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Epilogue: Better than chains

"Yes, so, I've got him locked away in the most secure cell in the prison. He's being watched around the clock and if she wanted to get to him anyway, she'd have to have a layout of the place," Doctor Director reported, speaking into the phone at her desk. She was still in her office despite the fact that it was late at night.

"And since when is that hard for her?" Shinichiro inquired quite seriously. He was not the only one on the line and he was not the only one thinking that. He just had a faster mouth than everyone else. He did have the same bugged out look as everyone else though; after all, since when could that girl not get the layout of some place if she wanted to get in? A layout was nothing for her!

"This is the best I can do for now. All you need to do is keep her occupied for a few days and then I can move him," Betty informed them matter-of-factly. After all, she was well aware what the girl could do, but she was doing the best that she could to prevent that.

"She doesn't seem to be going anywhere," Ann replied, sounding a bit worried, even though she really did not want her eldest child to leave their sights for a little while.

"Yeah, I think she and her screwy half are worn out from all of this," Tashawna added in. Her son had stayed in bed all day. He showed some signs of having his usual energy whenever someone came into his room, especially when Booker came to see him.

"I think we all are," James commented with an exhausted sigh.

There were no disagreements there. They were all worn out from their recent ordeal. They were just worried that a certain blonde was going to catch her breath first and do something that they would all regret.

"Well, as long as you keep an eye on her. I'll call you when I move him. I know the perfect place to put Mister Bane where Trin won't even know where to start looking," Betty boasted. She had been working on a place ever since Trin and Shin made themselves known to her. She needed someway to counteract the fact that they walked around GJ like they owned everything in it, even though they were not even employees of the agency.

"This'll be the first time you ever outsmarted them, huh?" Shinichiro teased, forcing out a chuckle to seem somewhat normal.

"Shin," Tashawna scolded her husband.

"I'm just saying. Hiding things from her and our nutty son haven't been the easiest thing to do. When they get something in their heads, they go through with it. We've got to be sure that they really can't get to this guy or Trin's just going to be even more messed up in the head by the end of things," Shinichiro pointed out.

"He's in rare form, making sense, eh?" Betty remarked, speaking about Shin. Despite her taunt, she looked a bit weary because she was a bit worried. If they could not protect Mister Roy Bane then it was likely that he would not see the next sunrise when Trin decided to stop dragging her feet.

"It's been known to happen," Shinichiro countered.

"Please, can we get back on track," James requested with a tired sigh. They could be argumentative on their own time in his opinion. Right now, he was worried about his daughter and her mental state. He did not want her to be able to go out and do something that she would undoubtedly regret.

"Like I said, just keep her occupied for a few days. I'll call you and let you know when I've moved him and you let her out of your sight," Betty informed the concerned parents.

The parents agreed to that and disconnected the call. The doctors Possible stepped out of their bedroom, which was where they had been on the phone. They looked down the hall, watching Trin's bedroom door.

Trin was staying with her parents, as was Kim. They all felt like they needed time to heal and to do that, they needed to be around each other. Kim still was not entirely sure what happened between her family members, but she could feel it was something heavy. The vibes were enough to drop her to her knees yesterday, which had been the day Trin and Shin were released from the hospital. It felt like it was much better today, but it was still overwhelming. She guessed that things would be better after a few days of her family just being around each other.

"You coming to bed or what, Pumpkin?" Shego inquired from her space on Kim's bed. She was sprawled out like a lazy feline, watching her girlfriend pace the room, which seemed to be Kim's hobby of the past couple of days.

"Why would he want to hurt her, Shego?" Kim asked, as if she did not even hear the question directed toward her. She turned to her lover with pleading olive eyes, needing to know why. It had been bothering her ever since it was confirmed that that…man, and she meant that in the loosest sense of the term, would harm his own flesh-and-blood daughter.

"Cupcake, I don't know. I'm not the man. I don't know his insane reasons," Shego answered the same answer she had been telling Kim since they found out about Bane.

"I mean, his own daughter. How could he hurt her so much?" Kim pressed. It was almost like she did not hear what her girlfriend was saying. She seemed so utterly lost because she could not understand why Trin's father, and she meant that in the loosest sense possible, would kidnap those that were dear to her and try to hurt Trin.

Shego decided to give up. Kimmie was in a ranting mood, apparently. So, the pale woman got up and cut off her girlfriend's line of pacing. She then yanked Kim off of her feet without warning.

"Shego!" Kim hollered as her arms automatically went around her lover's neck as the ex-sidekick held her up bridal style.

"I'm sick of talking about your insane sister! She'll be fine and you'll be mine!" Shego declared while taking Kim to the bed and dropping her onto the mattress.

"Shego!" the redhead was now scolding the former thief as she hit the bed.

"She'll be fine," Shego insisted while crawling on top of Kim.

Kim looked skeptical on that and her eyes shimmered a bit, as if she was going to burst into tears. The raven-haired woman's expression softened, falling into a thoughtful, but worried look. She leaned down a bit, pressing her forehead against Kim's head.

"I want to help my sister. I want to protect her from this pain," Kim whispered as her arms went around her lover's shoulders.

"I doubt you're the only one," Shego replied, reaching up to caress Kim's cheek. "What do you want me to do to help?" the former villainess asked in a low tone.

"Would you?" Kim countered in a hopeful tone.

"Anything for you, Kimmie. I mean, it's not like I like your pest of a sister or anything," Shego remarked with a scoff that sounded a bit like a laugh. Kim chuckled a bit herself; she was glad to know that she had her girlfriend's backing in helping Trin, though.


Tatsu stared at the ceiling of Trin's bedroom. Her eyes were not focused on anything in particular, even though they had adjusted to the dark. Her eyes just did not want to close right now; everything was in turmoil within her.

She had her arms around the blonde, pressing the taller woman to her body. Trin was sleeping, which Tatsu was thankful for. Trin had been awake since the hospital stopped giving her painkillers, which happened days ago. Tatsu figured that it was only a miracle that made Trin pass out. She was now lying still against the mechanic, seeming to be having a dreamless sleep. Tatsu was not nearly as peaceful as her lover looked at the moment.

"This was just damn ridiculous. How dare he hurt her like this? Hurt my girl like this! Make me hurt her like that! Make her hurt me!" Tatsu snarled in her own head as a scowl settled on her face while tightening her grip on her lover.

Tatsu felt like she had a headache that was never going to go away thanks to what happened. Her heart was going to eternally ache thanks to everything. Her stomach would forever be in knots, just like now, even though the usual cure-for-what-ailed-her was resting so comfortably against her.

She knew that Trin had forgiven her for everything and they said everything was straightened out, but she still felt like crap over it. She felt like she needed to do something, something to prove her love, but also something to pay those bastards back for everything.

Tatsu sighed as her thoughts turned from rage to self-pity almost instantly while glancing down at Trin. God, she felt like she let Trin down by allowing herself to be tricked so easy. She ran her hand through her short hair, tugging at it before hitting herself in the head with the heel of her head.

"So stupid and useless," Tatsu muttered while pulling on her hair again.

The mechanic stopped her actions as Trin moved against her. She looked down again, seeing if Trin was still sleeping. The blonde was still out, but she did not seem to be having the best of sleeps now. Trin's face twitched into a grimace and she moved a bit more in a frantic motion. Tatsu frowned and she finally stopped punishing herself in order to comfort her emotionally damaged girlfriend.

Tatsu began gently rubbing Trin's shoulder. She rested her cheek against Trin's head while humming soothing sounds into the blonde's ear. She placed a few tender kisses to Trin's face and put her leg over Trin's lower limbs to keep her from thrashing about. The loving presence seemed to reach Trin and she began to settle down. Tatsu breathed a bit of easier, although she still felt such inner agony that having her blonde bombshell against her did not ease it away.

"I can't just let this go. She wouldn't let this happen to me," Tatsu said to herself, a determined look forced into her ice blue eyes. No, her beloved certainly would not let the slight against her go. She needed to do something and she needed to do it now.

Tatsu eased Trin off of her onto one of the fluffy pillows on the bed. She covered the blonde with the sheet and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek again. Trin whimpered a bit, but she did not wake up.

"I've got to help somehow," Tatsu said in a low, firm voice. She was not too sure what she could do, but she figured that she knew where to start with finding out.

The mechanic quietly made her way out of the room and then walked up the stairs that were located close to Trin's room. She had never actually been up there, she realized rather awkwardly. She knocked when she got to the opening, hoping that she was not disturbing anything.

"Yeah?" Kim called into the darkness when she heard the knock.

"Umm…Trin-clone," Tatsu said in her usual mumble.

"Tatsu?" Kim replied in a confused tone.

"Yeah," Tatsu said as she came up to be in the room completely. "Um…can I ask a favor from you?" she requested, doing something odd and that was speaking in a rather clear tone now.

"A favor from me? Like what?" the redhead asked curiously while sitting up in bed. Shego snorted, annoyed with her sleep being interrupted.

"I need to see them, him specifically. I need to see him," Tatsu informed the younger woman, growling as she spoke. She needed to see him and make sure that he stayed the hell away from her blonde bombshell for the rest of his natural life, or he would not have a life left.

Kim's interest was piqued just from Tatsu's tone. "Are you…are you going to kill him before she can?" she asked. She had heard tales about Tatsu the serpent and despite having known Tatsu for a while now, she could only wonder if there was some amount of truth to them.

"I don't kill people," Tatsu replied. Sure, there were rumors going around that she had bodies on her and she did not do anything to halt the rumors. She liked that they helped people keep their distance. Other things that were said about her, though; those things were another matter.

"Then what?" Kim inquired with a slightly confused expression.

"I just want to see him," Tatsu answered in a resolute voice. She wanted to protect Trin for once. She wanted to be there to do something for Trin.

Kim was silent for a moment, obviously taking in what Tatsu was saying. She noted that Tatsu was not speaking in her usual mumble, but quite clearly. It seemed like it was a sign of her seriousness, which only worried Kim. Hey, she hated that bastard as much as the next person, but she could not take Tatsu to him, only to have Tatsu fatally harm him.

"Well, I guess we can talk to Doctor Director," the redhead started to say, but she was cut off.

"No," Tatsu said soundly, shaking her head to reinforce her statement.

"Look, Tatsu, I want to pound this jackass as much as you do—" Kim started to say again, but she did not make it through that statement either.

"I don't think you do. You weren't the one that he controlled. You weren't used to hurt her like I was. He used me against her, made me say things to her, made me go after her, and made me feel lies toward her. I have to see this fucker," Tatsu stated determinedly with a snarl.

"Tatsu…" Kim sounded almost as if she was in awe.

"I'll take you," Shego proposed out of the blue as she sat up in bed.

"What?" Kim said in shock while turning to her girlfriend with a stunned look in her olive eyes. Tatsu was not about to say a thing, as long as she got to where she needed to be.

"I'm going to take her. I kinda get where she's coming from, being in love with a screwy Possible of my very own," Shego remarked with a teasing smile. She made it sound trivial, but that was exactly why she was going to take Tatsu to see the guy. She could imagine how Tatsu felt. She knew the helplessness that came with not being able to help the woman that she loved, to actually be a part of something that harmed the woman that she loved.

"Thank you," Tatsu muttered, looking away for a second.

The couple were both taken aback by that. They were not sure if they had ever heard Tatsu utter the words "thank you" to anyone aside for the doctors Possible and Trin. The couple shook off the shock and Shego searched for her clothes.

"Hold on. I might as well come along," Kim said with a sigh. She made it sound like it bothered her, even though she was volunteering to come with them.

"You want a piece of that bastard too," Tatsu commented.

"I'm just looking to keep you two out of trouble," the redhead argued.

Shego and Tatsu rolled their eyes. They decided to leave Kim her lie. There was no reason for them to argue against it, after all.


The cell was small and pitch black. Bane was not used to such private quarters when he was in prison, but he had been assured it was for his own good. From that way that girl had gone at him before, with that outraged, murderous glint in her blue eyes, he had no doubt that they were right.

Bane could not believe the loss that he had taken with his gamble. He could have sworn that Trin and Shin would be pushovers. He thought that they were just some punk kids that were overstepping their boundaries. He planned on showing them what the big leagues were all about, but they seemed to be quite aware of what the big leagues were about. They were not punks; they were pros and they were pissed.

Bane ordered himself not to be afraid, even though he was nervous just thinking about those two being out in the world upset with him. He saw the kind of people that they messed with and they hung out with. They were the real deal, but they were also kids in his opinion. One of them was his own kid, a kid that he used to have no problem batting around when she got too big for herself; in his opinion anyway. He disliked not being about to bat her around when she seemed to get too big for herself now.

Okay, he told himself, yes, she might seem a bit scary, but he was still in charge. Sure, she seemed like she was intent on killing him, but he would never let her do that. He would never let her or any of her friends get the better of him, he assured himself.

"You look too comfortable," a voice commented from the front of the cell, causing Bane to shoot up in his bed to see who was there. He could see three figures, but they were cast in shadows.

"Who the hell are you?" Bane demanded to know while mentally trying to calm his rapidly beating heart.

"I think you know us all too well," Kim commented as she, Tatsu, and Shego stepped into the little bit of light lingering in the cell. They looked downright sinister in the lighting playing off the shadows that surrounded them.

"You're about to know us a lot better," Tatsu said in a dangerously low tone while cracking her knuckles. She was scowling with a look of deep and pure hatred on her face as she glared at Bane.

"You guys enjoy keeping him company. I need to go see a silly blue bastard about a few things," Shego commented with a devilish smirk.

"Don't hurt him too much," Kim told her lover.

"Well, that's not fair at all. You guys are probably going to leave this bastard close to death and I can't hurt Drakken too much? How cold," Shego pretended to pout, folding her arms across her chest while she was at it. She actually had no plans to hurt Drakken at all. She just wanted to explain the situation to him so that he knew not to expect her to break him out, or save him, or anything like that. She had opened a new chapter in her life and she just wanted him to be aware of that. Hey, he was her evil family.

"Hey, he didn't do what this guy did," Kim pointed out.

Shego could not argue that fact and decided to leave Bane with Kim and Tatsu. She could already picture how that was going to work out. She knew that Kim's sleeping dark side was going to wake up for a chance at Bane and Tatsu's inner dragon was dying to breath fire on him. He was going to think long and hard before he went after Trin again once they were done, she was certain of that. She went off to go talk to Drakken.

Finding Drakken's cell was not difficult. He was in a regular cell. He was not really a threat as long as he was away from machines and things like that. He was on the bottom bunk and Shego woke him up by placing her hand over his mouth and nose, keeping him from breathing. Drakken woke up with a start while flailing his arms.

"Calm down, Doctor D. Everything's fine," Shego said with a bit of a smile. She kind of missed him, she thought, but she was not going to share that. She actually thought it was weird that she would miss him considering some of the things that he did to her when they were together.

"Shego!" Drakken declared in an excited whisper, his beady little eyes lighting up from her presence. "I knew you'd get me out of here!" he grinned. He had been a little confused when she showed up with Kim Possible and appeared to be on the Possibles side, but he knew that she could not stay away from him for long.

"I'm not here to get you out, Doctor D. I'm just here to tell you I'm done with this. I'm done with you and being on the totally wrong side of the law. I've got my life in order for the most part. So, I'm done," Shego said with a sigh and an expression fell onto Drakken's face that actually broke her heart.

"But—" Drakken tried to put together an argument, but she cut him off before he could even get going.

"Don't try to talk me out of it. This is where we part ways, Doctor D. Maybe someday things'll change, but for now, this is the way things are," Shego informed him with a shrug. Her princess just meant more to her than running around, playing "take over the world" with him.

"Shego," Drakken said, but he could not think of words to follow up the name. Part of him could not believe that she was leaving him. They were supposed to be an evil family. She seemed to know that he was thinking that.

"Doctor D, sometimes families break up. It's not the end of things, but this is how things are," Shego commented with a bit of a shrug. She was doing a good job keeping her emotions under wraps since she knew that she was doing the best thing for her.

Drakken tried to get his thoughts together to say something back, but Shego bid him goodnight and she was gone just as quickly as she came. She did take a roundabout route back to her companions. When she met up with them, she noticed that Bane was underneath his bed and it sounded like he was crying rather hard.

"Tell me the story later?" Shego requested, speaking to her girlfriend.

Kim only nodded while trying to get herself together. She was frowning deeply, like an outraged beast, and her hands were balled into tight fists; her palms were bleeding, but she did not know that. Her body was shaking from rage.

"Let's go," Shego suggested when she noticed how her lover was standing. She glanced over at Tatsu, who looked almost passive while eyeing the space underneath the bed. Shego wondered what that was about.

Kim and Tatsu did not argue and they left with Shego, who did have to look back at Bane for a moment. He remained underneath his bed and she had no doubt that he would stay there for the whole night; she was right. He deserved whatever they gave him and more, in her opinion; not that she was going to tell anyone that. God, it might make them think that she gave a damn about Trin when she was just disgusted by how a father could treat a daughter…or that was what she told herself.


"So, what happened in there?" Shego asked Kim curiously as they settled into Kim's bed. Shego hoped that they would be getting a good night's sleep and they would be able to go back to their home in the morning. It was not that she disliked the Possible household, but she preferred their own home and their bed.

"Well, I found out that calling Tatsu 'the serpent' isn't just a bastardization of her name," Kim commented. She had found out a lot about her sister's girlfriend while they were in that cell for less than fifteen minutes. She might have been disturbed by what she learned sometime ago, but right now, she was just glad to know that Tatsu cared so much about her big sister that she would do those things to someone that hurt Trin.

"Tough cookie, eh?" the pale woman remarked. She suspected that Tatsu was a lot more dangerous than she let on with that laidback attitude and mumbled speech of hers.

"A lot more than I thought," Kim admitted. Now, she knew that Tatsu had to be some kind of fighter just to be able to spar with them and not end up injured, but what she saw that night…she was starting to think that some of the rumors about Tatsu were true.

"But, I bet that guy won't be screwing with your demon sister anymore," Shego commented with a bit of a laugh.

"No, I doubt he will. I do doubt that," Kim assured her lover. Mister Bane was certainly going to think long and hard before even considering uttering Trin's name thanks to her and Tatsu.


Tatsu eased back into the bed next to Trin, who was still asleep. Trin automatically moved close to Tatsu, cuddling into her side. Tatsu wasted no time in putting her arms around her beloved. She then leaned over and kissed Trin's forehead.

"He won't hurt you again," Tatsu promised. Oh, no, she was sure that guy would never even think about her beloved again. She and Kim made sure of that.

She was not as surprised by Kim's behavior as Kim had been with hers. She knew what Trin was capable of and she did not call Kim "Trin-clone" just because Trin referred to the redhead as "mini-me." She was glad for that mean-streak in Kim because it helped in getting their point across that Bane needed to stay away from Trin.

"I'll protect you, like you protect me," Tatsu vowed, even though she believed that she had much more to do.

In her opinion, she had a lot to make up for with Trin, but she had a good start. And yet, she did not get any sleep that night. Tatsu stayed awake, staring down at her shattered love, knowing that she needed to put her woman back together somehow. Something inside of her commented that it was about time that she started putting more effort into the relationship anyway.

"It is time to do more. Time to prove I'm worthy of my blonde bombshell," Tatsu silently decided. She figured it was a good time to start since Shin was not going to need as much of Trin's attention now that he had Booker.

----(Next day)

"How the hell did he get this many broken bones and other injuries in one night!" Doctor Director hollered in disbelief when she got the medical report on Bane.


The end.

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