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Logan Parker

Chapter 15 Epilogue (Darry's Point of View)

"Yes, I understand sir, but this really isn't a good time." I say into the phone, plugging my right ear with my finger in hopes to hear him better. My boss is trying to fill me in on this new 'very important' project involving a toy store and a guy named Fred.

"What do you mean 'this really isn't a good time'? Darrel this project is going to be big! I mean, life changing big! Revolutionary!" My boss rattles. In the meantime, my house looks like a tornado has gone through it.

"I wanna rock n roll all night, and party everyday!" Soda sings from the living room. Gaze and Art have dragged the mattress out of their room and are jumping on it, being joined by Two-bit.

"You guys! Just because I said you couldn't jump on the bed, doesn't mean I meant you could jump on the mattress as long as it wasn't on the bed!" I yell. Dally puts his arm around Cherry and kisses her.

"Gross Dallas! Get a room!" Steve yells, throwing a pillow at Dally's head.

"Darrel, I'm telling you, this will really boost our profits." George, my boss, says on the other line.

"Dally! Don't!" I yell, when he's about to the throw the pillow back at Steve. Of course, he doesn't listen, throwing the pillow and hitting Two-bit instead of Steve.

"Fine, you want to play that way!" Two-bit yells, grabbing another pillow. He hits Gen across the head, who goes to hit him back but hits an incoming Pony and Johnny instead. Soon, it's an all out pillow fight.

"Sir, I got to go. My uh…my house is burning down!" I yell into the phone, smashing it down on it's receiver. I run into the living room to stop the fight, but am hit by a flying pillow. Everyone stifles laughs as they stare at me.

"Oh that's it!" I yell. "It is so on!"