Charmed Fate

Summary: They changed the future and now their future might change what they fought for. Au fic

Authors Note: I'm sorry but in this fic Piper has 2 kids, Phoebe has one and Paige 2. I couldn't add all of them in and all so I didn't want to say its whatever happened in the series finale and all.

Disclaimer: I don't own the tv show Charmed. I do own the characters of whoever is new but not their looks I used actors for them.

Elders - Elders are high whitelighters that govern all good magical beings. The Elders select future whitelighters and provide information and guidance to current ones. While whitelighters are supposed to help others, they follow a strict set of rules in doing so. The Elders take responsibility for ensuring that whitelighters follow these rules. When an Elder retires, he must pass his powers to another being, who then replaces him. An Elder can only pass on his powers at certain times, such as the equinoxes.

Whitelighters - A person that does a great deal of good during his life may become a whitelighter after death. Whitelighters are sort of angelic creatures that watch over good people, both mortals and witches, and try to keep them from coming to harm. Whitelighters have the power to heal, hover and can travel by orbing. While whitelighters eat, sleep, and otherwise function like regular human beings, they cannot be mortally wounded. These wounds will magically heal themselves. The only way that a whitelighter may be killed is by a darklighter's arrow, which is tipped in a poison made specifically for that purpose. While the Elders can track whitelighters, if a whitelighter chooses to stop using his powers the Elder will be unable to track him. If a whitelighter is trying to disappear, only a blood relative can locate him again. If he chooses not to use his powers for a long period of time and the Elders can find no other way to locate him, eventually he will lose his whitelighter abilities

Wyatt--24-witch/whitelighter energy balls, vast explosive powers, able to destroy as well as transport multiple demons at a time, prescience to observe the world, and also uses some kind of power to reveal demons.

Chris-22-witch/white lighter - telekinesis and orbing, conventional form of telekinesis (the same as Prue Halliwell), observed to use telekinetic orbing at certain times.

Henry Leonardo Jr. Halliwell(Jared Padalecki)-20-witch-whitelighter-mom Paige- Heal, orb, telekinetic clairvoyance, orb strike- like lightning but shocks.

Pia Prudence Matthews Halliwell(Bethany Joy Lenz Haley oth)-17-mom Paige-witch/whitelighter-Heal, orb, astral projection, mind orbing (without using speech she can orb stuff), glamouring.

Parker Melinda Halliwell(Lois from smallville)-21-witch/cupid-mom Phoebe- Empathy, erase--bad event in past or future of someone's life, tap into peoples hearts.

Haley(Hilarie Burton peyton oth) - 22-witch/whitelighter/Elder- is the only kid who has a Elder's power by birth- powers- Elder-whitelighter- good energy balls. Her parents were close friends to Leo and Piper after they helped with killing Billie and Kristy.

Jase(Justin Harley green arrow from smallville)-18-human/demon is a demonic soldier of fortune. He is an upper level demon and it requires a potion which uses a piece of his own flesh to vanquish him. He can shimmer, throw energy balls, and he possesses super strength.

Sophia(Sophia Bush Brooke oth)-23-witch-teleport anything she calls for, blinks. She met Wyatt at magic school and fell in love.

Chapter 1 What is Fate?

Changes the Charmed Ones made might only stop what's not set in fate. Life for the Charmed Ones, Piper, Phoebe and Paige had taken a magical family to also a normal one. Piper had Wyatt and Chris to look after as she opened a restaurant and Leo taught at magic school.

As for Phoebe and Coupe well they had their hands full with their only child Parker Melinda Halliwell who was born a year after Chris. She and her older cousins often fought over anything and everything but when she had hit high school Parker had become close to Chris and Henry.

Paige became a white lighter and her husband Henry stayed at his job as they raised Henry Jr. and Pia at their mansion which they had gotten when Henry saved a now famous actor.

What is in store for them will only take their children to the brink of no return.

The heat of the energy ball nearly missed Chris's skin as he tucked behind the old antique cabinet in the attic.

"You can't hurt me Wyatt. I'm your brother!"

"Aw Chris its not about the family its only about the power."

As Wyatt talked he aimed an energy ball right at Chris.

"Chris! Chris! Wake up already."

Chris jumped out of bed as he saw a brown haired and brown eyed girl standing in his bedroom door way. She was short but not to big to make her look heavy. Chris then walked over to her as they started to head downstairs.

"Pia don't you have school? I mean Junior year is important and all."

"Chris I have time I could always orb to class if necessary."

"And risk exposure I think not sis."

The guy brown hair and the same eyes as Pia came out of his bedroom and glared at Pia. The two Henry and Pia looked somewhat alike but Henry stood at 6'3 and Pia only at 5'1 then again the siblings did have other things in common. They both could orb and heal and both had a special power or two but big brother Henry who was almost 4 years older then Pia had to always make sure his sister wouldn't astral project herself or glamour herself to get out of trouble. Chris finally knew what Wyatt felt like looking after him all these years when Henry would complain to him about little Pia.

"Get your asses down here before I call up some demons to eat this."

Henry chuckled as they made there way to the dining room.

"Wow Parker must be pissed at someone. Wyatt what did you do?"

Wyatt the oldest and the leader only smirked at Henry as everyone sat down for breakfast as a blondish brown haired girl with brown eyes walked into the room with food.

"Aw Henry still sad cause Pia has a better grade then you?"

Parker looked like a Amazon warrior. She had a beauty like their Aunt Prue did that no one could match. She was close to Chris and Henry being in the middle between their ages both a year older or younger then her.

As the Halliwell family sat down to eat two women a blonde hair blue green eyed girl and another with brown hair and hazel eyes orb or blinked into the manor. The blonde who orbed went over and kissed Chris. Haley, a elder by birth and also a witch, had been a family friend to the Halliwell's since her father Lucas, an elder, and mother Melody, a witch, helped the Charmed Ones defeat Billie and Kristy Jenkins. Being the same age as Chris they went to magic school together and became best friends and then started to date 3 years ago.

The brunette went over to Wyatt and kissed him. Sophia met Wyatt at magic school and the two fell in love. Now normally the Halliwell manor wouldn't have been so crowded but with Paige and Henry away for work Pia had to stay with big brother while they were out. Parker only came over to cook for the three boys who lived here now since she missed her big family and all since she moved to a apartment across town.

Pia saw the time and ran to get her books as Wyatt went over to her.

"Pia being late again you know if you went to magic school…."

"Wyatt! I want to be normal. My parents said I could make the decision of normal regular school or magic school. Just because I decided to be normal doesn't mean I won't learn the trade."

Wyatt place his hands on his littlest cousins shoulders. She looked up to him with her puppy dog eyes and gave him a huge smile.

"I know Pi and I know what's it like to go to public school not ever telling anyone what you can really do and all. I worry about you cause I know what's it like and all."

"Wait Wyatt you went to what daycare! Like when you were two. Mom made us go to magic school."

Wyatt blankly looked at Chris as Pia waved and ran to the car as Haley chuckled and kissed Chris.

"Chris I'll see ya later Pia will start my car if we don't head out now Sophie."

The brunette smirked at Wyatt and then hit the back of Haley's head as they walked out.

"You know I hate that nickname!"

Haley and Sophia had just dropped off Pia at school and went to the café that Haley's mother owned with Piper.

"So did you have fun last night with your date with Wyatt?"

"Ah! He didn't even show up I suspect it was a demon or something."

"Um nope I was at the manor all night yesterday and nope no demon sightings at all."

Sophia had an glared in her eye as she then looked to Haley.

"What a witch!"

"You're a witch learn to use your power to fight."

Wyatt stated as he watched Chris, Henry and Parker train or basically show off their powers.

"Watch this guys."

Parker had now opened up an screen like window and started to move around bits and pieces of someone's life.

"Oh yeah watch this."

Henry had now gotten a vision of something and then using his part telekinetic to his clairvoyance to project the vision out of his mind to show the others it. Chris yawned and with the flash of his hand he moved a sword across the room. Wyatt then used his energy balls too break off the vision and Parker's attempt to change a persons life. Then he held his hand out and the sword Chris was playing with came right to Wyatt's hand.

"Don't you guys get it. We are now the Charmed Ones destined to protect the world from evil. There's 5 of us another powerful generation to the Halliwell name. We are suppose to be training since the last time a demon attacked we were not prepared and all. You all remember that incident? You know the one where Parker had a broken arm, Pia got a burn and you two guys ended up in another time."

"Aw man 2006 rocked. That band what Fall Out Boy man we need them again."

Wyatt only glared at Henry as Parker and Chris both looked around the basement not trying to help.

Pia walked the halls of Roosevelt High. She should be in study hall but she didn't feel like it and wanted to think some stuff over. She then bumped straight into a 6'0 blonde hair brown eyes guy.

"Sorry I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Its okay so can I see your hall pass?"

Pia straighten up and looked at him nervously.

"Um my what?"

He smirked as he watched her gulped and started to shake.

"Your hall pass I mean I need to make a copy to use it. What's your name?"

Pia sighed with relief as she handed him her pass well her fake one that is.

"Pia….Pia Halliwell and you are?"

The guy took her hand and shook it.

"Jase…Jase Donavan. It's a pleasure to meet you Pia. Now would you care to join me now we can go get coffee."

" Well my cousin is picking me up from school today."

Jase winked and gave her a smile that would charm anyone.

"We'll be back in time trust me."

He held out his hand and Pia who was deicing on weather or not of going quickly smiled and grabbed his hand as the two went to get his car.

Chris walked into the kitchen to find Sophia in there looking over the grocery list only saying whatever was on the list then the food would appear.

"Um Soph that's personal gain you know."

"You sure or is it that you still think I'm evil or something. Chris I love your brother and I would never want what would happen if he turned evil. You have to learn to trust me even if its only a little bit."

"I know but he is different right? I mean I think he is up to something and all."

"Chris I'm sure its just Wyatt being Wyatt and all. He's not evil and I know it."

Chris looked at a picture of his brother and himself as kids and then he looked back to Sophia.

"I hope you are right if not we have a big problem."

Sophia walked to the attic cause Chris had got her curious. She then went over to the book of shadows and started to look through it wondering if there was a spell to see the truth or something like it. She flipped to page that could maybe help her as a hand was placed on her shoulder. She spun around and did a side kick and knocked herself on top of Wyatt.

"You scared me!"

"Sorry so what are you looking for?"

"A truth spell."

"Why? Whose lying to you?"

"Well maybe you are Wyatt."

"Sophia don't you trust me?"

"Well that all depends where were you last night?"

"I have to take care of business is that a problem?"

"It is when your girlfriend was waiting to get picked up for our date."

Wyatt went over to Sophia as they got up and hugged her.

"Soph I'm so sorry I totally forgot about our date last night. Can you ever forgive me?"

She smiles and kisses him and then pulls away.

"Only if you plan a date for tonight."

"Sure pick you up at 8."

Wyatt then hugged Sophia and orbed them out of the attic. Downstairs Haley sat with Chris in the living room watching some tv.

"Um Hales are you sure Sophia is not evil?"

"Chris you know that Wyatt won't turn evil. You stopped it well an alternate version of you stopped him."

"I know just we have to make sure and all."

Haley sat on top on him facing him as she kissed him and pulled away.

"Baby you know you're a neurotic freak right?"

"Oh you know it and you're in love with this neurotic freak so what does that make you?"


Haley smiled as Chris pushed her down on the couch and kissed her. Chris was truly in love with his best friend even if that also meant not going demon crazy and all but he knew he had been lucky ever since he asked out Haley.