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Hushed Reverie Chapter One

Sighing, I turned my gaze out to the living room window. Walking over to the couch I sat down, as I watched the rain fall. It was slanting down, and cutting accross the pavement. The lights from the neighboring houses making designs in the puddles. The night sky filled with thundurous clouds, illuminated by the lighting arcing accross the sky. The storm had been going on for most of the afternoon. Around noon thick clouds of dark gray had started to roll in from the ocean. The waves had become wild and choppy. The wind had even started to break records in its furious power, as it howled throughout the night and crashed through the trees, knocking some down. There were branches being flown about all down the street, trash cans falling over and the lids becoming airborne. The crack of the distant thunder sounding every few minutes or so, usually followed shortly by lightning.

Sighing again, I looked down at the locket I had been fingering. I had found it this morning at first beach before the storm started coming in. My father had taken me to visit with some old friends of the family, the Blacks, but it had been a really boring morning and Mr. Black's, Billy's, son was a little too eager to speak to me. So I escaped by claiming I wanted to be alone to think, and I headed down to the water. Walking along the edge of the water bare foot I dug my toes into the moist sand. I had always loved the feeling of the sand between my toes, but then I had felt something metallic. Bending down to investigate I had found the locket. The chain was gold and bronze, but the locket itself was silver. I couldn't open it, but it had an engraving of a rose on the front. There was also an engraving written in gold that had the letters E&B. I had rinsed it in the tide water, and then strung it around my neck, it hung down below my shirt and lay to rest between my breasts.

Rubbing the side of the locket, I noticed something I hadn't seen this morning. There were more words etched into the side. Staring I said them out loud. "Evebreiam a salovraim". It didn't mean anything to me, and it wasn't any language I recognized, maybe I could look them up online, if the power didn't go out soon.

It took me a moment, but then I realized the sounds of the storm had stopped. Looking up I was amazed to see that I was no longer in my living room, and there were two people standing in front of me, a boy and a girl. The boy looked shocked, his mouth was slack, and his eyes were wide, but the girl, she looked like she had expected to walk into the room and see me. She had a kind of smug look on her face. Then she broke out into a wide grin.

"Bella! It's about time, I've been seeing you for ages."

Seeing me for ages? What?