(Here's my next crossover love Fic, where another Mew is paired up with an unexpected individual)

In the city of Japan, we see the three wisecracking teenage boys of Peach Creek; Ed, Double-D &Eddy. Why you all wonder why the three Ed's are in the continent of Japan? Well let's find out.

"Breath it in gentleman, the winds and air of the city known as Japan, isn't it marvelous?" D.D asked.

"Snoresville!" Eddy replied.

"I got nothing." Replied Ed.

"Oh come on fellows, we're in Japan, hundreds of miles from home, can't you enjoy it?" D.D asked. "I mean none of us would be here if it weren't for Ed."

"Yep, I won three free passes to Tokyo Japan to see the Manga Comic Con here." Ed said proud.

"Who'd of thought after eating so many Chunkypuffs would actually get us a free trip here?" Eddy asked, "Where was this kind of luck during our Sumo Scam with Jimmy?!"

"It just wasn't our lucky day that time Eddy." D.D answered.

Suddenly they could here a loud rumbling.

"What's that?" D.D asked.

"It sounds like the howl of a werewolf from the belly of Hades!" Ed cried clinging onto Eddy.

"Get off me lummox, that's your belly!" Eddy said.

Ed opened up his shirt and noticed it was his stomach rumbling, "I'm hungry." He said.

"I am feeling a little peckish myself." D.D said.

"Yeah all this sightseeing's making me hungry, hey Double-D know any good places where we can chow down?"

"Well let's see." D.D said looking through a map of the city, "Ah there is a café that's not too far from here."

"Lead the way sockhead!" Eddy commanded.

"Of course." D.D said with his head hung over, thinking that's all he's good for.

D.D walked followed by Eddy and then by Ed who was walking with his horrible posture. They walked until they finally reached a café that looked like a pink, fairytale decorated castle.

"Voila gentleman, Café Mew Mew." D.D said in a presenting tone.

Ed and Eddy just looked up at the place.

"You're joking right?" Eddy asked.

"Is something wrong Eddy?" D.D asked.

"OF COURSE SOMETHING IS WRONG SOCKHEAD!" Eddy snapped, "Look at this place, a girly café, we can't go in there, we're men." He said but then eyed Double-D, "Well most of us anyway."

"Oh come on Eddy, I'm really hungry." Ed complained.

"Really Eddy, just because it looks a little frilly on the outside, doesn't mean that it's just as frilly on the inside." D.D said.

Eddy turned to see Ed who was giving him puppy dog eyes, and D.D who was just smiling, Eddy twisted and turned until finally.

"Alright let's go. But if we get mocked at, you're going to get this up the schnoz!" Eddy said to D.D.

"Thank you Eddy." D.D thanked him.

The three went to the doors of the café and opened it, they gasped on the inside which was painted red, had pink hearts hanging on the walls, and pillars.

"Well it's decent." Eddy said.

Then none other then the Mew Zoey dressed in a red waitress outfit came up to them.

"Good morning gentleman welcome to Café Mew Mew, is it just you three?" she asked.

"Yes it is." D.D answered for them.

"Follow me please." She said leading them to a table.

Then Bridget wearing a green outfit came up with menus.

"What'll it be gentleman?" she asked kinda tripping into D.D but he caught her. "I'm so sorry." She apologized.

"Really no harm done." D.D said.

"Uh ready to order here!" Eddy got her attention.

"Al right, what'll it be?"

"I'll have the Strawberry Shortcake please." D.D said.

"I'll take a Blueberry Pie." Ed said.

"And for me, I'll have a Lemon tart." Eddy said.

"Coming right up." she said taking their order into the kitchen.

Meanwhile the remaining ones such as Renee was sitting down reading a book, and Kikki was balancing some plates were just minding their business until the final one Corina came in.

"Hi girls." She said.

"Is that all you can say is 'Hi girls.'? Zoey asked irritated.

"Is something wrong?" she asked innocently.

"You're late!" Zoey yelled at her.

"So sorry, I decided to take my time today." She said.

"Maybe if you started pushing your weight we wouldn't be having this conversation!" Zoey continued.

"Listen Zoey, I…" she trailed off as her focus on Zoey drifted past her to the sight of a short teenage boy with three hairpieces, wearing a yellow shirt with purple trims, and a red stripe on it, blue jeans with chains sticking out of it, and red shoes.

"Uh Corina, are you al right?" Kikki asked poking Corina on the forehead.

"I think we lost her." Zoey said.

Renee who wasn't far from them noticed the look and saw her gaze was on the boy Eddy, she could only smile at this.

Then their waiter Wesley came out with three plates that had the Ed's orders on them.

"Here they are Zoey, take these to the boys please?' Wesley asked.

"On it Wesley." She said as she was about to take the plates but Corina butted in and took them.

"I'll field this one Zoey." Corina said.

"Huh?!" They all gasped.

"Who are you and what've you done with Corina?" Zoey asked.

"Very funny Zoey, you asked me to pull my weight, so I'm going to do it." She said taking the plates to the Eds.

"I think you finally broke her Zoey." Kikki said.

Corina walked up to the Ed's and put their plates down.

"Here you go boys." She said putting their plates down.

"Thank you very much." D.D said politely.

"Thanks a bunch." Ed said.

Eddy was about to speak until he saw who served them, she had to be the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, more beautiful then he thought Nazz was, "Hi." He said.

"Hi yourself." She said right back.

"I'm Eddy."

"My name's Corina."

'Corina, what a name.' Eddy thought.

"So where're who're your friends?" she asked.

"This is Ed, and Edd but with two D's so we call him Double-D."

"Three boys with the name Ed huh, weird." She said.

"I know." He said as he began to eat followed by his friends.

"So where do you live?" she asked.

"Peach Creek America."

"Americans huh, what brings you three here?"

"Our friend Ed won us a free trip to the Manga Convention being held here."

"Lucky him." She said.

While Ed and Double-D ate they noticed that Eddy was able to eat and talk to the waitress at the same time which confused the both of them.

'Strange, this isn't like Eddy to act polite.' D.D thought.

'Gravy!' was all Ed could think.

Then the boss Elliot came up and looked at the girls who were confused.

"Hey girls, what's up?"

"A sign of the Apocalypse." Zoey replied.

"What?" he asked.

"Corina is actually serving someone." Bridget said.

"And flirting with one of them." Kikki said.

As the Ed's finished their meal they were ready to pay.

"I think this about covers the bill." D.D said handing money to Corina.

"And here's a little tip." Eddy said slipping her some extra.

'Eddy giving a tip, what's happened to him?' D.D thought.

'Comic Con!' Ed thought.

"Come back again." Corina said as the boys left.

Corina then stood there until the girls approached her.

"Uh Corina?" Zoey asked.

Corina just squealed like a fan girl like she does around Renee, "Oh did you see that midget boy, he was so adorable!"

"So was Omi but you didn't act like that around him." Kikki said.

"Omi was Prejudice, this one seemed kind." Corina said and turned to Renee, "Oh Renee you were right when you said I would find love, and that day was today." She said as she swooned.

"I wonder if she'll ever be the same?" Bridget asked Zoey.

"Probably." Zoey replied.

(There you have it, don't miss next time where the Ed's meet the heroes, and soon gain power from a certain allie.)