Yay! Chapter 2! Well kinda. I had to combine some chapters cause they where to short. Anyway, if anyone has some torturous ideas for the Akatsuki, let me Know!

Chapter two: meetings and Wake up calls!

The Leader's room was dark, like most of the place. All we could see of the Leader was the outline of his body. His red eyes seemed to glow in the darkness.

"Sit" he commanded. We glanced at one another and sat in chairs in front of his desk. It was silent for a moment.

"What no rollover command?" Kira asked sarcastically.

"I wasn't you three to join the Akatsuki."

"Huh?" we asked in unison. "Why us?" Megan asked, still in shock.

"Because the three of you have unique chakra. When you are together, it meshes into one larger chakra that rivals even that of the nine tailed foxes. Making you incredibly strong."

We where silent for a moment, I ran my fingers through my thigh length blonde hair thinking. All of the sudden Kira burst out "so we're like the three musketeers" she faked sobbed. "Awh. You two complete me," I wailed. Then we had a completely fake mushy moment.

"I expect your answer within the next two weeks" the Leader said over our 'wailing'.

We where escorted to a new room by Kisame and Itachi. The room had three beds and a conjoining bathroom.

"Where's Kakashi?" "And Naruto?" Megan and Kira asked Kisame.

"They're in the room across the hall" Kisame said walking away with Itachi.

I closed the door. Turned around with an evil grin, to find it mirrored on my friends faces.

"Where do we start?" Kira asked curiously.

We stayed up late exchanging ideas between us, and around midnight fell asleep.

"TIME TO GET UP!!!" Kira jumped and fell out of bed as I opened my eyes.

"GodDit that hurt!" Kira growled somewhere below me.

Megan groaned and rolled over, covering her head with her pillow.

"Who are you?" Kira demanded of the masked shinobi who had shouted our wake up call.

"Oh, I'm Tobi!" he declared cheerfully. He ran over to Megan, "Get UUUUPP!" he cheerfully sang pulling Megan's sheets and pillows off her bed.

Tobi's stomach promptly met Megan's fist at this.

"You should not punch people." Tobi gasped from the floor. She's not a morning person" I said, leaning over the bed to look at Tobi.

"Can we get some breakfast now?" Kira asked stretching. Megan jumped out of bed "Did someone say 'breakfast'?" a wide-eyed Megan asked eagerly.

Kira and I sweat-dropped.

After we got Naruto and Kakashi and ate, Tobi gave us a tour of the compound. "so," I asked, "are all of the Akatsuki usually here at one time?"

"Not normally, but we haven't had any missions lately, so most of us are around." Tobi replied skipping ahead of us.

"Is that so?" Megan asked with a smirk.

Tobi then left muttering something about meeting Kuzuku.

I watched him leave, turned to the others "Who's first?" I