Fire & Brimstone-

Sam goes to help his brother escape the deal Dean agreed too. HE gets help from a friend who always watched from the side lines.

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Sam, sat on the Café's small chair. He glanced around his surroundings, looking for the reason he would be caught dead at a ritzy coffee place. Dark, thick sludge was more his style. As ,he slowly looked once more around the place, he never noticed a figure slide into the seat in front of him , until the person spoke.

"Sammy Winchester, I hear you and your brother are in a real bind this time, no pun intended"

The voice startled him at first, he focused his eyes on the woman sitting in front of him, looking like she had some place else to be. Sam stared down at his hazelnut, high fat, triple espresso coffee, like he had seen it for the first time, before answering the smirking woman in front of him.

"Alexis, I am sorry to have bothered you, but you are my last hope. Dean has gone and done something so amazingly stupid to save me. I did call Missouri and she called us a few choice words the same as Bobby. But at least Bobby, told me to call you"

Sam looked up at the woman in front of him, who looked amused and concerned at the same time. The fact that she would find this the least bit amusing pissed of Sam this was his brother's life that she would be playing with.

"Damn it Alexis, Dean is just accepting his fate, and you are smirking sat me? Are you going to help Dean or not? Sam demanded.

The woman held up her hand and Sam backed down right away, he knew she could harm him more than help if he wasn't careful.

"First of all Sam, I wouldn't of come here if I wasn't going to help Dean. You know that. Besides Missouri already called me on this problem. I can't believe Dean made this kind of deal. I would have given you a better deal"

Sam needed someone, who he could trust and knew wouldn't back stab either brother. Sam's gaze softened, when he noticed her staring off into space before answering him. Alexis was a free spirits literally of sorts. She was as whimsical and Miss good time Friday as they came. He knew that Alexis would help, just because for being a demon of sorts she was very human.

"Alright, Sammy. I'll try to figure out what is going on in that pretty head of your brothers and then try to sort him out. Right now I have to go talk to Bobby Darren, he misses his girls" she said to him as plan as day " Bring Dean over to the house when ever ,don't bother to knock just come in". She finished her coffee then stood up to walk away. She stopped and turned once more to look at him.

"You know, I'm hoping it was a push over that he made the deal with, I'm a little rusty."

Sam shook his head as Alexis left the coffee house, he was amazed that she was even still alive. Sam walked over to the counter to order a coffee for his brother, before going back his depressing sibling.