Friends Can Be Trusted… Right?

Scanning her closet, Callie Vernon searched for something to wear. Today was the scheduled day for their hearing.

What to wear, what to wear? And what to do? What would they say to the DC Committee? Supposedly, Tinsley was going to come up with an idea, but had she? For some reason, Tinsley had lied to her! No, she couldn't think about that now. She had to focus on the task at hand.

What to wear, what to wear?

"Need help?" asked a familiar voice from the doorway.

Immediately, Callie's eyes narrowed.

"Tinsley," she said, coolly, "So you've finally got a plan?"

"Chill, C," Tinsley replied, stepping gracefully into the room.

"Chill?" Callie retorted, raising an eyebrow, "Explain exactly how I'm supposed to chill when I found out you lied to me?" Tinsley rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, okay I admit it, I lied, but trust me, I have my reasons for it."

"Trust you?" Callie would've snorted in disbelief, if she wasn't so well-raised, that is. "How am I supposed to trust you? We're supposed to be best friends! And just a lesson, Tins, best friends don't lie to each other."

Damn. Thought Tinsley. Winning Callie back was harder than she'd thought. Thinking furiously, Tinsley wondered, could she tell Callie everything?

All her life, Tinsley had struggled. Between an ambitious mother and a super-successful father, her parents had always demanded perfection. And with no one to talk to, Tinsley had never really trusted anyone. Not even Callie. There were times, though, that Tinsley wanted to spill everything. The fire, Julian, even why she hated Jenny so much.

But every time, she'd hold herself back. Could she tell?

Deciding immediately, Tinsley swallowed, then opened her mouth…


A Waverly Owl Never Gossips…Without Telling Everyone

"Okay guys," Brett Messerschmidt said, trying to sound experienced. She wasn't the leader of DC- Brett wasn't even supposed to be on the DC Committee! She'd only been appointed leader by Mr. Dalton, but now that he was gone, what was she supposed to do?

Putting aside her thoughts, Brett took a deep breath and counted to three.

"So this is just a heads-up. There's another DC hearing this afternoon. Hopefully, you guys got the email and the briefing, right?" Blank stares greeted her, as well as a couple groans. A Japanese girl raised her hand.

Consulting her list, Brett frowned, and then said tentatively, "Kelsi Chang?" The girl smiled.

"You weren't on DC before, right?" Brett asked.

"Uh, no, I just got appointed onto it." Confused, Brett frowned inwardly. Sure, she wasn't the best expert in DC matters, but she was pretty sure members didn't usually get appointed in the middle of the year.

"My situation's kind of… unique," explained Kelsi, as if she'd read Brett's mind. "Anyways, I just have a quick question, didn't we have a hearing just two weeks ago?"

"Uh yes," replied Brett quickly, trying to sound professional, "But the fires are a special case."

"Right, the fires." Repeated Kelsi, "What happened?"

Frowning again, Brett thought quickly. Um, didn't everyone know about the fires?

"You're new here, right?" piped in Kara Whalen. "I'm Kara." Smiling towards Kara, Brett mentally thanked her for the smooth save.

"So you wanted to know about the fire, right?" continued Brett, steering the conversation back.

"So basically, a couple weeks ago, there was this big Cinephiles party at the old Miller farm-"

"Oh my god, it was so freaking fun!" interrupted Benny Cunningham, excitedly, "There were these-" Catching Brett's eye, she immediately stopped.

"Oops," Benny giggled, "Sorry, I think I got a little excited."

"So halfway through the party, we smelled smoke," Brett continued, "And it turned out the barn was on fire."

"Sorry for interrupting, but I have to say this," gushed Sage Francis. After a tentative nod from Brett, Sage spoke, "So guess who came running from the barn?" Kelsi shrugged.

"Callie Vernon and Easy Walsh! And they had, like, no clothes on at all!"

"I think they had sex." Added Benny. Sage rolled her eyes.

"Uh, no duh, Benny."

"Okay, so I know what happened now, but I have another question: how'd the fire start?"

"Well, that's what the hearing's for. Some people think it's Callie and Easy because they are, like, always smoking."

"And other people think it's Julian McCafferty, because his lighter was found near the barn." Kara added.

Kelsi looked confused. "So why was Jenny called to a hearing, too?"

"The thing is, Jenny used to go out with Easy, but then he cheated on her to get back Callie, so some people think that Jenny's still mad so…" Kara trailed off.

"Okay, so who did it?"

"That's the thing," Brett reminded them quietly, "No one knows."


So, now that the story of the Cinephile's fire is finally out in the open, it's time to turn towards more serious things, like the one who started the fire. Um, hel-lo? Doesn't anyone know? Hmph. Whoever did it is pretty good at secrets, but with me on the lookout, the secret won't be one for long!

And speaking of secrets, has Tinsley finally spilled everything? Or will she continue to keep Callie in the dark? And why exactly does she hate Jenny so much? No, it's not the reason you think. Remember, Tinsley's hated Jenny since she first saw her, but why?


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