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The Art of Sheathing The Sword

"Yata! Man, it's gonna be sweet while we're on vacation! I would like to show you around there once we make it, right Ten-chan?!" He yelled out, as our blonde jinchuuriki hero and his brown bun haired nakama was following him, onward to the land of wave. The 'generous' Hokage Tsunade gave him and those who returned from the mission in Suna a two week vacation. Kakashi stayed in Leaf, Gai and Lee went to a dojo in the Village Hidden in the Stars, Neji just stayed in Konoha as well, and Sakura didn't feel like going anywhere for some rest and relaxation.

Naruto and Tenten decided to spend some time in Wave. Ever since the mission in Suna Tenten has grown a serious loving for Naruto, but doesn't want to tell for fear of being rejected. After all she's only known him for so long, and even a fool could tell that he used to be, and/or still is, in love with Cherry Blossom. She's never liked Sakura that much: the fact that she used to hate Naruto like he was a demon and that she got to become her idol's apprentice pissed her off big-time. The second was short lived as she got over it soon, all that mattered now was telling him.

"You ok?" He asked, noticing she was not moving. Once she noticed he was talking to him, she blushed madly and straightened herself, moving onward to the village. Not one for understanding women, he just goes along with her, in hopes to see Inari, Tsunami, and Tazuna. But regardless of not knowing anything about them, he did have a fling for older women, infact he was traveling with one and going to see another. Hopefully he can tell Tenten about his feelings for her.

Land of Wave...

'Naruto.' That is who plagued her mind. Tsunami was sitting in her bedroom thinking about a certain blonde baka she met 3 years ago. She never mentioned it to anyone, but after being saved by him that day has given the woman a brand new love for him.

These said feelings never lingered, even with his three year absence. Infact it only made her stronger to live on longer and healthier in case she meets him again. Of course she did go out with a couple of guys, but she stopped after remembering more about him. Tsunami tried to block him out, even dating women was done, and she even liked being bi. But alas, she still wanted him.

'Oh how I've always wanted to see him again. If just for one day, if just for one night...I just want to express my love for him. I don't know how long I can wait.' She thought, squeezing her legs together, just thinking about how much he's probably grown. Sighing, she walks towards her bed, falling into deep slumber, and maybe having many ecchi dreams.

4 Days Later...

Tsunami was walking through town, holding a bag of groceries and such. She headed through town, passing by a statue of her secret blonde love in bronze while heading home. Ever since the fight at the bridge Naruto has become somewhat of a celebrity, though not many have actually seen him. Only the surviving bridge builders, Tazuna, Inari, and the few townsfolk that came by to help in the bridge fight saw him.

"Yosh! This place is a lot easier to get to ever since the bridge was fixed." Naruto began. Tenten was taking in the sights of the now sucessful village hidden in the mist. There were children playing in the streets, business was doing fine, there was even a large statue of her secret love in the middle of-

"Wait, what?!" Tenten yelled, turning to face the large lifesize version of Naruto in broad daylight. She pulled Naruto back and turned him to face himself.

"What the hell is this thing doing here!?" Naruto yelled out loud, causing a bunch of bystanders to turn towards them, noticing that he looked like the statue. They all rushed him, well them, each giving out multiple questions: Ranging from harmless children things like autographs and 'can you show us your moves', to more personal and...sexual things like sex or his hand in marriage. It was kinda stupid. (And I feel even dumber for writing it.)

Using a replacement jutsu Naruto and Tenten made it out of there, and rushed off for some reandom location.

But what they didn't know was that this random location they went took them straight to a familiar house: The apposed home of Tazuna. Naruto didn't recognize it mostly because he doesn't remember it being bigger than before. Afraid that they might find them here Naruto knocks on the door.

The person who opens it was way beyond Naruto's guess: a more grown up Inari. One look at the boy at the door and he was plunged in a furry of tears. Inari ran up and hugged him.

"Naruto-nii-chan! You returned!" He yelled, causing the blonde to smile, and Tenten to bring up some questions in her mind.

"Uh, who is he, and how does he know you, Naruto-kun?" She asked, not realizing her mistake. Naruto let go of Inari and turned to him.

"Oh, he's Inari. We met the day of my first real mission. It was the one that made me decide my way of the ninja. Hey since when do you call me Naruto-kun?" Tenten blushed again, realizing what she said. Just as she was blushing someone came out the door, with a yellow yukata and black long hair.

"Inari who's at the-" She paused as soon as she saw the face of the boy she continues to fantasies about, next to her son and some other girl his age she didn't recognize. Her face flushed with redness, and she blinked twice before looking at him again. "Naruto-kun!? You're here?! Oh I'm so glad to see you!!" She yelled, gripping onto the boy as tight as she could. Naruto blushed as he was enveloped in her chest, and what a nice chest he figured. While her attributes weren't so noticable while she had on that kimono, but she was still big underneath. He also noticed that her hands were gripped onto his butt, but that was probably just an accident.

Tenten saw her hands go there too, and slapped them away just as quick. This forced Tsunami to stopped hugging the boy and look at Tenten. "Oh, I'm sorry. Who are you exactly?"

"Oh her name is Tenten. She came with me on our vacation." This news was great for Inari, and extremely for Tsunami, for she had about until the time he had to go to tell him, because from the way this 'Tenten' acted when she touched his ass, she must have some strong feelings for him as well. And judging from the fact that she's way older than Naruto he might choose the kunoichi instead.

"So how's the old man doing?" He asked, wondering why Tazuna hasn't heard about him being around. Tsunami sighed.

"Tou-san is in Iwa giving out something to the village leader. I forget what. Anyway, how would you like to stay with us? I'd figure you were a celebrity here and being here would help you stay low." Naruto punched the air in happiness. "Yosh! I would love to stay, and have some of your delicious cooking! How about you Tenten?"

"Sure, but first you have to tell me about how you know them, and this mission." Tenten said, as they all entered into the house.

6 Minutes Later...

Naruto had just finished explaining to Tenten the Wave arc of his life, about Haku and how he helped with his purpose in life, Zabuza and how he changed just from hearing his words, and how Gato fell at the hands of the five ninjas, counting Zabuza, not counting the villagers. At the end Tenten was in awe, and had even more respect and love for him than she could ever realize. Tsunami was listening to it and started falling in love again.

"Ka-san, why are you staring at Naruto and why is your face red?" Inari asked, completely ignorant to females and their feelings. Tsunami blushed again, running upstairs to calm herself down. Tenten quickly caught on, and walked upstairs to have a word with her before she goes ballistic.

"Nantao? What's going on?" Naruto asked, not knowing what was going on. Inari was out of it too.

"I'll never understand women." Inari said, then leaves to go to the kitchen, getting something to eat.


Tenten had followed Tsunami upstairs to her room, which was real nice considering her room really sucked. Tenten entered it, forcing Tsunami to turn around quickly.

"I have a question: do you love Naruto-kun?" She asked, looking at her closely. Tsunami gasped, realizing she has been caught red handed. With nothing else to do, she sighs.

"It's true. I do love him. But I guess you have the same amount of love for him too, don't you?" Now it was Tenten's turn to blush. "I knew it. Look, I don't want to steal your love away from each other, I just want him to know, and give him as much appreciation as he deserves."

"What are you implying?" Tenten asked, and that's when Tsunami began talking.

The Next Morning 10 A.M...

Tenten was stuck in a dilema: She could ignore this woman's request and just go for Naruto himself and keep him away form her, or she lets her have a one night stand with him and her the minute they confess and she can have Naruto for herself when they return.

The second seemed like a good choice, but she wasn't sure if she was willing to share the man she loves. But considering the first choice was just basically breaking a woman's heart and maybe even hurting Naruto for keeping him away from a precious person of his, number two was best.

"I'll tell him." She resolved, going with Tsunami's proposal from yesterday. Naruto was outside eating some good oden with Inari.

"Man your mother's cooking is the best!" He says, eating the rest of the food.

"Inari!" Tenten yells. The little boy looked at her as did Naruto. "Your mother said to go out for an hour, no wait, two hours."

"Wait what? Why?" He asked, as both him and Naruto were curious as to what was up. This seems a bit too out of the ordinary. But then again he probably doesn't know her that much.

"I don't know. She just needs to talk to me and Naruto about something private that must never be repeated. Secret ninja stuff." Tenten then gave a wink and smile, completely convincing him to leave. As he moves on, Tenten grabs Naruto and runs off to upstairs, pushing him onto a bed.

"Tenten, what the-"

"Not yet. Someone's coming." Tenten interrupted, not wanting to here him now. He quickly quieted, then noticed Tsunami walking in too. She was wearing absolutely nothing, exposing her c-sized breasts, those rounded nipples, her slender smooth body, that tiny little belly button, and her...wet vagina?

He soon got a nose-bleed, and this only grew when Tenten removed her clothes. Her breasts were allot bigger than Tsunami's, but maybe that was because Tenten just uses her body more and indubitably drinks more milk. They do say that most women who neglet wanting to look wonderful somehow grow nicely.

"Uh, what is going on?" He asked honestly.

"Naruto, I love you. I have before you left with that pervert sannin. I've fallen for you in so many ways, all beginning with when you showed my best friend Neji the way out of destiny and fate." Tenten proclaimed, hoping he would believe her. Honestly she really meant every word, but it did seem far-fetched. He then turned to Tsunami.

"And you are here for..." He asked, not knowing why she was naked too.

"I love you too. I just wanted to show you my love and appreciation and Tenten agreed." Tsunami said, sitting closer to him, and Tenten joining her.

"I..how can I say this: I really didn't think you two felt that way for me. I did have a crush on Tenten, and it grew into distant love. Tsunami, I always thought of you as a precious person of mine, but you are someone I would grow to love. So, I guess I can say: I love you two as well." Naruto finally makes out, causing the two girls to smile. Each of them jumped onto him and kissed the boy, but only Tenten made it to his mouth.

She kissed the man she loved so passionately, gripping his hair and thrusting, probably knocking his teeth back. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as quickly as she started, and he fought back, their tongues lapping one another with so much saliva you could swim in it. Naruto's hands wandered down her waist, coming to her ass, and squeezing it tight, as she moaned within the kiss. Tsunami started kissing his neck, and rubbing the lump in his pants, making it bigger.

Tenten and Naruto finally stopped to gasp for air. He didn't get as much as he needed, as Tsunami wet to his mouth and stuck her tongue in him too, making them both so horny from the kiss that it would make the actual sex even better. Soon they had to stop, and Naruto was almost desperate for air. The two girls went for his pants and shirt, ripping off the disgusting orange off and leaving nothing in the way of their treasure: I'm sure you can figure it out.

Both girls were amazed by his size, an 8 inch penis and he's only what, 15? He'll probably grow bigger later in life, but now didn't matter, for they grabbed his erection and Tsunami started sucking it.

"I'll show you how it's done." She said, as Tenten sighed, settling for sucking his testicles. Tsunami kissed the tip of his penis, already getting a loud moan from her new lover, putting the head in her mouth. She stayed like that, sucking on it like that, until she went down and engulfed the cock fully, pushing Tenten off his balls. She then went back to what she was doing before, then released him from her mouth, whispering something in Tenten's ear. She giggles, and kisses the base of the penis' valley, moving her mouth up and down from the bottom of the head to the top of his balls. Tsunami continued with her first activity, and Naruto was in heaven.

"Oh, god. Tenten...Tsunami...I'm, AHH!" He came inside her mouth, as his seed was too much for her, it was even leaking from her mouth. She soon had to let off, allowing the semen to squirt in the air, and onto Tenten too. She licked it up easily, as Tsunami swallowed the semen in her mouth.

"That was so good. How's about we go now?" Tenten said, laying on the bed on her back. Naruto was about to go to her, but Tsunami stopped her, then took his hand and placed it on her clit. Tenten moaned as soon as it touched her. Tsunami then took the other hand and placed it on her own, moaning just by the touch.

"Rub it, pump it. Make wet and ready before you fuck us." She said, and he obliges. Naruto forced Tsunami on her back like Tenten, and began licking and pumping his tongue and fingers into their pussy. Both of them moaned loudly, wondering how did a boy who was clueless about sex able to do something that could make them feel so fucking good.

"Oh, oh, aaah! Naruto-sama, please go some more!!" Tenten moaned like she was some pick-up girl off the block.

"My god, I haven't felt so good since my husband did this to me! Aw!" And Tsunami climaxed all over his hand. Soon Tenten moaned in the same frequency, and came all on him. Naruto removed his fingers, and moves towards them closer.

"So which of you wants it first?" Tsunami wraps her legs around his waist, pushing his penis close to her vagina. It touches the surface, almost like it was going in, and then he pushed all the way in, causing her to scream very loud.

"It's..too..big!" She yelled, squinting at the mass his dick is moving in her body. He stops moving in, but she pulls herself up.

"Don't stop. I'm use to it. Fuck me hard!" She puurred, and he did his job. Naruto lifted her up and pounded deep into Tsunami as much as he could. Soon she started to become completely immune to it, and began bouncing up and down it like a horny schoolgirl. The pace was inhuman, and their timing was accurate.

"Harder! Faster! Please go harder! I want you so badly!!" She yelled, as they fucked one another into total bliss. Soon her walls got too tight around him, and she got closer to her climax.

"Naruto!!" She yelled, as her juices poured onto his cock. Soon Naruto felt the walls in her become too unbearable, and he had no choice. He was about to lift her off, but she wanted him to finish. Wrapping her legs around him she kept him from removing his dick.

"Do it inside me! I want your thick cock to fill me!! I'll bear anything for that feeling!!" She yelled lustfully, and he shouted out, his cum shooting inside of her three times before dying out. She then collapsed onto the bed, and went into a deep slumber.

Tenten was sitting on the far end enjoying the show and fucking herself with her fingers. She settled Naruto on the bed, and sat on his penis, screaming from the sheer size stretching her insides and breaking down the defenses inside her. The pain was harsh, but she loved him, and didn't care.

Soon the pain went away, and it felt so incredible. Tenten began bouncing up and down on Naruto, each pound stronger than the last, making it greater than the last, as she already came before he was even close. The passion there was so great Tenten was too caught up to even remember about anything else. They even ignored the fact that their sex acts destroyed the bed, as it fell down to another level: legs in floor.

"My love, Naruto, please fuck me harder!" She yelled, and Naruto lifted her up, pushing her on a wall with him still inside. He then pumps in her the best he can, even having to invoke some chakra into his bottom half to pick up the pace, and putting cracks in the wall.

It wasn't long before her pussy got tighter, squeezing his dick to almost painful levels. Screaming out his name she came on his penis and pubic hair, the juices pouring into the floor. The added tightness was too much again, and Naruto was forced to pull out. But she had other plans, and wrapped her legs around the boy to prevent escape.

"I want you to cum inside me! No matter what the cost, I want your love to be inside me!!" She screamed, and it was inevitable. Naruto came full force into Tenten's body, yelling his second lover's name, and falling back on the bed.

"That, was, amazing. Can we do this again?" Tenten asked, as Tsunami awoke. Naruto smiled.

"Of course, but now that I think about it, I might have to get a bit serious now, since you girls probably are pregnant. If you are, I'll do my best to protect each of you and them." He states, causing them to blush again. Tsunami crawled onto him, grabbing firm hold of his penis and placing it inside her again.

"Ooohh. How about round two?" She asked, riding the boy like a cowboy does a horse, or bull. She grips onto him tight, and starts rising up and down his shaft, moaning louder than a coyote at night.

"Ohhhh, aaaah!" She yelled, cumming a second time for the day. She let go of Naruto before he could cum again. Tenten picked Tsunami off of him, and got on her arms and legs, facing away from him. Still not tired, he goes over Tenten's back, inserting inside her vagina again. He kept moving in a fast pace, as cum continued to squirt out the side of her pussy onto his dick.

"Ooooohhhh, aaahh! Ohh, Naruto!!" She screamed with his pushes. Soon she got a bit too tight around him, and he was gonna cum. Knowing that they would keep him like that, he kept pumping, releasing cum inside her vagina once again.

The two collapsed on one another, holding each other as she turned to face him. "I love you. You know that right?"

"Hai. I love you, and Tsunami too. And I'll never let you get hurt." He said, then fell asleep, as Tenten joined him. Tsunami rose up, being more used to sex that Tenten, and placed a blanket over them. Quietly giving Naruto a kiss on the lips, she walks to her room, getting dressed for when Inari comes back.

'Even if I do get pregnant, I'll still love him, regardless of what Tenten will do if she's knocked up as well, or father if he finds out. Inari, I hope you will understand.'