definitions of love
Because there's never just one.


Love was a foreign concept to him, more puzzling than friendship or familial ties. For Jio, there were no fireworks or violins, no love at first sight or a sweet first kiss. In fact, there'd been no kiss at all.


To Jio, love was a twisted thing. It was inconceivable that something could exist to drive people to kill and die and do anything, absolutely anything for someone that didn't involve blood bonds or dark, gritty ulterior motives. He was baffled by it, by her absolute trust in him even as he was about to rip her throat out, by the selflessness an angel could afford for the devil. For Jio, it never made much sense why she would risk her soul just to save his. And the small, potently powerful pendant embedded in his hand was a constant, wretched reminder of that.


Jio thought that love was the most unfair emotion in the world. He has offered nothing to her, always taking taking taking, never giving back. He has never thanked her for saving his damnable soul from Satan (twice, twice she's held his soul his heart his life and death in her hands, twice she could've ended things, and twice she saves him), never apologized for her having to endure the unimaginable pain it took. She'd held the demon back for four long, dark years, and yet it was still all he manage to save her. But she has never tried to make him feel undeserving, and he doesn't know what to say to that.


Love…love was a lot of things to him. It wasn't anything like the gushy romance novels that the girls would whisper and giggle about during times less dark. It was…it was the trivial fights and time spent together, it was all they'd endured and more. It was in the light he found in her warm arms. It was found in the way he always looked for her, looked over her and in the silent comfort she offered when his 'parents' died. It was in the desperation tingeing her face and her voice as she ran in between him and Cross, in the unthinking way they would always, always take blows meant for the other. It was all these little moments and more.

But for Jio, for Jio, love was when she finally slipped her hand in his after all their years spent apart, in the ease of the movement as he pulled her into himself and told her she was home. Love, ultimately, was Ruby, safe and quiet in his arms.

((You're home.))

((I'm home.))

a/n: Written because just three fics for this fandom is much too little, maybe it has to do with the crappy English name?

rewritten 6/4/11