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Summary: Rogue, Wanda, Kitty, and Lexa are fairies from a world parallel to our own. When theirs is attacked by an unknown enemy they are sent by Queen Ororo to get help from the world that used to be connected with theirs.

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Off the coast of South Carolina a flash of light lit up a deserted beach. In the fading light four figures step onto the beach and look around warily. Satisfied that no one was around they stepped further into this new world. All four figures wore traveling cloaks that covered them from head to toe. As the four walked across the beach the sound of musical voices could be heard traveling on the wind. The four figures walked until they came to a beach house that was deserted. As they entered the house they removed their cloaks to reveal four stunning women. The first had long black hair with streaks of red throughout, her eyes were a vibrant blue and her lips were painted blood red. Her long black dress drug the floor with lace over the bodice that sported red accents at the top and the bottom as well as some red lace to help cover the generous cleavage the gown revealed. The gown left her shoulders bare and she wore 'sleeves' on her arms that matched the design of her bodice. At the wrist of each sleeve was a red jewel that seemed to glow softly even in the dead of night. She had a black choker with red gem drops around her neck and a matching belt around her waist. The most spectacular sight was the pair of red wings which were attached at her shoulder blades. The wings were see through but seemed to shimmer in the light. She turned to another figure with a slight glare gracing her perfect features. "What are we doing here Rogue? You claimed not to have time to explain before shoving us through the portal but I think that now would be a good time to answer our questions."

The figure she addressed gave a small sigh of defeat. "Yah're right Wanda, ah do owe you guys an explanation. Queen Ororo called me into her private quarters during the party to inform me they had caught the spy."

"But that's good news isn't it?" the smallest of the four figures asked. She had long brown hair that hung in ringlets down her back with a pair of pink and purple wings sprouting from her back. She wore a simple white dress with purple trimming around the bottom of the skirt and sleeves. The bodice of the dress was the purple of the trimming and she had purple stones on her sleeves just below her shoulders. She had a necklace of purple stones around her neck and a real looking butterfly barrette pinning back one side of her hair. Her aquamarine eyes had a look of innocence about them and her full lips were painted pink.

Rogue turned to look at the young girl before replying. "You would think it would be but they didn't catch him in time. He had already had time to get all the information to his boss and he killed himself before the Queen could find out who he was working for." She gave another exasperated sigh and pushed her reddish brown hair with its two white streaks framing her face back out of her way. Her hair was unique enough but her emerald eyes and wings were more than enough for her to get more attention than she liked from the opposite sex as did the other three with their unique talents and looks. "While the Queen was explaining the situation two assassins broke into her room and tried to kill her. Of course that is a lot harder to say than do." Rogue smiled softly as she thought about the queen. Each girl had practically been raised by her once the seer had prophesized that they would be the 'four' that would save the kingdom. Rogue ran her hand down the fabric of her green and white dress trying to work non-existent wrinkles out. Her gown was an off-the-shoulder gown with golden trim around the top and a gold belt with green stone was fixed around her waist. The green and white material seemed to flow all around her from the waist and sleeves of her gown.

"Well, she did train us in all the fighting skills of the land and she has been studying them herself for about one hundred years now," the fourth member of the group spoke for the first time. Her hair was black like Wanda's but instead of red streaks her's were blue. She had jade green eyes that seemed to see everything at once. Her dress was blue and white with a purple girdle-type corset with blue flowers was around her waist. Her skirt was the same blue as the flowers and had brown and gold leaves decorating the bottom of it and a white underskirt with blue and brown ribbons accentuating the bottom of it. The bodice was white, off-the-shoulder, with blue trim around the top. The sleeves of her dress had dark blue stones circling the wrists and she had a big blue stone set in a necklace around her neck. Her wings were light blue with dark blue accents outlining them.

"That's true enough but even Ororo has her limits. Anyway, ah think she knows who our adversary is but she didn't explain before she set this task for us. We were to come to earth and look for some powerful beings that will help in the fight against the threat. She said to hurry to get out before something happened. Ah think the seer told her something that frightened her but ah'm not really sure what. Ah was under direct orders to gather you three and get through the portal before the next set of assassins arrived." Rogue shrugged her shoulders, "ah was just following orders. So now that we're here we need to think of a way to find some beings in this world that would be powerful enough to help us fight."

"Oh, that should be easy enough," Wanda said with a roll of her eyes. We'll just head into a market tomorrow and announce that we are looking for powerful beings to find an all powerful evil and see who turns up. We don't know anything about this world other than it used to be connected to ours. We don't know how anything works so how are we supposed to find anyone?"

"We have our powers," Kitty said softly. "I'm sure the elements here are no different then the ones at home so we will just go where they guide."

"Kitty is right. We have to trust our instincts. Right now ah think we should all get some sleep and we'll feel better prepared to face our task in the morning." With that being said the four fairies lay down on the two beds and were soon asleep.


Meanwhile, in Bayville, New York Charles Xavier is woken by the shrill cry of Cerebro letting him know that it has found some new mutant signatures. While working through the information Charles finds that these particular mutants have popped up out of nowhere with fully developed powers, alarmed he sends a telepathic message for his X-Men to meet him in the war room.


Across town at Magneto's base the self-proclaimed Master of Magnetism is jerked awake by a rending of the magnetic field around the earth. He may not have Cerebro but he knows that only a mutant or a monumental attack could have created such a disturbance. Determined to get there before the X-Men, Magneto sounds the alarm that will gather his acolytes at their ship ready to head towards the point of the disturbance.


Next Chapter: Magneto and the X-Men arrive in South Carolina to find a little surprise waiting for them.

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