The Next Evolution: The Weapon, The Serpent And The Vampire

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Chapter one: At home with the clone

As the other students ran around outside, enjoying a game of mutant dodgeball, the Institute's latest addition stayed up in her room, her faces less than an inch from her window, watching the others. It had been a week since she'd come to the Institute and aside from coming down for meals and training (on her own), she'd stayed up in her room the entire time. The Professor had made her roommates with Jubilee, hoping the outgoing chinease mutant would be able to persuade X-23 to come out of her shell, so far, she'd made little success. Her heightened hearing sensed someone walking down the hall toward her door and she knew who it was before he'd even knocked on the door.

"Come in" she said in a monotone voice

"How come you're in here? You're supposed to be outside with the others" Logan asked

"I was not feeling very well so I was excused" she replied

"That's garbage and you know it, the reason I brought you here was so you'd be around other kids your age, know what it's like to be a kid and you aint gonna learn if you spend all day in here" Logan replied, a little more harshly than he'd intended it to be

"It does not feel any different from my cell at HYRDA"

"Well, for one you're not a prisoner here, hell, you've already proved you can take on every other student here and win so if you wanted to leave we couldn't exactly stop you"

"Do you remember why I agreed to come here with you?"

"Sure, I get you answers about HYDRA, how many of them are left, who helped create and train you, make them pay for what they did"

"And have you?"

"I'm working on it, it's hard with SHEILD still watching me"

"Then my illness will remain until you come up with something" X-23 said

"Look, I know you weren't exactly happy to come here but could ya at least try and give it a shot? For me if nothing else" Logan asked her

"I will try" she replied, standing up and leaving the room

That night Logan tossed and turned in his sleep, the few memories he had coming back to haunt him

Germany, 1945

He charged forwards through the pouring rain through the camp, flanked on one side by Captain America, the other by someone he knew, but he couldn't remember what they looked like, only that they dressed in black. They reached the detention building and Captain America raised his shield, preparing to throw it at the door to smash it down, but the figure on Logans left had already swung into action, they drew and hurled a long curved sword at the door, the blade hitting the lock dead on, shattering it. The door swung open, the figure made an 'after you' motion and three warriors entered it, they reached the final cell at the end of the long dark corridor and again they prepared to smash it down, only for solid iron door to buckle and compact into a tiny ball, on the other side was a young boy, his hand outstreatched.

The three soldiers looked at each other for a moment, dumbstruck before their senses kicked in, the figure scooped the boy up in its arms and the three turned around and ran back they way they'd came. As they neared the edge of the camp they heared the roar of gunfire and glanced back over their shoulders. Behind them were two dozen german soldiers with a man with a red mask at the front directing them, The Red Skull, Logan thought, not knowing how he'd remembered the name.

As the soldiers got nearer the figure handed the boy to Logan and stepped backwards, turning to face the oncoming Germans, Logan turned as well to back them up but Captain America clasped a hand on his shoulder and shook his head, he looked at the figure and he saluted, Logan did the same and the figure bowed in reply before drawing both its swords and throwing itself at the oncoming Germans, screaming a warcry as Logan, the boy and Captain America continued onwards, heading back to Allied lines

Logan woke up, drenched in sweat. He'd only been able to remember a fraction of that battle before and suddenly now the whole thing was crystal clear to him, he felt happy, that meant his memory was slowly coming back but at the same time he had a very ominous feeling, that it was a premonition of things to come.

The Canadian wilderness, HYDRAS base, British Columbia, Canada

"So you will do it?" Lady Hydra asked eagerly

"I will but my skills do not come cheaply" a voice said from the other side of the table

"Yes I know, Fisk said you would not take the job for a dollar less than twenty million"

"He was right, although I did give him a discount last time I worked for him. Would you please remind me of the perameters of this assignment?"

"You go in, get the weapon…"

"She is not a weapon, she is a child" the voice said, interrupting rudely

"Fine child then, you go in, get the child, get out and gut anyone who gets in your way" Lady Hydra said, tossing a large number of photos across the table, each one a picture of someone from the Institute

"Very well, but one more thing"

"What is it?" Lady Hydra asked, the voice stood up, drew one of its swords and drove it through the table, impaling one of the pictures

"Wolverine is mine!" it hissed with barely constrained anger and rage

In chapter 2 – Nick Fury returns to warn Logan of a new and deadly threat to him and to the X-men

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