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Naruto Ultimate...

Chapter 1...

First sighting...

Everything that is or was. Began with a dream...


Talking "Yo"

Thinking 'Stupid Fox'

Demon Talking "Grrrr..."

Demon Thinking 'Stupid Kit...'

Jutsu "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!"


The Village hidden in the leaves was generally a peaceful and all around nice place. Well... Unless you were one certain six year old boy named Naruto Uzumaki. He was the town pariah and was generally hated by the villager's. But tonight, The 10th of October, those who hated Naruto seemed to go at him with a fury even a demon wouldn't admit to having on it's worst day... At least at a simple child...

"STOP!" One villager yelled. "Kill the demon!" Another one called out as they chased the poor orphan without relent. The young man was only seven and he was having to run from grown men and even a few Shinobi who throw shurrikan and kunai at him. As he ran he turned to look at the villager's tear's in his eye's as he tried to think of the reason why they hated him so much. 'Why do this? I've never hurt them... I never hurt anybody... And why do they call me a demon?' He questioned to himself sadly. Unfortunately the poor boy tripped on a can in the middle of the alley and fell to his face as the villager's now caught up with him. 'Why?! Why do they all hate me!?' He questioned with tear filled eye's as he backpedaled from the people.

"Look at him crying, like he's a human child, Stop acting you filthy demon!" One villager yelled confusing the poor blond boy. "I say we kill it once and for all." Another villager stated getting a loud reply of positive remarks as the ninja in the area were silent with their agreement's. Naruto backed up to a wall and started to huddle into himself still confused and afraid as the villager and ninja now started to head towards the boy so they could "Kill the demon" as they put it not seeing a strange thing above them.

As the first ninja threw a Kunai at the boy it was caught in the grip of small a figure in blue and black. He had a very over sized blue chunin vest that had armored on the shoulder's and then plate's under those with the mist symbol with a slash threw each of them like it was a combination of a mist and leaf chunin vest, wrapping's around his face, an old black forehead protector with a slashed mist symbol on it around his neck, another forehead protector on his head with a strange wing like symbol on it, a tattered short with old black ripped pants that were now shorts, and a pair of black shinobi sandals. The boy had spiky dark brown nearly black hair and pail skin, his eye's were hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses and what looked like black claw's on his hand's. Strapped to his back was a pair of sword's, it was amazing that the boy could stand with them on as they seemed ridiculously large on his small frame.

"What in the name of all thing's decent are you doing!?" The boy demanded as he seemed to glare at them threw his dark glasses. The villager's blinked then glared at the boy as the shinobi narrowed their eye's.

"Out of the way kid. That thing doesn't deserve any sympathy!" One villager made the mistake of saying and only the primal and feral growl of the boy could be heard as his teeth gritted and he crouched slightly then tossed the Kunai at him cutting his cheek. Just as this happened the Nin who threw the kunai lunged forward at the boy started to twitch glaring angrily at the ninja. The nin grabbed him as red chakra encircled the boy's right arm and with a scream of an almost ungodly amount of pain the man turned to dust in front of the wide eyed and fearful villager's the boy's arm outstretched and glowing with an angry red light...

"Run..." The boy growled and the Shinobi seemed to back away something about the sound of his voice making them think less lightly of the situation than they would normally. "... Or I'm going to kill you..." He growled out with enough Killing Intent to force the breath out of the villager's and the Ninja in the area. The Villager's all ran without a second thought as soon as they were able to move again the ninja only staying for a second before saying they'd get Naruto at some other time, when a psycho kid with an attitude wasn't with him. "You okay kid?" The boy asked looking at Naruto threw his glasses and the blond blinked away his tear's.

"Who are you?" He asked and the boy smirked taking off his glasses and Naruto blinked tilting his head to the side as he saw the eye's of his savior. His right eye was yellow with a slit his left red with a slit both somewhat snake like in appearance and purple mark's were lined over both of them and went half way down his nose.

"Crow Kanji at your service." He said with his smirk still present yet hidden. "And you are?" He asked and Naruto looked down sadly.

"It doesn't matter... You'll hate me when you find out also..." Naruto said sadly and Crow frowned and sat down next to Naruto in the alley.

"Now that's not fair. I just saved you, the least you could do is give me a name Otouto." The older boy stated and Naruto blinked while looking at him.

"Uhhh... Naruto Uzumaki..." He said softly and Crow smiled.

"See that wasn't so hard now was it?" The boy asked and Naruto shook his head no. "Now then whys everyone out to gut 'ya tonight sunshine?" Crow questioned of the younger boy curiously. Naruto just pulled his knee's up to his chin and looked to the ground sadly.

"I... I don't know... They all just hate me... And it's even worse tonight every year..." Naruto said sadly and Crow sighed leaning back against the wall. "Why were you out tonight anyways?" Naruto asked and Crow closed his mismatched eye's.

"I have no home, no family, and no past... So I was just out and about when I saw you being chased and decided to step in..." Crow stated softly and Naruto blinked.

"Oh..." The two went into silence for a short while before Naruto looked to Crow. "Why don't you come live with me then!" Naruto offered quickly and Crow laughed bitterly.

"Sorry kid... Doubt your parent's would want a stranger like me in their home." He stated and Naruto's face fell.

"I... I don't have a family either..." He stated and Crow's eye's shot open and he looked at Naruto then gave a soft smile.

"Then will be one another's family... Right Otouto?" Crow asked and Naruto smiled a true and electric smile as he lunged at Crow with a hug shouting "YES YES YES!!!" as he did and Crow laughed lightly. "Alright, calm down then. Let's have a look at your place so I can do some renovation's." Crow said anticipating that if Naruto lived alone and with how people treated him that his home should be an absolute wreck.

"Rightio Nii-san!" Naruto said brightly and ran off ahead of Crow who chuckled and put his sunglasses back on having no problem's seeing in the dark even with them on. He ran after Naruto with amazing speed for a boy his age while carrying his heavy looking swords, and caught up with Naruto who took him to an old and small run down three story apartment building. "Here's my place." He stated and Crow blinked...

"You own the INTIRE building!?" Crow asked amazed and confused at the same time.

"Yeah... But most of the room's are nasty and the door's are mostly broken so I don't usually leave my room unless I want to hide something important." Naruto stated then took a thoughtful expression. "Also once when I first got the place my room was burned so I had to move into one of the other apartment's and Old man Hokage decided to buy the place and give it to me as a gift." Naruto stated and Crow nodded his head slowly while taking all that in. "Well come on Nii-san I want you to see our room!" Naruto exclaimed and dragged the older boy into his home. The paint was peeling, the floor's were rotting, the door's halfway looked like they might fall off there hinge's, not to mention it looked like the electrical system's were all but non-existent and in disrepair.

"Oh shit..." Crow muttered to himself with a grimace. "This... Could take a while to fix..." He muttered to himself as Naruto took off his sandals and walked in Crow doing likewise as he pulled the sword's off his back and put them next to the door then putting his vest on the inside door handle only for the handle to fall off. "Correction... One HELL of a lot of work..." He stated and Naruto laughed.

"Your funny Nii-san. Yeah it is really messed up huh?" Naruto questioned and Crow nodded his head numbly while looking for something salvageable in the room... There was almost nothing that could be fixed and as he wandered into the bathroom... He quickly closed the door trying not to vomit from the smell alone, the sight of the room being enough to turn even HIS stomach... Oh yeah this was gonna need alot of work to make even slightly habitable.

"Otouto... How the HELL do you manage to live in all this filth!?" Crow questioned and Naruto chuckled nervously.

"Actually I mostly don't live here... Most of the time I'm out in the village so I won't have to be here unless I'm sleeping..." He stated and Crow sighed and nodded. "So tell me Nii-san what village are you from and how did you become a ninja so soon!?" Naruto asked excitedly and Crow blinked then chuckled nervously.

"Ummm... I'm from Kirigakure no Sato, Otouto but the two headband's I'm wearing were given to me by my older sister and mother. My mother was from Hebungakure no Sato or the Village hidden in the heavens, which hail's in the Land of the Whirlpool. My sister is obviously from Kiri and that's also ware I got the slashed mist headband and my two swords, Tora and Suzaku, or Tiger and Phoenix. So no I'm not a ninja even though my sister and mom taught me some basic ninja art's." Crow explained to Naruto factly.

"Hey! You could come to the ninja academy with me Nii-san I'm sure you'd be a great ninja!" Naruto said to his friend and Crow chuckled nervously.

"Uhh... I'll think about it Naruto..." He told the young nin, Naruto started cheering and Crow let out a sigh. "What have I got myself into?" He questioned as he looked as Naruto began to run around the apartment with a frenzied pace. Crow then noticed an odd looking red seal on Naruto's stomach as he was jumping on the couch and narrowed his eye's. "Naruto come here... There's something on your stomach that looks familiar..." He stated seriously and Naruto obeyed him walking to Crow with a raised brow and Crow lifted his shirt off his stomach to see the strange red seal... "Shiki Fuujin?" He questioned and then pulled off his glasses. He then made a hand seal with both hands, that had his middle finger's behind his pointer finger's, his thumb's on his pointer finger's knuckle's, and his last two finger's laced together. "Blood Cross Eye..." He said and his eye's changed.

His eye's still had a purple mark over them, but now they were totally gray beyond the pupil encasing his entire eye, with a black cross for the pupil and iris with four red orb's around it. "First stage Analysis..." Crow said and Naruto blinked.

"Nii-san what's with your eye's?" Naruto asked confused.

"It's called a Blood Limit also called a "Kekkei-Genkai" or in my case a Doujutsu, Jutsu of the eye." Crow explained and Naruto nodded slowly. "My eye's in this state allow me to analyze anything I want save energy levels or anything that's too bright to see like light and lightning..." Crow said as he studied the mark on Naruto's stomach his eye's easily transferring the knowledge of the seal to his brain to detail what was known and then translate the symbol's and the purpose of the seal in general...

"Well what's up with this Nii-san?" Naruto questioned and Crow frowned and took a thoughtful position. 'The seal is definitely a Shiki Fuujin. Sensei said that it was a Kinjutsu and was used to seal a demon inside of a human or an inanimate object by having the death god take one soul as a sacrifice to seal the demon.' Crow thought to himself then took a thoughtful look at the blood red seal intently. 'It was originally created to seal the Bijuu so that humans could use their power as a weapon... Naruto's however seems like it has a few extra seal's which are interfering with his Chakra control, one that seems like some sort of repression seal probably for his true intelligence leaving some of his memories in the back of his mind and storing his knowledge for later use, this would lead me to believe that whoever made this seal didn't want Naruto to figure out who he was or what his position and or relation to him was.' Crow mused to himself knowing he was definitely correct as it was the only logical explanation.

'Now then that and another seal, that seems to be sort of like my own "Chakra Shell Jutsu" which can be used to hide what he really looks like, even from people with Chakra aided eye's that can see threw jutsu. However judging by the way he looks and how old this seal is I would have to say that the seal makes him look like the person who made the seal in the first place. Which leads me to the assumption that Naruto had an influential yet probably ruthless family or perhaps some secret in his family and whoever placed this on him did so, so he wouldn't be raised to be nothing but a weapon...' Crow mused then his left eye twitched slightly growling as he studied the seal some more.

'The remaining seal's seem to include a Kekkei-Genkai suppression seal which is rare, but not unheard of and also limit's who Naruto's real family could be to one of the Kekkai Genkai user's in Konoha. Which are, The Yammanaka's with their "Loose Psyche" or having a loose personality that can easily be replaced after having it removed. They have even built an entire jutsu arsenal with this in mind but usually that don't like having to "grow" a new personality as it takes a few minute's to hour's and is always annoying as only their memory's really replace their personality's so if that is altered so is their personality should they lose their psyche.' Crow mused thoughtfully to himself. 'Next are the Inuzuka's, Their's is called "Wild-Speak" the ability to speak to most specie's of k-nine's. They have also made jutsu that deals with their animal's. Then there's the Akamichi with their "Energy Store" Blood Line which allows their fat to store massive amount of energy into themselves to be used in their expansion jutsu's. Then there's the Nara's whom have their "Living Shadow's" which is a strange bloodline that brings their shadow to life for combat. Then there's the Aburame Clan with their "Bug Contract" which is when you have those destruction bug's living under your skin and using you as a sort of living Hive.' Crow thought then frowned.

'However this is not likely one of their children as from what little I know of those families their all very loyal to clan member's and otherwise despise the idea of being a thing not a person so the person wouldn't have had to worry about that with them so he's probably either a Hyuuga or an Uchiha. The Hyuuga have their "Byakuugan" or the "Evil/White Eye" as some call it. It's primary function allows a person to see threw solid object's and over great distances, as well as see the tenketsu point's in the human body. Then the Uchiha's had the "Sharringan" or the "Mirror Wheel Eye" as it was also known and it's abilities were that you could see thing's more sharply, it would seem the world was slowing down, you could copy almost any jutsu as long as you understand the basic structure of how the jutsu worked, it could reflect most Genjutsu easily, and last it was supposed to have a slight precognitive ability but I've never actually seen it in action... And of course then there is that lesser known Clan the "Kurama" clan, their Kekkei-Genkai I think was called "Living Illusions" and made any damage suffered in a Genjutsu physically possible, not to mention some of them are even able to make Genjutsu's REAL there so good...' Crow mused to himself and nodded his head as he deduced what was going on. He'd figure out which clan he was from later however as he then moved on to the few remaining seal's.

'Ok then now that that's out of my system's back to these other seal's, there are at least five or six more more seal's, three for absorbing the demonic chakra, two for "purifying" the chakra and turning it into human chakra, one of these however seems to be moving at half capacity or lower while the other is a backup for the first and officially useless unless he were to use too much chakra at once or were to damage his first purification seal. It seems that the first was slowed down by someone after the seal was put in place and the second seal was stopped altogether so that the demon within wouldn't be devoured to quickly into Naruto, which to me seems to defeat the entire purpose of the seal altogether but I guess someone might have been worried the demon might take over his body threw the seal or wanted to make sure that the demon wasn't completely devoured for some amount of time. And the last one seems like it's for distributing the absorbed and purified chakra throughout the body although most of it seems like it's being stored by a seventh seal I didn't notice...' Crow then frowned as he looked at the large swirl in the middle of the Shiki fuujin and let out a sigh.

'The last seal I didn't notice till my eye's scanned the whole damn thing seems to be a blood seal of some sort more than likely it was made by the person who made the Shiki Fuujin so only someone of his own blood could take the seal off. It can be altered as I've seen so maybe the blood seal's only meant as some sort of last resort. Probably meant to be a means of "suicide" if someone tried to remove the Bijuu that only the user or his family could remove and thus save Naruto's life...' Crow finished in his head as Naruto seemed to be getting bored of standing around. "Okay Otouto it looks like someone, 'more than likely the Yondaime hokage from the way you look', has placed numerous seal's on you that seem to be blocking your normal brain function's, and keeping me and other's from seeing your true self. This is also messing with your chakra control and add to that it seems to be making it hard for you to maintain your attention on anything for too long..." Crow stated and Naruto tilted his head making Crow sigh. "In other word's Naruto. This thing on your stomach's making you an idiot and very hyper..." He stated and Naruto looked indignant.

"What! So this thing is making people think I'm an idiot! I demand you take it off me Nii-san! I don't like being an idiot!" Naruto shouted and Crow chuckled to himself. 'He'll probably realize just how dumb that sounded when I remove some of those seal's.' Crow thought to himself with a smirk under the bandage's on his face.

"Okay. Now Otouto I'm only going to remove a few of the seal's but not all of them. If I tried to remove ALL of them I might damage you or at the least I might activate the seal that will kill you if I were to try and remove it." Crow stated and then let out a breath and pulled out a brush and some ink out of his pocket. He then placed some seal's on his hand and looked to Naruto with a look of caution and yet determination on his face as he pulled his hand back and held up Naruto's shirt with the other. "Hold still Naruto... This is only gonna hurt for a second... But DAMN will it hurt..." He stated quickly then slammed his palm into Naruto's seal... The screams from Naruto that followed this could be heard threw out all of Konoha...


Once upon a time, there lived a fox spirit with nine tails.

And he was so powerful that whenever he shook those tails, landslides and tsunamis would result. The suffering people gathered the great shinobi clans to fight this menace. Finally, risking his life, one ninja was able to imprison it's soul. Having defeated the demon, the brave shinobi died. That shinobi was the fourth Hokge, the fire shadow, champion of the village hidden in the leaves...


In the village hidden in the leaves everything was normal and peaceful... Well... Save for the defacement of their Hokage monument... "Lord Hokage!" One ninja shouted to the leader of their village. The elderly Hokage was currently sitting at his desk sighing both paper work and his entire life away it seemed by the somewhat depressed look on his face.

"Yes? What is it? Some new outrage by Naruto, I presume?" The aging Hokage questioned and the Ninja growled.

"THAT YOUNG DEVIL IS GRAFITI-ING THE MOUNTAINSIDE IMAGES OF ALL THE HEROES OF OUR VILLAGE-YOUR HONORED FOREBEARS!" The ninja exclaimed and the old Hokage sighed. "AND IN PAINT NO LESS!" He added and the Hokage pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Don't worry about it so much... Crow and Iruka should catch him soon enough... Assuming Crow isn't in on this one at least..." The Hokage said and got back to his accursed Paper work looking slightly sad. 'Doesn't forcing an old man to sign this much paperwork count as elder abuse?!' He demanded in his mind looking to the enormous pile on his desk...


Meanwhile in the village, A young boy in a black shirt with orange pants, an orange jacket tied around his waist, green goggles, and a pair of blue shinobi sandals is running on rooftops grinning. His blond spiky hair is waving in the wind and his eye's are scrunched shut as he often has them. "Catch me if you can you idiot's!" Naruto calls out with a grin the whisker mark's on his cheek's still there.

"DAMNIT NARUTO GET BACK HERE!" One of the three ninja chasing the young boy shouted and Naruto grinned paint can's in hand. He threw the paint can's at the Ninja knocking the two closest to him down as they got covered in paint. At the same Time Naruto jumped down to the ground.

The Three Ninja also got to the ground quickly and chased after him passing a fence without a second thought. Just as soon as the three were far enough away Naruto appeared from against the fence with a strange sheet that resembled the front of the fence. "HA!" Naruto said pumping his fist. He then felt a hand on his shoulder and his blue eye's shot open. "Uh oh..." He said and looked up to see Iruka his sensei behind him. "Err... Hi Iruka Sensei..." Naruto said with a weak grin and Iruka frowned.

"Get back to class now Naruto..." Iruka growled and transported them both to the Class room. The two appeared with Naruto tied up and the class snickered seeing him and Iruka appear. "Now Naruto..." The scarred Chuunin said slowly his eye twitching as the bound boy pouted slightly looking annoyed. "TOMMOROW ALL YOUR CLASSMATES WILL PASS THE FINAL AND GRADUATE FROM THE NINJA ACADEMY, BUT THE LAST TWO TIMES THIS DAY CAME AROUND, YOU FLUNKED EVERY COURSE IN THE SECRET ARTS." Iruka shouted to the young boy who didn't really listen to him. "So you chose now for all your stupid tricks? YOU MORON!" Iruka questioned then shouted Naruto looking to the ground.

"Sir yes sir..." Naruto mumbled and Iruka growled.

"Today in class we'll be reviewing the art of Transformation!" Iruka announced to the rest of the class who screamed out about it being unfair. "All you have to do is... Conjure a form that looks like me!" Iruka state's and the student's begin after Iruka untie's Naruto. The first student does the transformation appearing to be Iruka after being in a plume of smoke. "Right, well done." Iruka praises then glares at Naruto. "Next up, Uzumaki." He state's and Naruto walks past some student's who were mumbling about it being unfair or Naruto's fault.

'Idiot's... I'll show them all I'm not weak...' Naruto thinks to himself with a frown. "Here goes nothing..." Naruto says and puts his hand's into the seal necessary. "Transform!" Naruto shout's disappearing in a plume of smoke.

"Oh Iruka Sensei..." Comes a soft feminine sultry voice from the smoke as all that can be seen for a few seconds is a shadow. As the smoke disperses Iruka and the other's see a curvy teenage body with long blond pigtailed hair, smoke was covering her private part's yet left her totally naked before the class. The girl giggled and blinked at Iruka who gaped before he was sent flying by a massive nosebleed. Laughing Naruto returns to Normal and doesn't see the death glares from the girl's in the class or the minor nosebleed's of some of the boy's, some of which have passed out.

"I call that my Oiroke No Jutsu!" Naruto says laughing at his Sensei.

"HOW BIG AN IDIOT ARE YOU!" Iruka demands getting up with some tissue now showed up his nose to stop the bleeding. "You waste all of your time and talent inventing these stupid trick's!!" Iruka shouted at Naruto who simply looked away from him to the window...


Later that day after school...

Iruka was crouching down watching as Naruto cleaned up the entire Hokage monument with nothing but a bucket of soap and a cloth. "You don't leave here until every drop of paint is gone!" Iruka stated with his arm's crossed.

"So? It's not like Crow's gonna jump me for being out late..." Naruto grumbled and Iruka sighed... It was true that Crow and Naruto were as close as any brother's that he knew of. But they were also the only thing close to a family that either was comfortable with.

"Naruto..." Iruka said softly yet loud enough for the blond to hear him.

"Now What?" Naruto grumbled.

"Well... Once you're through here..." Iruka scratched his cheek and looked to the side. "I'll... We could... I'll buy you a bowel of ramen..." Iruka stated and looked down to see Naruto looking up at him with a bright happy expression.

"YEAH, BABY! TALK ABOUT MOTIVATION!" Naruto shouted loudly and Iruka smiled at his student's loud nature...

Later at Ichiraku Naruto and Iruka sit next to one another to eat... Iruka has to pay for it all, as usual... "Naruto..." Iruka say's and Naruto looks to his sensei Ramen noodle's dangling from his mouth his goggle's sitting next to him. "Why of all places did you choose to deface that spot? I mean you do know who lord Hokage is, right?" Iruka asked curiously.

"Of course." Naruto stated nodding slightly. "To inherit the hokage name, He'd have to have been the best Shinobi in the village." Naruto said while still munching on Ramen noodle's. "It was the Yondaime Hokage who saved our town by finding a way to beat the Demon Fox." Naruto said yet his eye twitched when he said the last part and Iruka raised a brow. In all his year's of knowing Naruto he knew that Naruto only did that when he was either lying or really annoyed about something...

"Okay then why?" Iruka reasked stowing the info about Naruto's action's for later.

"Because one of these days they'll be calling me Lord Hokage!" Naruto said enthusiastically and then grinned at his sensei pointing his chopstick's towards him. "I'm going to surpass every one who came before me!" Naruto stated and Iruka smiled.

"Hey Otouto, so this is ware you were..." Came a calm voice and Naruto gulped as he and Iruka looked behind themselves to see one of the most sought after boy's in all of Konoha. Crow Kanji. Over the year's Crow may not have gone to the Ninja Academy but that didn't stop the young Female's of Konoha from falling head over heel's for him.

He was tall for his age, with dark brown nearly black hair that was in the same style as Naruto's class mate Sasuke Uchiha, he had on a pair of orange and black goggles that covered his eye's from view, and his Hebungakure Hitai Ate over his forehead, a skintight sleeveless black shirt that had a black face mask that would only cover his lower face and nose like Kakashi Hatake, a blue armored vest that had a black Yang symbol on the back with a silver trim that made an inward spiral, a pair of black shorts with a gray sash around his waist in place of a belt, a pair of black leather glove's that had black armor over his elbow's with a blue trim and black leather band's down his arm's to the back of his palm the glove's not covering his knuckle's or finger's the band's being held together with silver stud's, His sandals were made exactly like his glove's only with a metal plate over his heel and they ended just below his knee the soul also being somewhat thiner than a normal pair of sandals.

"Oh sorry Nii-san but Iruka Sensei invited me to Ramen and I just couldn't resist!" Naruto stated and Crow chuckled lightly.

"Okay Otouto I'll forgive you this time around." Crow said and then sat down next to Naruto. "But your not completely off the hook..." He stated and slapped the back of Naruto's head lightly the younger boy rolling his eye's.

"Yeah, yeah Nii-san..." He grumbled and Crow chuckled the only indication of any emotion. "So how did it go with fixing up the old place today?" Naruto questioned referring to "their" Hotel. Crow promptly groaned and his head slammed on the table before him Iruka chuckling lightly as the highly intelligent boy wallowed in self pity for a few moment's.

"Please... Don't EVEN bring up that death trap you dare call a home..." Crow stated his eye's holding only a sense of pain and regret... "I think that there's animal's living on the second floor... And the first floor I know has Rat's and all manor of vile insect's living in it... It's just a good thing we always use the fire escape to get to the third floor or I swear we'd be attacked and slash or mauled by rabid animal's..." Crow stated and both Iruka and Naruto shivered...

"Bet you wouldn't mind being attacked by your Fangirl's Nii-san..." Naruto said with an evil smirk and Crow shivered then looked at Naruto.

"Someday Naruto... You too will know the horror's brought upon all of us whom have Fanclub's... And on that day Naruto... When you beg, when you plead, and when you NEED my help escaping from them... And then Naruto... I will LAUGH at you mercilessly!" Crow said darkly to Naruto. Naruto and Iruka both leaned away from Crow not liking his tone. "Anyways I'll be heading home now. See you there Naruto..." Crow said getting up and walking away from the two sitting at the counter...


The next morning was mostly clear and sunny with a few cloud's wafting in the breeze. Naruto however was stuck within the bain of most children's existence... School... But the Ninja academy SHOULD be more fun than normal school... However this wasn't exactly true as it seemed that even here Teacher's only goal seemed to be to make life even harder on their student's...

Naruto was currently slumped on his desk in the seat in front of a certain brooding duck haired kid with black eye's. "For your final exam, you must each generate a Clone. Wait here until your name is called, and then come next door..." Iruka said while looking at his clipboard.

'Clone Jutsu huh? Great... The only one I can't do thanks to my lousy chakra control... Man Crow was right I really need to train my Chakra control more... Or just find out if there's a more durable version of the Bunshin Jutsu...' Naruto mused to himself arm's folded under his head as he rested on them trying to appear miserable and succeeding. After many of the student's went before his name was called, then Naruto sighed got up and walked to the next door room to take his test.

Iruka and his assistant Mizuki both sat behind a large desk which had multiple head band's with forehead protector's on it. Mizuki was of average height with silver shoulder length hair, and an average Chunin to Jounin type outfit minus a forehead protector. "Alright Naruto. You have to successfully create three Clone's... Begin!" Iruka stated and Naruto made a hand seal. 'This is my worst technique... But here goes nothing!' Naruto thought to himself holding back as much chakra as he could.

He, Iruka, and Mizuki all looked to the side to see the smoke slightly dissipate and reveal... One seriously messed up clone that seemed like it was dieing... Naruto and Iruka both looked at it for a second before it vanished in a plume of smoke and Naruto then turned to look at Iruka. 'Here we go again...' Naruto mused and inwardly braced himself...

"YOU FAIL!!!" Iruka shouted sending Naruto flying back from the force of his shout.

"Master Iruka." Mizuki said looking to Iruka who looked to his side. "... This is his third time, and he did manage to basically conjure up a clone, even if it is a little messed up..." Mizuki mused and Iruka frowned. "... I'm not that great at Clone Jutsu myself! So what if we just give him a break and..." Mizuki started and Naruto looked at him funny his eye's glaring at the silver haired man as he didn't trust someone so nice...

"The answer is no, Mizuki. Every student is supposed to generate three clone's..." Iruka stated and then looked at Naruto. "Naruto... You only made one, and did it poorly..." Iruka said thinking Naruto's glare was aimed at him and not noticing that it was solely aimed at Mizuki. "With all due respect, Your performance doesn't merit a passing grade." Iruka stated feeling slightly bad and inwardly promising to buy Naruto some Ramen later to cheer him up...


As kid's all met with their family's Naruto finds himself sitting on an old swing looking to the ground lost in thought... 'Crow once told me that: A person who's record is polished perfectly white, Is often more suspicious than one that's all black... I wonder what Mizuki's up to...' Naruto inwardly resisted then questioned in his mind barely listening to the chatter from family's congratulating their children. He instead put his goggles on and then vanished into the shadow's. "Iruka, could I have a word with you?" The Sandaime Hokage questioned seeing Naruto vanish.

"Of course." Iruka said softly...

Mizuki found Naruto who was heading towards his and Crow's home. "Naruto..." Mizuki said and the blond boy turned to his head to see him.

"Master Mizuki?" Naruto asked confused to see him but figuring that he was going to try to pull a fast one on him. The silver haired man walked towards him and then put a hand on his shoulder.

"Master Iruka is a really serious guy..." 'So that's his game huh? Make himself seem really nice so he can trick me into doing something extremely... Stupid... Too bad for you Mizuki... I'm not the one being tricked...' Naruto thought to himself inwardly smirking but nodding to Mizuki outwardly. "His parents died when he was young, so everything he's accomplished he did by himself, with a lot of hard work and discipline." Mizuki explained and Naruto nodded his head.

"So...? What's that got to do with me?" Naruto questioned keeping to his "Dobe" mask.

"You remind him of himself..." Mizuki said surprising Naruto who's eye's widened. "He thinks he's helping you to grow strong." Mizuki told him and Naruto inwardly agreed that he was... "Try to give the guy a break... Can't you understand ware he's coming from?" Mizuki questioned as Naruto looked to the ground. "... One orphan to another..." 'More than you... Or he knows...' Naruto thought to himself sadly as he remembered all the time's Iruka has been there to help him...

"But... I really wanted to graduate." Naruto said truthfully as he looked to the side wondering what Mizuki would do know. Mizuki looked to the boy and smirked when he heard Naruto's soft tone. "Then... I guess there's no choice." Mizuki said and Naruto looked to him ready to find out what it is that Mizuki was trying to get from him. "Let me tell you a secret that I've been keeping for a long time." Mizuki said and Naruto inwardly smirked knowing that Mizuki was about to give away his secret plot to get him into trouble and no doubt killed...


'So that's his game... Get me to steal the Scroll of Seals and have the ninja of the village kill me while he escapes with it...' Naruto mused to himself with a frown as he landed in a clearing outside of Konoha. It was in the forest with an old cottage nearby with a wire that lead to the village. "Okay seeing as Mizuki's not here I can check threw this without interruption for awhile..." Naruto mused looking threw the scroll and found a clone Jutsu as the first one. "Hmmm... Shadow Clone's huh?" He questioned and a figure landed behind him.

"So Mizuki's is up to no good after all, huh?" The figure questioned and Naruto chuckled lightly and nodded his head.

"Yeah. You were right after all Crow." He said as his brother went and sat next to him. "What do you make of these?" He questioned and Crow looked over the scroll...

"All of them are dangerous for low level ninja to use... You'd have no problem with the first few... The other's require an unreal amount of Chakra Control however..." Crow explained and Naruto frowned. "Learn Kage Bunshin, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Kage Shurikan No Jutsu, Shuriken Kage Bunshin No Jutsu, and Bunshin Bakuha..." Crow stated and Naruto nodded his head. "So in other word's right those down and leave the rest for another day Otouto..." Crow stated and Naruto smirked.

"Right..." He stated and got out a notepad and started to right down the jutsu's names the hand seal's necessary, and their description's...

"Learn Kage Bunshin for now and give me that... Can't have anyone else finding out that you took the time to copy some of these jutsu now can we?" Crow questioned and Naruto nodded his head. "Alright then I'll be back later Naruto I need to get this back home to the usual hiding place." Crow stated then jumped up and vanished into the night. Naruto smirked and got to work on the Jutsu keeping his focus solely on the task at hand.

That was why half a day later and when Naruto had finished both the Kage Bunshin and Tajuu Kage Bunshin Jutsu's, he was utterly tired. 'Damn... Crow was right those ARE high level Ninjutsu...' He thought to himself as he kneeled down panting now closer to the cottage than he had been earlier.

"Gotcha!" Iruka said appearing before Naruto with a smirk and the orange clad boy blinked seeing him before grinning widely. 'Back to the dobe state for now...' He thought to himself and then pointed to Iruka with both hand's.

"About time nose-bleed!" He shouted then grinned even wider. "I FOUND YOU!" He shouted inwardly grinning as he got a rise out of Iruka.

"NO, YOU FOOL! I FOUND YOU!!" Iruka screamed at Naruto then breathed outward and saw Naruto rub the back of his neck.

"Heh... I guess you have got me. Too bad you were so fast. I've only memorized one technique." Naruto said lying without Iruka noticing and rubbing the back of his neck. Iruka blinked and raised a brow looking at the orange clad boy. He had dirt all over himself and was panting heavily. Seeing the way the sunny haired boy looked and curiosity getting the better of him Iruka just had to ask.

"You look exhausted. What have you been doing?" Iruka questioned of Naruto who smiled widely.

"Wait till I show you. I never dreamed... Some of the Shinobi Arts are so amazing!!!" Naruto said loudly and inwardly cringed. 'It's really no wonder only Crow and my other friend's actually know what I'm really like, with this acting job of mine...' He thought to himself but continued on with what he was saying to Iruka. "If I show I've mastered these techniques, you'll have to let me graduate!" Naruto stated and Iruka's eye's widened as something clicked in his mind.

'So... You came here to practice your Jutsu? ...Working yourself to exhaustion...' Iruka thought to himself as he looked at the boy who was preparing to use a Jutsu. "Naruto..." Iruka said and the boy blinked and looked to his teacher.

"Yeah?" He questioned and Iruka looked to the large scroll strapped to the boy's back.

"What's up with that scroll you're carrying?" He asked the blond who looked to his back and inwardly patted himself on the back for being such a good actor.

"What... This!?" Naruto questioned and Iruka nodded quickly hoping his hunch was correct. "Master Mizuki told me about it. And about this place so I could practice!" Naruto stated grinning happily and Iruka's eye's widened. "He said if I could show you I'd learned the techniques in this scroll, AND THEN YOU'D HAVE TO LET ME BECOME A SHINOBI!" Naruto shouted to Iruka who now looked distantly to Naruto.

'Mizuki!?' He thought to himself feeling betrayed. He then saw a flash from the side and quickly knocked Naruto away and was hit by several Kunai and skidded to a stop his back to the old cottage. Mizuki was in a nearby tree two very large Kunai strapped to his back. "I'm impressed that you figured out where to go." Mizuki said to Iruka with a smirk on his face.

"Now I under-stand!!" Iruka growled glaring at Mizuki heatedly and holding his side multiple Kunai sticking into his body. Naruto put up a confused look as he then looked between Iruka and Mizuki confusedly.

"The scroll, Naruto. Give it to me." Mizuki ordered of Naruto who continued to look between him and Iruka frantically.

"Dude! I mean, come on!" He shouted still acting like an idiot to throw Mizuki off his true intention's and to underestimate his skill. 'That's right pretty boy... Underestimate me all you like... Cuz as long as you do, I WILL have the last laugh...' He thought to himself inwardly smirking. "HEY! What IS this?!" Naruto demanded of the two teacher's.

"DON'T LET HIM HAVE IT, NARUTO! PROTECT THAT SCROLL WITH YOUR LIFE!" Iruka shouted to the young man who looked at him blinking in confusion. "IT'S MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU CAN IMAGION, IT HOLDS THE RECORD OF COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN JUTSU'S!" Iruka shouted as Mizuki stood up on the tree branch he was on. "MIZUKI USED YOU BECAUSE HE WANT'S IT FOR HIMSELF!!" Iruka shouted and Naruto rolled his eye's then turned and glared at Mizuki.

"Naruto, even if you've read it, it will still be meaningless!" Mizuki told Naruto who inwardly scoffed, now Mizuki was showing his true colors at least. "I can show you what it means!" Mizuki offered and Naruto frowned.

"SH-SHUT UP, YOU FOOL!" Iruka shouted to Mizuki. The silver haired chunin chuckled at that and then smirked. "You... Know what Really happened in the incident where the fox demon was sealed up again twelve years ago, Don't you...?" Iruka questioned/accused of Mizuki who simply smirked wider.

"Since that day... The people of our village have been bound by the strictest decree." Mizuki said his eye's closed in thought.

"I don't remember any decree..." Naruto said looking genuinely confused for once.

"You wouldn't. Part of that decree was that everyone would know about it... Except you!" Mizuki stated to Naruto who narrowed his eye's. 'This may be my only shot at finding out why no one talks about that damn fox... Why no one tells their kid's about him being sealed inside of me... I've got to press on...' Naruto thought to himself with a frown.

"... Except me...?!" He wondered to himself. "... WHY NOT ME? WHAT LAW ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Naruto demanded of Mizuki who lowered his head slightly and chuckled to himself. "WHAT... WHAT WAS THE DECREE? WHAT?" Naruto demanded of the silver haired chunin who grinned widely.

"That no one must ever tell you... That what you really are... Is the Demon Fox!" Mizuki stated and Naruto blinked. 'Damn this guy's info is bad. If I really WAS the stupid Fox. Does he think I'd actually have put up with this village's abuse for this long without going nuts?' Naruto wondered in his own mind.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto questioned calmly and Iruka didn't notice the look of seriousness on Naruto's face.

"STOP!!" Iruka shouted and yet Mizuki continued.

"It was you who murdered Iruka's family!!" Mizuki accused pointing a finger to Naruto who let his hair shadow his eye's. "In other words, you... ARE THE NINE-TAILED FOX SPIRIT THAT NEARLY DESTROYED THE VILLAGE!!" Mizuki accused grinning at a now shaking Naruto. "Until, at last, our beloved Hero, The Fourth Lord Hokage, trapped and bound you... In this form." Mizuki stated and Naruto continued to shake.

"STOP IT!!" Iruka shouted hoping that Mizuki would have SOME sense of decency.

"Since then, you've been made a fool of by everyone in town!" Mizuki shouted ignoring Iruka completely. "Didn't you think it was strange? To be so despised, everywhere you went?" Mizuki questioned and got one of his large Shurikan off his back and spun it in his hand. "IF HE WERE HONEST, EVEN NOBLE IRUKA WOULD ADMIT HE HATES YOU TOO!!" Mizuki shouted at Naruto and then grinned madly. "NARUTO!" He shouted and Iruka prepared to get up. 'You never knew a parents love... Since the day of your birth you've been shunned by our entire village! The only one who cared for you was a boy who also had no family or home... The only real attention you could get from other's... Was by doing thing's that would get you in trouble! And yet... You didn't care.' Iruka thought to himself as Mizuki ran forward.

"NO ONE WILL EVER ACCEPT YOU!" Mizuki shouted and Iruka got up slowly. 'You were willing to accept ANY criticism any condemnation, so long as it meant that someone was paying attention to you.' Iruka's inward monologue continued as Mizuki swung his over sized Shurikan towards the blond. "THAT SCROLL THAT YOU'VE STOLEN... IT WAS THE INSTRUMENT OF YOUR BONDAGE!!!" Mizuki shouted then laughed loudly, as Iruka groaned and then crouched getting ready to lunge forward as fast as he could. 'It was a brilliant performance, Naruto... But it was all a sham, to hide your loneliness... And PAIN!' Iruka thought and just as the Shurikan was about to hit Naruto...

Iruka was over Naruto in an instant having knocked him down and taken the Shurikan into his own back, blood trailing from his mouth and Naruto's eye's widened. 'With my parents gone... There was no one to praise or respect me... I was so lonely... I became the class clown... Anything to attract attention. I just wanted someone to notice how good I was... To be proud of me. Being the class clown... Was still better than being a nobody. It... Hurt so much.' Iruka thought to himself as tear's fell from his eye's to Naruto's cheek.

"I know that, Naruto. I was so hard on you, yelling, scolding... It must have hurt..." Iruka said and Naruto's eye's widened. "Forgive me. If I'd been a better teacher... A better person... Maybe neither of us would have come to this." Iruka said to Naruto who then saw Mizuki growl and then jumped out of the tree. Naruto looked to Iruka and then sighed.

"Iruka Sensei... Thank you..." He said softly as a foot connected with Iruka's head knocking him out. "So what kept ya Crow?" Naruto questioned as his brother moved his foot off of Iruka and then glanced at Mizuki.

"Sorry I'm late Naruto. But you wouldn't beleive the traffic on the way here..." Crow said and Naruto rolled his eye's.

"Liar..." He stated getting up and the two looked at a stunned and confused Mizuki. "So what're we gonna do with him?" He questioned and Crow chuckled darkly.

"Oh I don't know Naruto. Your Hokage is watching but I've made sure he can't hear us with a silence charm. How about I do the honor's?" Crow questioned and Naruto nodded his head in agreement. "Goody..." Crow said darkly and glanced at Mizuki who blinked repeatedly.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Your protecting the Demon Fox Spirit you fool! WHY!?" Mizuki demanded and Crow chuckled while Naruto out right laughed at him.

"Man you really are an idiot Mizuki..." Naruto said half laughing at the silver haired man. "To think I was the stupid fox... That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard!" Naruto stated smugly a smirk on his face as he stopped his laughing. "Crow teach this old Bastard a lesson... I need a quick rest..." Naruto stated and then walked over to a tree carrying Iruka and sat down.

"Okay little bro..." Crow said and then cracked his knuckle's.

"What you think a CIVILIAN can take me!? I'm a Chunin you little idiot!" Mizuki demanded then boasted with an enormous grin and Crow smirked and then crouched.

"Oh I'm no ORDINARY civilian Mizuki..." Crow stated then moved forward quickly with a speed not even Mizuki could follow. "Ninpou! Doku Kiri!" Crow shouted before quickly pulling his face mask down and breathing out a thick purple mist. Mizuki cursed then quickly jumped upward looking for the boy known as Crow. Mizuki spotted him and threw a Shurikan at the boy who managed to spin out of the way.

"Goukakyuu Jutsu!" Mizuki shouted and spit out a fireball from between two finger's towards Crow.

"Steel Shell Jutsu!" Crow shouted doing hand seals quickly then crossing his arm's like an X over his chest. The fireball hit Crow and Mizuki grinned as he expected to see the boy's remains as his feet touched the branch of a tree.

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" Came a shout from behind him and he was kicked by three smirking Naruto's back into the air as Crow hit the ground. "Okay Crow! He's ready, now show him what real ninja skill is!" Naruto stated and Crow looked to him and grinned behind his mask as he jumped up to the tree he was in and the two Naruto's launched him into the air. Crow speed past Mizuki and then made his arm's go wide for wind resistance.

"Ninpou!" Crow shouted from behind Mizuki, whose eye's widened as he turned to look back at Crow who was shadowed by the moon. "Fukumi Hari!" He shouted and spit out several senbon Needle's to hit Mizuki in the neck and then Mizuki felt his body freeze up. The two fell to the ground and Crow landed on Mizuki's back. Crow chuckled as he then pulled his mask back over his face and Mizuki twitched unable to move.

"W-what have you done to me!?" Mizuki demanded and Crow chuckled darkly.

"My needle's hit a rather special nerve cluster in the back of your neck. When they did I permanently disabled the use of the rest of your body..." Crow stated simply and Mizuki's eye's went wide in shocked horror. "Now to finish you off SLOWLY Mr. Mizuki..." Crow said simply and then got off Mizuki and crouched down in front of him. "Do you know what happened to the last few ninja to attack Naruto, Mizuki?" Crow questioned with an up beat tone and the downed Ninja grunted in frustration trying to get even a small part of his body to move with no result's. "Well how about I show you..." Crow said darkly and lifted his goggles to show his snake like eye's.

"NO! YOU!" Mizuki said with his eye's wide. "You can't be... Orochimaru!? B... But I thought... I thought we had a deal!?!" He demanded and Crow chuckled darkly as he heard the accusation then the admittance.

"Sorry but no... I'm his Nephew..." Crow said darkly and made a hand seal and closed his eye's as Mizuki's shot wide open. "Blood Cross Eye, First Release, Annalisys!" Crow stated opening his eye's showing his Kekkei-Genkai. "Now then... Blood Cross Eye, Second Release..." Crow said and red Chakra encircled his arm's. "Deconstruction..." He stated darkly and Mizuki's eye's shot wide open as the boy's eye's changed.

The cross in his eye turned blood red and the end's curved, the four orb's in between it then turned from red to white, and the rest of his eye's turned pitch black. Mizuki's own eye's seemed to be wide enough to pop out of his head as Crow then grabbed his head roughly. "No one shall ever threaten my Otouto ever again... Least of all some pathetic excuse for a Ninja..." He said darkly and grinned savagely as he looked down on Mizuki... "Let's see just how much raw PAIN you can stomach Mizuki..." Crow said darkly his Doujutsu seeming demonic as he then grabbed Mizuki's left arm... Mizuki started to scream in raw pain as Crow then started to slowly disintegrate the skin on his arm...


Once Crow was done and Mizuki had passed out he then removed the senbon's from Mizuki's neck and quickly walked over to Iruka. "We need to alter his memories Naruto..." Crow stated and Naruto nodded his head. "Just hope no one notice's that he has a memory seal after this..." Crow said to himself then pulled out a piece of paper and started to wright something. "There..." He said as he finished and then moved Iruka and made a seal on the back of his neck. "Now then... Mind Alter Jutsu!" Crow stated putting both his hand and the Paper onto the seal and focusing his chakra into the paper. The paper then seemed to sink into the skin of the teacher before leaving a seal on the back of his neck. "Okay... Naruto get over here." Crow stated and Naruto nodded and jumped down to Crow. Crow then removed Iruka's headband. "Put this on... He's gonna make you a ninja when he wake's up. He thinks you beat Mizuki with a bunch of Shadow Clone's..." Crow stated and Naruto smirked.

"Thanks Nisan, but isn't that cheating?" Naruto asked with a smirk and Crow chuckled.

"Oh? You can do the Shadow Clone Jutsu, among other's which I taught you. I think your more than qualified, so just enjoy being a ninja. Besides if you don't make Ninja, Ino, Shika, and Chouji will make fun of you for the rest of your life... Or at least until you do make ninja." Crow stated and Naruto nodded his head and went to kneel in front of Iruka... "Oh and Naruto..." Crow suddenly said and Naruto looked to him. "Iruka has nothing but respect for you, and he thinks your an excellent student." Crow stated and Naruto frowned.

"You make him think that?" Naruto asked and Crow chuckled.

"No... That's how he really feels about you..." The masked teen stated and Naruto's eye's widened before he smiled softly. "Now the real fun begins..." Crow said and then jumped into the tree's and away from the area leaving Naruto with Iruka.



Naruto with his new forehead protector and Crow sat before the sandaime Hokage who seemed to be scrutinizing them. "So... How long were you two planning on keeping those amazing skill's of yours a secret?" Sarutobi questioned and Crow and Naruto both grinned.

"Sorry old man... But I can't have every single young ninja in the village trying to have me train them now can I? Naruto and a few other's are special cases that I like." Crow stated with a smirk and Sarutobi looked to Naruto.

"Crow explained to me that if you show less skill than you have that other's under estimate you. And that if you over estimate yourself that you often become arrogant. He said that by losing to those weaker to me I was showing humility..." Naruto explained and Sarutobi nodded his head slowly.

"So I take it that Naruto was acting stupid all this time?" The hokage questioned and Crow nodded his head. "Then your practicing the art of the ninja. Lull your opponents into a false sense of security then strike when they least expect it?" Sarutobi questioned taking a puff from his pipe and the two boy's started to whistle innocently.

"Not really... Just figured that Naruto needed an edge over everyone who wants to hurt him..." Crow stated rubbing the back of his neck. The Sandaime Hokage couldn't help but chuckle as the two nervous boy's sat before him.

"Don't worry. You've both mastered the most important lesson of any great Shinobi. That fighting is not the ninja way, striking when the enemy least expects it, killing only when absolutely necessary, leaving no trace of having done the deed. That is the true way of the ninja, and you both have proven to posses this skill." Sarutobi stated and the two grinned. Just as Crow was about to say something they all turned when the door creaked and Naruto put on his usual dumb mask...

"ON GUARD, OL' MAN! RIGHT?!" A young brown haired kid shouted lunging into the room with a shurikan, but his scarf got caught in the doorway and he slammed into the ground. Naruto AND Crow both looked at the kid and then blinked though you couldn't tell thanks to Crow's mask and goggles. 'If it's not one thing, it's another...' Sarutobi thought to himself pulling his hat down to shadow his eyes from view.

"Whats he got into this time?" Came a voice from the hall as someone burst in wearing a chunin, maybe jounin, outfit with a pair of dark glasses and a hittai-ate covering his head and hair. "AHA!" He stated seeing the kid who fell face first into the ground.

"I get it! It's a trap? Right!??!" The small boy asked while rubbing his head from ware he hit the ground. This short, annoying, brash kid is known as Konohamaru, The honorable Grandson of Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage.

"A-Are you alright, Honorable Grandson?! And for the record, there are no trap's here!!" The man in glasses questioned of the kid and Crow looked between the two and sighed. The man was known as "Master" Ebisu, the personal Trainer to Konohamaru. 'Damnit, why couldn't one of them have been a hot chick...' Crow wondered in his mind then pulled an orange book out of his back pocket and buried his face in it... 'Oh great Nii-san's reading his little orange book again...' Naruto thought annoyed as he glared at his only family as he giggled pervertedly. 'Now then...' "What's going on with that kid?" Naruto wondered aloud.

"KID?" Konohamaru demanded glaring at Naruto as Crow sat beside him and flipped a page in his book quickly.

"YOU!? Don't tell me it's..." Ebisu started then stopped as one of Crow's eye's locked on him threw his goggles. Ebisu couldn't see the eye but he could feel something he didn't like... It was like the last time he had ever seen Orochimaru... That kid wasn't normal in any way or sense of the word... 'And as if that wasn't bad enough, he's the one thing in the village that's protecting the so-called human form of the Kyuubi no Kitsune!'

"AHA, so YOU tripped me! It was you right!!!" Konohamaru accused pointing a finger at Naruto who blinked then frowned. 'I may not know who this kid is, but he's messing with the wrong guy...' Naruto thought to himself and grabbed Konohamaru by his scarf and lifted him up glaring at him heatedly.

"YOU FELL OVER YOUR OWN FEET!" Naruto shouted at the boy who growled at him just as angrily. Crow meanwhile turned a page in his book and giggled pervertedly once more drawing some of Naruto's ire. 'Why is it every time he does that I feel like I should get Ino to hurt him?' He wondered to himself in the back of his head.

"UNHAND HIM NARUTO!" Ebisu shouted to Naruto. "That boy happens to be the grandson of our revered Lord, The Third Hokage!" Ebisu shouted while pointing to Sarutobi who simply took a puff of his pipe... 'Why is he getting me involved in this now?' Sarutobi wondered to himself annoyed.

"So? Take your best shot! I dare you!" Konohamaru stated to Naruto who blinked. 'They always do this, once they know I'm the Hokage's grandson... Too afraid of me? Just like master four-eyes there, and everyone else in town... HAH!' Konohamaru thought to himself as Naruto then growled. 'Okay, he's the old man's grandson, now normally I wouldn't hurt him out of respect for the old man... BUT THIS KID'S JUST ASKING FOR IT MAN!!!' Naruto thought to himself angrily.

"SO WHAT! I don't care if he's his grand-mother!" Naruto shouted and punched Konohamaru over the head. 'T-this one... He's different...' Konohamaru thought to himself as he hit the ground with a dull thud.

"WHAT!!!!" Ebisu shouted and Sarutobi let out a low groan as he could feel that this meeting was going to end up biting him in the ass later...


Naruto was walking threw town, Crow had left saying he was going to go visit an old friend... Or in other word's to Naruto he was going home to read his perverted book... Naruto was even more annoyed that the kid, Konohamaru, was following him. He was zipping from pole to pole while they were in an alley, and when Naruto was passing a fence he noticed that someone was in front of them only with their camouflage sideway's...

"QUIT FOLLOWING ME YOU STUPID KID!" Naruto shouted turning to ware Konohamaru was. "I CAN SEE YOUR RIGHT THARE!" He shouted at the kid who lowered the badly done Camouflage with a grin.

"So, you managed to penetrate my disguise!! Right?!!! The rumors of your prowess don't lie!" Konohamaru stated and then pointed at Naruto who's eye twitched. 'What's up with this Kid?!' He wondered to himself. "Teach me your skills. And I'll become your disciple." Konohamaru stated and Naruto's face and body language seemed to show only one thing... His utter confusion at this point. "YEAH!" Konohamaru shouted and Naruto blinked wondering what the hell was up with this kid. "You've gotta teach me that "Oiroke No Jutsu" thing you used on my grandpa." Konohamaru shouted and Naruto blinked. "Okay Boss!" Konohamaru shouted and Naruto looked at him strangely.

"B-boss?!" He questioned unsurely as he looked at the exuberant face of Konohamaru. 'Why do I have the strangest feeling, that I'm going to end up in a good deal of pain soon?' Naruto wondered to himself glumly...




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