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"I wish people would understand me" Yoruichi said quietly to herself as she began to write something down on the paper in front of her. It was a drawing but she was writing something under it. "Too bad i was really hoping i could get to talk to someone" she said quietly as she stood up and began pacing the room around her. She slowly began to think of other ways that she could get people to notice her instead of them just moving as far away as possible from her.

She heard the honking of a horn and instantly looked out of the window. It was a car and in fact she knew the people in it. "Are they honking for me" she asked herself. She continued to look down they were not moving, they just continued to honk there horn. She moved away from the window and started to think of there names.

She knew the girl with the shorter black hair was Rukia. Everyone knew Rukia she was the most popular girl in school. She wasn't tall but she was very pretty. She was nice as well. On top of all that she wasn't shy and she liked having attention, alot of it too. The other girl with long orange hair was one of the most popular girls in school. Her name was Orihime. She was not as open as Rukia she was actually kind of shy. Everyone said she was very preppy becasue of the was she dressed with mini skirts and tank tops. Other than that she seemed to be the same as every girl.

The boy in the car was very mysterious to her, he wore glasses. She believed his name was Uryu but she wasn't entirely sure. He was quiet but he was still considered one of the popular kids. Then there was the most handsomesest guy she had ever seen. His name was Ichigo. He had nice orange hair that was a perfect length in her perspective. (A/N: Ichigo is ugly to me so i'm pretending it's Miroku or something) He had nice white teeth and he was rather tall. He wasn't fat he was just right but he wasn't very nice to what she believed. Plus she thought he and Rukia had a secret love for eachother.

When she went back to look out the window she noticed Ichigo was gone. 'Where could he have gone?' she thought to herself. She went and sat back down as all of these questions filled her mind. She continued to sketch out the rest of her drawing. She had to shade in the shadows. She jumped when she heard a knock on the door. She opened it slightly so she could only see the person's face. "May i help you" she said quietly not realising who she was talking to.

"Yoruichi it's me Ichigo do you wanna come with us to get some pizza or something" Ichigo asked nicely.

"Ummm...i don't know we barely know eachother"she said as she opened the door half way.

"So my friends and i want you to come" at that Yoruichi's heart melted and she felt her knees getting weaker by the second.

"Are you guys sure" she said with hope.

"Yah come on it'll make me happy" Ichigo thought. 'It'll make me happier' Yoruichi thought silently.

"So will you come?" .

"Yah lets go she said as she opened her door fully and ran in the back to get her keys.

Ichigo walked in withought permission and walked over to her table and saw her drawing. It was beautiful to him. It was of her. Ichigo never realised how pretty Yoruichi really was. She always had a book in her face. He honestly begged his friends to let her come with them and at first they didn't want to but eventually gave in.

Yoruichi stepped outside of her apartment unaware that Ichigo was inside. When she didn't see him she figured he left and it was all just a joke. She walked back into her appartment with her head down. She bumped into something strong and whatever it was it made her step back. "Sorry about that are you ready to go" Ichigo said with a smile. Yoruichi loved it when he smiled.

"Oh yah" she said blushing a bit. They walked down stairs and where headed towards the car. On ther way Ichigo decide dto make converstaion.

"I couldn't help but notice your drawing..was that you" he asked.

"Umm...oh..yah sorry" she studdered. 'Wait why am i saying sorry' she thought to herself.

"Ok then well i just wanted to tell you that your really pretty..you shouldn't always shove your face in a book" Ichigo said.

'Is he complimenting me..me...Yoruichi...i can't believe it' she thought innerly. "Thank you" she said as they made it to the car. She was sort of happy becasue she was embaressed she would say something stupid again. She got intot he back of the car with the girl while the boys sat in the front. "Guys ready to get pizza" Ichigo said.

"Ichigo you know i'm on a diet please...what about we hang out at that tofu place" Rukia said.

"Is everyone ok with that" Ichigo asked. Everyone nodded there heads and he drove off to there normal hangout. "We're here" Ichigo announced.

"Oh really i hadn't noticed" Uryu said sarcastically.

"Ok enough with the sarcasim lets go" Orihime said loudly.

Yoruichi opened the door and stepped out. Everyone else got out of the car and walked into the hangout. Uryu offered to order for evryone else. "Hey Yoruichi do you wanna come help me order" Uryu asked.

"Sure" she said as she got up and walked over to the coounter with him.

"I'm going to the bathroom" Orihime said as she got up and walked to the bathroom.

"Why did you want to bring her again" Rukia asked meanly.

"I don't know she just seems to have no friends i guess i feel bad for her" Ichigo said.

"Oh ok but don't forget about me" Rukia said playfully.

"I won't" Ichigo said as he pulled her into a kiss. They pulled away quickly and sat close to eachother and kept laughing when they looked at eachother. Yoruichi was watching and became jealous quickly, she didn't want to be jealous but it just came naturally.

"Ok Yoruichi...is your name right" Uryu said.

"Yes" she answered.

"Are you doing good in school".

"It depends what do you mean by good am i just passing or am i excelling" Yoruichi asked.

"Are you 'excelling' as you call it" Uryu asked as he made his voice like Yoruichi's when he said excelling.

"Well i have a 99.9 grade point average" Yoruichi said embarresed.

"Perfect...do you think you can help me with school casue i'm doing good but my parents want great" Uryu said hopefully.

"Sure when do you want to study".

"How about tommorow...would you mind if i came over" Uryu said.

"Sure how about around two" Yoruichi responded.

"Sounds great".

"Foods done" the casier said as the food appeared on the counter.

"Thank you" Yoruichi said as Uryu paid.

They walked back to Uryu's friends and sat down. Orihime had not returned so Yoruichi claimed she had to use the bathroom so she could go see what was wrong.