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Ch. 1

Echizen Ryoma looked back at the mansion he had just left. He had gone tennis pro in high school at age sixteen, but after a few years on the circuit he became bored. At twenty and at World Number two he left the pro circuit and became a tennis manager. Currently he was the manager of the World's number one player, Yukimura Seiichi.

The mansion he had just left belonged to one of his lovers named Atobe Keigo. He lived there with Keigo and his other lovers. They were Fuji Syusuke, Tezuka Kunimitsu, and Sanada Genichirou . He loved his four lovers very much, but lately his heart had been aching.

See, it's not that he is whining, but when this relationship began it was all about him. He never got anything done at home because every time he turning around someone was reaching to put their hand in his pants or bend him over something. He was fifteen when the four of them decided they had to have him. They soon made it their lives mission to gain entrance into his heart and body. Of course, it didn't take long for him to give in. He loved being with them at first, but now he was losing his will to stay with his lovers. This was because, unfortunately, as the years passed his lovers began to spend more time with each other than with him. Especially ever since he had left the pro circuit a year ago.

Ryoma soon became depressed as the year went by and he saw less of his lovers. He rarely went on dates with them anymore and the only time they got intimate with him now was for sex. He was beginning to think they only liked him for his body. He was always the uke too and was always subjected to Fuji's sadistic side when the boy was in the mood to play.

It's true that he has work a lot, but so does Keigo and they still did stuff with him. If anyone asked Ryoma he'd love to go on a date, in fact, he would probably clear his schedule just for it. Today Ryoma knew Kunimitsu, who was a sports doctor , and Syu, a photographer, were meeting for lunch today . He was in the room when they talked about it and didn't even ask if he wanted to come.

Keigo a corporate head, and Gen, a principal, were off dancing tonight. Later Keigo and Syu had a party to attend so Gen and Kuni would have silent reading time together. This reading time would eventually dissolve into a heavy make out session and sex. They'd go to sleep assured of the fact Ryoma was in his study working. Most nights Ryoma will study for his college classes he's taking and write his papers. Other times he'll be talking to Yukimura on his cell or other important people. Later he'll check on Gen and Kuni to find them asleep. After he'll go back to his study and fall asleep on the couch so as to spare any guilty feelings his lovers may have about being to tired to do him. He's sure Syu and Keigo will got to bed knowing that Ryoma probably fell asleep in his study again. No one will notice as Ryoma wakes up later and slips out the house and heads to Dan's.

Now don't get the wrong idea, Ryoma and Dan didn't get up to anything. Ryoma just liked the company and it was a completely innocent as they slept together. Ryoma thought Dan was a good teddy bear . The next morning he would wake up confused then understand. He'll get ready then head to work. This cycle continues except for occasional jumpings of Ryoma by his boyfriends. These didn't make Ryoma feel better even though he always lost himself to the passion. They all rarely had a proper orgy anymore with all five people there.

Plus, if he cheated on his lovers now they would never know because they were so out of touch with him. Heck, he came home smelling like Dan's watermelon body wash almost everyday! To bad Ryoma was to honest and truly loved his boyfriends to much to do that.

Today though Ryoma wanted a break from it all. When Yukimura won his next championship Ryoma declared Yukimura and him would have a two week vacation. So a trip was planned and now he's off to England with Yukimura and his lover and fellow pro tennis player Kirihara Akaya. Ryoma needed to get a refund on the four extra tickets he bought planning to invite his lovers to come with. In the end he never asked though.

Ryoma already spoke with the butler, Roberts about his departure and the cleaning of his study. He had some of the kitchen maids help him cage Karupin, who he couldn't leave behind for two weeks. He asked the gardener to water his plants in his study for him too. Finally he was ready to go and he chatted with Dan as he loaded up his suitcases in his car. As he was about to get into his car he saw Keigo and Kuni arrive home via limo. He said bye to Dan and waited a moment. He waved to Keigo and Kuni as the got out of the car.

"Where are you heading out to, brat?" Atobe called out, "Come inside Kuni and I want to have some fun."

"Sorry Keigo, Kuni, but I've got to go meet Yukimura and Akaya," Ryoma said sadly.

The two watched as Ryoma got into the car and sped away.

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