(And this will wrap it all up as the Cynaclons pull the biggest attack they could ever think of.)

After the defeat of the Predasite Raccoon the girls took the Ed's back to the café to explain what's going on and then the Ed's explained their side of the story.

"You girls have quite an extraordinary job." D.D said.

"Yeah, protecting the world just like the guys in my favorite comics." Ed said.

"Well it's not all fun." Zoey said.

"Jeez and I thought going through puberty was a hassle, but you girls seem to have it more bad then us." Eddy said.

"Well saving the earth is a tough job but when you lead the kind of life we lead you'd get use to it after awhile." Corina said.

"And down to business." Elliot began, "You three have been injected with the powers of the Blue Knight, why would he choose a bunch of boys like you?" he said looking at them thinking they're not the serious bunch.

"Hey what do you mean by that?!" Eddy asked in irritacy.

"Come on Elliot, be nice." Corina said.

"Yeah, why're you giving us a hard time, we never asked this Blue Knight for this job." Eddy said.

"Maybe we didn't have to Eddy." Ed spoke up, and Eddy and D.D turned to him, "Some people who you least expect are destined for great great things, and I guess we're those people."

"What's with you Ed?" Eddy asked.

"What do you mean?" Bridget asked.

"Our friend here is suppose to be so dellusional, it's a wonder he can dress himself." Eddy said.

"Now Eddy, I'm proud that Ed came up with such a saying." D.D said.

"It's funny though." Ed began, "After being the Emerald Knight I feel like I've gotten smarter." His friends looked at him wondering if that's true, "And I got that saying off a fortune cookie." He said in his regular demeanor, and the Mews and the boys dropped anime style.

"Shoulda known." Eddy and D.D said.

"Well it's getting late, you girls better be getting home." Elliot said.

"Right." The girls replied.

D.D then looked at his watch, "Good heavens, we're way past curfew Eddy!" D.D cried.

"Sockhead this isn't the Cul-De-Sac, our parents aren't here to tell us what to do." Eddy said.

"That may be Eddy, however we are going to need our sleep, tomorrows the reason why we're here." D.D said.

"Double-D is right Eddy, the Manga Comic Con is tomorrow." Ed said.

"Al right, al right, you guys are worse then my mother." He humbled.

"Hey guys, if it's no trouble could I join you tomorrow?" Corina asked which stunned everybody.

"Huh?" the girls said collectively.

"You wanna join us?" Eddy asked.

"If it's no trouble." Corina said.

"Well its al right with me, you guys?" Eddy asked his comrades.

"But Eddy we've never had a girl roll with us." Ed said.

"Not to sound prejudice Eddy since it's never been my stlye but shouldn't we talk about this?" D.D asked.

"Two things Sockhead, 1: I don't know what prejudice means, and 2: What's there to talk about, it's about time a girl spends time with guys like us, especially me."

"And to be honest, I've always been curious about those kind of events." Corina said.

"Huh?" The girls collectively said again.

"If you girls are done doing that, we gotta get back to our hotel." Eddy said.

"Here I'll go with you, I need the exercise." Corina said.

Before any of the girls could say anything Corina and the Ed's were out the door. As they walked back to their hotel Eddy and Corina was walking ahead of Double-D and Ed.

"Eddy's sure acting different ever since we got here Ed." D.D said.

"Maybe it isn't Eddy at all Double-D." Ed said in a gasp, "But a clone copy sent to feed us gravy until it pour out of our nostrils and ears!"

"Hey could you guys pipe down back there." Eddy asked and resumed talking with Corina.

"So you've been planning scams ever since you could walk?" Corina asked.

"I just wanted to earn some easy cash." Eddy said.

"But you know scamming people out of money is very wrong." She said.

"I know now, even sometimes when our scams actually work and gives the kids something to enjoy, our money is sometimes stolen by those stupid Kanker Sisters."

"Who're the Kanker sisters?" she asked.

"Three girls who live in a trailer park outside our Cul-De-Sac, it's like those girls can sense when me and my boys are having a good time and they come along to ruin it."

"And what exactly do you do with the money you earn?"

"We go down to our towns candyshop and buy Jawbreakers, but we only seem to get them on certain occasions."

As they continued walking they are being watched by three individuals who were all girls, one with red hair, blue hair, and a blonde. They were the Kanker sisters Eddy was telling about.

"Hey Lee take a look, looks like that man of yours is flirtintg with some floozy." Marie said.

Lee had the exact same look at last Valentines Day when she saw Double-D with May.

"Should we get the drop on them now?" May asked.

"No, let's follow them and see what they'll do." Lee said as they crpt forward making sure not to be seen.

As the Ed's and Corina made it farther they finally reached the hotel, where Ed and Double-D went in leaving Eddy to say goodbye to Corina.

"So right here tomorrow is where we'll meet?" Corina asked.

"You betcha good looking." He said but realized what he said.

"You flatter me." She said blushing, she reached down and pecked Eddy on the cheek and walked off with a wink.

Eddy then smiled like a lovesick puppy and walked into the hotel. Meanwhile up in a tree Lee was looking through binoculars and angrily snapped them in half.

"That's it, tomorrow we are gonna put that floozy out of my man's misery!" Lee told her sisters.

Unaware to them was Dren watching over them.

"So she wants to get even with one of the Mew's huh?" he asked himself as he gripped a lamppost pole and let go of it revealing it was dented from his little grab, "Don't worry girl, I'll give you a hand." He said laughing.

The very next day we see Corina waiting outside when the Ed's come out form the Hotel.

"Morning boys." Corina said.

"Morning Corina." Eddy said.

"Well lady and gentleman shall we?" D.D asked.

"Hold on Sockhead, what about my idea?" Eddy asked.

"Eddy you can't be serious." D.D complained.

"What?" Corina asked.

D.D sighed, "Eddy wants us to go there as our Knight selves, and you in your Mew form."

"Why?" Corina asked.

"Ed explain." Eddy said.

Ed cleared his throat, "There is a costume contest held at the convention, and first place includes picture taken to be on the cover of the next issue of Shoen Jump."

"Well since people won't know it's me I'm all for it." Corina said.

"Looks like you're outmatched Sockhead." Eddy said.

"Oh al right, but let's do it osmelace where we won't get caught." D.D said.

Eddy looked and saw a pile of boxes outside, so he led Corina and the boys behind them and they came out looking like their transformed selves.

"We look the part, now it's off to the convention." Yellow Knight said as he led the boys and Corina to the convention.

When they made it there, Ed the Emerald Knight had eyes like saucers. The Convention was swarming with people in costumes from all of the Comics Ed had ever read of the anime's he's ever watched.

"Gentleman, these are the days of our lives." Ed said to his Knight Brothers.

Ed then immediatley rushed off to see everything while D.D was checking out some old and rare comics, and Eddy and Corina were mingling.

"Hey dude and dudette, cool costumes." A teen dressed as Cloud Strife said.

"Thanks, you to." Eddy said.

"I don't believe it, it's really working." Corina said to Eddy.

"They don't suspect a thing." Eddy said.

"I'm really glad you let me come along Eddy."

"Yeah, you know what would make this moment even better?"


"This." He said as he moved closer to her and she did the same with their lips starting to pucker until crashing sounds were heard.

Eddy, Corina, Ed, And D.D looked and saw a steaming Lee Kanker with her sisters cowering behind a table.

"Eddy!" Lee screamed, "How dare you cheat on me!"

"Who's this weirdo?" Corina asked.

"A stalker who won't leave me alone."

"Listen up floozy, you better stay away from my man or you'll have to deal with me."

"Listen Lee I'm not your man!" Eddy shouted.

"And who're you calling a Floozy you old hag!?" Corina snapped.

"Old Hag!" Lee screamed,

"Let me at her!"

Lee was about to approach but Eddy pulled out his Buster Sword.

"I'm warning you Lee, stay out of my life! And the same goes for your sisters as well!" Eddy shouted.

"I can arrange that." Dren's voice came.

"Oh no, Dren!" Corina said as he appeared in mid-air.

"Cool, how's he doing that?" A fan asked about Dren.

"Kickin' special affects." another fan said.

"I can put these three out of your miseries, and make them your demise!" Dren said as he snatched the spirits of the Kankers, and used an infuser on them and the infusers turned into Predasites.

The Predaistes looked like witches from some manga comic.

"Guys, he's turned the Kanker Sisters into Zababa, Tsaneba, and Serania; the witch sisters from 'Dragon Knights; Battle of the Omega's." Ed said.

"Oh great." Corina said.

"Corina call the girls and get them down here, me and the boys will hold them off." Eddy said.

"Al right." She said running behind something and called the girls.

Meanwhile the Eds as Knights went head on with the Witch Predasites.

"I've waited so long to do this, Thunder Wave!" Yellow Knight shouted firing an electrical ring from his Buster Sword that binded Predasite Lee.

"Normally I'm against violence." Crimson Knight began, "But in this case, I'm willing to make an acception." He said whipping out his staff and balls of fire appeared on both tips of the staff, "Pyro Bombs!" he shouted swinging the balls of fire from the staff and towards Predasite Marie.

"My turn!" Emerald Knight said as he pulled out his Sais which then became as hard as the earth's ground and started fighting against Predasite May.

Corina then fired her Heart Arrow at Dren but Dren just barley avoided it.

"The girls said they're on their way." Corina told Eddy.

"Good then, we'll be sure to leave them a little bit of what's left of these three." Yelow Knight said as he continued to fight Predasite Lee, while the crowd was applauding while hiding behind tables, benches and stands.

"Al right fellows, let's try something, 'Attack pattern ALPHA!" Crimson Knight shouted.

Soon the three Kngihts got into poisitons to form the sides of a Triangle, then they flew upwards and started spinning around the Predasites so fast it was if a ring was forming around them.

"Attack!" The Knights shouted as they pummeled the Predasites with punches, kicks, and anything else at them until they fell to the ground.

And just when they did the other Mews rushed in.

"Whoa, I guess those anime freaks went really crazy." Zoey said.

"And I guess those three are the main attraction." Renee said pointing to the three Predasites.

"They could use a makeover!" Zoey said, "Strawberry Bell!" she shouted firing her wave at them.

"Tidal Wave Surge!" Bridget shouted realeasing a wave soaking the Predasites

"Good going Girls!" Kikki cheered.

Dren just growled, "You three get up and fight!" he commanded the Predasites.

So they got up and tried attacking the girls but then The Blue Knight stepped in and deflected their attacks.

"I hope I'm not too late." Blue Knight said.

"Just in time pal." Yellow Knight said.

"Al right then my apprentices, and girls, combine your powers!" Blue Knight said as he started glowing Blue.

The other Knights began glowing their Respective colors while the Mews surrounded Zoey combinding their powers with hers.

"Rose Bell, full Power!" Zoey shouted encasing the Predasites and the spirits landed in the Knights hands and the infusers were contained.

"Someday girls, someday!" Dren said as he vanished.

"Should we really give them back their spirits after all they've ever done to us?" Eddy asked.

"Eddy." D.D said.

"Oh alright, don't have a bird Double-D." Eddy said as they placed the Spirits back into the Kankers and they slowly awoke.

"What just happened?" May asked.

"I feel a little queasy." Marie said.

"What the?" Lee asked looking around the wreck of a place. "This place is too crazy we're going home!" Lee shouted taking her sisters and running out of the convention.

Soon the place was screaming with cheers and claps, and some crazed fans ran to the Mew Mews and the Knights except for the Blue one who made it out of there, asking for their autographs and what not.

Suddenly the Owner and Photographer of Shoen Jump Manga approached them.

"Well I don't think there needs to be a contest this year, there can only be one winning team in this crowd." The Owner said as he got the three Knights and the girls together and the photographer took a shot.

Soon the scene cuts to the airport where the Eds are ready to leave and the girls bid farewell.

"Well girls it was great fighting bad guys with you." Ed said.

"Yeah and for the scrumptious treats at the café." D.D added.

"No problem." Bridget said.

"Come back anytime." Zoey said.

"I'm just glad we don't have to give up our powers." Eddy said.

"But remember Eddy we can't use our powers for our own self needs." D.D said.

"I know." Eddy said and Corina walked up to him.

"Eddy I think there was something we were suppose to do but we were interupted before." Corina said.

"Oh yeah, this." Eddy said as him and Corina moved in and kissed each other that lasted for a whole minute.

The girls just smiled while D.D shed a tear, and Ed looked a little confused. When the couple broke they stared into each others eyes.

"Let me know when you ever come back here." Corina said.

"Maybe you could come visit me in Peach Creek sometime." Eddy said.

"I'd like that." She said.

"Eddy we're boarding." D.D said as him and Ed headed to board.

"By Corina!" Eddy waved as he boarded.

"Bye Eddy!" Corina waved.

Corina then pulled out a picture of Eddy and kissed it. Meanwhile as the plane took off for America Eddy was sitting while looking out the window and then to a picture of Corina and kissed it.

"Until next time, my Yellow Knight/Mew Mew." They said.

(There you go, my own Eddy/Corina fic. My next one I plan to make will involve Jack & Rika, Rai & Renee, and Eddy & Corina.)