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Event 0: The Saint Returns

Rose-colored boots quietly made their way across the floor. They passed several silver cylindrical shaped cans before stopping at a wooden box exclaiming: "Dangerous. Highly explosive."

"All set and ready to go," came the murmur, with a hint of glee. The voice was female.

Sitting atop the wooden box was a yellow-orange cat. He stretched, yawning playfully. Rose gloves reached out to claim the red cap adorned with a blue bow placed beside the tomcat. Securing the hat on a head of auburn hair, the young woman said, "Time to go, Kero-chan."

With a swish of the woman's matching cape, Kero jumped off the crate and followed.

"Countdown to fireworks: exactly thirty minutes."

"So how was it?" an anxious Tomoyo Daidouji asked.

Across the small table, Eriol Hiiragizawa smiled. Setting his fork on his finished plate he praised, "The cake was delicious as always, Tomoyo-san."

"Oh!" Tomoyo said suddenly. "Let me get you something to drink before you go…" Using her arms, the sixteen-year-old girl started to wheel herself away from the table to one side of the room. The wheelchair stopped, however, when Eriol tugged at the handlebars behind her.

"Let me help," he said kindly as he pushed the wheelchair for her.

"I can do this myself," Tomoyo protested, but Eriol just chuckled. The two crossed the big expanse of Tomoyo's bedroom and reached the tea table in no time. Tomoyo poured a cup of tea for Eriol and offered it to him.

Tomoyo studied her dear friend, dressed in a black and white suit, as he drank. Eriol noticed and stopped drinking, asking, "Is something wrong?"

Tomoyo shook her head. "No, nothing. Finish your cup," she said sternly.

Tomoyo then proceeded to wheel herself to her large bed. She reached for the black cape and the white mask that was placed neatly on her bed. Turning around, she saw Eriol gathering the plates on the table.

"Oh no, Hi-kun, I'll do that."

"But, the dishes…"

"I'll do it," Tomoyo insisted. She handed the cape and mask to Eriol. "You should go," she said with a smile. "It's almost eight o'clock. After all, you can't be late."

Eriol fastened the cape around his neck and the mask around his head. He put on his white gloves and the top hat. Tomoyo followed him through the glass doors and onto the balcony. Eriol turned around and said politely, "Thank you for the cake, Tomoyo-san."

She beamed. "Be careful." And with that, the Night Magician leapt off the balcony and disappeared into the night.

Countdown in: fifteen minutes.

The speaker crackled to life, killing the silence of the night. "Commander! There was movement in the south wing. Request for advance."

Quickly, a high school male grabbed the speakerphone. "Request denied. Do not move unless you see the real Magician. He's trying to trick you with illusions."

Syaoran Li sighed as he ran a hand through his already messy brown hair. "I'm working with a bunch of idiots."

Syaoran, still dressed in his school uniform, reached into the pocket of his navy blue pants and retrieved the Night Magician's calling card. It read: "Tonight, at 8 pm, the Night Magician will retrieve Kobayashi's glass bowl from Tokyo's Grand Art Museum."

With a determined look on his face, Syaoran vowed, "I will stop you, Night Magician."

Suddenly, something dropped from the tree branches above onto the commander's head. Syaoran shouted, as he tried to remove writhing creature from his shoulders. There was a hiss, and a white blur dropped to the ground. Forcefully, Syaoran pulled the cat off, as the cat made a swipe at the cheek. At the unexpected sting, Syaoran dropped the tomcat.

Kero dropped on all fours, skulking in the shadows created by the tree. He made another hiss at his newfound enemy before retreating into the night.

Angrily, Syaoran started after the unknown cat, but noticed a white card on the ground. It was shaped in a five-pointed star where in the center it read: "At 8:05 pm, I will make a bang! at Tokyo Tower. --Saint Star."

"What the-!"

Countdown in: five minutes.

Kero returned to the cherry blossom tree where a certain woman was hidden in the shadows. Jumping to the branch where she sat, the cat nudged his mistress. "Back so soon, Kero-chan?" she reached behind Kero's ears and the cat purred. "Did you give it to the right person?"

Kero nodded and a grin formed on the lady's lips. "Then, here's your reward." She handed the cat a cream puff, and Kero pounced, devouring the sweet treat.

Sakura Kinomoto leaned back on the branch of the tree as the green in her eyes sparkled. "It's a good thing this tree is here. It's the perfect spot to see everything."

Countdown in: one minute.

"Freeze!" the police shouted, chasing after the elusive cape.

Effortlessly, Eriol turned the corridor and ran up the stairs. The glass bowl was safely tucked in his arm. With a magical twist of his fingers, the door to the rooftop popped open.

A cold breeze met Eriol as he was greeted with silence. As the stars twinkled in the sky above, Eriol was hit with a sense of foreboding.

The moment was over when the police rushed out the door. "Freeze! We have you cornered!"

Eriol smirked behind his mask. On the contrary, he was in the perfect place to escape. It was interesting to Eriol, however, how Syaoran didn't make an appearance that evening. He smiled sadly. "I'm sorry for making you go through the trouble of following me here, but now I must take my leave." The Night Magician was about to start on his grand exit when…


A loud noise exploded and everyone turned to look. Another flash of light exploded into gigantic five-pointed stars and flowers around Tokyo Tower. Stunned, the law force, along with half the population of Tokyo, stared at their famous landmark as it was showered with fireworks.

Eriol recovered quickly and took the opportunity to escape without the usual impressive gesture.

Countdown: 0.

Tomoyo flung open the veranda doors, worried, and was shocked when she saw the night sky.

Syaoran set his mouth in a determined line as he faced Tokyo Tower.

Eriol turned around to see the sky when he was a safe distance away from the police.

Lastly, Sakura smiled as she read her message.

In glittering letters, the stars said: "THE SAINT IS BACK!"

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