Art of Sheathing Swords

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Art of Final Ending

"Sasuke, I don't wish to fight you. Infact, I still want to keep to promise to bring you back." Naruto spoke, twirling his three pronged kunai in his left index finger. Sasuke looked deep into his eyes, hoping to see whether or not he was truly imperative in breaking his arms to take him back, or if that dream had died out. After a while the Uchiha blinked twice, then smirked.

"It seems you still wish to go for that stupid promise you made to Sakura. I don't care about coming back to Konoha. My one, and only alligience belongs to the Uchiha clan, the one I vowed my entire life to bring back into this world!" Sasuke proclaimed, making Naruto stop spinning and grip the knife with both hands. But then his former nakama looked at him with a stern face, the Sharingan activating. "But then I realized something; there was a huge flaw in my plan."

"You're gay. I know." Naruto stated, knowing how much his friend had so reluctantly ignored so much pussy coming at him when he was 12. But it seems he could have been mistaken, for Sasuke gritted his teeth in anger, and steam burst out from his ears.

"NANI!? NO!! I realized...I'm afraid of women." Naruto started to snicker a bit, finding it hard to believe such a statement. Sasuke began blushing in anger to his reaction.

"So you're saying, you're scared? Of having to take care of a bunch of women who would ratehr play with your balls then cut them off??" Naruto taunted, laughing his ass off at the obviously bitchin Uchiha. Sasuke wasn't liking it either, even if it was true. To Naruto, it all made much more sense now; Why he rejected those girls, why he was really scared of that grass ninja. And it explained why he wouldn't let Sakura play with his private parts on a daily basis.

"Uruse! Stop laughing! Do you want me to come back!?" After hearing this Naruto slowly calmed down.

"Ok, so what? You want me to help you overcome this fear?"Naruto asked, looking at him like he was gonna laugh again. Sasuke just stared at him with great hatred, as a bird came flying onto Naruto's shoulder. It had a message on its leg, which he removed and read over.

"Holy shit!" He shouted, as he did a hand-seal. "I have to go. My wives are having babies."

"Wives? You mean Tsunami and Tenten?!" The Uchiha asked, now seeing he actually was loving those two. "Whoa. So do we leave now?"

"You're coming with me?"

"Why not? I have nothing else to live for. Without having toi fight Itachi life just seems meaningless. I would rather help you with oyur problem." And with that, Sasuke walked forward and placed his hand onto his shoulder. With a smile Naruto concentrated chakra, and the two of them teleported in a yellow flash.

Naruto's House...

"Alright, now push!" Tsunade said, holding her gloved hands out in front of Tenten's...pooter. The weapon's mistress complied, squinting her face as she tried her best to push the baby out of her.

"It's...not...working!! Get this piece of shit out of me bitch!!" She yelled, crying in immense pain over giving birth. IT was a pretty normal reaction; It hurts like hell. Tsunade just knew it was the hormones talking, and ignored it.

"Come on...and here...we...go!!" Tsunade pulls out Tenten's first child, bringing out scizors and cutting the umbilical cord on both ends. Tsunade then wipes the baby down and places the child in the first crib, which she somehow pulled out of nowhere.

"Ok, now for the next one-"


It happened in almost an instant; Naruto and Sasuke had somehow flashed into the room, and smashed into the Hokage for some reason. Naruto was the first to get to his feet, as the Uchiha got up as well. "Ow, what did we-"

"THERE YOU ARE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF PAIN I'M-AWWW!!" Tenten screamed, as the next baby was preparing to come out. Both guys freaked, never seeing this side of her before, and got scared even more when they saw Tsunami in the same situation. Looking down Tsunade was dead on her ass, knocked unconscious by their entry.

"Aw shit! I knew I shouldn't have used Hiraishin!" Naruto complained, looking at the three pronged knife laying on the table there.

"Wow. What a wrinkled situation you've run into." Sasuke said, creeping out the front door. Naruto made no hesitation to gripping his shoulder tight.

"Oi, where do you think you're going...sausage-fest? You're helping me with this no matter what! Or do you wish to go back out in the world outside of Konoha!?" Naruto stated, letting go of him and going to the kitchen. "I'm gonna get some sanitizer, you try and get them ready."

"Ano?!" Sasuke was left behind, faced with any man's nightmare. Soon Naruto though came back with the stuff, rubbing some on his hands.

"Alright, you wipe some on. We'll try and get the babies out ourselves." Sasuke was crying a waterfall, seeing no choice but having to do this stuff. Sasuke continued to wipe his hands, ignoring the screams of deadly slaughter from the girls, and stood before Tsunami, seeing the head of the baby out from her pelvis.

"Oh my God!!" He complained, finding himself losing consciousness slowly before he recomposed himself. "What do I do!?"

"Alright, come on girl push! Push!" Naruto said, encouraging Tenten to continue with her works.

"I am! I am! But it won't go back in!!!" Sasuke yelled, as the two looked over to him and saw the boy pushing Tsunami's child into her vagina. Naruto threw a shoe dead at the side of his skull, causing blood to bleed out of his head.

"NOT YOU!! Do I have to walk you through everything?"

9 Minutes Later...

"Well, that went well." Naruto said, as he placed the third child, belonging to Tsunami, on his bed with the other three. The first child brought out by Tenten was a brown-haired little girl with bichromatic eyes; the left being brown and the other being blue. The second child by Tenten was a boy, with a mixture of yellow and brown hair and the same eyes as the first kid.

Tsunami's child was a small boy with blue raven hair streaked with yellow stripes, and the same bichromatic eyes the other kids got; Although these were different; One was dark blue on the left and the other was a lighter tint of black. He was laying between both Tenten and Tsunami, comforting their stomachs and such with ointment. "Husband, when did you learn about giving birth?" The blue hair asked, nibbling his ear a bit.

"I saw the old lady demonstrate it to me. I also know that it's customary to name them. What do you wish to call them?" Naruto said, looking at Tenten's twin girl.

"I want to name her Cassandra and him Kazan. What do you think?" She said, looking at Naruto with intense love.

"Why Alexandria? It's not Japanese. Try a better English name, like Athena." He suggested, as the baby girl cooed in her arms.

"Heh, guess she likes that name. Tsunami, what will you name your boy?" Naruto asked, looking at the stripe haired boy. "I prefer to call him Judai."

"I thought we would call him Naruto." She said, looking up to him with the same amount of love as Tenten.

"That's a stupid name." Sasuke said, sitting in a chair nearby. All three of them threw shoes at him, knocking him into the ground and out.

"I still wish to go with the name Judai." Naruto said, then finally realized Tsunade was still unconscious. "Oi, I have a great idea. Tsunami, I'm gonna make you cum on her body."

"Oh Naruto, you're such a moron...let's do it." She said, handing Judai over to Tenten and laying over the Hokage. They then started making out, as Naruto continued to lick into her clit.

Funny, cause at that moment Tsunade opened her eyes and saw what was going on. "Wha-what?! I-ill! ILL! EW!!!"


They knocked her out with a shoe and continued with their actions.

13 Years Later...

"And that was the problem." Judai said, looking at Kazan and Athena while sitting on his bed.

"Well while you were doing those things, I had to call Ino-san and ask her to get you guys free." Kazan said, picking his teeth with a wooden pick. They each were wearing pj pants, except Athena who was wearing that and a shirt...girl things.

"NONE OF THAT SHIT EVER HAPPENED, AND YOU TWO KNOW IT!!!" Athena shouted, her anger over the two she knew as her brothers were pissing her off. And it led to Kazan poking her into the head, pissing her off even more.

"Oi Athena-yaro, just because you're a girl doesn't mean you get to talk to us like that! We are, after all twins!" He yelled, and they all continued to argue.

"Mina, if it wasn't for me you guys wouldn't have been able to get those Yu-Gi-Oh cards!Remember?!" Judai yelled back, starting the yellings again. With Naruto, Tenten, and Tsunami, they were all in their room with one another laying on their bed snuggled up with one another.

"Oh Naruto, it's time for that thing you do, you know, where you give us the wildess ride of our lives." Tenten spoke, slipping her left hand down his pants to jiggle 'Mr. Happy' awake. Naruto looked at her thoughtfully, seeing she really needed the release. And some new material wouldn't be so bad.

"Sure, why not? Which scene will this one be?" He asked, pulling his pants off to show off his large erection. Tenten got to her feet and activated the sound seals, making sure the kids don't find out, and then she wrapped a cloth around her head.

"Let's do the sex hospital scene." She suggested, removing her clothes and lying on the bed. Tsunami sat by the nearest desk and wrote down everything that was going on. Naruto came to Tenten, and sat in front of her. "Doctor Kenzan?" Tenten got into character; a blind patient.

"Yes it is Shizuka. It's time for your daily check up, also your clothes have been removed." Naruto/Dr. Kenzan spoke, pretending to take his clothes off, getting into character. He pushes her forward onto her hands and knees. "Now, just like before push back in and out and nothing bad will happen." He plungs his erection inside of her vaginal area, as she screams out loud in pleasure, convinced he was doing a routine check up like always.

"Oh yes! MORE! I love having my temperature taken by your big, thick thermometer! Thank you so!!" She yelled out, pushing back on Kenzan to have his 'thermometer' go in even further.

"Just doing my standard duty!" He yelled, having such an intense feeling come out as she was not only tight but with each yelp of pleasure she pulsated in him. Tsunami began writing every detail down, and was wetting the chair under her while watching and working.

Dark Room...

Somewhere, deep inside another's home, someone lied tied up. This person was none other than the acclaimed Uchiha Sasuke. Somehow he managed to get put into this sort of situation and cannot get out. 'Kuso. I've been like this for 12 years. The least she could do was let me lie like a normal human. I-'

Just the the door opened, revealing old lady Hokage coming in towards him, or rather the cell he was behind. "Oh, Sasuke. I bet you wish you were free."

"You damn right I do! 12 years is enough! I'm truly sorry for trying to kill Naruto, and any other crime I could have made! Can you please let me go!?" He pleaded, standing onto his feet finally.

"Well you're in luck; If it were up to me I would let you stay in there forever. But, as of yesterday Naruto was reinstated as Hokage, and lucky you..." She threw a piece of paper into the cell, letting it slide through the bars and land by his feet. "...he's granted you permission to set you free."

At the sound of this Sasuke's eyes were opened wide. Each began to expell tears at an alarming rate, finally glad to be free from his prison. But that's when Tsunade gained a rather big grin.

"But...only at the cost of never coming near his family house and never using your Sharingan inside of Konoha." The terms seemed sorta reasonable, but there was something strange about them. As the old lady unlocked the cell and his cuffs, he rubbed his wrists to ease the pain.

"Why never in Konoha? He could always force me from using it forever if he wished." The Uchiha spoke.

"Well, Naruto knows that without it you wouldn't be much of a strong fighter, or a great asset to the village. But he also is very protective of his children and wives and will never forgive anyone who gives them so much as a paper-cut." The former hokage stated, then gripped his arm and pulled him off.

'I guess there is some point in that. I don't really care about Mangekyo or Itachi anymore now...guess I can always pick up where I left off before the massacre.' The proud Uchiha thought, having a new resolve on life in his mind.

Back With Naruto...

"Now this is work! What would you guys think of this?" Naruto asked his wives, after reading over the materials present. Each woman kissed him on the lips then nodded. "I'll take that as good."

"It was always gonna be good!" Tenten spoke out, rubbing her hands up and down his crotch. "Besides, I liked the part where your thermometer exploded inside of me. Good thing I had that jutsu active."

"But husband, what do we do about the kids? If they found out me and Tenten do this as a living I don't know how to handle it." Tsunami spoke, not finding herself worried about how their children will react if they found out.

"Tsunami-chan, you don't have to worry about such a stupid thing. I'm sure they already know about it..." Tenten said with a cheeky grin. "Besides, even if they didn't the boys would be fine with it. Athena is my child so I can work with her." After being cheered up, Tsunami smiled a bit.

"You see, everything will work out. And besides, they're just kids. How troublesome can things become?" Naruto stated, looking at the two girls on top of him. Both of them looked at him, then shook their head.

"Uh, hello? If it weren't for your cuteness we all wouldn't be where we are today." Tenten and Tsunami spoke at once. Naruto only slapped his forehead.

" you're saying you'd rather be pleasured fruitlessly and living in Nami?" He first asked Tsunami, then turned to Tenten. "And would you rather be trying to go out with a blind Hyuga than sleeping with me?"

"Iya! We're happy with the way things are!" After that, they kissed him, and laid down on him.

"I figured." Tenten kissed his chin as Tsunami kissed his bottom lip.

"Let's get some sleep, Hokage-sama." The weapon's master said, falling into deep slumber onto the man she loves. The blue raven haired woman joined as well, as did the Rokudaime Hokage.

'I'm hungry.'

End Chapter...

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