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1: It's fun until someone gets hurt

Drakken was working in the dull, grey laundry room in the maximum security prison that he was locked up in. He was stuck there, unless Shego ever decided that she was bored with being retired and went to break him out; not that he even knew that Shego was retired. Drakken was not sure what happened to Shego because he could not remember much from the day that Global Justice too him into custody. He had been in jail for almost a year now and was not going anywhere…or so was the plan of those on the side of justice. Others had different plans.

Four rather large inmates included Drakken in on their escape plans doing something so classic that it had to work; they escaped out through the laundry chute. Drakken could not believe that they fit down the thing, but it was wide enough for all of them to go down individually and they landed in a pile of clothing that had to be sent out of the prison. There was no laundry truck waiting, but they found something that was just as good.

They managed to steal a garbage truck that was nearby collecting the trash. They overpowered the workers and left them bound by the dumpsters. Drakken was impressed with the smooth getaway. He was curious as to why the men took him along with their escape plan, but chalked it up to them thinking that he might snitch on them, so they really had no choice in taking him. He guessed that he would be going his own way once they made it far enough.

Drakken began mentally making plans now that he was free again. He was going to find Shego first of all. He was going to yell at her for not breaking him out before anything else. He had sat in jail for almost a year thanks to her. He was willing to bet that she was on vacation or something too. Typical Shego, he mentally huffed. He obviously was unaware of what happened since Global Justice arrested him so many months ago.

When the truck came to a halt, Drakken was about to go on his way. He found out at that moment that he certainly would not be doing that. Just as he was about to go on his way, one of the large men grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him into a warehouse. The others walked in behind them.

"Wait, where are you taking me!" Drakken demanded to know in a very loud and panicky voice. He knew that he could not do anything against the four men without Shego or without any bits of technology.

The men did not answer him, but couple more of them took hold of Drakken as he started flaying, trying to get away from them. They went deep into the warehouse and then they went into a secret tunnel. They marched down the channel with Drakken yelling all the way, wanting to know where they were going and what they were going to do with him.

They ended up in a dimly lit, plain room where two men were sitting and playing cards at a small rounded table. One was a rather fat man with another, very large and muscular man standing by him, as if standing guard. The other man playing cards was an average looking follow in a tan suit with an ebony goatee and short, greasy black hair.

"Here ya go, boss," one of the fugitives said while the others dumped Drakken onto the floor.

"Good going, guys. Go do your thing now," the ebony-haired male told the four fugitives. The prison-escapees left the blue doctor on the hard, cold cement floor.

"Now, what is going on here!" Drakken hollered, flailing his arms from his spot on the cement.

"Doctor Drakken, so good of you to join us," the fat man said rather cordially, especially considering that the scientist felt he was being kidnapped.

Drakken looked up to see who was talking. "What the? Big Daddy Brotherson? What do you want with me?" the cerulean inventor asked in a puzzled voice with an expression to match.

"Doctor Drakken, I'd like you to meet my partner for this current venture. He goes by the simple name of Bane," Big Daddy Brotherson introduced the pair, slowly motioning to the man sitting across from him.

"Bane? That's it?" Drakken asked.

"That's all you need to know," Bane answered, trying to sound sinister as he spoke. Most around could tell that he was forcing it out, but Drakken brought it.

"Okay, well, what do you two want with me?" the blue-skinned scientist inquired.

"We want you to help us get revenge on a common enemy that we all have," Big Daddy Brotherson answered.

"Kim Possible?" Drakken guessed. He knew that the teen busybody had ruined all of his best plans whenever she could, so he would not put it passed her to ruin everyone else's fun when she was not in his business.

"No, Trin Possible," Big Daddy Brotherson corrected the scientist. Bane frowned at the mention of that name.

Drakken frowned right along with Bane. Trin Possible, perhaps the second most annoying person that he had ever met with the last name Possible, Drakken believed. He could still feel the pain of her kicking him in the balls. Thanks to her, he could not even recall much of what happened that day because she started abusing him when she got free from her ropes. The most that he recollected from that day was intense agony in his lower regions.

"What do you want me to do?" Drakken inquired in an interested tone.

Big Daddy Brotherson snapped his fingers and his bodyguard pulled out a folder from inside his jacket at lightning speed. The bodyguard handed the folder to Drakken. The scientist opened it and looked at the documents inside.

"We're thinking if you combine that technology, we can all have a good time at the expense of Trinket Possible," Bane commented.

"Not to mention Shinichi Toriyama," Big Daddy Brotherson grumbled with disdain in his voice. Those damned kids had made a fool of him and he was not going to stand for it. They would suffer.


Spring Break, it was probably a blessing from the vacation gods. Shin was pretty sure that sometime in the distant past, the clouds parted and some blonde, surfer-looking god declared that from that moment on there would be a time known as "spring break" where everyone was allowed to act completely and utterly stupid and it being spring break justified it. Of course, there were other times like that on the calendar, but spring break also included fun in the sun, wonderful tanned bodies, and the occasional interesting shark attack if they vacationed in the right spot.

Right now, Shin was setting himself up on the beach. His usual four lovely, semi-insane cohorts were going to meet him down there. He did not see how they could turn putting on bathing suits into a half-hour long activity. He had managed to put on some bright orange swim-trunks in less than a minute. Now, his question was: how was it that something he could do in about thirty seconds took the ladies thirty minutes? He could only guess that they got sidetracked.

"That's what I need to do, get sidetracked," Shin thought with a bit of a lusty smile as he walked through the near-white sand. He put his beach chair up a few feet from the beautiful blue-green water and hung his towel on the back of the chair. He kicked off his black flip-flops and jumped into his chair, looking to tan even more than he already had.

Shin glanced around, noticing some girls checking him out. Shin had attracted attention the moment that he stepped onto the beach, which was something that he was used to. Even though he was short for a guy, he was muscular to make up for that. The cuts in his muscles were well-defined and practically begged to be leered at, seemingly requesting to be touched by curious, longing fingers. He hoped to catch a few guys looking, so he could work on "getting sidetracked" later.

Shin got lost in a daydream and started smiling goofily as he thought of wanting hands roaming his chest. He closed his eyes and sighed. Yes, he was definitely going to work on getting "sidetracked," especially if he was left alone long enough.

"I'm shocked you didn't blow up the beach in the few minutes you had alone," he heard Shego remark from behind him, interrupting his dirty thoughts.

"I was just wondering the best place to set the charges," Shin commented with a boyish smile on his face as he opened his eyes to turn his attention to her. Thanks to that daydream, he was certain that he was going to find a guy to occupy his time with when he got the chance.

Shego laughed. "I wouldn't put it past you."

Shin continued smiling while Shego set up a chair next to him. He glanced over at her, seeing that she had actually chosen an emerald modest one-piece bathing suit. He was surprised by that, thinking that Shego was the type to flaunt "it." He would not hold it against her since she definitely had sex appeal to flaunt. He was all for it when it got them free drinks at clubs.

"Are you getting greener?" he asked curiously, an ebony eyebrow arched.

"I don't know, are you getting darker?" she countered in a bit of a snippy tone, letting Shin know that he was approaching a sensitive subject. But, the word "sensitive" was only barely in his vocabulary, which the former thief was aware of. He might just keep going on about her skin tone and she might have to castrate him.

"You know you like me when I'm chocolate. After all, girls love chocolate," he remarked with an irksome smirk. If he spent a couple of days in the sun, he was well aware that he would end up a nice, deep chocolate. He found it funny that he typically tanned darker than his mother.

"Keep it up and I'll make you melt in my hand," she countered menacingly. He continued on smiling like the goof he was.

"Shego, don't mind Shin. You know he's just being annoying for the sake of being annoying," Kim reminded her girlfriend as she came over to set her own chair up next to the ex-sidekick.

"I'm not being annoying. I'm just wondering if while getting greener she goes through photosynthesis," he teased, grinning now.

"Shin," Shego growled like a very upset tiger.

Shin recognized the noise. She had used it once before when he dared to ask Kim if Shego tasted like mint. He was pretty sure that Shego punched him after that question, but considering the fact that he understood it was rare for a person to recall what happened just before going unconscious due to skull trauma, he doubted that he would ever know for sure. He would consider that Kim hit him if only she was not a total sweetheart to him most of the time and she would have apologized for knocking him out completely.

"C'mon, Shego, you know I'm just messing with you. Don't think nothing about being green. You're stuff is hot as hell," Shin assured her with a sincere smile. He was not looking to ruin their spring break.

Shego scoffed, but she was pacified by his words, especially since she believed him. Shin had a way about him, like a gleam in his eyes, which seemed to make him trustworthy when he wanted to be. She finished with her chair and moved to help Kim out. It was then that Shin realized that their little crew was missing two key components. He looked up and over his chair, but he did not see his evil twin or her lover.

"What happened to the harpy? She stuck underneath a mechanic? Or should it be the other way around?" Shin mused aloud, a finger against his chin as he thought on it.

"They're coming. They were having a little tiff," Kim replied dismissively as she eased into her seat, close enough to her lover to feel her body heat. Shego was busy pulling out items from a bag that she and Kim brought for their little relaxation time.

"About?" Shin asked, even though he could guess. Tatsu was probably putting up a fuss about an outfit that Trin was trying to put on her. How predictable, he thought.

"Tatsu doesn't want Trin walking around in a skimpy little bikini," Kim answered with a bit of a laugh. She thought that was too cute, although she and Shego had had a similar argument with her losing out somewhat. She was outside in a pink and orange bikini, not the one that she wanted, with a matching sarong wrapped around her waist. She had not thought that the argument was cute on her end.

"Oh," Shin said. Well, that would have been his next guess. Always something about clothing when it came to his evil twin.

Shego and Kim turned their attention to each other for a moment. They took each other's hands for no reason other than the fact that they were together. Kim sighed, happy for a moment of rest. Between school and being a hero, the redhead was starting to get worn out. She guessed that it was a bad idea to take seven courses just because Trin had done it throughout her undergrad career. Shego told her that she needed to step out of Trin's shadow and the blonde Possible was in agreement with that. After all, she had taken that many courses without having to do the hero thing that Kim did. Kim was starting to agree.

"Oh, I think I hear Satan coming," Shin hummed after a couple of minutes.

"You must have 'annoying bitch' radar," Shego remarked because she did not hear a thing.

"Kim must have the same since she can hear you coming a mile away," the half-Japanese young man quipped.

"No, her mouth is just that big," Kim chimed in, earning a chuckle from Shin. Shego frowned; she did not need it coming from two ends now.

Before Shego could make a comeback, Trin and Tatsu came over with their beach gear. They did not look like a couple that just had a "tiff" since they were holding hands as they came over. Tatsu was out in a violet one-piece swim suit while Trin was wearing a thin yellow hoodie over her bathing suit. They set themselves up on the opposite side of Shin. He was not really interested in what they were doing until Trin slipped out of her hoodie.

"What the HELL is that!" Shin hollered in horror, pointing at his evil twin's back. From his reaction, a passerby might have thought that she had a giant, deadly, ugly bug on her back.

"What?" Trin inquired, sounding rather bored. She was expecting the half-Japanese young man to make an "ass" remark since he was pointing in that direction.

"That!" He grabbed Trin by the hips and pulled her closer to him.

Tatsu snarled as soon as he touched her girlfriend, thinking that Shin was being a jerk and going to grope Trin. He showed that was not the case by putting his finger right on the thing that was freaking him out. The mechanic smiled while Trin's face was just perplexed and getting closer to outraged. Shego and Kim looked on, knowing that some decent drama was coming.

"I thought everyone knew about that," Shego muttered to her girlfriend, keeping her eyes on the scene that was about to unfold.

"I guess everyone's not Shin," Kim replied in a low tone.

"Seriously, what the hell is this thing?" Shin demanded to know, jabbing the blonde in the back with his index finger.

The thing that had Shin's attention was a tattoo that was on the small of Trin's pale back. As far as he knew, it was quite new, even though it was clear that it had been there for a while. He was also bothered by what the tattoo was. She had a fierce eastern dragon on her back, cutting evenly across the base of her spine going almost to her sides. It was baring its teeth and showing its three claws on each hand. He found that it looked oddly feminine despite the viciousness of it.

"When the hell did you get a tramp stamp?" Shin inquired, sounding rather upset with his evil twin.

"I got it for Tatsu's birthday," Trin answered, moving from his hold sharply.

"You got a tattoo for Tatsu's birthday?" he echoed in a baffled tone. What kind of sense did that make after all?

The blonde sighed. "Yes, I got a tattoo for Tatsu's birthday," she said almost as if she was being sarcastic.

Shin was about to say something, but he just could not figure out what he wanted to say. He knew that he wanted to yell something, but he did not know what that something was. While he was trying to figure out what exactly needed to be said, Tatsu reached out and took Trin by the waist. She pulled the blonde over to her and rested her hand where the tattoo was.

"Best birthday gift ever," Tatsu muttered while caressing the small of Trin's back.

"I've got get you one of those," Shego said to Kim.

Kim rolled her eyes. She was pretty sure that was one thing that she was not going to do because her sister did it. She could not see herself with a tattoo, especially one like Trin's. They figured that Trin got a dragon on her back because Tatsu's name was Japanese for dragon. So, Trin pretty much just got Tatsu's name permanently etched into her body, like saying that she belonged to Tatsu. It did not seem like something that the blonde would do, but there it was, staring at anyone that stared at her back.

"You done freaking out?" Trin asked her male counterpart.

"Um…no! You've got a damn tattoo of a dragon pretty much on your ass crack! What the hell is wrong with you?" Shin demanded to know.

"You'd think she tattooed it on his back from the way he's acting," Shego remarked, speaking to Kim.

"No, I think he'd cause a scene to the point we could charge money if she did that," Kim replied with an amused smile.

Shego had to concede that point, smiling too. She was wondering what it would take to get Kim to get a tattoo on her back, preferably one that read "Shego" in flaming green letters. She was going to have to talk to Tatsu later on to find out how the mechanic convinced Trin to do such a thing.

"There's something wrong with you if anyone at all," Trin said to Shin in her usual monotone voice, which did not help him rein in his temper.

"While that is true, that doesn't explain what the hell this thing is on your back. Why the hell would you do this to your body?" Shin inquired.

Trin did not bother to answer him for two reasons. One, she suspected that he was being his usual over-the-top, overly dramatic self. Two, she did not have to explain her actions to him when it came to what she did with Tatsu and he should know that by now. Shin frowned at being ignored.

"What the hell!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, throwing a tantrum in his chair.

Trin did not say anything to him and he quickly lost the ladies interest to better things, in their opinions. Shego decided to rub sunscreen on Kim and Tatsu was doing the same to Trin. Shin huffed and then screamed again before standing up and storming off.

"The hell is his problem?" Shego inquired, speaking loud enough for Shin to hear without considering his feelings at all, something he would have done in her place. "The damn thing's on the bitch's back, after all."

"Shin probably looks at it as she slipping away from him just a little bit more," Kim replied, having the decency to speak lower than her girlfriend, so the fleeing young man did not hear.

"I knew he'd act like this. That's why I didn't tell him about it in the first place," Trin grumbled.

"Don't let his attitude spoil the day," Tatsu told her lover, whispering in her ear just because they were so close to each other.

"I won't. But, he's always such a damn baby over things. God, he acts like I married you and moved out of the country without telling him," the blonde huffed, her body tense even though her lover was working on her with such magic fingers while covering her in sunscreen.

"Well, you do pretty much have her name stamped on your ass. He knows it's got to mean something," Shego pointed out.

"What I have done to or near my ass is my own business, not his," Trin countered. She had gotten the tattoo as a surprise for her baby, showing a level of deep commit without buying a ring. It did not mean that she was going to abandon her evil twin anytime soon, or anytime at all for that matter.

"That's true, so try not to mention your flat ass anymore for the rest of the day while I'm here," Shego snorted as if she was deeply offended.

"You mean this ass?" Trin had the nerve to aim said body part at Shego.

The green-skinned woman wasted no time in smacking Trin's rear-end as hard as she could. Trin grimaced and knew that she had a big red hand print on her butt now. Shego laughed while Kim shook her head. Kim looked at Tatsu and they agreed with their eyes that they could not take their girlfriends anywhere.

"Keep that up and we might think there's something going on between the two of you," Kim teased her lover and her sister, hoping that would get them to behave.

"Like hell!" the two pale women declared as if they were just hit with the worst insult. They actually looked disturbed by that idea. Kim could not help laughing while Tatsu sported a small, amused smile.


Shin scowled as he walked off toward a market. He was not sure where he was going, but he did know that he was pissed and he needed to put a lot of distance between him and his evil twin. He could not believe that his harpy had the nerve to go and get a tattoo of a dragon on her ass for Tatsu's birthday. Why not just go out and marry her already!

"She might as well tattoo 'Tatsu's bitch' on her forehead. What the hell, man?" he muttered while kicking up some dust with his left foot.

Honestly, Shin was not sure why he was so upset. He knew that he was not going to lose Trin and he was used to sharing her with Tatsu. Still, he was pissed and was quite content with being that way. He was so set in being angry that he was not watching where he was going. He bumped into someone, knocking that person to the ground and also getting the person's ice cream smeared on his bare chest.

"Ow," the person muttered as he hit the pavement.

"Oh, sorry about that," Shin apologized as he leaned down, offering a hand to the young man that he knocked over.

"No, it was my fault," the young man said in an adorably low, almost shy sounding voice. He climbed to his feet, showing that he was shorter than Shin. He was not particularly muscular and that was clear from the sleeveless white tee-shirt that he was wearing along with the tan cargo shorts. He had chocolate hair with two bangs pushed to the sides of his face that went down to his chin. He also had on spectacles over his practically shining onyx eyes.

"Dude, I think that one was all me considering the fact that you're the one that ended up in the dirt," Shin commented.

"No, but I got you with the ice cream," the young man pointed out, staring at Shin's wide chest.

Shin could not help chuckling to himself because he knew the look in those onyx eyes that were on his torso. He smiled, thinking that it was about time for him to get sidetracked. Besides, the guy looked rather cute.

"Yeah, you did. I tell you what, I'll accept your apology if you let me buy you some more ice cream," Shin offered.

The young man smiled. "Sounds good. Well, I'm Booker."

"I'm Shin." The pair then walked off together.


Drakken was parked at a work bench. He was intent on his work, looking through a mounted magnifying glass as he took a thin work tool to his invention. He then looked up while pushing away slightly from his desk. He started laughing.

"Trin Possible, your worst nightmare is about to come true!" Drakken cackled.


Next time: the vacation comes to an end and the group returns to Middleton to find things amiss.