There's an art to lying. ((sappy fluffy stuff for October Breeze.))

The clouds looked nice. So did the trees, swaying in that gentle breeze, and the occasional autumn leaf wrenched from its branch and tossed into the air whenever a particularly strong gust came along.

The lunch looked nice, too, but that was all.

"Are you having fun?" Came the light voice, and a cheerful face framed by highlighted dark hair appeared in his field of vision.

With a grunt, Squall sat up, glancing sourly at the chipper girl. "Yeah." He said tonelessly, picking at the chicken before him. Rinoa had even chosen a red-and-white checkered cloth to spread beneath the picnic lunch she'd insisted on preparing to share with him. How clichéd.

Rinoa pouted, watching his disinterested movements. Wrinkling her forehead, she leaned in to him and tried again. "Are you really having fun?"

Those storm grey eyes glanced her way for a mere moment before flicking back to guide their owner in his merciless stripping of the tender meat from the bone. "Yeah."

He was having fun, too. In a way. If you could call being bored stiff and having absolutely no clue what your friend found so fascinating about a damned picnic, then, yes, he was having a ball.

The pretty girl beside him chewed her lip as his eyes went blank yet again. "Um… nice weather Balamb's having, isn't it?" She spoke up brightly, twisting a small blade of grass between her fingers.


She nearly stomped her foot in frustration, until she realised she'd have to stand up for that. Was he ever going to answer her in a sentence longer than one word? Setting aside the napkin on her lap, she moved closer to him. "Am I important to you?" Rinoa asked softly, leaning right in to the handsome SeeD's face.

When he glanced up, startled, she was there. No room to back out. "…Huh?" Squall asked, timidly, wondering if he had heard correctly. Wondering, of course, until she repeated herself, this time with a bit of bite in it.

"…Maybe." He finally answered, tinged faintly pink. "Whatever."

She grinned happily and kissed the very tip of his nose, dark eyes dancing. "Really?" Rinoa murmured, amused. "You really need to learn how to lie, Squall."

He ducked his head, veiling his eyes with his long chestnut hair, embarrassed, and popped a piece of chicken into his mouth mechanically. She could see straight through him, and it wasn't fair.

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