells him.

"No, don't. I can hardly hear myself think." I counter.

"How is that possible? I can hear you think from all the way down here!" Art says sarcastically.

"Anyhow, like I was saying. Tim's gang and this Madison gang are gonna call a rumble, I can feel it." Two-bit says, when no one adds to what he was saying.

"Jus' as long as he doesn't drag us into it." I comment.

"Yeah, I already have the fuzz breathin' down my neck as it is." Dally seconds.

"Well I don't mind. Can I help Tim?" Gaze asks.

"Yeah, me too!" Art adds.

"No! Neither one of you are fighting in a rumble! You're-" I tell them, only to be interrupted by Soda and Steve barging through the door.

"Hey Darry! Bye Darry!" Soda says, throwing his DX hat on the floor and turning to leave again.

"Wait! Where are you going?" I ask flustered. I've been home from work for one hour and already I'm ready to go back.

"Steve and I are taking Sandy and Evie out tonight, and we're already late so I know everything you're going to say, be home on time and all that, so see ya later!" Soda answers all in one sentence. "Bye Dally, Two-bit, Art, Gaze, and everyone else I mighta missed!" After about ten seconds he runs back in.

"Oh and Pony and Johnny are at the Dingo or in the park or somewhere! I can never understand anything they say!" He adds, then runs out with Steve before I can answer. I throw my hands in the air sigh deeply.

"Why do I even bother?" I ask to no one in particular.

"That's what I want to know." Dally says, standing up. "I'm gonna go see if I can find Sylvia."

"Well, I'm going to go see if I can find Sylvia's sister." Two-bit says, standing up and following Dally out the door.

"Sylvia doesn't have a sister." I here Dally tell him on the way to his car.

"Well then I'll find someone else's sister." Two-bit answers. I shake my head and watch Gaze go to his room, and come back with his jacket and shoes on.

"I'm going to Joey's." He tells me.

"I want to go!" Art states, sitting up on the floor.

"You're not going. Gaze, be home by ten." I say to Gaze who's already at the door.

"Why do I always have to be home before everyone else?" He whines.

"Because you're young and I'm mean." I answer, ignoring the mean look he gives me before leaving.

"Why can't I go?" Art asks.

"Because, I told you, you're grounded until Wednesday." I answer, grabbing the paper and hoping for some peace and quiet.

"But Darry, I told you my teacher just doesn't like me." He whines.

"Hendrix, I don't want to hear it. Be quiet or go to your room." I answer, reading over an article about a grocery store robbery.

"Please." He begs. God, he's just like Soda. How my parents managed to punish either of them, I'll never know. I lower the paper and look at his pleading blue eyes.

"Are you hungry?" I ask him. He shrugs and then nods.

"I guess." He answers, sitting Indian-style.

"How about we go get ice cream?" I ask.

"Okay!" He yells, jumping up and running off to get his jacket. H runs out of his room and out the front door, jumping over the stairs.

"I'll race you to the lot!" He yells over his shoulder.

"What? Don't tell me you think you can beat Darry the ex-football captain!" I yell back, running after him.