Chapter 1

The phone rang for the third time that morning. I didn't bother answering it, I knew exactly who it was. His painfully familiar voice played on my answering machine once again and I felt tears sting my eyes.

"Bella, please just talk to me, you don't understand. If you would just let me explain... just please call me back."

I wouldn't, not after what he put me through. I gathered my books and ran to class, barely on time.

"Hey Bella," Anthony whispered to me.

Anthony was my science partner, he understood it more than I did and he was good company. He had no idea about Edward, but after I'd turned him down for the fifth time, he took it to mean I taken by someone else. At least he wasn't like Edward, he didn't call me constantly to try to woo me, promises of lavish dates and things I could only dream of. I hadn't spoken to Edward in almost a year, and it was going to stay that way if I could help it.

The day went by in a fog, most did. I focused only on school now. I took jobs when I needed extra money, but that wasn't very often. I lived alone in my small apartment and almost always stayed home to make my own meals. I had a few acquaintances like Anthony, but no real friends. It was better this way, I couldn't get hurt. After leaving my final class of the day, I briskly walked to my dorm, wanting to start on my essay for Psychology. Behold my surprise when I saw the last person I would expect, sitting on my bed.

"Hey Bella!"

Alice ran up to me and pulled me into a tight hug, Jasper grinning behind her.

"Alice what are you doing here?"

"Bella, I know you wanted to make a clean cut with everything... but this is important."

"What's wrong?"

"It's... it's Edward, something's wrong."

"Alice you know I won't go see him and if he's badgered you into lying to me to come see him it won't work."

"No Bella, you know me better than that. Please, it's just that you're the only person who can help him."

"Is that so?"

She sighed softly and looked into my eyes, her voice so quiet I had to strain to hear her.

"Rebecca's back, with someone new and whoever it is, is looking for him."

I felt my body sway and I reached to grab the table but instead clapsed my hand around air. I dimly heard Alice speaking but everything went dark as I remembered the horrible things Rebecca could do.

When I woke up, Alice was leaning over me, pressing a cold cloth on my forehead.

"Are you okay?"


"Are you-"

"I'm fine."

"Okay... Like I was trying to tell you, she's looking for him. The last place she would expect him to come is here."


"Bella I haven't even finished-"

"You don't have to. He can't stay here."

"Bella, I know what he did, it was wrong, but please, he's my brother."

I sighed and rubbed my temples, feeling a terrible migrane hurl itself at me.

"How long would he have to stay?"

"A few weeks at the maximum, just enough time for us to make sure she can't come near him, you, or any of us. You know what she can do."

I nodded, I knew better than anyone standing in this room.

"I don't like this Alice."

"I know and Bella I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important, you know that."

I didn't answer, instead I picked up my purse and reapplied lip gloss, focusing on making my lips look absolutely perfect.

"When are you bringing him here?"


"He sleeps on the sofa and tell him these rules: one, he is not to come into my room; two, he minds his own business; and three, I have the right to make him leave if he becomes to much for me to handle, will that work?"

"Yes, and Bella, I'm sorry to push this on you and-"

"Just stop. I'm doing this for you, I don't want Edward to die but I don't want him here either. I would send him off somewhere else if it didn't mean so much to you."

"I know."

Her voice was just as soft as mine now.

"How have you been holding up since he... ?"

"As well as can be expected. I focus on school now and I don't have to work as much."

"What about here?"

"Everything stays perfect."


"Yes. Now, I hate to rush you two out but I have to go meet someone."

I hated pushing them away like they were troublesome company but I didn't want to think about Edward or the past, it was going to be bad enough with him in my apartment. Still, it didn't matter, everything was going to stay perfect, Edward was just a blemish I would have to deal with as best as I could until he went away. I stepped out of of my building and my thoughts, hailing a cab, giving the driver directions to the coffee shop on the corner. I was going to meet Chris for our weekly date. As we got closer to the coffee shop, I took out a compact and looked at the reflection, sighing. The dark circles under my eyes gave me a haunted look. As I took out my foundation and covered the circles until I was sure they looked more like my pale skin, I thought about how I would tell Chris I had another man staying at my apartment.


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I hurled the book at him and it landed with a resounding thunk on the wall.

"Do you feel better?"

I hated that calm look of his and had a terrible urge to smack him and apologize for my behavior all at the same time.

"No I don't feel better!" I sunk to the ground, shaking violently. Edward bent to my level whispering softly.

"Bella please, I never knew she was pregnant."

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