What If

Chapter 4

"Dagnine will most likely hold Solan ransom and demand a trade, Solan for the Ixion Stone." Kaleipus said worried.

"Well we can't let him have it!" Xena said

"Of course not, we have to think of a plan" Kaleipus replied.

"Does anyone know where the stone is anyway?" Gabrielle asked.

"I do." Said Borias. "Only, its not anywhere near this camp. In fact Dagnine already has it. "

"What?!" every exclaimed. Shocked glances on their faces.

All the noise woke the "mighty" Joxer from his slumber.

"Wha… happened… where am I?" He asked.

"Solan was kidnapped by Dagnine's men" Gabrielle explained.

"Why would he take Solan?" Joxer asked very confused.

"Because you idiot, he'll use Solan as a barging piece to get his hands on the Ixion Stone." Borias explained.

"By the way Borias, what do you mean he already has it?" Kaleipus asked.

"A long time ago I hid the stone where everyone would least expect it. I didn't tell anyone else where it was for fear someone else would overhear." He explained.

"So where is it?" They asked.

"I hid it in the hilt of my sword. That way I could keep an eye on it and it would always be in my possession. A sword I since have given to Solan. He has the Stone and the enemy has him." He finished.

"Does Solan know about it?" Xena asked.

"No" Borias answered.

"So what do we do?" Gabrielle asked.

"We'll create a diversion." Xena replied. "Kaleipus, can you gather your men and prepare for a battle?"

"Yes, and considering the seriousness of the situation everyone should be very understanding and be ready and willing to fight." He replied.

He then left his tent and called a meeting with all the other leaders and soldiers.

"But we still have to find out where Dagnine's camp is and where he's hiding Solan" Gabrielle said.

"Leave that to me" Xena said. "You and Joxer go and check the supplies and make sure the women and children are on their way to the caves."

They left to do as they were told.

"Borias come with me. I want to check the spot where Solan was taken to see if I can pick up their trail." Xena said.

The two of them left and went the way back into the woods hoping to find any traces of where Dagnine's men might have gone.


So Sorry for wait guys. I plan on finishing up this story soon. Please enjoy.