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Chapter 4: And the Game Begins...

Naruto sat on his bed tuning his guitar as he reminisced on Friday night at Level 3. The night had been perfect to set their plan into motion and the gang had fallen into it so easily. Just a simple moment of hand holding, some looks, and dancing and his friends were eating out of the palm of his hand. Speaking of dancing Naruto couldn't help, but think about that moment in the club.

He had tried to keep the girl at a distance from him not liking her at all. First of all she had way too much chest for his taste, second she looked high maintenance, and third it was obvious that she thought she was the best looking one in the club. 'As if.' Oh and don't forget the fact that she was trying to molest him on the dance floor. He was sure that the group hadn't seen how she had slipped her hand down between them to palm his crotch. When he had felt her trying to stroke him through his leather pants he had calmly pushed her away trying to get some distance between them. However she just ignored him and came back at him full force to spastically grind up against his leg. Just as he thought that there was no hope for him and he would be doomed to dance with this girl 'til she became bored of him, which didn't seem likely, a familiar figure graced his vision. Looking into the crowd of moving bodies Naruto had spotted Sasuke heading over to them at a dangerous speed. To say the raven hadn't looked pissed when he got a better look at how the girl was grinding up on the blond would have been an understatement.

Realizing that Sasuke was coming to his rescue Naruto could only stand back and watch as the pale boy calmly tapped the girl on the shoulder to get her attention. Said girl then turned to see Sasuke glare at her before moving in to fill her spot in front of Naruto. 'And that was the shocker' thought Naruto with a smile on his face. He had definitely been surprised when Sasuke had pressed his body up against his before starting to move in a sensual fashion that promised of things to come. However, Naruto noted dryly, the girl was still standing there as if being brushed off wasn't something she was used too. But before he could think of a way to get rid of her Naruto could only watch as Sasuke spun around giving the girl another pointed look before lifting his arms up and wrapping them around the blonde's neck. Now that had been the highlight of his night grinned Naruto as he remembered how Sasuke had shaken his hips to the beat of the music, while grinding his ass into Naruto's crotch. And Naruto couldn't have been happier. Yes he had been shocked the blond commented to himself, but he had been happy. 'Really happy', thought the blond as he remembered how he had grabbed the raven's pale hips before moving against him to the beat of the music. However, just as quickly as it had begun the song had ended and the smaller boy had turned around with a smirk before walking off the dance floor causing the blond man to follow. 'Although I should be happy we did stop. God knows that if we were to continue Sasuke might have felt my excitement as well' thought the blond as he remembered how he had started to get hard from the close contact with the raven.

'Well if anything tomorrow the gang will be suspicious for sure. I should call Sasuke and tell him to be ready.'

Setting his guitar down Naruto reached over to his bed side table grabbing his cell phone off of it. Quickly hitting #1 on his speed dial the blond singer waited for Sasuke to pick up.

"Hello dobe."

"Hey bastard watcha up to?" smiled the blond into the phone.

"Studying, what else. You know it is a concept that is used frequently in college" replied the black haired boy. Naruto could tell that Sasuke was smirking on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, well you know me. Never really been into following other people, gets to boring" retorted the blond knowing he had hit a chord with the brunet. Hearing the scoff from the other man on the phone Naruto decided to continue.

"Anyways, I was calling to tell you to be ready tomorrow. Most likely everyone has figured it out and now they just need a confirmation from us."

"So what do you want me to do then?" asked Sasuke in an unsure tone. It was obvious to Naruto that Sasuke hadn't gotten the feel for their prank yet.

"Just be yourself bastard", chuckled Naruto into the phone "follow my lead and if they pry then lead them on a bit. Just not too much otherwise their going to think something's up."

"Okay" Sasuke responded.

"Right well see you tomorrow then teme."

"Bye usuratonkachi." And then the audible sound of the raven hanging up could be heard. Naruto growled silently to himself slightly miffed that he couldn't retort back to the emo.

"Well, I guess we'll just see how he handles it tomorrow then." Naruto said to himself before picking up his electric guitar and placing it up against the wall near his bed and bed side table. Then walking into the bathroom the blond quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face before walking back into the bedroom and stripping down to his boxers. Turning off the light the blond then settled in his bed quickly falling to sleep.

Sasuke woke Monday morning feeling anxious and nervous. He knew that today would be the day that his and Naruto's "secret" would be revealed. Now the question was how was it going to happen? Last night Naruto had told him to be ready. Ready how he didn't know for the life of him though.

'Well better just go with the flow then' thought the pale boy as he got out of his bed and made his way into the bathroom. Thirty minutes later the brunet emerged out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Walking over to his closet Sasuke smoothly opened the door before looking in for something decent to wear. Not that any of his clothes were ratty of course. Finding a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, that showed off his physique Sasuke quickly put them on before grabbing his messenger bag and heading downstairs.

Walking into the kitchen Sasuke quickly made himself a slice of toast with butter on it before grabbing his car keys off the key rack and heading to the garage. Walking into the garage the brunet quickly finished off his toast before opening the door to his black BMW and getting in. Setting his bag on the passengers seat Sasuke hit the button to open the garage door before starting the car and backing out. Pulling out into the drive way Sasuke checked his surroundings before pulling out and steering the car to the front of the house. Waiting for the gate to open Sasuke quickly did a mental check making sure he had everything he needed for the day before pulling forward onto the street and heading to school.

It was about fifteen minutes later when Sasuke pulled his Beamer into the school's parking lot being careful not to park next to any junkers. The raven quickly turned the car off and grabbed his bag before heading into the college and towards his first class.

Walking into the lecture hall Sasuke noticed that Tenten and Neji had for once beaten him to class. The two quickly waved to him before he walked up the stairs to join them in the middle section of the lecture hall. Sitting down the onyx eyed boy took out a notebook and pen before turning to the two and saying good morning hoping that he could have some alone time before his day truly got started. However, that turned out to be wishful thinking.

"So Sasuke" Tenten said in a conniving voice "what did you do this weekend?" Sasuke turned to face the brown haired girl to see a sly smile on her face and eyes that held a slight amount of mischief to them. It was obvious that she was fishing.

"Well I did homework and studied on Saturday and did some more studying on Sunday. I also helped my mom around the house." Replied the pale boy. He had noticed that as he told her of his weekend that the smile had begun to fade off her face. Apparently what she had heard wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"O, Naruto also called last night." Sasuke continued offhandedly like it wasn't a big deal.

Immediately he noticed however, that it was a big deal to Tenten and Neji, because Tenten almost shrieked with glee while Neji perked up and turned around although Sasuke could tell that Neji was trying to pretend that he wasn't paying attention.

"Hm…you two really are close friends aren't you. You two do almost everything together."

Sasuke chose to nod and let Tenten make what she could out of that, since it was becoming even more obvious she was hoping to fall on some information that wasn't meant to be found. Sasuke was however, saved from her prying by the professor walking in and beginning the class.

After class the three walked down the aisle to the front of the lecture and out the door, each with a bored expression on their face. If the professor had made it anymore boring Sasuke was sure that one of the students in the room would have started screaming and possibly thrown a sharp pointy object at the professor as an assassination attempt. So here he was now walking next to Tenten and Neji, who just so happened to be all mushy and romantic. The two were currently holding hands and giving soft looks to each other as if they were the only ones each other could see. It was about three minutes later when Tenten turned around with a guilty look on her face.

"O my gosh! Sasuke I forgot that you were with us. I'm sorry. You've probably felt like the third wheel haven't you?"

Sasuke couldn't help but give a low chuckle at the audacity of what Tenten had said. He was perfectly fine being by himself, third wheel be damned! He was actually quite happy to get some quite time to himself, since the brunet had an idea that he wouldn't get any peace and quite once he got to the tables that their group hung out at.

While Sasuke was in his own world though thinking about what was to come that day he didn't notice the looks that his two friends had given him.

It was only a couple of minutes later that the three walked into the Commons area of the school grabbing some lunch before heading over to one of the tables, where a mop of spiked blond hair could be seen. As they got closer Sasuke noticed that there were two seats opened at the end and one across from the tall blond. Deciding to let the couple have their time together Sasuke walked around to the other side sitting in between Gaara and Shikamaru.

As Sasuke sat down and began to eat his lunch a nagging feeling came over him telling him that he was being watched. At first he let it slide but as the feeling continued to creep up his spine he decided that he would have to do something about it. Looking up the raven was met with a startling pair of ocean blue eyes that seemed to be trying to convey so many things yet at the same time Sasuke wasn't sure what any of them were. Trying to look deeper Sasuke stared back a little more intently and just as he was about to uncover one of the emotions a loud cough broke him out of his and Naruto's staring contest causing him to look away and towards the source.

Sasuke turned to see Kiba giving him and Naruto a contemplative look before going back to his nachos. Looking beyond Kiba, Sasuke realized that most of the group was staring at him with questionable looks. However, when he turned back to Naruto it seemed like the blond was oblivious to everyone staring at them. Deciding to follow the blonde's lead the brunet began to eat his lunch again as well before a deep voice brought him out of is reverie.

"So Naruto, when do you plan on having the practice?" asked Gaara in a low tone.

Looking up the blond in question quickly finished chewing a piece of pizza before answering the red haired man.

"The practice is going to be at the house around three, since Shikamaru and I don't get out until 3:00." Replied the blond with a bright smile on his face. The red head just nodded in answer before going back to listening to his iPod and staring out one of the buildings many windows.

"Naruto" said Shikamaru in a commanding tone, "have you come up with which songs we were going to sing yet? Its been a week since I asked you last time and if you don't choose soon then we'll have nothing to perform with."

"Yeah yeah Shika, I've got the songs that were going to sing. It was a hard choice though. Ya see I wanna make the crowd scream and go wild when we perform." The blonde said a perverted smile on his face.

It was obvious to the others that Naruto was thinking about all of his fans who followed them to all of their close to home gigs. He was also probably thinking about the fans that never failed to throw themselves at the blond screaming words of love and lust and also promises of a good time at their place, thought Kiba with a perverted grin of his own. He had to admit that the attention you got for being musical was always nice. However, he had Hinta so he didn't bask in it as much as the vocalist did.

"Alright then, I'll leave you alone. Just as long as you have the songs I won't bitch to you anymore." Replied the lazy man as he went back to staring off into space, which had to be his favorite hobby if you asked Naruto.

Seeing that no one else was going to ask him about songs, the band, or anything that had to do with it Naruto went back to eating, listening in on the other's conversations. As he looked around the table he noticed how Ino kept sneaking peaks at Shikamaru every time he wasn't looking. Although he would bet his guitar on the fact that Shikamaru was probably aware of everything that was going on around him. Including how hard Ino was staring at him. Sighing Naruto decided that he was going to have to do something about this soon. He didn't know how much longer he could bare to watch Ino crush over someone who either wasn't interested or was just to lazy to do anything about it. And if he followed his instincts on the matter the blond would have to say that it was the later, since Shikamaru had this wonderful knack of telling people off in the most boredest of manners when he was annoyed with them. So coming to the conclusion that Shikamaru wasn't annoyed, but just lazy on telling Ino that "yes he did feel the same way", Naruto decided that at the next chance he got he would have a little talk with the brown haired boy and find out what was holding him up. It was the least he could do after all since Ino had been one of the first to except him once he had come out.

Having decided on that situation Naruto then turned to look at Sasuke who seemed to be slightly nervous. The blond was sure that no one else could see it since Sasuke always had this air of clam and collectedness about him, but Naruto was sure that Sasuke was panicking right about now.

Confirming his suspicions said boy looked up to give Naruto a look that clearly stated that he wasn't so sure about the prank anymore. However, before Sasuke could convey anymore to him a pouty voice broke into his concentration.

"Hey Naruto, do you know what the time is?"

Said man turned to see Sakura staring at him with a look that had the most adoration he had ever seen on any girls face. He could tell that over the past couple of weeks the pink haired girl had been trying to get his attention anyway she could, which included asking him for help on trivial things and dressing more provocatively. Like today for instance, when Sakura had first approached him this morning meeting him at the entrance, which she never did, not even for Sasuke when the two had been dating, he had noticed that the girl was wearing a short black skirt that left little to the imagination and a pink v-neck top with black sandals. It was obvious to the blond that she was trying to get him interested any way she could.

"Yeah, its almost one o'clock." Replied the blond giving her a small, but friendly smile. Although by the way she looked when he did this it was obvious that she thought it was more.

'I can't wait to come out with Sasuke', thought the blond giving off a sigh in his head. 'If we don't soon I think I might just go crazy with the way she's been fawning over me. It's starting to get annoying.'

Putting on a smile however, the blond decided to make his escape from the tables and hopefully the pink haired menace.

"Well guys, I hate to leave you all, but I've got a class soon so I better get going." Spoke the blond getting up from the table and grabbing his backpack.

"I'll go with you dobe. I've got class soon too." Replied Sasuke as he got up to throw their trash away before grabbing his messenger bag and slinging it over his head so that it rest comfortably at his side.

Turning back to the others the two said goodbye, both noticing the looks the group were giving them. Well the group minus Gaara anyways. Waving over his shoulder Naruto then led Sasuke out of the Commons and towards their next classes, neither boy hearing the "wait!" that came from behind them.

The two had been walking for about a minute or so in silence when Sasuke decided to voice his opinion on the matter at hand. Their prank. However, before he could do that a loud screeching voice reached his ears.

"Hey Naruto, wait up!" turning around the two men watched as Sakura came running up to them her books pressed against her chest giving every male in the hall a wonderful view of her cleavage. Naruto looked up to her face to see a sly smile on it. It was obvious that he had been caught looking even though it had been out of reflex. Finally catching up Sakura walked in between the blond and the brunet effectively separating them.

"Hey didn't you two hear me say wait up?" asked the pink haired girl, a small amount of anger clearly on her face, although said anger seemed to be directed in the raven's direction, Naruto noticed dryly.

"Sorry Sakura, I guess we didn't." replied the blond raising his hand behind to scratch his neck in a nervous and apologetic fashion. Seeing this the bubble gum haired girl decided to let the issue go and move onto more important issues; like the blond Adonis next to her known as Naruto.

"So Naruto, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today. I haven't seen you recently and I'm starting to feel like we're losing touch with each other." Both boys looked to the girl to see that she had the saddest and most clingiest face either of them had ever seen. However, both also saw through her innocence, especially a certain raven haired boy.

'Like hell she hasn't seen him in a long time', thought Sasuke in a brooding fashion. They had just gone to the club that Friday! But remembering about his relationship with Sakura he did distinctly recall how Sakura always clung to him and wanted to be around him every waking moment of her life.

Giving an apologetic look, that really wasn't sorry at all, Naruto decided to respond. "Sorry Sakura, but I've got band practice today since the gig is in two weeks."

Hearing this Sakura began to formulate a plan and decided to retreat for now. "Ok then, the band is more important then hanging out with me, so I guess I'll see you later then" replied the girl. Then turning to Sasuke who she had ignored the entire time she quickly gave him a sour look before saying, "Bye Sasuke." She then turned on her heel and sauntered over to Naruto. Stopping right in front of the blond she then leaned over into his personal space effectively giving him a view of the most cleavage he had ever seen before running down a manicured finger down his right bicep and saying, "I guess I'll be seeing you later then, Naruto." Then spinning on her heel, the pinked haired girl strode off towards her class with her hips in a perfect sway, grabbing the attention of every male in the corridor.

After a moment of silence Naruto decided to break the stillness that Sakura had put over them. "Well that was interesting." Chuckled the blond. He then turned to the raven motioning for them to keep walking. Sasuke taking his cue decided to approach the subject again.

"I'm not so sure about this anymore." Blurted out the raven, showing just how nervous he was about the whole subject. Turning to Sasuke Naruto decided that he needed to give a quick pep talk to the pale man before all their hard work was blown up in smoke.

"Sasuke, everything is going to be fine. We haven't messed up yet and everything is going like we planned it. Sakura is jealous, the gang thinks that we're hiding from them, and more importantly neither of us are being bothered by Sakura. Well actually she still won't leave me alone all the time, but still its better then her trying to drag me away to god knows where."

Hearing this Sasuke felt a little better that they hadn't been caught yet, but still…

"Look this prank is going to go off without a hitch. If you're afraid that their going to see through something your wrong. Right now everyone thinks that you and I are secretly dating and at the practice today you and I are going to slip and get caught." Still seeing some hesitation on the ebony eyed boy Naruto went to his last resort. "Come on Sasuke, let's do this. It's going to be the best prank ever!"

Not being able to say no to the pleading or the reasoning, Sasuke nodded his head, giving his consent that he would continue to go along with the prank.

"Thanks teme", smiled the blond. Then thinking for a quick second the blond turned back towards his best friend and asked, "Do you think I could get a ride to practice today?"

Thinking about it, the ride would go great with their prank since Sasuke never went to the band's practices. It would just be the icing on the cake, thought Naruto.

"Why isn't your bike here?" asked the raven with a confused look on his face.

Giving one of the biggest grins Sasuke had ever seen, Naruto lifted up his right arm to show that he was holding a skateboard. "I skated here today." Replied the blond in a smart ass fashion.

Giving a resigned sigh Sasuke decided that he would give the blond a ride. Then moving back into his normal demeanor the raven leveled the blond with one of his best Uchiha glares before saying, "Sure I'll give you a ride, but if your stupid ass skateboard scratches any of the interior in my car I will personally kill you. Best friends or not."

Laughing at this Naruto just smiled at Sasuke before agreeing. "Right then, well my class is this way teme, so I'll see you in the parking lot after classes okay?" With that the blond then turned and headed down the opposite hallway, leaving a pale raven to be thankful for their friendship.

After class Sasuke headed to his car happy that the pointless last hour was finally over. If he didn't know any better he would say that the university was personally hiring shitty professors just to bore the students to death. He smirked at the thought of the Head Dean Sarutobi accepting ignorant teachers into Konoha University at the expense of his students. The mental image continued to the Dean laughing as he signed said professors employment papers. Sasuke shook the thought from his head and continued on his walk to the parking lot. When the raven got there he wasn't surprised to see the tall blond leaning up against his car a foot on his skateboard moving it from side to side across the hot pavement. The blue eyed boy instinctively looked up at the sound of Sasuke's approach.

"Hey teme, took you long enough." Shouted the blond as Sasuke came within hearing range.

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke continued walking at a slow pace, making sure to wear on Naruto's patience a bit before replying with, "Well sorry that I don't have a piece of wood with wheels to get me around campus dobe."

Ignoring the raven's sarcastic remark Naruto pushed himself off the car. He kicked the end of his skateboard, making it flip up at him, and catching it in midair. He made sure to turn and grin at the pale boy after catching it. Sasuke trying to ignore the blonde's show off moves, proceeded to unlock the car and get in with Naruto following his example. Once in the car Sasuke started it, pulled out of the parking space, and headed to the band's house.

It wasn't long before Sasuke's black Beamer pulled onto the street where the band was to meet. The neighborhood looked like any other quaint suburb with two cars in every drive way or garage and some kids playing on the street. Pulling up to a white house with beige trim Sasuke slowed the car bringing it to a stop in front of the house.

"Well let's get this party started." Naruto grinned before exiting the car and approaching the walk. Feeling nervous the raven hesitated, but seeing the exasperated look on the blonde's face he quickly gathered as much courage as he could and fell into step behind Naruto.

Not even bothering to knock on the door the lead singer reached for the knob and opened the door letting himself in. Turning to Sasuke he gave a gentle reassuring smile before opening the door wider to let him in.

Walking in Sasuke was assaulted with a room that looked like an atom bomb had gone off in it. There were shoes spread out all across the entryway and jackets thrown over the couch which was against the wall opposite of the doorway and next to a hallway that led to the kitchen and the staircase. Bringing his attention back to Naruto, Sasuke quickly followed the blond down the hallway and into the family room where it had an even larger mess then the reception area. In the room every video game system known to man was present with controllers and wires everywhere. Glasses filled with god knows what littered the glass coffee table, which had probably been very clean at one point. There was also a large case that held DVDs and video that was placed against the wall next to the TV.

Stepping around the mess that was Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, and Lee, 'well probably more like Kiba' thought Sasuke, he followed Naruto to the other side of the room where the blond was opening the door to what appeared to be the garage. Although it really couldn't be called a garage anymore. Inside it had been transformed into the bands practice room. To the left side of the garage sat Kiba's drum kit, its black and red shine attracting the eye to it immediately. Around the drums were various amps and plugs used by the other band members for their respectable instruments. Also in the room was a fridge that probably had soda and alcohol stocked in it and an ugly large sofa, which they probably bought at a yard sale.

Only when Sasuke had come back to reality from his appraisal of the garage did he notice a bright pink obstruction in the way of his view. Looking around now Sasuke quickly noticed that Sakura wasn't the only girl in the room. Sitting beside Sakura was Ino and Tenten and standing next to Kiba was Hinta with a blush on her face as Kiba and her engaged in a couple's conversation. However, now that he realized that the girls were also here did Sasuke notice that everyone was looking at him as if he had just gotten a tan.

"Sasuke what are you doing here?" inquired Ino, breaking the silence that had set over the group. The raven in question was just about to answer when he realized that he had no clue as to why he was there. Usually if Naruto asked for a ride, which he rarely did, Sasuke would just drop him off and leave telling him to find another ride back to his place. But today for some unknown reason he had actually decided to come in making this his second visit, since the four moved into the house last year.

"Sasuke drove me here and is gonna stay to watch the practice." Answered the blond for him who was setting up the mic to his liking.

Everyone quickly turned to the raven for confirmation who quickly nodded his head, not liking the attention or looks that the group was giving him and the dobe.

"Ok, well now that you're here I guess we can get started then." Stated Shikamaru who had just finished hooking up his guitar to the amp. Looking over to Gaara, to see if he was ready too, the lazy brunet received a confirmation by a nod of red hair. Hearing a small drum fill was the only confirmation they needed from Kiba that he was ready also.

"Okay then, let's get started." Replied the blond as he stepped up to the mic.

2 hours later…

The ending sounds of the drum, bass, and guitar was all that could be heard as the group finished the song. Looking at them Sasuke noticed that they were all exhausted from the practice in their own way. Kiba was sweating from all the drumming he had done in the last hour and Shikamaru was starting to adjust his guitar strap in the need to do something different. Gaara on the other hand just stood there as if nothing was bothering him at all. And finally Naruto looked like he had just come back from the desert and was in desperate need of water. Taking the initiative the ebony eyed boy got off the couch and walked over to the fridge where he pulled out a water bottle for the blond. Walking back over to the group Sasuke immediately noticed that a certain pink haired girl had moved in and was now circling around Naruto like a hungry shark. Ok she wasn't circling, but she was definitely in the taller man's space.

"Naruto, I didn't know you could sing like that. Your SO good." Giggled Sakura as she tried to press further into the blonde's personal space.

"Yeah well I try. It's really nothing though since Shikamaru and Gaara play guitar better then I do and I won't even attempt playing drums."

"But still, it's so multitalented of you. Hey! What if you taught me how to play guitar." Asked Sakura who was currently staring into Naruto's eyes deeply.

Seeing his cue to interrupt and save the blond from the pink haired nemesis Sasuke walked over to the two before saying, "Hey dobe, here."

Naruto quickly looked over to see the raven handing him a water bottle, effectively changing the subject that he had been having with Sakura. "Thanks, Sasuke." Spoke the blond in a relieved tone before reaching out to take the water bottle from the pale teen. As he reached for the bottle Naruto made sure to place his hand over Sasuke's quickly brushing over it before taking the water bottle in a casual way. However, from the slightly stunned look on Sasuke's face it was anything, but that. Looking over to the couches behind him also confirmed it as Naruto noticed that Tenten and Ino had been watching and now had suspicious looks on their faces.

Sasuke watched as the blond opened the water bottle and took a swig from it before calling out to his band members that they should play one more song before ending for the day.

"Hey guys, I don't feel like concentrating too much anymore, so let's just play a fun one?"

The other three just nodded as they made their way back to their instruments, each one knowing which song the blond was talking about. They had all instantly loved it after he had finished writing it, and with little effort it had become the song they used when they were winding down for the day.

Naruto then tossed the water bottle back to the brunet before making his way over to the mic and the rest of the band. Getting a large grin on his face Naruto held up his right hand, it bobbing to its own hidden beat, before counting off 1, 2, and 3 silently with his fingers.

After the three fingers ticked off Kiba began to hit his bass pedal adding a nice beat to the song, causing Gaara and Shikamaru to join in with their own respected instruments. As the intro became steadier Sasuke noticed that Naruto's demeanor had begun to change into something more rebellious from his usual care free attitude. The raven watched as his best friend turned to Kiba as the boy crashed his drum sticks on his kits cymbals before turning around and beginning to sing.

Everybody's got their problems (problems)
Everybody says the same thing to you
It's just a matter how you solve them (solve them)
And knowing how to change the things you've been through

I feel I've come to realize
How fast life can be compromised
STEP BACK to see what's going on
I can't believe this happened to you
This happened to you..

The band was by now rocking away on their instruments feeling the flow of the music as it sounded throughout the garage. Sasuke looked over to the girls who were sitting on the couch to see that they were as enthralled by the band as he was.

It's just a problem that I'm faced with, Am I
not the only one that hates to standby
Complication's headed first in this line
With all these pictures running through my mind

Knowing endless
I feel so useless in this
Get back,
step back,
and as for me, I can't believe

Sasuke watched Naruto as he sang to the crowd but was suddenly shocked when Naruto grabbed the stand and began to scream into the mic, while looking at the brunet with a heated gaze.

Part of me, won't agree
Cause I don't know if it's for sure
Suddenly, suddenly
I don't feel so insecure

Part of me, won't agree
Cause I don't know if it's for sure
Suddenly, suddenly
I don't feel so insecure


As the band toned down for the bridge in their song, Sasuke turned around to see what the girls' reactions to that little display was, and to say that they hadn't noticed would have been an understatement. Ino and Tenten were looking back and forth between him and Naruto with wide grins on their faces, while Sakura sat on the edge of her seat looking at Naruto as if he were a god. Looking back towards the band Sasuke also noticed that Kiba was giving Naruto a look too. Apparently Naruto was doing something differently then he normally did, but what was it?

Everybody's got their problems (problems)
Everybody says the same thing to you
It's just a matter how you solve them (solve them)
What else are we supposed to do..

Part of me, won't agree
Cause I don't know if it's for sure
Suddenly, suddenly
I don't feel so insecure

Part of me, won't agree
Cause I don't know if it's for sure
Suddenly, suddenly
I don't feel so insecure


Everyone watched as Naruto screamed into the mic staring out into the crowd as Kiba picked up the next lines of the song, while drumming to the song.

Why do things that matter the most
Never end up being what we chose
Now that I find, now aint so bad
I don't think I knew what I had

Naruto couldn't help grinning to himself secretly as he belted out the rest of the song. He knew that the lyrics to this song could be taken a different way and at the moment they were doing exactly what he wanted them to do. Moving his gaze away from Sasuke, the blond quickly noticed how Ino and Tenten now had victorious grins on their faces. Apparently he had just given himself and Sasuke away. Deciding that he should finish the beginning of their prank with a bang, Naruto turned back to Sasuke and giving him the most heated look he could muster he sang the rest of the song.

Why do things that matter the most
Never end up being what we chose
Now that I find, now aint so bad
I don't think I knew what I had

As the song ended all four of the girls got up applauding the band for such a good song. Naruto grinned at them in a cocky way before letting go of the mic and sauntering over to Sasuke in a leisurely way. He knew that the band was starting to watch him as he passed by Sakura who was trying to get his attention, before stopping in front of a shocked raven.

Sasuke watched as the blond vocalist made his way over to him with a cocky grin on his face, bypassing Sakura who had been ready to faun over him. Looking at the girl now it was obvious that she didn't like being ignored by her future conquest, if the scowl on her face was any indication.

As Naruto got closer Sasuke figured that the blond would stop and say something cocky like "see I told you I could sing", but instead something very unexpected happened. Instead the blond walked over to him and flopped on the couch before asking,

"So what did you think of the song Sasuke?"

To busy thinking of a response, one preferably that had a smartass tone to it, Sasuke did not notice the hands sneaking up to him before it was too late. The next thing he knew, he felt Naruto's hands grab his hips in a gentle, almost intimate way, before he was pulled down to sit next to the vocalist on the couch. The raven then turned to watch as the blond put his arm behind Sasuke so that it rested on the back of the couch.

"Well that was fun." Commented the blond as he noticed Sasuke's lack of speech, before grabbing the water bottle from the boy and taking a swig from it. He was about to ask the raven the question again just to rub it in his face when a certain dog lover walked into his field of vision.

"Yo, Naruto why did you sing the ending to the song? I thought that I was supposed to sing the chorus, while you filled out that last line." Asked the brunet with a confused look on his face.

'And the play has been put in motion' thought Naruto as he watched everything begin to fall in place. He was about to come up with a quick response for the boy when the tattooed drummer bombarded him with another question.

"And…what the fuck is this about?" he asked while crossing his arms and pointing at how close him and Sasuke were sitting. 'And probably more important how quiet the raven was at the moment.' Thought the blond as he noticed Sasuke just sitting there staring out into space. By now the pale boy would have given some kind of degrading remark.

Looking back over to Kiba, Naruto noticed that the rest of the group had made their way over to the couch and were looking at him and Sasuke with interest as well.

"Eh hehe um…" said the blond as he raised his hand to the back of his neck to scratch in a nervous fashion, while quickly glancing at the pale man next to him and struggling for an explanation.

Suddenly Tenten decided to speak up. "So…are you two just being more friendly with each other or is there something that you two would like to tell us?" asked the girl with a knowing smile on her face.

"Are you two dating?" asked Ino quickly joining in and giving the two a conniving grin, which seemed to trigger the last question from Kiba who had finally caught on.

"So are you two fucking or what?" asked Kiba relying on his uncanny ability to put delicate questions into blunt statements.

"Yes, yes and not yet." Replied Naruto trying to hide his grin the best he could. Next to him Sasuke had begun to choke at hearing the statement and was now reaching for the water in the blonde's hand. Handing the water to Sasuke and quickly making sure that the raven wasn't turning blue in the face, Naruto turned back to their friends to see a mixture of expressions on their faces.

Ino and Tenten had victorious smiles on their face and were currently getting giddy. Hinta had a blush on her face and it was obvious that she was feeling like she had breached on his and Sasuke's privacy. Kiba had his mouth open in slight shock, but was quickly recovering, while Gaara had the same blank look on his face. Shikamaru on the other hand seemed to look slightly stunned as well as if he hadn't seen that coming, which would be a first for the lazy guitarist. And Sakura. Well how could he explain Sakura…First her expression had been one of shock and then it had quickly changed to one of disbelief before finally settling on a look of anger. One that was currently being directed at Sasuke. It was silent for a few more seconds before Ino and Tenten suddenly broke the silence.

"Oh my god! I'm so happy for you two!" screamed Ino before running over to him and hugging him in a congratulatory way. She then turned to Sasuke and gave him a smile as well before walking back next to Shikamaru and Hinta.

"When did this happen?" asked Tenten as she looked between him and Sasuke.

"Well it just kind of happened." Replied Naruto as he realized that he had everyone's attention. "Sasuke and I just realized about three weeks ago that we had feelings for each other and we decided to see where they took us. Sorry we didn't tell you guys earlier, but we weren't sure how you guys would react plus we weren't sure if our relationship was going to work out, but so far it has so…" trailed off the blond as he looked to Sasuke to see what his reaction would be. Seeing that Sasuke had yet to wake up from his shock Naruto decided to take a bit of action and tenderly took the brunet's hand in his, lacing their fingers together, as if to give the raven reassurance about his decision to out their relationship.

"Well we're happy for you two. Although I have to say it took you two long enough." Smiled Ino. Now THIS seemed to wake the silent emo out of his shock, because suddenly his head jerked towards the blond girl. But before Sasuke was able to say anything about it Naruto decided to change to subject a bit.

"Hey guys I think we've practiced enough for today. I say we should just kick back and relax for a while."

"That sounds like a good idea, I don't' know how much more drumming my arms could handle." Replied Kiba before he turned around to walk back into the house. Everyone getting the clue followed as well, all of them heading into the family room and some into the kitchen to get drinks and snacks.

"Hey let's play a game!" shouted Tenten as she walked over to the cabinet that held all of the boys games and electronic devices.

"Ok that sounds like fun." Responded Ino who walked over to help the brown haired girl pick a game. Browsing through the games Ino glanced over them all in a bored fashion before her eyes lit up when seeing a certain title.

"Hey guys let's play LIFE!" she screamed as she raised the game up in the air before making her way to the middle of the living room.

"O, I love that game" replied Tenten with just as much excitement as Ino. In the back all the guys could be heard groaning in protest, but that didn't seem to bother the girls one bit.

As Ino and Tenten set up the game the rest of the group picked their players and cars, while some, like Gaara, Shikamaru, and Sasuke decided to sit out and watch. After everyone had set up and spun to see who went first the game began. At first the game had been pretty boring with the whole career versus college beginning, but when the marriage stop came up was when things got interesting. The first person to reach marriage was Ino, who looked at Shikamaru quickly before blushing and grabbing a blue man to match her pink woman. The next to make it to the stop was Kiba, who immediately complained that his wife was in another car. Hinta promptly turned a tomato red at this remark. The third to reach the 'wedding chapel' was Sakura who while looking at Naruto seductively reached over and grabbed a blue piece before sticking it in her car. Naruto couldn't help, but cringe when he saw how she had tried to get his attention. It looked like she was getting desperate if she was going to resort to game pieces to proclaim her love to him.

After a couple more marriages later and a flat tire on Hinta's part, it was finally time for Naruto to get married. The blond couldn't help but grin as he reached for another blue piece before sticking it in his car and turning to Ino, who's turn was next. Suddenly the clearing of a throat could be heard and everyone looked to Sakura in question.

"Um…Naruto. I think you got in backwards. Your supposed to put a pink", at this she flipped her pink hair, "piece in your car. Not another blue piece."

'O that is where your wrong my dear Sakura-chan.' Naruto thought evilly as he turned to her.

"But Sakura, why can't I have another male piece. I AM bi and I also AM dating Sasuke, so why not want to marry another blue piece and name it Sasuke?"

At hearing this Sasuke couldn't help, but stare at Naruto in slight shock before turning a light pink as Naruto wrapped an arm around his waist. When he finally felt that he had his blush under control, why was he blushing in the first place anyways…, was when the brunet looked up to see some of the girls watching him with happy expressions on their faces. Deciding he would play at Naruto's game, hell he didn't want to look like the noob after all, Sasuke moved in towards Naruto to where their outer thighs were touching, before he placed his head on Naruto's shoulder and gave a small contented sigh as if he was girlishly happy about what Naruto had just said.

The game then went on with kids, divorces, taxes, homes, and floods along the way. Kiba and Hinta ended having the most kids with a grand total of eight, the two had had to go and combine cars since there was no place to put all the tiny tots. Naruto had managed to land on the "It's a boy!" and "It's a girl!" space, giving him and Sasuke two kids in total. At their first "child" Naruto had immediately proclaimed that Sasuke would be the best mother ever and that they would love their child with everything they had.

So after the wacky game of LIFE, which Tenten had won becoming the millionaire in the game, it was around eight o clock.

"Well guys," said Naruto stretching "I think it's time Sasuke and I leave. I've got a paper to finish and I'm sure Sasuke has something to do too."

"The fact that you are going to actually do your paper, amazes me. Maybe I am helping after all." Sasuke said with a small smile that quickly turned into a smirk. "Nope. Your paper is porn. You sick asshole."

"You know I've given that up Sasuke since, you know we got together and all." Naruto said with a small smile towards his 'boyfriend.' The aforementioned raven put on his best 'I'm happy and content' smile for the blonde before Naruto spoke up again "Plus watching nice tits, or two guys fucking wouldn't really be good for our relationship." The smile was wiped clean from Sasuke's face and replaced with a roll of the eyes.

All the girls chose to ignore the "tits and fucking" end of the statement and focused on the sweet comment. With a round of 'Awe's and google eyes, they all looked back and forth between the "couple". Kiba though picked up right where the girls left off. With a resounding smack across the back of Naruto's head he laughed, adding "Naruto you're a fucking liar," and left it at that. Another burst of laughter came, this time from the boys.

Finally once the snorts and giggles died down everyone began to gather their stuff. "Yeah we should be going too" agreed Ino as she grabbed her purse and began to head towards the door, the rest of the girls following behind her, saying goodnight to the guys on the way out.

As the girls left Sasuke couldn't help but notice as Sakura ran her hand along Naruto's bicep while saying goodnight before leaving with the rest of the girls. Looking at Naruto, who gave him a disgusted look at what had just happened, Sasuke bid everyone goodnight too before walking out the door with the blond vocalist behind him. When the two had finally made it down the driveway and into the car was when Naruto finally spoke.

"I think that went well, don't you?" The grin on the blonde's face told Sasuke all he needed to know.

"O yes dobe, it went very well." The brunet said with a slight sneer.

As the two drove away all Sasuke could only think about was how he had managed to become stupid enough to agree to one of the blonde's pranks. He didn't think he would ever know.

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