Cannon Fact Assassins.

Rating : T

I don't own any of the rights to any characters or the settings within the Stargate Universe.

I don't own anything in the Terminator Universe either. I also wish to apologise to any fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sorry.

This is being written in response to a Challenge issued by BiteMeTechie in Chapter 25 of her story 'The Plot Bunnies Strike Back – The Angora Strain'

Cannon Fact Assassins: What are they? What Do They Do?

This is my response!

"Never let a cannon fact get in the way of a good story!" The Cannon Fact Assassin motto.

In times where a writer writes a story where the cannon facts are forgotten or re-written, the Cannon Fact Assassins can be found.

There are a group of people (their exact number are not known at present), who exist to facilitate such matters. They make use of the specialist Terminator Bunnies. In fact they are the only group within fandom that both actively seek out and work with such bunnies.

The Terminator Bunnies exist in all types of fandom and are used to make the characters forget cannon facts. The Cannon Fact Assassins are able to give the bunnies the correct facts to erase. (The exact nature of the procedures involved in this has not been revealed!)

It is also possible for the Terminator Bunnies to be used to implant cannon fact revisions. It is believed that this is done by the Terminator Bunny inserting a paw in to a characters forehead, where upon the new revised cannon fact is implanted. This is then passed throughout fandom by character contact.

The Cannon Fact Assassins are dressed in black with long black leather coats.

The Terminator Bunnies are also dressed in black with a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and shades. It is also rumoured that these bunnies have been heard to utter the phrase 'I'll be back' in a very strange accent. But this has yet to be verified!

Are the Cannon Fact Assassins friend of foe? I guess that depends on your point of view!