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"Vanya, where do you think you're going?"

The young fledgling halted in his footsteps and slowly turned to face his master.

"I... was just going for a walk," he said quickly.

Seras stepped closer to him. "A walk?" she asked skeptically.

"Yes, well, I didn't think anyone would mind," Vanya replied, rubbing his arm absently.

"Having doubts?"


"Vanya, don't be coy," Seras insisted frowning at him. "We both know that I know what you're feeling right now."

"Keep out of my head!" Vanya snarled, his eyes flaring.

Seras cocked her head to the side as she looked at him. "Defensive, are we? But you were just going for a walk..."

"I said, leave me alone!" he retorted, turning his back to her and continuing his progress toward the door.

"Teenagers," she sighed, reaching forward and grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt.

"Hey! What are you- get off of me!"

"Do you think you can cut the dramatics for a moment and hear me out?"

"Let me go! You can't force me to come with you!"

"Can't I?" she asked, dragging him closer to her with surprising strength. "Not that I'm going to. I have no use for an ungrateful fledgling. But seriously, Vanya, do you really think you'll last on your own? You're barely a week old; you think you can handle the world? Where will you go? Vampire slayers love to pick off weak vampires like you before they have the chance to grow into something powerful. You think you can stay in this area? Vampires are very territorial- once Dracula's memory is erased he will sense you and destroy you."

Vanya stared at the floor. "I'll move quickly," he muttered.

"Vanya, why are you so determined to be left behind?"

"I'm not... I just don't want to come with you."

"Vanya, if I leave you, I am condemning you to death. I've never even had a chance to train you. Can you move through solid objects? Transform? Teleport? Read minds? Anything? No, of course not. All you can do right now is kill. The whole time we were fighting, you didn't once drink the blood of your enemies, did you?"

"It felt wrong," he said quietly.

"Staying behind won't make you a human again. I warned you about the life of a vampire before I turned you. You said you wanted this."

"My vampire blood got the better of me," Vanya said, sighing. "All those humans... I killed them. A-and you! I thought you were different! But you're just like him. A monster!"

"I never claimed to be anything otherwise," Seras said, smiling sadly. "And it's foolish for you to. I watched you destroy those warriors. You are no different than I was at your age- no, that's a lie. You're worse than I was. You have a violent streak even when your human mind is in control. Someday, you'll be a better vampire than I am. As Alucard puts it, I'm too passive to ever be as strong as him. I don't have the will for dominance. But you-! You want to know why I turned you? Yes, it was because you asked, but also because I sensed that if I made you mine, you would one day become one of the most powerful Nosferatu alive. You would surpass me in all aspects."

"You want me to be stronger than you?"

"Yes. I want to prove to Alucard that I am a better master than he is."

"It's always about him, isn't it?" Vanya's face was hot, his voice angry.

Seras looked at him with surprise. "Well, obviously," she said, folding her arms on her chest. "He is the most important thing to me." She grinned and added, "My mate."

"You only care because he is your master."

"As of last night I am a free vampire."

"You are no longer bound to Master Alucard?"

"No, but I am still loyal to him. He will always be my master whether we are bound by blood or trust."

"What is it about him that you like? He's demonic!"

Seras chuckled. "But so am I! And so are you. Dracula once said that while I have a sensitive nature, I am attracted by power, and as far as that goes, Alucard is the best. That's probably what attracted me to you, too."

"Attracted you to me?" Vanya asked a little hesitantly.

"Not in the same sense," Seras said hastily. "So tell me, are you jealous of my relationship with Alucard? Is that what this is about?"

"No, it's not like that," he said, turning red. "I just can't help feeling that the only reason you created me was to get Master Alucard's attention."

"It is," Seras replied bluntly.

"So now that you have his attention, you don't need me anymore."

"Not so, Vanya. I am very attached to you. You are my fledgling and I feel responsible for your well-being."

"Only because of the magic that binds us," Vanya said dejectedly.

"Also false. Didn't I just tell you that I couldn't be prouder of the potential you hold?"

Vanya said nothing for a moment. Seras could hear his thoughts raging in his head. At last, he asked carefully, "Do fledglings always want to mate with their masters?"

Seras burst out laughing at this question, causing Vanya to scowl. "Of course not!" she assured him. "Alucard killed his master. It's all chance. I just happened to be sired by the one man I couldn't resist. Lucky me, right?"

"Perhaps..." Vanya said, looking away. "So what of me? What of my desires and lusts? You said that you and Alucard are the only vampires at Hellsing."

"Vanya, when the time is right you will find your mate and, if she is not already our kind, turn her and reap the benefits. But you are still very young, even by human standards. Don't worry. I'll be training you so hard you won't even have time to think about girls."

"Do vampires age?"

"What's with all these questions, Vanya?"

"I'm just trying to figure this out, okay!" he said insistantly. "If this is the life I'm damned to have I at least ought to know what's coming."

Seras smiled. "A vampire's appearance or age is a reflection of how he sees himself. Because you're still growing, theoretically you will expect yourself to get older, and you may in turn do so. But the more you dwell on it, the less likely it is to happen. I have not changed since the night I met Alucard. Either way, when your powers develop enough, it will be your decision."

"Are the weaknesses that vampires are said to have in the legends real?"

She shrugged. "Most of them. Vampires cannot cross moving bodies of water and holy objects are painful to us. But silver is the most deadly. It slows the healing of our wounds and makes us vulnerable. Lesser vampires die from exposure."

"Me, in other words?" Vanya could not help feeling very pathetic at that moment.

Seras shook her head and explained, "You and I are of a powerful blood line. We are not subject to the same weaknesses as others. But we are far from invincible- I've had enough close calls to know that, back when I was a new fledgling. Alucard saved me every time."

"Like you want to save me?" Vanya asked.

"Yes," Seras agreed, nodding her head once. She extended her hand to him. "Come with us, and I will show you a life unlike any you could ever have imagined. I will protect you and train you and one day free you from servitude."

"Yes, Master," Vanya said, walking towards her and placing his hand in hers.

Using hypnosis now are we, Police Girl? Said a snide voice in her head.

Seras smirked, noting the glazed look in her fledgling's eyes. I'm just helping him along, Master. Because it's not as if you ever hypnotized me, right Master?

Police Girl, how could you think me capable of such a terrible act? Alucard asked, sounding scandalized. By the way, you are still calling me 'Master.'

Difficult habit to break, Seras said, guiding Vanya down the hall way to where Scipio and Alucard were waiting in the dungeons. Maybe I'll stop calling you 'Master' when you stop calling me 'Police Girl.'

You'll be calling me 'Master' for eternity then.

Alucard grinned when the door to the dungeon burst open, Seras glaring at him for all she was worth, her abnormally obediant fledgling in tow.

"Vanya, get on Scipio," she ordered, never removing her eyes from her former master.

Vanya obeyed silently, much to Scipio's dislike- "I am not a 'orssse, Massster," - and Seras moved closer to Alucard.

"Where is Dracula?" she asked. They were in his bedchamber, but he did not seem to be present.

"Already sleeping," Alucard said, gesturing the sleek black coffin in the center of the room.

Seras walked to it and bent to press her lips to it, whispering, "It was a pleasure, Vlad."

Alucard raised an eyebrow at her. "How sentimental," he observed with distaste.

"Some things never change, Master," she said, walking to him once again, an odd expression on her face. "Though you never mentioned anything about sentiments last night when we-"

"Don't you think we should be going, Police Girl? The daiv only answers to you."

"I 'ave a name!" 'the daiv' hissed, glaring at Alucard. "Massster, are you ccertain ve cannot leave 'im behind?"

Maybe another time, Scipio, like if I'm ever really angry, we can chuck his coffin into the future or something.

"That vould be enjoyable, Masster," Scipio said, his lips curling.

"Police Girl, are we leaving or not?" Alucard asked impatiently, glancing from her to Scipio as though he suspected something of the conversation that had just passed between them.

"Yes, yes, we're going, Master. Scipio, take us..."

"Five hundred fifty four years two months and six days into the future."

Seras blinked with surprise. "How did you know that?" she asked.

"'e 'ad to know to be able to find usss in the first place, no, Master?" Scipio pointed out. "The daiv 'e ussed to come back posssssibly tracked you by sscent."

Daivs can do that? Seras asked in awe.

Scipio did not not answer as he bounded into the stream of time, wondering how he had ended up with such an idiotic master, and also wondering why he couldn't help like her.

Integra sighed. She was not in the mood to decode Alucard's riddles. "Explain," she ordered with a casual flick of her hand. She sunk back into the arm chair, listening intently.

"What is it that makes, or made, daiv unique to other hell creatures?" Alucard asked.

"They journey through the years," Integra replied. The answer had come from her mouth so quickly she even surprised herself.

"And can they carry other things through time?" Alucard asked.

"Only other hell creatures," Integra returned, as if quoting a textbook. "Any mortal or inanimate object will be destroyed by the journey."

Alucard nodded, remaining silent, waiting for the situation to dawn on her. When she slammed her clenched fist down on the desk, he knew she had realized his message.

"Are you trying to tell me that Seras is in a different time plane?!" Integra fumed, glaring at him.

"You see the dilemma," Alucard said, amused by her reaction. "I intend to get her back, of course," he added as an afterthought. "With help..."

"I see," Integra muttered, calming herself. "You want permission to leave, don't you?"

"Only for a few days," he assured her.

"And just how do you plan to go back through time anyway?"

"By the same method that she did. That is why I will need to visit an old friend."

"Very well," Integra agreed. "You have my permission to leave until Seras Victoria is found."

"Master, that command will not work. You see, Seras Victoria is already found. This mission is written to succeed, and since she will be found in the past, I am presently not free to do what is necessary to ensure that time continues in its natural order."

Integra blinked, slowly interpreting his meaning. "Fine. You are free to leave until your mission is accomplished."

"Yes, Master," he said. He bowed low, and disappeared from the room.

Integra sighed, massaging her temples. Really! She thought. Time travel? What next? These vampires are honestly more trouble than they're worth...


Integra jumped to her feet in alarm as a massive, monstrous looking creature appeared in her office knocking over two bookshelves before it skidded to a halt, leaving deep gauges in the once beautifully polished floor. Its passengers were dislodged, one of which flew several feet, creating the "whump" noise as he collided with the wall.

Alucard had caught Seras around the waist when she threatened to follow in her fledgling's footsteps and was now lowering her to the floor. He eyed her with amusement. "You told it to take us to Integra's office?" he asked, a cruel smile curling his lips as he spotted the look of shock and horror on his master's face.

"'It' hasss a name!" Scipio repeated, snarling at the vampire.

"Easy, Scipio," Seras said soothingly, still regaining her balance. She ran her fingers absently through the daiv's thick fur. "I'll let you eat him later."

Alucard smirked triumphantly at the massive beast as Seras hurried to her fledgling's side. "Vanya, are you alright?" she asked, pulling him off the ground.

He blinked and looked around; the ordeal seemed to have broken his hypnosis. "Where are we?" he asked.

Seras smiled brightly and hugged him, saying, "Home!"

"Y-you mean your time?" he spluttered, trying to push her off him.

"Yes, isn't it wonderful?"

Vanya stared around at the beautiful wood-paneled walls and hand carved bookcases. "Well, it beats Dracula's castle by a long shot."

"A rats den beats Dracula's castle by a long shot," Seras said, smirking.

"Police Girl, do you recall what I said about insulting m-"


Scipio, Vanya, Alucard and Seras all stopped what they were doing and turned to face the furious-looking blonde behind the desk, a forgotten cigar still smoldering between her fingers, her icy blue eyes luminous.

"Sir Integra!" Seras exclaimed, rushing behind the desk and hugging the livid woman tightly. "It's so good to see you again!"

"Miss Victoria, just what do you think you are doing?" Integra bellowed trying to break free of the unnaturally strong grip.

"Police Girl, perhaps you should calm down a little," Alucard suggested, noting the murderous look in the Hellsing heir's eyes.

"Yes, Master," Seras said apologetically, rejoining him at his side.

"I thought you said he wasn't your master anymore," Vanya piped up accusingly.

"Seras is a free vampire now?" Integra asked, her fingers curling into fists. She was about to shout again when the door opened and Walter stepped in, adjusting his monocle as he surveyed the massive devastation before him.

"Ah, Miss Victoria, Master Alucard. So good to have you home. I trust that your mission was a success?"

Seras sighed deeply, looking up at Alucard. "Maybe you should explain," she suggested.

"Oh, I don't think so, Police Girl. If I recall, this whole mess is your fault. I'll leave the explaining to you. Come by my chambers when you are finished." He grinned wickedly as he sank into the floor, leaving a frustrated Seras alone in the wreckage with a daiv, a fledgling, a confused butler and one very angry Integra.

"Oh, damn..." she whispered.

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