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Ryoma stepped out of his doctor's office with a slight smile on his face. Today was the day he was finally off his anti-depressants. His lovers would be happy and tonight he'd probably get enough sex to last him a lifetime. His drug, Remeron, had never given him sexual dysfunction, but his lovers said it made him to tired to play sometimes.

As Ryoma walked to his car his mind thought back to six months ago. That was about the day he had finally reconciled with his boyfriends. Since then they held true to their words and began to include him as much as possible . Today Atobe had asked him to come with him and Sanada to tango, but Ryoma had declined. He wasn't spoiled enough to ruin Atobe and Sanada's favorite alone time activity; besides he didn't even like to dance.

His lovers pretty much looked the same, although Fuji's hair had grown longer and he had declined to cut it. Ryoma's relationship wasn't the only thing going well. Yukimura and Akaya had long ago come back from England and Yukimura had wanted his manager back so Ryoma began working. It had been very difficult at first because he had never realized how many things in the working world could trigger attacks, but now things were going smoothly again.

Ryoma's panic attacks had been really horrible for the first few months before all his medicine and most of all therapy began to pay off. Now attacks didn't occur as frequently and sometimes he could go a week without one.

Ryoma shook himself out of his contemplation as he reached his car. That's another thing he was happy about, driving. For awhile his license had been suspended until his attacks decreased. Just last month he'd gotten his driving rights back and didn't have to rely on Atobe for rides.

The drive home was peaceful and he spent the duration of the ride mentally going through Yukimura's plans for this week. Ryoma still used his study a lot, but often Fuji would sit with him for awhile or one of his lovers would bring him tea.

It had annoyed him at first how hard his lovers had tried to gain his forgiveness until he saw that they actually needed and wanted him. That concept was something they hadn't let him forget. For the first few months Ryoma was the center of their world, but as time went on Ryoma gained a spot equal to the others again. He liked it better that way though. He didn't want to spoiled, he only wanted to be loved.

A ridiculously large mansion stood in his eyesight and Ryoma drove up the lane to get to it. Parking his car in front the gave his keys to a valet before walking to the already opened door.

"Thank you Roberts," Ryoma said a passed the butler who only nodded his head in answer.

Ryoma went upstairs and headed to his study, but he was intercepted on the way.

"Ryo-baby," Fuji greeted happily before crushing him in a hug.

Ryoma would never admit it, but he actually liked Fuji's nickname for him. He didn't want Fuji to know something like that and he'd kill anyone who ever mentioned it to Fuji.

"Hey Syuu," Ryoma said as he returned the embrace.

"How'd it go?" Fuji pulled back to look at him.

"Fine, the doctor said I no longer need my Remeron," Ryoma said.

A smile stretched across Fuji's face.

"You know that when the others come home later we'll have to congratulate you," Fuji said and to make his point the groped Ryoma's butt.

Ryoma smiled in return and pecked Fuji lightly on the lips. He pulled away before Fuji could deepen the kiss.

"I can't wait, but for now I have work to do," Ryoma answered and he turned to walk towards his study.

Ryoma sometimes wondered when Fuji found time to work. He was always home when

Ryoma got home and still at home when he left in the mornings. Fuji was still a mystery that even his own lovers couldn't solve.

Entering his study Ryoma sat at his desk and flipped on his computer. Seeing as he had a top of the line computer start-up didn't take long. As he saw his desktop though he froze in the middle of grabbing a file. Someone had changed it from his usual tennis rackets to a picture of his boyfriends and him post sex. On the top of the picture was written, 'This is for when you're working too hard, just look at us and imagine yourself here. Then call me up and I'll actually take you there."

Right away Ryoma knew who'd done this. Atobe was such a narcissist. Staring at the picture for a moment longer Ryoma lifted his right index finger to touch his relaxed, satisfied face on the screen. Looking at himself on the desktop and anticipating tonight Ryoma knew this was where he belonged.

"I love you," Ryoma whispered to the faces on the screen and he could swear each one answered the same back.



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