Author Notes, Please Read.

"Find Me." Is a dark story of love and the sacrifices made for someone held dear to you. It was first written in 2007 in my early teens and unfortunately going through things that inspired this story. Reality is a scary place for a lot of people and some of us would be happy living in our own little fantasies. This is how FM was born. This story was used as an escape route to vent what I was experiencing and feeling inside. I hope you enjoy my story; it is not for the faint hearted.

Each chapter will include a warning stated at the top. I am making it clear now that a lot of things included are not appropriate to those under the age of 18 or the age of consent in your country.

Warnings as followed: Rape, Murder, Torture, Incest, Abuse, Blood Play, Sex between two males – Slash, Cannibalism, and further warnings may be stated later on.

I decided to go over this story and take a lot out of it, halving the story but increasing the quality. I look forward to hearing your responses. Updates will be as regular as I can make them.

Thank you.

Faith Valconbridge