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Last Airbenders

Children, the story I am going to tell you tonight, is not simply a fairy tale or legend, it is the story of our origin. Sit down and you will hear the myth of our world.

Long ago, before four nations existed, nine beasts ascended from the heavens sent by the gods to create them. They were all different, but the thing, which they used to distinguished each other were their tails, who they had a different number each, and everyone of them could bend an element

Noquan, one-tailed raccoon dog of sandbending

Zolin, two-tailed cat of firebending

Lueba, three-tailed turtle of icebending

Boodfa, four-tailed lizard and the first avatar

Dackmey, five-tailed dog of thunderbending

Zinfi, six-tailed weasel of cloudbending

Honkar, seven-tailed badger of earthbending

Taeji, eight-tailed snake of waterbending

And Hacua, nine-tailed fox of airbending

Boodfa, leader of the nine, send the others around the empty planet to fill it. Noquan and Honkar bended the earth, creating deserts and mountains. Zolin and Dackmey bended fire, creating volcanoes and warmth. Lueba and Taeji bended water, creating ocean, lakes and poles. Zinfi and Hacua bended air, creating winds and skies. When all of the world was done, Boodfa made a finishing touch by combining bending techniques, creating weather and metals. After everything that could be done of chi was ready, Subreme God put his hands into twelve different positions, filling the world with chakra, which gave life to everything, making plants, animals and humans to appear. Even nine beasts, who originally were pure chi and thus the personifications of their elements, became flesh and blood. Beasts decided to stay on our world, which they now felt was their home, teaching humans to survive and bend the elements. So the Four Nations were created.

During their first generations of existence people lived in harmony with each other. Soon however the true nature of human race came to be. Benders started to opress those who couldn't bend. Seeing humans in peril, Supreme God gave those people who had justice in their hearts the ability to use chakra by giving them twelve hand seals he had used to give life. These people were the first mystics. Mystics defeated benders who had never seen chakra to be used as a weapon. But even the hearts of the mystics could be corrupted and soon they were the attackers. When even Supreme God himself became hopeless, Boodfa took matters to his own hands. By using all the four elements, he prevented a great slaughter from happening. After the defeat of corrupt mystics, Boodfa saw what had happened to his partners. Continuous fighting started to consume their sanity. Sensing that the time of the beasts was over, Boodfa put all of his friends with himself into a dormant state, hiding their bodies into places where no man could ever find them. Not wanting to let humans fvending of themselves, Boodfa let his essence go free, starting the avatar cycle. Since then have avatars protected the world. Sometimes they worked alone, but sometimes they collected followers. It didn't matter if they were benders, mystics or simply normal people since what they have in their hearts is the most important part. These people had several names like Dai Li or Yu Yan, but they were all ninjas, hidden warriors. Ninjas are both similar and different compared to each other, like the avatars who founded them. I tell you this so that when you grow up, your children can know who they are and why.

However it is late now and time to go to sleep.

Katara listened closely to the story. Though she was already fourteen, she liked to hear stories, without any actual reason. On the other hand she notice to the storyteller, Haku. Haku was a mysterious boy. He wasn't a member of the water tribes, yet he could create ice, hated killing despite his assassin training and he looked more like a girl than a boy. Sokka said he was simply a weirdo, but Katara didn't agree. After all Sokka saw practically everything as weird.

When story ended and the children went to sleep, Katara went to search her brother. It was easier said than done. "Calls me weird, yet disappears every night" Katara thought in frustation. "Sokka should look at his reflection"

"Has Sokka disappeared again?" Came a voice behind Katara. It was Haku.

"Yes." She answered. "He has been disappearing around this time for a month or so. Possibly watching stars or something."

"Actually he is training with master Zabuza in the glacier" Haku corrected. "You see, Sokka wishes to become a ninja like him so that he could protect his village"

"I understand" Katara said in a silent voice. "Sokka has always been righteous and brave. By the way, do you know where they are?"

Haku nodded and and took Katara's hand. He escorded her to a part of glacier that was smooth like a plain. In the midst of a glacier sat a tall man in a southern water warrior's uniform. Haku could tell from his large sword that it was Zabuza, but Sokka was nowhere to be seen.

Katara couldn't find his brother either. "I give up Haku. There is nothing here but the glacier, Zabuza and a small iceberg moving towards him. MOVING!?"

The iceberg disappeared and got replaced by a startled Sokka, who was soon taken down by Zabuza.

Sokka crawled up and looked angrily at his sister. "Thanks a lot, Katara. If you hadn't shouted I would have been able to sneak attack Zabuza"

"I'm terribly sorry, Sokka. I had no idea" Katara apologised still shocked from the transformation.

"Actually it was a good thing you did that Katara." Zabuza interrupted, gaining confused looks. "Sokka, you lost your concentration the moment Katara shouted. Ninja must be able to block everything that would prevent his or her concentration."

"It's true. I'm sorry master Zabuza" Sokka apologised from his mentor.

"But now that you are here, Katara, it would be a good time to teach you some waterbending"

"Are you a waterbender?" Katara amazed.

"One of the best during my life in the north pole" Zabuza complied. He started to move his body fluently. About half a minute later he raised his hand upward and a large stream of water flew right through the ice. But this stream wasnt simply water. It had a shape, a reptile-like head and a snake-like body. It moved everywhere Zabuza concentrated his movements. Finally Zabuza made a movement that reminded of tossing something and the snaka flew to distance. Suddenly a large explosion bursted the ice far away. They could still feel the pressure wave of the strike. Katara looked shocked, Sokkas chin fell down, but neither Zabuza or Haku made a face.

"Water dragon is one of the greatest techniques of waterbending" Zabuza explained. "By searching an underwater stream and changing its movement you get yourself a magnificent beast to use." He then saw the shocked face of Katara "You don't need to worry. I made sure no animals got hurt. I normally use it only on fire ships. But we will start from the basics" He said and walked to the hole water dragon got out. "Just follow my moves and you'll learn in no time"

Katara watched closely how zabuza created a small sting of water an moved it. She started following and soon she also had a string of water to move.

Sokka watched moping the loss of training. But soon Haku touched his shoulder.

"Would you like to sparr, Sokka" He asked

"Why not" He said with a clever smile

On that night on the south pole glacier four didn't sleep at all.