Title: Sam's Revenge Rating: T (for language)

Warnings: none

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: If i owned them do you really think i'd be writing fanfiction? i think not.

a/n: this is dedicated to TailedFoxx for coming the idea of a sammy revenge story and the basic plot. you rock.

Dean Winchester woke up, streached, and tried to go back to sleep. It had been two months since he had made Sam over and two weeks since he Easter egged him, so by this point he had quit worrying about Sam getting revenge on him. Finally, after a few minutes, he gave in to the reality that he wasn't gonna get back to sleep and sat up. It was then that he notice his appearance in the mirror on the wall across from his bed. He had a big pink puff ball thingie stuck to his nose and bunie ears on his head. " What the hell?" he said as he atemped to take off the offending items. "Ow! Shit!" it almost immedently became apparent that they were glued on.
"Crap" Dean said, Face in his hands. Just then, Sam entered the motel room, carrying coffee and breakfast. "Problem?" he asked his older brother, smiling slightly as he placed the food and drinks on the nearby table.
" Yes!" Dean said, standing up directly in front of his brother, back to the mirror "SOMEBODY desided to glue a pink puff ball and bunny ears on me!". Sam was grinning and trying not to laugh. "What's so freakin funny?" Dean asked. Sam pointed behind dean to the mirror. Dean looked over his sholder and was horrified to see a huge buny tail glued to his back, on the skin just above his butt. " By the way" Sam said edging towards the door, " They're not just glued on, They're superglued on" As soon as he finished his sentence, he went flying out the door. " Oh you are SO dead!" Dean yelled as he gave chase, following his baby brother out the door.

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