Chapter 5

In Chris's bedroom Haley laid with Chris on his bed as he played with her hair.

"Do you ever think what if a baby was more powerful then even Wyatt?"

"Well my brother is apart of the Halliwell's plus he was the first white lighter-witch-charmed son so how could anyone get more powerful than him?"

She smiled and looked at him. "What if you added part elder to that mix?"

Chris's mouth dropped open and he stared at her.

"You aren't pregnant are you?"

Haley shook her head and kissed his forehead. "No but we could be someday. I mean I'm not sure if a cocky sarcastic kid would be easy to handle and all."

"Now you sound like the neurotic one so I think we should get neurotic about getting married."

She only looked at Chris who pulled out a ring.

"Marry me Haley. I love you. Marry me."

Haley smiled and kissed Chris. "Yes I'll marry you."

Sophia walked up to the attic and saw Wyatt looking through the book.

"You seem different."

Wyatt looked up and blankly stared at her. "Did Chris get into your head? Don't worry I'm just worried. Why don't you head to my room and I'll meet you there in five."

Sophia nodded and kissed his cheek as she left somewhat confused. Jase waked into the attic.

"I left my keys. I'm heading to my mom's now."

Wyatt smiled and nods as Jase leans on the wall and folds his arms across his chest.

"Why did you do it?"

"Do what Jase?"

Wyatt smirked as Jase only looked at him as he shakes his head not believing him.

"You know what I mean."

"They needed to understand that training to fight isn't about showing off their powers."

"That sounds like something an evil person would do."

Wyatt looked at Jase and smiles. "I had to do what I needed to protect my family. Wouldn't you?"

Jase nods. "Yeah but you sure planned this thing out with the demons and me."

"They would of got killed if it wasn't for me. I'm not evil."

Wyatt walks out of the attic heading to his room. Chris watches from the shadows and started to get the feeling of a fireball striking him but nothing was touching him. His brother wasn't evil! He couldn't be now only if Wyatt wasn't the leader than he could relax more and maybe stop worrying so much.

Wyatt went to his room and saw Sophia asleep on the bed as he went in and laid down looking at his nightstand of a picture of his parents ands aunts then he pulled out a blue crystal from the nightstand drawer and placed it on top of the stand as blue lights glowed throughout the room making a cage that the bed was in the center of. He knew what he could become and never wanted that to happen. Tonight he was safe from any demons that would come and try to turn him. He needed to make sure if anything would happen to him that his brother and cousins could stop demons if he wasn't around bust of all they could stop him if he became evil as for tonight he just wanted to stop worrying.

The end 8/31/07