Just an outtake. This is Leah and Austin walking in the forest together, in human form, as they try to get and know each other. Note: They both like each other a lot, but they don't know that.


She stepped across each large stone with grace. She smiled down at her foot, feeling accomplished for what she was doing right. She glanced up at me and shared the smile. I felt my knees buckle and I nearly fell over, but luckily the tree next to me was useful for support.

"So Mr. Owen, what are you brining me here for?" Leah asked still focusing on stepping over the stones.

I placed my hands in my pockets, "Taking a break from being a werewolf you know? Getting a look at this huge forest of yours and everything new," I drew in a deep breath, "Getting use to my new home." I said and looked at her.

She smiled still, "This has been my home for MANY years, it gets boring, trust me." she said and glanced at me.

If only she knew that it wasn't as boring as it seemed. She made everything right in my world, even when she's wrong. She was the most interesting thing here by far. Though listening to my sister talk to Emily about Jacob was amusing, Leah was greater.

"What do want to see here anyway? Its just wood and sticks and stones and --AH!" she lost her footing and tumbled over.

In the blink of an eye I ran and caught her in my arms. Her eyes were closed, expecting the ground I suppose. Her breathing was rushed, the sight was adorable.

I chuckled, "Leah?" I whispered. One of her eyes slowly popped open as she took in my form.

She looked around then at my arms around her from were I caught her bridal style. She blushed and looked down, "Umm…thank you, Austin." she said.

I lowered her though it took everything I had to do so. I wanted her to stay in my arms for centuries to come, though that would be impossible.

She cleared her throat and decided to walk with me instead. Her hands were behind her back and her head was low, she was hiding her blush.

I chuckled, "I suppose rocks aren't safe anymore. What a shame. You looked like a professional up there. You balanced well." I said trying to make her feel better.

She looked at me, then her foot, "Thanks, but I think we can both agree that I'm no professional." she said.

I chuckled, "On the contrary, you were amazing." I said looking at her. She bit her lower lip, then finally looked up at me smiling. I smiled back, till something hit me. Not physically, but…a smell. A…sickly, sweet, burning my nose smell. I stopped in my tracks and made a face.

"Ugh! What is that smell?!" I said following it. Leah's face was scrunched up too.

She grabbed my arm, "It's nothing, lets just leave." she said trying to pull me back.

I shook off her grip, "I want to find out, maybe its important." I said taking another step.

The fowl stench had me trapped in some sort of trance, I had to follow it, though it made me angry for some reason.

Leah shook her head, "Come on Austin, it's not important, lets go somewhere else. I have to show you something." she said trying to pull me away.

I turned to her, "No, I need to…find…out!" the more I smelt it the more I became angry. My frame started vibrating wildly, my focus was lost. Leah's eyes widened and she whispered something.

I felt my werewolf form creeping on me as I shook valiantly.

"Austin! Come on! Lets just go!" Leah said getting scared.

I shook my head and grunted, "I have…to…find….out!" I blew into form.

I looked around with my new dimensional vision for the scent and were it came from. I ran of to the north east hoping to find it. Leah was in the background screaming for me. I wanted to go back and assure her that I was fine, but right now I wasn't sure if I was even okay myself.

My paws dug into the earth and I sprung forward, galloping wildly for that silly scent. I stopped in my tracks as the scent was heavier and thicker. It was nearby.

I opened my ears and heard a crunch from something. I looked to my left sharply, nothing there. I sat down and listened some more. There was another noise, this time closer. I let out a warning growl, because if it was Leah coming to get me I wanted her to know I didn't want her near me right now.

I heard a low laughter and swiftly turned around. I looked around. The scent was thicker than molasses now, I couldn't fight it off. My nose scrunched in agony. And then…

"ARR!" I heard a shout. Something pounced on me with extreme force, biting at me and clawing. I growled and wrestled it to the ground. I pinned the blonde person to the ground and looked at her face. She was a vampire. She hissed at me flashing her venom coated teeth.

I barked and tried ripping her throat out, but she kicked me off of her before I could snap.

"Who are you!?" she screamed. I noticed for a brief moment how beautiful she looked. Not as beautiful as Leah, but…pretty.

I growled in a low tone and stepped forward. She didn't recognize me, but she shouldn't recognize a werewolf around here.

I barked at her but she didn't jump or flinch. Who was this vampire?!

"Which one are you? Jared? Paul? How about skimpy Jacob?!" she said in a angry tone. I was confused beyond recover. She knew our names? She knew the cults names? Well…she knew for now.

I jumped at her and tried pinning her, but she was too fast. My eyes were seeing red now. I wanted to kill her badly now. I wanted to hurt her, puncture her, destroy her!

"Rosalie!?" I heard someone call out. The vampire looked from the direction it was called from, then back to me.

She pointed a finger, "Your crossing the point dog! This was not part of the treaty!," she turned back to were the voice called her, "Edward! Jasper! Carlisle!" she screamed for them.

I smelt more of the scent coming closer. Suddenly, three male vampires were in front of me. One with bronze looking hair, the other two with blonde hair.

Edward let out a low growl in his voice and got into a position of pouncing. The older blond looking vampire held him back.

Austin! Austin come back! I heard Leah shout. So she was in wolf form now?

The oldest male took a step forward, "You have no right being on the part of the area. Go back to Sam--"

"Or be forced!" Rosalie spat. Acid was heavy in her tone, the male was softer.

The bronze haired boy perked up, "He's new." he said.

I looked at him with harsh eyes and let out a low growl, then a bark. Everyone of them hissed or let out a roar.

Austin! What are you doing?! my sister yelled. I came up with a conclusion that Leah went back and told everyone.

Vampires… was all I said.

I heard rustling in the bushes. I looked over there and saw a form appear, it was Jacob and Autumn along with Leah. She looked worn out. Jacob was in human form.

The group of vampires looked directly at him. The youngest blonde spoke up, "What are you doing on our side of the territory?" she growled.

"Calm down leech," everyone growled, "I wasn't. Austin caught sent of Rosalie." he said looking meaningful at her.

"I was on my side!" Rosalie barked. I stepped forward and so did she.

Austin! Autumn yelled at me. I took a step back.

I looked at her, Why not Autumn?! She threatens my cult!

Let her be Autumn said sternly. I growled at Autumn and she barked harshly at me. I was silenced.

Jacob looked at the bronze haired vampire, "Sorry for the miscommunication…we will leave now." he look at us.

I noticed how the bronze hair vampire looked at Jacob as if they were friends or something. He felt saddened, I could sense it.

Jacob looked at the oldest blond, "My apologies Carlisle." he said.

How does he know all of they're names?! This will bug me.

Carlisle nodded and Jacob looked at Rosalie. Her faced was in a snarl, "Bite me." she said.

Jacob looked between her and Carlisle, "You already have…an none the less Bella."

The bronze hair vampires eyes tightened but held an emotion I have never seen before.

"That's none of your business whether or not she has!" came a very large and very burly vampire from the woods. He looked as if he could be in our cult, from size that is.

Jacob raised an eyebrow, "So she has?"

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" shouted the big one. Jacob's arm started vibrating but he held onto it and tried to calm down.

Jacob looked at the bronze hair, "You better take care of her Edward." he said in a low voice.

Edward snarled, "Leave me and my family alone! Just leave! I gave you a choice to come to the wedding! I was polite to you! Now LEAVE US!" he barked.

Jacob suddenly vibrated so much from the outburst that he blew into form. Autumn's eyes were widened with a great deal.

JACOB! she yelled. Jacob looked back at her panting. She looked intently into his eyes trying to calm him down. Jacob eased up by a lot, till his breathing was even and he calmed down.

A small figure burst out from the woods, she was…human. She looked between Jacob and Edward. Jacobs eyes looked at her.

"Edward?" she whispered and walked next to him. He held onto her protectively. Jacob disappeared into the woods.

"Yes, love?" he whispered into her hair.

What's going on? What the hell?! Autumn said looking at me and were Jacob disappeared.

I don't know Autumn! Jacob is involved with these vampires one way or another! Is all I said.

Jacob reappeared with pants and a shirt on. He seemed to calm down more. He looked at the girl, "Bella." he said indifferently.

Autumn made a face as she looked at Bella. She too disappeared into the woods.

Were are you going? Leah asked her.

Autumn looked at her, To change.

My eyes widened, But they don't know us! They only know Jacob!

And me. Leah said looking at me.

I looked at her eyes, her beautiful eyes. My whole world crumbled in a second.

The girl, Bella, stood there, "Hello Jacob." she said in Edwards arms.

There was some rustling again and Autumn popped out in human form with clothes. Her eyes amazed everyone. Autumn stood next to Jacob.

"Bella, how are you?" Jacob asked.

Bella never looked away from Autumn, "Fine…me and Edward…we're just, fine." she said dropping whatever she was going to say.

"Who is this?" Rosalie said breaking the conversation. She looked at Autumn with rage. I let out a low growl.

Jacob turned to Autumn, "This is Autumn--"

"She's a girl! She cant be a werewolf!" the burly one said.

"Leah is a werewolf, and you fought aside from her." Jacob spat.

There was silence as everyone looked at my sister. The only one that was tamable was Carlisle. I could trust him.

"Leave." came a voice. We all turned to see Sam coming out with the rest of the cult.

Jacob turned around, as did Autumn.

"Jacob, Autumn, Austin, and Leah…leave this place. We are going back home." said Sam. Autumn waited for Jacob to move. Once he did she followed.

I snapped at the vampires once more but Sam yelled at me. I walked along side with Leah and to the house.

So many things to learn.

You can see in many ways why I took that chapter out. First of all, Jacob wasn't still in love or hurting over Bella. Secondly, neither is Bella, towards Jacob that is. It was very dramatic and now you can see Autumn will be hurting much worse later. And like Austin said…so many things to learn.