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To be King Of The Darkness was a big deal. You had to like the dark, naturally, but just liking something is no reason to rule it. You needed discipline and an acute ability to not be easily scared by so-called "horrible" things, or else you'd muck everything up and the King Of The Light might come in and take over, complaining that you're incompetent.

Luckily for Sunako Nakahara, her father was not the King Of The Darkness. Her mother was.

"Now dear," said Sunako's mother while a gargoyle helped her to stop breathing with an interesting device known as the corset. "I know that you . . . hm, how to put this delicately . . . absolutely hate going to the balls we hold. So, I want you to look after your father tonight." She grunted a little as the gargoyle tied off her corset. "Thank you, Emiko." She turned her attention back to her daughter. "You can even bring Noi-chan, if you want. She won't freak your father out so much."

Sunako, in pants and a nice, loose, long-sleeved stained shirt said, "Okay," and left to go find her friend.

"Oh! Dear?" Sunako's head poked back in. She blinked as her mother started applying her makeup and Emiko pinned up her hair in an elegant topknot (her mother's favorite hairstyle, being so simple). "Be careful no to step into the ballroom. And you probably shouldn't go walking in the gardens, either. You do remember that the four light princes are coming, right?"


"Oh, good." Sunako went to leave. "Dear?" She stopped and turned around again. "Your aunt is also coming." Here Sunako adopted a rather horrified look, though only her mouth was visible. Now she knew why her mother had said that she shouldn't go to the ballroom. "I know, dear, but try not to let her get to you. You're fine the way you are, and you don't need to get married or do anything girlish that you don't want to."

Sunako's face smoothed again. "Thanks." And she left. But just to make sure she wouldn't have to come back again, she ran as fast as she could and teleported to a few hallways over.

Sunako trudged along the vast hallways of her home, although she could have floated. To find Noi-chan before the princes came would be a challenge, as she had a habit of disappearing or turning into a bug at the absolute worst times. (They hadn't been able to find a Witch to teach her, as they were so rare.)

So she and Sunako spent hours a day figuring out ways to train her, which included balancing a stick on her nose, funnily enough. It also included Sunako holding her hand for a long time, because Witches couldn't touch people without extracting their souls from them. Luckily, Sunako had enough power to . . . well, people couldn't grow new souls, but as long as she still had part of her soul it could heal itself, and had noticed that Noi-chan wasn't sucking away so much anymore.

Noi-chan had been really happy that day. They'd held a secret, small celebration in tribute.

"Noi-chan," she muttered to the air, walking and concentrating on having a female body, clothed in deep purples and with a black, pointed hat with a wide brim appear a few feet before her. The figure had brown hair. Hopefully Noi-chan would get the message and not ignore her like she sometimes did. She didn't do it on purpose, but it was still annoying.

A small, miniscule star with many, many other stars rising above it and growing successively bigger twirled in front of her. Without pausing she stuck out her hand as the stars stopped spinning to take her dizzy friend by the arm.

"Urk!" Noi-chan placed a hand in front of her mouth before pulling it slightly away so her words weren't so muffled. "I hope I get better soon."

"You just started transportation," Sunako shrugged. "Don't worry about it." She didn't mention the fact that she'd mastered transporting herself and objects and other people in under an hour, but Noi-chan obviously knew because she snorted.

"I've been doing it for weeks!"

"Yes, but you don't use darkness," Sunako couldn't help but point out. "You're used to the light, and we're not in the Land of Light."

Noi-chan sighed. "Just call it Jyotis, it's so much easier."


Noi-chan 'pft'ed, but didn't say anything more on the subject. ". . . Where are we going, anyways?"

"To get my father."


"It's the ball tonight. All the lightest and darkest creatures will be there, and mother doesn't want him to die of a heart attack."

"Oh," Noi-chan murmured, and dropped her head.

Sunako stopped, turned, and dropped her friend's wrist. "Do you want to go."

Noi-chan shook her head. "Not really."

Sunako frowned. "They can't hurt you here, not as long as you're under our protection. They wouldn't hurt you." There was a promise in those words, and the shadows around them became deeper. Things, wavering in and out of existence, started to claw at the edge of reality.

Noi-chan shook her head and was glad that she was used to her friends strange temper tantrums. "I just have so many bad memories from Jyotis. I'd like to never have to go there again and, well," she gave a weak grin, "tonight, it's almost like Jyotis is coming to me."

"Okay." Sunako grabbed Noi-chan's wrists again and they proceeded in the direction of her dad's room.

"This sucks," Kyouhei muttered against his arm, wishing silently that he'd be struck by a bird, or lightning, or a flying ice-cream truck. A gargoyle would be good, too, but only as a last resort. He heard they tended to slobber a lot.

"Now, Kyouhei," Ranmaru mock-scolded, "we need to go to this country for the alliance. Things are so tense right now. . . ." He shrugged. "Besides, the princess will be really beautiful."

"I didn't know you'd met her before," said Yuki, moving his mouth covering down so that he could eat the ice-cream he'd just nabbed from the cooler.

"It's a rule," Ranmaru explained. "Princesses are beautiful, and princes are handsome."

"What about those four girls from that Lolita Country we took over?" Takenaga calmly turned a page in his book.

"D-don't remind me." Ranmaru, Kyouhei, and Yuki shuddered. "Anyways, just because you're asexual, doesn't mean the rest of us have to be."

"Wha-what? I'm not asexual!" Takenaga sputtered.

"You are," Yuki affirmed, putting away the ice-cream and lifting the cloth that covered his mouth back into place. "Even Kyouhei's had one date, and he hates girls!"

Kyouhei and Takenaga yelled at Yuki, but nobody could tell what they were saying since they were loud and in-synch.

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