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Do You Believe in Fairies?

Chapter 4

Lexa was the first up as usual. She quickly got dressed before heading towards the kitchens to get some breakfast. As she entered the hallway she had to jump back as a blur went past her. She crouched in the hallway ready for an attack when the blur came back and stopped in front of her. She launched herself at the person before realizing it was one of the mutants they had brought over to help them. There was a slight "oomph" from the person she collided with before they hit the floor in a tangle. She looked down into a pair of sapphire eyes that seemed to gleam with amusement. Growling she quickly pushed herself off of the annoying teenager. "What are you doing wondering around and bothering people?" She practically growled at the smirking teen.

The silver haired speedster grinned at the fairy in front of him. "I was looking for something to do. I don't need much sleep and got bored waiting for someone to wake up so I decided to explore by myself. You have a very beautiful village here."

With skepticism heavy in her eyes and words Lexa replied, "Thank you. I was heading to breakfast, would you like to join me?"

"Sure I could always use some food. What are we having?"

Lexa shrugged, "Probably some berries and other assorted fruit like we usually do."

Pietro stopped in his tracks and looked at the girl who had been walking in front of him only to turn around and look at him with a questioning look when she realized he was no longer following her. "You mean there won't be any bacon and eggs or pancakes or anything?" He asked.

Lexa scrunched up her nose at the suggestion of eating meat. "When you can communicate with animals you find that they don't appreciate being eaten."

Pietro didn't really know why but the scrunched up nose looked really cute on the blue streaked fairy. "Well, you guys can also talk to plants so why do you eat them?"

"Plants are different. They have a different type of consciousness that makes it easier to eat them." Lexa shrugged and turned to continue on to the kitchen.

Pietro took a moment to look over the fairy as she walked away. She wore a brown corset tank and a skirt with slits up both sides. As she walked he noticed that she had a blue dragon tattooed on her left leg. Its tail started just below her knee where it wound up her thigh before curling and ending with its head at about mid-thigh. Pietro found the tattoo alluring but decided against mentioning it just yet. "Lead the way pretty lady. Maybe you can answer some of my questions while we eat."

"Questions about what," Lexa inquired as she turned into the cafeteria-type room.

"Well, there were some interesting sights that I would like some history of," Pietro situated himself next to Lexa as she began to tell him the history of the places he had been this morning. I really like it here and Lexa seems really nice. It doesn't hurt that she is one of the hottest girls I have ever meet. She's probably even hotter than me and that's saying a lot.


While Lexa was filling Pietro in on the history of the city the rest of the group was starting to stir. Logan had risen early and went wondering and John and Piotr had met up in the hallway to discuss which way to go to find some food when they noticed Wanda and Kitty walk out of their rooms. The two boys began to stare before remembering their manners. "Morning sheilas," John said as the two turned in their directions.

"Good morning," Kitty replied while Wanda just scowled. "Don't mind Wanda, she isn't much of a morning person." She smiled sweetly at Piotr while taking in his appearance. She had to admit that not having a shirt to wear seemed to agree with him. "Are you two hungry? We were just going to head to the kitchen for some breakfast before the meeting with Ororo."

Piotr nodded but still didn't say anything. He mentally berated himself for not saying anything but was unsure of how to talk to the beautiful creatures in front of him. That didn't stop him from looking them over though. Kitty was wearing a pink slip of a dress that showed off her shoulders and flounced to a stop a little higher then mid-thigh. There was a purple dragon wrapped around her left leg and its head was just visible from where her dressed stopped. Wanda was dressed in a red strapless corset with material that looked like flames covering the top. The skirt was made of similar fabric. It almost reached the floor in back and rose to mid-thigh in the front. She also had a tattoo of a dragon on her left leg but instead of purple hers was red. That's odd. I wouldn't think anything of it if just one had it but two having almost identical tattoos? I wonder what they mean. Contemplating what the tattoos might mean, Colossus almost missed them asking if they would like to come with them to get some breakfast.

John quickly answered for him though. "We'd love to sheilas." He went to throw an arm around Wanda's shoulders but the fairy quickly sidestepped him and flew into the air.

Glaring at the man below her she looked towards Kitty. "I'll meet you at the café." She flew off down the hall. Kitty glared at her friend before turning to the two boys. "Sorry about her. She's been a little cranky since she and her boyfriend broke up." Waving her hand she walked down the hall towards the common eating area.

When they arrived they noticed that pretty much everyone was there. Jean looked a little uncomfortable in her yellow dress. It was off the shoulder with the straps designed to look like flower petals and the skirt seemed to be a short bell that stopped a little past mid-thigh. Betsy didn't seem to be perturbed by her outfit at all. She was wearing a dark purple dress that was similar to Jean's except the skirt was less fluffed and a little shorter. She was talking with Bobby and Warren when Kitty, John, and Piotr walked into the room. Once everyone had some food they all settled in to eat and get to know their hostesses a little better.


While everyone was finding their way to the cafeteria Queen Ororo was taking her morning walk and trying to figure out how to best handle the situation. As she was walking through the garden she suddenly realized she was not alone. Logan was sitting cross-legged in a small open area between two great trees. Ororo studied him for a minute before deciding to let him be but as she started to turn away Logan opened his eyes and said, "Did you want something?"

Startled slightly Ororo turned back to her visitor. "No, I just happened by as I was taking my morning walk. Sorry to disturb you."

"I was just finishing and was just getting ready to head in for some breakfast." Ororo nodded and turned to continue on her walk. Seeing the Ororo wasn't ready to head back Logan added, "But if it's alright with you I think I will walk with you. A queen should never go anywhere unprotected, even in her own garden."

Ororo quickly turned to look at him again. "And who said that I was in need of protection?"

Taken aback by the queen's fiery gaze Logan said, "If I'm not mistaken you are getting ready to start a war and during a war the leader is the first to be targeted. And if I'm not mistaken they have already tried to take you out."

"The key word there being that they tried and I was the one who defeated the assassin," Ororo harshly reminded Logan.

"Which means they will be trying again," Logan pointed out. "All I'm saying is that you should be extra cautious until this mess is situated."

Ororo studied the man in front of her for a moment before nodding. "Fine, I will take your suggestion into consideration. At this moment I think it is time to go talk to my girls and the rest of your team."

Logan grunted but accepted the dismissal. Turning he started walking back the way he had come this morning when Ororo stopped him. "It would be quicker to get to the dining area if we walked this way." Without waiting for an answer she turned and headed to where the others were gathered.


Rogue, Wanda, Lexa, and Kitty had gathered together at one end of the dining area to watch their guests. "Ah wonder why 'Ro had us bring them here," Rogue asked as she watched Kurt and John run away from Pietro and Scott for hitting them with some of their food. "We could have handled the problem without the aid of outsiders."

The others nodded their agreement. They had been wondering the same thing since they returned. "It's not like they will be helpful in hunting down information since they don't know anything about our world." Lexa grumbled.

Ororo and Wolverine walked into the room and overheard the last part of the conversation. "I asked you to find some outsiders to help because I thought the new perspective might be helpful. They will also be able to wander more freely with less suspicion. I am planning on using them to gather information from other regions where we wouldn't be able to get any."

Lexa lowered her head and said, "I'm sorry, my queen, I wasn't thinking. I just feel like I should be doing something that will help us find who is trying to harm you."

Ororo smiled at her 'daughters,' "I know how anxious you are for some action but do not worry. I have decided to break you up into four teams to cover the other areas. Each team will have four members and you four will be the leaders." Ororo turned to the four fairies standing next to her. "Wanda, I want you to take John, Eric, and Bobby with you to the Changeling kingdom in the North. Rogue, I want you to take Remy, Jean, and Scott with you to the Dryad kingdom in the East. Kitty, you will be with Piotr, Kurt, and Logan as they go to the Elves in the West, and Lexa will have Pietro, Warren, and Betsy with her as they head to the Mermaid kingdom in the South. Charles will stay here with me and keep in contact telepathically so we will all know when the others find something." Looking around she gave notice to the nods of consent.

"Alright, we'll send you out first thing tomorrow morning. Today will be spent getting all your supplies ready. Don't forget that Rogue, Wanda, Kitty, and Lexa are going only to guide you to your destination. If they are seen it may cause people with information we need to warn whoever they are working for. We are on good terms with all the kingdoms around us so I'm hoping it is a rogue faction who is causing the trouble. Please enjoy your visit with us while we get the supplies ready." With that Ororo walked out of the room to talk to her workers who would be in charge of getting the supplies ready.


After Ororo left the room Charles and Eric called for their teams to meet in Eric's room in a half hour. The group finished their breakfasts and headed in the direction of Magneto's quarters while their four hosts headed back to Rogue's room. "I don't like this," Wanda muttered on the way there. "Why does she think they can get information when we can't? We've always had good relationships with the kingdoms around us."

Lexa nodded in agreement but pointed out, "She probably thinks people will not see them as a threat. We don't know where the trouble is coming from."

"But why stick me with the fire crazy one? It's not bad enough that Clint thinks I should only have one lover at a time without sticking me with someone who can control my fireballs?" Wanda would have continued to rant if Kitty hadn't cut her off.

"Maybe him being able to control fire is why she sent him with you. He'll be able to direct your fireball while you concentrate on other concerns." Wanda glared at the younger girl.

"My hex power can control my fireballs just fine."

"True," Kitty consented, "but what happens if there is a situation where you need to use both in different directions? Wouldn't it be helpful to have someone who can make sure your fireball hits its target while you deal with another threat?"

"Fine," Wanda huffed as she plopped down on a seat in Rogue's room.

Rogue shook her head. "This is what Ororo thinks is best. She hasn't been wrong yet so why start to question her now? We need to stick together to help take care of this threat before something happens to her."

The girls all nodded in agreement and then went into a discussion about what they would need to accomplish while they were on their trips.


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