What If

Borias never died- Xena meets up with him while traveling with Gabrielle. Solan is 11 he lives with the centaurs and but knows who his parents are understands why he can't be with them. They visit him frequently and send word and gifts from their travels. Gabrielle has never seen Borias but knows about him.

Xena and Gabrielle are on there way to see Solan. As they are walking they see a group of eight men surrounding a campsite. The tent seemed only fit for one or two people. So these men were definitely bandits. The campfire had died down and the man inside was still sleeping or at least he appeared to be. The men rushed at the tent and the man inside got up quickly pulling his sword from is belt and they began to fight. Xena and Gabrielle ran to help. Xena killed three of them and the man killed four while Gabrielle knocked the last guy out.

"Xena" the man said smiling at her Xena smiled back they obviously knew each other Gabrielle wondered who he was. They walked up to each other and hugged. Then Gabrielle stared in disbelief as Xena and this stranger began to kiss. Gabrielle coughed to let them know she was still there.

"Oh…Xena who is your little friend??" the man asked. "The better question is who are you??" Gabrielle yelled at the man. "Xena can I see you for a second?" "Sure" Xena replied. "What is it??" "Who is this MAN!?" Gabrielle yelled. "Calm down Gabrielle" "Oh so this is Gabrielle, Xena has mentioned you several times" the man said.

"How is it that you know about me but I have no idea who you are?" Gabrielle asked confused.

"Of course you know who he is" "He's all Solan ever talks about" Xena said. "Solan?" Gabrielle answered.

"Yes! Solan my son, our son" Borias answered looking over at Xena. She smiled.

"Your son?" Gabrielle said. "Xena…do tell me she knows about Solan" "She knows, Borias" Xena replied. "Oh…you're him" Gabrielle responded.

"Yes you did you think I was??" Borias asked. "I thought cupid shot Xena with an arrow or love". Xena and Borias both start laughing so did Gabrielle. Then Xena said "So what does that mean? Huh? Are you calling Borias ugly??". "No" Gabrielle replied "I mean I would never be attracted to him but he seems just perfect for you" she laughed nervously. They all stared in awkward silence. "So where are you headed?" Xena asked Borias.

"I was actually on my way to see Solan" he replied. "So were we" Gabrielle said. "Good" Borias said "Let me just get my things and we can travel together" he said "Great" Xena said.

"Oh….I almost forgot" Borias said pulling another man from his tent who was tied and gagged. "Do you know this Idiot, Xena?" he asked. "Unfortunately" she replied. "I didn't kill him because he said he knew you. I would have only tied his hands and feet but he wouldn't shut up! So I gagged him as well" "how'd he end up with you?" she asked.

"I don't know, he just popped out of nowhere" Borias said. "Yeah Joxer tends to do that." Xena stated. "I saved him from almost getting head chopped off by another bandit" Borias continued. "More bandits?" Xena asked concerned. "Yes" he replied "I've killed eight so far"

Once everyone was ready they set off. Xena was on Argo and Borias was on his horse. Joxer and Gabrielle walked behind them.

"So where are we going??" Joxer asked. "To see Solan" Gabrielle said. "Who's that?" he asked. Everyone rolled their eyes. "Solan is Xena's son" Gabrielle replied. "Xena….you have a son?" Joxer asked he was almost speechless, almost. "When…who…why…how?" he asked.

"When? Twelve years ago. Who? Well your looking at him" Xena gestured towards Borias who smiled. "Why? There is no why and how? What do ya mean how?" "Why did no one tell me?" Joxer said disappointed.

But not everyone was disappointed by the news. The bandit that had been unconscious woke up and heard the tail end of the conversation.

And he was no bandit at all he was one of Dagnine's men who was there to help him get the Ixion stone. The man ran to tell his leader the "great" news. Xena had a son.