Disclaimer: "Dead Like Me" and its characters don't belong to me they belong to their creators and owners. Please don't sue because I have no money.

Author's Note: I decided to write a short fic about Charlie the young pet grim reaper and what his thoughts were.


I was once a happy and healthy little boy surrounded by loved ones, my Mother, Father, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, but that is all gone. I am now what is called a pet grim reaper. I take pet souls before they are killed. I sleep wherever I can and eat whatever I can. I don't have a home anymore nobody cares about me except my boss who gives me post-its to what pet I will take next. I am forever young the same age I was when I was killed seven years ago. I met another grim reaper. Her name is George. A toilet seat falling from space killed her. I was inside the vet office waiting for my next pet reap when I met her. She seemed nice and she gave me twenty dollars.

I also met someone who knew her. Don't know if she was her sister, but she asked about her. I said that I knew of her. I couldn't say that I met her a couple of weeks ago because that wouldn't have been right.

When I had died, I went back to my house and walked right up to my parents, but they didn't even know me. I had a different face just like the other grim reapers who died in the same town that they now live in.

I wish that I could be inside my own house in my own bed and be tucked in by my Mom and Dad. I wish that I can be loved again. I miss that.

I curl up on the mattress that makes up my home. It's an abandoned house and there's dust everywhere. Some of the windows are gone because of people throwing stones. I cry for the things that I'll never do, for my parents and not having their love, for not getting to grow up and not getting to go to school. You may think that I wouldn't miss that, but I do. I cry for my friends that I had. I see them sometimes and they are growing up and I'll never do that because I am forever a little boy. I cry for having a normal childhood. Something that I'll never have again.

The End