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Authors Note: This is my second try at a POTC fan fiction and I'll tell you, I really like this one. I'm currently on Chapter Twelve so the story might seem a little slow at first but it's not. This chapter is a little short but they usually range from 1500 words – 2500. Please review!

Summary: Audrina Hart is a pirate, a woman pirate but no one expect her twin brother Lucas knows she's a woman. She meets Jack in Tortuga after being assured he doesn't hurt women and joins his crew as Jimmy Hart and Lucas follows along because they are never apart. Jack Sparrow knows she's a girl but keeps his mouth shut. Everything begins to change for Jack as Audrina boards the Pearl. A scandal, a slave and more then a few love stories, a treasure map, death, torture and other things is basically what Tortugan Beginnings is about. Enjoy the story.

Timeline: This story takes place after the first movie, about two years after. I'm disregarding the other two movies because things would have gotten too complicated. I'm not sure yet if Will or Elizabeth will be making an appearance in this story but I don't think so. If I ever decide to make a sequel to this, they will probably be in that.

Tortugan Beginnings



Audrina Hart leaned against one of the wooden pillars in thought, her brow furrowing as she looked over the Captain's with interest. There were a number of them looking for crews but she wasn't quite sure which one of them would be honest enough not to harm her when he found out she was a woman. The question was not if but when. They always did, she reminded herself. And always she and her twin brother Lucas were thrown off the ship to swim or row themselves to shore. Frankly, Audrina was tired of it but she was determined not to resort to whoring herself. Even if piracy wasn't much better, she rather steal from a man and kill him then sleep with him. Inwardly smirking, she realized how different she was from other woman. But living the lifestyle she had, she was forced to be what she was. Pulling the hat closer to her eyes, she rested her turquoise eyes on a particularly eccentric looking Captain. With a frown, she realized she didn't recognize him. Tapping her brother's shoulder, he spun around and tilted his head, waiting for her words.

"Look at him, Lucas." Audrina said simply, nodding at the slender bronze Captain with the kohl lining his near black eyes.

"Who is he, Aud…?" Lucas caught himself and bit his lip, he silently reminded himself of her alias. "Jimmy." He corrected and she let out a sigh of relief.

"Watch yourself, Lucas." She scolded, frowning. "I don't know. Let's ask her."

She motioned with her chin at a blonde whore that eagerly awaited customers. Lucas frowned, he didn't like approaching whores. In fact, he hated being around whores at all. They made the boy uncomfortable even if he was no longer a boy. They were both in fact twenty seven and Lucas wouldn't admit that his sister was a better pirate then him; but they both knew that to be true. For a moment, Audrina actually thought that he would approach her but soon realized that he would not, rolling her eyes at him, she sauntered off towards the whore. The blonde turned and smiled, Audrina's manly appearance had fooled her and she had misinterpreted the woman's approach.

"Hello there." The blonde purred. "Do ya need some company fer tonight?"

"I'm sorry to bother you, miss." Audrina started in a low, gruff sounding voice. A voice so rehearsed and perfected it rolled easily off her tongue. She spent six years pretending to be a man, she was used to it. "Who is that man over there? That captain?"

"Don't tell me yer never heard of Captain Jack Sparrow!" The blonde whore was flabbergasted for a moment but then smirked, annoyed that the 'man' wasn't looking for a partner for the night.

"No. Is he an honest captain? I mean, honest enough for a pirate that is." Audrina replied, trying to muddle her accent a bit. Even her years as a pirate hadn't added much to her colored vocabulary apart from the occasional swearing.

"Jack is the most honest yer ever gonna get!" The blonde snapped. Softening a bit, she hoped to make a sale; she reached out and caressed Audrina's cheek. She bit her lip; that had never happened before and didn't really pull away from the whore's grasp. Stay under the alias at all times, she reminded herself. At all times. "Name's Gisele, honey, if yer ever in Tortuga and need a little company."

The blonde whore sauntered off and Audrina spun around to be met by the smirking yet handsome face of her brother. Pulling him by the collar, obviously annoyed, she pulled him to the line to serve underneath Captain Sparrow. She bit her lip; she hoped Gisele was telling the truth about him. She was growing tired of rapist captains and ones that didn't hesitate to lift a hand to hurt her. As it came for her turn in line, she eyed the captain warily. He seemed nice enough, his near black eyes twinkling with mischief and the scent of rum faint on his breath. The trinkets plaited into his hair suggested that he had been to many places as they looked foreign, even a bit expensive. Jack Sparrow didn't even look up as it was her turn in line. Usually he made Gibbs do such menial work but lately he wasn't very pleased with the crew's work so he decided to take it upon himself to recruit new members.

"Name?" He drawled.

"Jimmy Hart." She said as gruffly as she could but he looked up sharply and grimaced. Not a reaction she had been expecting. She almost thought he saw through her façade.

"Yer a bit short." Jack said rather abruptly, motioning towards her body.

In fact, she was even short for woman and would be considered a dwarf among men. It wasn't the first time she had gotten said reaction but he said it rather obviously while the others simply implied it.

"Growing defects." Audrina lied, feeling a retort burning on her tongue but her conscience had warned her not to. She couldn't mess things up more for her brother, he was all she had now.

Jack Sparrow, on the other hand, was eyeing her warily. The manly clothes with no hint of a chest surely proved she was indeed a man. Her tone, her voice was gruff although rather soft by pirate's limits. But when he looked up and saw soft turquoise eyes staring back at him, he was not so sure. Jack Sparrow wasn't easily fooled and he doubted that he or she could do so this time. Her stature was petite and delicate but had a sword hanging off her belt as well as a pistol to her right. Biting his lip, he looked up at the person who he hadn't exactly made up his mind whether he or she was a man or woman. He decided he wouldn't say anything; he didn't really care for what her gender was. He had allowed women onboard before and nothing was going to stop him now. His eyebrow rose as she answered her question. Growing defects? He felt himself muffling a much needed chuckle.

"Yer sure?" He inquired but simply smiled, Audrina found that to be rather unnerving. But she was relieved when he spoke again quickly. "What's yer story?"

"Sailed on a few ships, didn't like the Captains and left. Not much to say." She said and Jack raised an eyebrow. He seemed alright. Or she seemed alright. "I'm pretty competent at the rigging."

"Well then Jimmy Hart, welcome to the crew. I trust yer going to like the Black Pearl well enough. How old are yer? Eighteen, nineteen, perhaps?"

"Seventeen." Audrina lied easily. She suspected that maybe he was the kind that liked young boys. He certainly wouldn't be the first. She was beginning to feel herself flush but bit her lip hard, bringing color to her cheeks.

"Oh?" He simply said while waving her off to the side while Lucas was faced to meet him. "Name?" Jack asked and realized that this boy had an odd similarity to the boy that had joined up moments ago.

"Lucas Hart." He answered quickly, keeping his eyes steady to Jack's own eyes.

"He yer younger brother?" Jack inquired, feeling a grin twitch at his mouth. Lucas' gaze didn't waver, nor did his voice hesitate. Jack was disappointed in that, wanting very much to read the boy's expression.

"Yes. Our mother died not too long ago and he had no where else to go." Lucas explained and Jack nodded sympathetically.

"My utter condolences." He said dryly before perking up a bit. "How old are yer boy?"

"Twenty seven." He answered and Jack frowned, he thought the boy would be a bit younger.

"Any good with a blade or pistol?" He was relieved when Lucas nodded. "Alright then, join me crew. You and yer brother should be signin' the articles soon and then we will be under way. Savvy?"

Jack lifted from his sit and shooed the rest of the pirates in line off. They scurried away quickly and Jack moved towards his new crew. He surveyed their eager faces quickly, taking in each name with a face. He always remembered his crew. He had taken ten new ones today. Henry Jones, Jeff Kirk, Stephen Link, Lloyd Banks, John (he offered no last name), Daniel Roberts, Gregory Hilt, Jacob Larson and finally Jimmy and Lucas Hart.

His gaze particularly lingered on Jimmy, his features were all too soft in his mind and his lips too filled out. Jack lifted the hat merely from her head, to reveal her eyes a bit more. He grinned when he saw the black hair shielded by the black bandana, the kohl lining her eyes to make herself look as manly as possible. He didn't know if she actually thought she was going to fool Captain Jack Sparrow but he decided that he might let her believe so for a while. For a moment, he wondered the lass' real name.

"Any of you gents can read an' write?" Jack bellowed to his crew and only Jimmy, Lucas and Daniel Roberts timidly raised their hands. "Good. Well read the articles to the men and have them sign a big 'x' at the bottom, savvy?"

The three of them scurried off to do just that. Within a few minutes they were waiting to see their new home. Jack Sparrow sighed sharply and nodded leading them to the Black Pearl. His curiosity only grew about the young woman on board who in fact was trying to be a man.