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Chapter one: Captures and shrieks!

"Awe man! We're gonna miss the Ramen convention!" I said.

"Yeah" Kira said from my left, her shaggy blonde hair tickling my neck as she moved.

"I was really looking forward to going too!" Naruto wined from my left.

Kakashi sighed, "There was no convention! It was a trap to lure us here!" he explained for the fifth time.

"Well if you knew it was a trap why'd ya come along in the first place?" I asked.

"Um…well …I… that is…" he fumbled around for an explanation.

"He wanted to go meet the cast of the new 'come come paradise' movie at the convention!" Naruto laughed.

Kira smiled "ya knew it was a trap and ya still came."

"No" Kakashi yelled defensively "She drug me along!" And although I couldn't see the innocent look on the brunettes face I could hear it in her voice.

"Who me?! I didn't drag you here!" Megan gasped in fake surprise. W e all sweat dropped because it was true that Kakashi came to 'meet the cast' and cause Megan drug him by the front of his mask.

I stopped listening to the others arguing and started to inspect the room we were all tied together in. The room was small, dark, and windowless with wood floors and black walls.

I turned my head to look at the other occupant in the room. The cloaked figure had long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail with part of the hair draped over one eye.

Kira followed my gaze to the cloaked figure, and smiled evilly. "Hey! Blondie!"

"What! Un." The figure sighed. "Well, I'm still having trouble figuring something out"

"And what's that" the blonde asked sarcastically. Kira winked at me, and we all smiled.

"I still can't figure out if you're a pretty guy or an ugly girl." Kira stated for the fifth time today.

"For the last time, I …Am…A…GUY! Un!" he yelled "And my name is Deidara!"

Megan completely ignored him; "yeah I haven't quite figured that out myself." She thought out loud.

Deidara stomped out of the room furious . "Finally I thought he'd never leave!" I said.

10 minutes later…

Deidara re-entered the room with the prisoners, his head level again.

"B.S.!!!" Deidara jumped at the sudden out burst.

He looked at the prisoners and found them huddled in a circle on the floor playing cards.

"Dang it!" Naruto yelled, as he looked at the top most cards in the center.

"I told you it was two 4's!" Megan laughed. Kira and I laughed too.

Naruto grumbled as he took all of the cards out of the middle and added them to his hand.

"What are you doing, un!" deidara yelled over the commotion.

"Huh? Oh playing B.S., want to play?" I asked.

"NO! I don't want to play, un! And how did you get untied!?" "Them" Kira said pointing to two small fuzzy things in front of Deidara's feet. He looked down…


Kisame and Itachi burst into the room "what's going on!" Kisame demanded, and Deidara promptly threw himself into Kisames' arms shrieking "Rats!" we busted out laughing as Kisame threw deidara off himself.

Itachi looked at Megan, Kira and myself, "The Leader wants to see you three."

We nodded, "Come on Cheza Come on Tilley" Kira said picking up her rats. As we passed, Deidara hid behind Kisame. Kira, Megan, and I snickered.

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