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Naruto Ultimate...

Chapter 18...

The End of Pain, Battle between the Spirits of Vengeance! The Rider Vs. The Crow!!

Buildings burn, flowers fade, people die... But real love... Is eternal...

26 Lord Pain...


Talking "Yo"

Thinking 'Stupid Fox'

Demon/Summon/Madness Jutsu Talking "Grrr..."

Demon/Summon/Madness Jutsu Thinking 'Stupid Kit...'

Inner Self Talking/Spirit of Vengeance talking "CHAA!!!"

Jutsu "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!"

Guardians of Pain "Now you will come with us Child..."


(Realm of Pain...)

Naruto/Vengeance walked out of Loneliness tower his eye's glaring towards the arena in the center of this twisted and dark place. "Now... Now I can end this..." He said to himself and moved on towards the Colosseum. Azrael was flying over head, the bird landed on one of the many Gargoyles on the building, it's eye's looking down at Naruto as he reached the front gate of the Colosseum and found a large indention for the disk he had in hand. "So thats where it goes..." He said to himself and placed it into the door, and heard a click as a slot opened in the door, just big enough for Naruto's hand and forearm to fit into. "Might as well..." The Flaming being muttered to himself and placed his right arm into the slot, reached out within and grasped something.

As soon as his hand grasped what felt like a simple rod within the disk and inner workings of the door started to turn inward, taking Naruto's arm with it as blades came from the door and slowly moved towards his arm as he struggled to hold back the handle. "Dammit... I hate these damn traps!" Naruto growled angrily as he slowly managed to move the rod within the door in the opposite direction, once he had moved it all the way he heard another click and he pulled his arm out just in time for the door to slide open, sand and dust that had gathered with age falling as the cobwebs were pulled apart...

Naruto walked within the Colosseum and looked around, finding it was just as massive inside as it appeared from outside. However, around the obsidian walls of this Arena was multiple Torture devices, some even resembling the ones used on th Guardians themselves, the stadium seats were made from marble, obsidian columns holding the upper stadium floors up. The chains from the towers around the Towers all came into this Arena and attached to a large stone slab of marble with chains and manacles sat in the middle of the arena, the area around it covered in dried red blood, staining a large percent of the arena floor a deep crimson... "Sick..." Naruto growled his eye's narrowed in distaste when he heard a dark Chuckle and turned around his eye's narrowing as another new Guardian now stood before him...

This one, like all the others, had bone white hair, but it was shoulder length and spiky covering the left side of his face while two strange silver clips held it to the side on the right, with pale blueish gray skin, however, this one's eye's were different like Lord Pains. This one had Black sclera, with diamond blue Iris, and a white four pronged star in the middle of the eye, under his eye's were dark marks with a black mark like a tear coming off the side. His mouth nose, and entire lower face was concealed by a strange metal mask with black trim and three holes for air and attached to pads over his ears and a black headband. His sleeveless black shirt was attached to the mask and left a small amount of his stomach visible, he had five silver rings one around his neck, one on each of his biceps, and one over his shoulders and under his arms, a pair of black fingerless gloves over his hands and forearms with white metal plates nearly covering the entire back of each fist. He had on a pair of knee length black shorts with a black sash tied loosely around his waist, a metal plate on his right hip, two more metal plates on each of his thighs, and a pair of black cloths over his feet and shins, with metal plates just under his knees. Over his wrists, neck, and ankles were black leather manacles, like all of the other Guardians.

"He he he... not bad kid, you've made it to the final challenge..." The Guardian said simply and Naruto crouched down glaring at him. "Oh no, not me kid! I may be the Guardian of the pain of Wrath but I don't wanna fight you!" The Guardian said holding up his hands and backing away from Naruto slowly. However, this Guardians name seemed to intrigue the boy, mostly because he had never heard of anyone having pain from being angry.

"Guardian of Wrath?" He questioned and the Guardian let out a breath.

"Guardian of Wrath, Guardian of Vengeance... That kind of thing. Most find it easier to say Wrath however so I go with that... Besides... When I was alive I was guilty of the Sin of Wrath..." The Guardian said then took a thoughtful look. "Or was it I was guilty of the sin of Sloth for being lazy and making everyone wrathful against me..." The... Was it Really a Guardian? Person said to himself and Naruto raised a brow wondering what was wrong with this Guardian, the others seemed in pain, this one, he seems like he's living in an average world...

"Uhh... Why aren't you acting like a Guardian of Wrath then? You seem more like the Guardian of Forgetfulness or something..." Naruto said simply and Wrath shrugged his shoulders before placing them behind his head, in a somewhat familiar way...

"Meh, I'm not like the other Guardians... Obviously... Truthfully I was made to be the Polar Opposite of Lord Pain himself. Sorrow and Wrath, two sides to one coin. As such I'm like the other version of the Guardians and I control the half of the Guardians that Lord Pain doesn't." Wrath explained to the boy then looked up and whistled seeing a large amount of Crow's now standing around the arena, in seats or on the walls... "Looks like we've got an audience..." Wrath says to himself thoughtfully and Naruto looks around with a raised brow.

"Whats going on with all of these birds?" He questions and Wrath chuckles to himself then jumps upward and lands on one of the seats of the arena.

"Well Naruto, seeing as Lord Pain himself can't be here, looks like I'll have to be the one to administer your final challenge..." Wrath states then his single visible eye's takes a serious look. "Your final match Naruto... Your final Test... Is against yourself..." Wrath said and pointed to Naruto.

"You mean Loneliness? I've already wasted him..." Naruto stated and Wrath shook his head no still pointing at the boy with a serious look in his eye.

"No Naruto... Not Loneliness... What I mean... Is Vengeance... Come out..." With that said a beam of energy shot out of Wraths hand and straight threw Naruto, knocking something out of the boy to stand behind him, the young Ninja instantly reverting to his normal form. The young nin soon got up to his feet and shivered as he felt heat behind him, quickly turning only to see his new Vengeance form standing up also, before it then looked around and then back at Naruto with wide confused eye's.

"What the hell just happened..." Vengeance questioned looking at his body and Naruto nodded his head slowly, then saw that Vengeance had his Gauntlets and Grieves, leaving Naruto with nil...

"Oh shit..." The boy said to himself while the Crow's around the area all started to caw.

"Now then, Naruto Uzumaki... You have faced your fears, of Loss and Hope, faced your doubts in Loneliness, but now, now you must face yourself..." Wrath said and the door out of the Arena slammed shut the sky swirling above and Naruto groaned softly and got up to his feet. "You have fought with Vengeance controlling the power of your Kamigan, You have fought with the Kyuubi's help also... But now... Now you must fight without the use of EITHER of them... You must fight with your own power..." Wrath added darkly and Naruto frowned realizing that meant Vengeance also had all of Vulpina's power... Shit...

"So... I have too fight Naruto over there huh..." Vengeance questioned of Wrath who nodded his head making the flaming Spirit chuckle. "Not bad, I've actually wondered who was better between us... Me or Him..." Vengeance said while popping his neck, seeming to ignore a now Irate Vulpina in his mind. "Sorry Foxy, but this isn't about you or him... Now, This is MY time to show him what true power is like..." Vengeance said with a chuckle.

"I had no idea you were so sadistic..." Naruto said with a frown and pulled a pair of Kunai out of his Weapons pouch and held them out back handed. The Spirit seemed amused with Naruto, though with the mask on it was impossible to actually tell or not.

"Theres allot your don't know about me..." He said Darkly the chains on his Gauntlets sliding to the ground as the blades of his Grieves unlocked. "You think I'm just a separate personality in you... Your wrong if you do... I am the Spirit of Vengeance! I am the thirst for justice you have denied! The Power that your very soul hungers for!!" Vengeance exclaimed as his fires burned hotter than before Naruto's eye's narrowing on the flaming spirit.


Naruto Vs. Vengeance...

Round One...

Naruto / Ninja Tools...Vengeance / Vulpina Gauntlets, Flare Grieves...

To face ones enemy, first one must face them self...


"Would you just shut up already and fight me..." Naruto said with a frown and Vengeance crouched down.

"GLADLY!" He exclaimed angrily reeling back one of the chains on his gauntlets and flinging it towards the young man before him. Naruto blocked with his Kunai and Vengeance pulled back on the Chain, pulling Naruto forward and making him lose his footing. The Spirit then ran forwards and spun his leg kicking Naruto with his Shin guards rather than the blades of his Grieves, knocking him to the side. Naruto skidded along the ground and groaned in pain, then formed a T Hand Seal and several Shadow Clones popped into existence around him. Naruto then pointed at the flaming Spirit and the clones all rushed towards Vengeance with their own Kunai at the ready.

The vengeful beast wasn't amused however as he then put his arm's at his side, red flames dancing down the chains links as he then spun while the clones were all too close to block or dodge and hit everyone of them, all of them poofing out of existence as the being slid to a halt, his back to Naruto who ran towards the spirit and flung his Kunai at him. Vengeance seemed to grin and then ducked down under the Kunai and flung his chains at Naruto's feet, latching onto the boy before flinging him towards the stone slab in the center of the ring where the chains around it caught and held him. "Shit." Naruto gritted out as Vengeance crouched and sprung forward, unlocking the knuckle blades on the gauntlets and leaping up. Naruto leaned to the side, dodging the blades and only gaining a small cut on his cheek. Naruto then hit his head into Vengeance, knocking the spirit to the ground glad he had his Hittai-ate to protect him from the heat coming from Vengeance body.

'Okay, Vengeance has always been a straight forward fighter, though with his body as hot as it is, I can't get close to him. However he either doesn't know how, or doesn't like Jutsu and has a tendency to over compensate real power, with brute force... Now how do I use that against him...' Naruto then untangled his limbs from the chains and jumped upwards in time to miss Vengeance as he tried to grab the young nin. "C'mon Vengeance. Your gonna have to be quicker than that if you wanna catch me!" Naruto taunted while then climbing up the chains and looking down to see an irate Vengeance grab hold of the chains and start his own way up. 'C'mon you bastard... Follow me all the way up...' Naruto thought to himself with a smirk then flipped up to stand on the chains, nearly a mile above th arena floor as Vengeance launched himself up also. Naruto smirked as the flaming spirit landed on the chains making said spirit narrow it's eyes on him.

"What are you grinning about..." He questioned angrily and Naruto chuckled.

"Look down..." He said and Vengeance tilted it's head and did only to widen his eye's in realization. "Your body's greatest strength is that heat of yours, however, if these chains were to break or melt, it doesn't matter who you are Vengeance... You'll be dead..." Naruto stated simply and Vengeance snarled. 'Dammit he's right... I can't take the chance of falling from this height... Even standing on these chains is dangerous with my body heat at it's current level... I'll have to cool down my body temperature... Fucking red haired jack ass...' Vengeance grumbled to himself inwardly as Naruto then reached into his weapons pouch and pulled out a pair of Trench Knives like Asuma's and channeled chakra into them making the blades on them a bit longer. 'I am so glad Crow convinced me to get Trench Knives now...' Naruto thought to himself as Vengeance glared at the boy, the fire on his body turning a dull blue color.

Vengeance growled as he looked at the boy his flaming eye's glaring at him angrily. "You realize I'm going to rip you apart... right?" The spirit questioned angrily making Naruto smirk to himself.

"Maybe... But lets not forget that I'm not the one who has to worry about melting these chains." Naruto stated then lunged at Vengeance swinging his knives towards the spirit that snarled and ducked back, Naruto landed beside the spirit and back handed him, the flaming being cursed loudly while falling and reached out, grabbing the chain across from him then flipping back to his feet.

"Smart ass Red head..." Vengeance grumbled then focused to create a fireball in his hand, as he then turned around and tossed at the boy quickly. Naruto ducked down then grimaced as Vengeance made a pair of Fireballs, one in each hand and threw them at him. The red haired boy flipped to the side, evading the Fireballs and landing on his feet as Vengeance growled angrily and Formed another pair of Fireballs in his hands. The angry spirit continued to throw fireballs at Naruto, the red haired young man flipping around the chains and evading them until finally Vengeance simply lost it and roared towards the boy, jumping up and trying to slash the boy with his Gauntlets blades.

But as soon as Vengeance came in contact with the chains holding them up they snapped and both fell, Naruto grabbed a nearby chain and held himself up, Vengeance did the same but his hands heat melted the chains links. The Spirit then fell, with Naruto letting out a relieved sigh as the spirit did then slid down the chains and to the ground to see the splattered form of Vengeance on his back, and the boy placed his Trench knives back in his Weapons pouch. "Alright Wrath. I won." Naruto said as he turned towards the final Guardian who chuckled slightly and then pointed to Vengeance. Naruto raised a brow but turned and gaped as Vengeance blood and bones seemed to flow back into place, his form rising off his back and slowly to a kneeling position...

"I'm BAAAACK..." Vengeance said in a dark tone his flaming eye's glowing blood red as he then stood up to his full height and looked at the blood haired boy before him. Vengeance then popped the knuckles of his fists and his neck before crouching and lunging at a still stunned Naruto who barely managed to block a fatal kick, only to get backhanded by the blades of Vengeance Gauntlet, cutting three jagged marks on the boys face. Naruto pushed himself back to his feet and yelped as he ducked out of the way of a fireball then was grabbed by Vengeance who then tossed him into the air and then grabbed and tossed him into a wall.

Naruto spit out some blood as it pooled in his mouth then struggled to his feet, he did so just in time to see Vengeance rushing towards him and the red haired nin growled as he then rolled out of the way so Vengeance rammed himself head first into the wall of the arena. It was slightly comical for Naruto to see the spirits head stuck in a cartoon-like fashion, but the novelty of it quickly wore off and Naruto got back to his feet and then formed several hand seals. "Chakra Shrapnel Jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed as a Chakra shell around his body broke into pieces and fired towards Vengeance and exploding into brightly colored fog just as the flaming spirit got his head out of the wall. Naruto then flipped backwards and added a Lightning element to the Chakra Field, the charge running threw the fog of Chakra and electrocuted Naruto's enemy, leaving the bot to let out a breath.

However, the Barbecued spirit wasn't done as once more he slowly reformed, then placed one of his feet on the ground and pulled himself back to his feet, concealed by the remaining dust of the Chakra field before letting out a roar and lunging at a surprised Naruto. Vengeance then swung one of the chains of his gauntlets at the surprised red head, grabbing his ankle and pulling him to the ground. Vengeance then placed his feet firmly on the ground and began to swing the chain, dragging Naruto with it as he did, soon the flaming specter managed to get the red head flying in the air. Naruto gritted his teeth and attempted to reach down but the force with which Vengeance was spinning him didn't allow him much movement. Finally Vengeance released Naruto sending the red haired boy flying straight into the arena seats and hitting them with enough force to leave a crater where he was.

Naruto shook his head with a groan as he pushed himself up, then let out an annoyed sigh as Vengeance charged right at the boy once more. Naruto grumbled and flipped up to his feet and then crouched as Vengeance got close to him. Naruto then swept the specters feet out from underneath him and then raised his knee to his gut. Naruto then kneed him in the gut once more, then again, and again, sending him higher in the air every time before finally kicking Vengeance in the gut and sending him flying up into the air. Naruto then jumped up himself and used an Air Hyke in order to get above Vengeance, before then grabbing the specters legs and placing his own under his arms and across the chin of Vengeance as the fell, which ended with him plowing Vengeance's skull back into the Arena floor below them once more.

Naruto got away from Vengeance and let out a panting breath seeing the spirits legs then fall back and too the dirt while he tried to recover his lost breath. However soon the specter was pulling himself free of the dirt and Naruto groaned to himself wondering what the hell it took to actually kill this thing... A fucking TANK!?! "He, not bad for a weakling..." Vengeance said with a laughing tone while Naruto could only groan, his body was starting to tire, while Vengeance looked like he could fight until doomsday without rest... "Now lets finish this!!" Vengeance roared lunging forwards and punching Naruto in the face and sending him back peddling. Vengeance then swung his chain and wrapped it around Naruto's upper body before pulling him forward and slamming him into the ground behind the spirit as it then recalled its chain and ran towards the boy.

Vengeance followed it up by swinging his leg and grieves at Naruto, the boy managed to jump back but grunted and landed on one knee as his midsection was cut even threw his armor with tree long gashes. Vengeance then rammed his knee into Naruto's face and sent the boy skidding back once more. Vengeance didn't stop their however as he ran at the young man, eye's blazing hot and he swung his gauntlets knuckle blades cutting upside Naruto's face and knocking his Hittai-ate off and to the ground before he then punched Naruto in the gut and sent him spiraling straight into the arena wall where the boy fell to the ground.

"Ouch..." Naruto mumbled to himself and looked up in time to see Vengeance forming another large fireball... "Is this how I'm going to die..." Naruto wondered to himself as he saw Vengeance launch the Fireball at him. Just as he thought it was the end, time seemed to slow down and a single black crow landed in front of the boy it's amber eye's looking at him... 'Don't look...' The boy heard in his mind and his eye's closed as darkness overcame his mind...


'You have done well child... But... The true question is... Will you go on?' A soft almost angelic voice questioned from a darkened Landscape, Naruto opening his bleary eye's to look around continued to see only the darkness, ever encompassing him in it's depths...

"What..." Naruto questioned softly, his head still on the ground, his eye's half lidded.

'I asked if you will go on from this point... Young one... Or will you allow Vengeance his reign...' The voice questioned and Naruto grunted softly and looked around in the darkness.

"I wouldn't give up... If I had even a slim chance of winning... But this guy... He's immortal..." Naruto said softly and saw a figure appear before him, clad in black robes black battle armor over them, with pearl white skin and amber colored eye's, like a crow.

'Really? Are you the same Naruto Uzumaki who said he wouldn't rest until he became the best, and became the hero that his father wanted him to be?' The person questioned, long ebony locks framing his pale features, a soft smirk on his scared lips.

"What do you know... I can't fight what I can't kill..." Naruto said and the person chuckled softly.

'Really... That still doesn't sound right Naruto. What would be the point of enduring these tests if you just gave up on us at the finish line?' The person questioned, the large black wings on his back becoming visible, the two scars on his lips making it look like he was frowning a pair of crack forming from the sides, more cracks in his skin over the sides of his eyes...

"Who the hell are you anyways..." Naruto questioned softly of the winged figure who chuckled to himself and then knelled down next to him.

'I have had many names over the centuries child... Azrael, The Grim Reaper, Angel of Death... But... Simply call me... Death...' Death told the boy whose eye's widened in shock. 'Now then... Are you just going to lay back and die here? Or are you going to get up and fight like the true warrior you are?' Death questioned and Naruto looked to the side with a frown on his face.

"Even if I do... How do I fight with an immortal like Vengeance? What can I do to beat something that cannot die..." Naruto questioned and the dark angel gave him a grim smile and leaned down to his ear...

'By becoming an immortal yourself...' He whispered as he then seemed to vanish into the shadows. 'Wake up...' He whispered just as a large black Crow then appeared before Naruto and cawed, but this time he heard a voice in his mind, much louder than Azrael's own voice...

'Get up boy... You got work to do... And ya ain't got much time to do it...' The voice of the Crow told him simply then looked around. Naruto followed it's motion and gawked as he then saw several, no nearly dozens of Crows all around him. And at that moment he heard Azrael and turned in time to see the large glowing eyed bird as it then flew up into the air and lunged down into Naruto, his eye's widening as it did...


(Back to The R.O.P.)

With a massive explosion, Vengeance gleefully watched as Naruto was engulfed by the flames of his own Vengeance. "Heh, I always knew he was weak." Vengeance said and then crossed his arms smugly, only to raise a brow as he saw something within the flames of Naruto's demise move, then a form stood up and Vengeance plainly gawked seeing Naruto slowly being covered in shadows, like when he became Vengeance his armor changed... Only he had changed also this time...

His spiky red hair was now tipped with black, his skin was several shades paler than before, and the bandages on his right arm had turned pitch black matching the black glove on his left arm. On his face, the whiskers he had been burdened with all his life were now gone, in their place his lips now were black with a large painted grin, a pair of black spikes going up and down the center of his eye's, a second spike on the outer side of each of his eye's and curving downward like tears. His eye's had changed into the Kamigan, his finger and toe nails were all black, but his finger nails looked like claws. His ANBU style armor was repaired and now black in color, the Shin guards having changed becoming curved with the edges touched behind his calves, the locket and pendent dangling down his chest.

Then the shadows concentrated around his arms and legs, leaving a pair of Gauntlets and Grieves in their place. These were black in color, with black plates along the back of his forearms, a small black spike on the side with a translucent white blade coming from it, dark gray leather was along the under side of his forearm and the back of his elbow, around the wrists was a thin silver bracelet that didn't completely surround the wrist instead looking like a pair of claws, with a thick black plate on the back of the fist and a plate coming over the backs of each thumb. The grieves were black also, with only two blades on the front which were unlocked and looked like talons, with a third blade at the back of the foot in the shape of a crescent moon, the armor covering his feet making it look like he had steel toed boots on, with a silver bangle around his ankles...

A crow then flew from the stadium and landed on Naruto's shoulder, cawing loudly as the other's joined in and Vengeance looked around confused while Wrath leaned forward... "Now the real fight begins... The Spirits of Vengeance will now clash... The Ghost-Rider VS. The Crow!!" Wrath exclaimed loudly as the two spirits looked at one another with hate for one another clear in their eyes...


Naruto Vs. Vengeance...

Round Two...

Crow Naruto/ Nocturne(G&G Set)...Vengeance/ Vulpina Gauntlets, Flare Grieves...

From the darkness comes a renewed will to fight and live on...


"What the hell are you?" Vengeance questioned as he saw the new Naruto who simply gave a devils grin.

"Just a lost soul with a Crow..." Was all he said as the crow that had been on his shoulder then flew into the air and perched itself onto a statue overlooking the arena. "I have a question for you..." Naruto said to Vengeance who glared at him. "Are there, spots in a leopards eyes, also?" The question caught Vengeance off guard long enough for Naruto to rush forward and knee him in the chin sending the spirit skidding back while the young nin landed in a crouch. Naruto then lunged back at Vengeance, reeling his fist back as the specter slowly got back to his feet and attempted to hit him once more, but Vengeance grabbed his arm and tossed him over his shoulder.

Naruto flipped in the air however, his feet landing on the wall of the arena and he pushed himself off of it and back to the ground right before running right at Vengeance and delivering a few quick jabs to the spirits stomach before grabbing his head and flipping him to the side. Vengeance clenched his fist's, and balled them together then slammed both together upwards into Naruto's jaw sending him back. But the dark warrior flipped in mid air, landing on his feet albeit shakily, as then Vengeance ran back at Naruto and threw several punches which the black clad warrior blocked with his Gauntlets then punched Vengeance directly in the face, sending the specter flying into the stone slab in the middle of the arena.

Vengeance snarled and got back to his feet, rushing towards the transformed Naruto and unlocked the blades on the wrists of his gauntlets. The red haired boy smirked as the flaming specter swung it's blade at him only the boy dodged then punched him in the gut. Vengeance's flames glowing hotter than ever as he rushed towards the boy swinging both his wrist blades wildly, the young red haired nin flipping around the sloppy strikes easily, and blocking more than that with his own gauntlets, then grabbing both of Vengeance arms and held them in the air, a calm look on his face. Naruto then flipped Vengeance with his arms and the specter landed on the ground and rolled away from being impaled by the knives on Naruto's grieves as he used a heel drop.

Vengeance quickly got back to his feet however and kicked Naruto with the blades of his own grieves sending Naruto flying back. Vengeance then formed twin fireballs into his hands and began to throw them at the young man who simply rolled out of the way of the flames. Vengeance then clenched his fists and roared as a massive burst of Darkfire flew from his body all around the arena hitting Naruto and anything else in it's path. Naruto was flung into the arena's seats making a massive crater and shook his head quickly before laughing at the fact any and all damage to him was quickly being healed as though by magic. Just as he did however, Vengeance lunged at him fireballs in hand and the young warrior rolled out of the way as a flame covered fist hit the ground he had been in.

Vengeance snarled at Naruto, though it was hidden by his mask and lunged at the boy, Vulpina's red chakra surrounding the specter as he then slammed his hands into the ground but Naruto flipped backwards, landing on all fours and giving the spirit a devils grin before he then lunged forward and slammed his left fist into Vengeance face sending him stumbling back. Naruto then punched him in the gut then grabbed the specter by his head and tossed him back into the arena below. Naruto chuckled to himself amusedly before jumping back into the arena himself.

Just as he did Vengeance flipped to his feet and ran at Naruto punching him in the face and knocking him back only for the boy to flip to his feet and turn to face him, the wound from the specter's knuckle blades healing almost instantly. The specter was so surprised in fact he barely saw it when Naruto ducked down under him, grabbed his legs, and then flipped onto his back and twisted his legs out of place. Vengeance screamed in pain as he rolled away from Naruto and Vulpina's chakra healed the wounds as if she couldn't control it. Vengeance then snarled and lunged at Naruto, swinging the chains on it's gauntlets and wrapping them around the boy before pulling him in and punching him in the face again, the pulling him back and stabbing him in the chest with his left arms blade as the chains around him unraveled and he laughed in triumph.

Naruto simply chuckled to himself however, and pushed himself off of the blade much to Vengeance shock then landed on all fours and lifted both his arms up and smashed them into Vengeance jaw sending him stumbling back. Naruto then ran at the spirit and kicked him in the face, then landed and punched him in the gut. His gauntlets didn't seem to have any blades beyond the single thin translucent blade on the side but they were good for increasing the damage from his punches or for simply blocking. However, as Naruto charged chakra into those thin blades, they began to glow then a blade of pure chakra formed from them and Naruto moved forwards and slashed at Vengeance arms, cutting Vulpina's Gauntlets into pieces...

'Sorry Vulpina... But it was either take those out or let him continue to use them for himself...' Naruto thought to himself then spun around and ran back at Vengeance, kneeing him in the face before grabbing the sides of his head and doing it again, shattering the mask he was wearing and revealing only flames in their place. 'Heh... And I actually sorta liked that mask too...' Naruto thought to himself idly then charged his grieves with Chakra and cut apart Vengeance own grieves and frowned to himself. 'You only made those because Branwen told you... But they were nice while they lasted Niisan...' Naruto though as he then landed and charged chakra to both his arms and legs at the same time and lunged at Vengeance.

Naruto sliced with his own wrist blades quickly dicing Vengeance upper armor, then destroyed his shin armor with his grieves, and finished by punching Vengeance in the face and sending him in the air, then jumped up also, punching him again and using an Air Hyke to go up higher into the air, Naruto then kicked down and sent Vengeance spiraling into the dirt near the pieces of what had once been his weapons and armor. Naruto soon landed and looked at Vengeance with a smirk. "Why... You seem to be falling all to pieces..." He said with a devils grin as Vengeance twitched, making Naruto raise a brow as then the flaming form flipped onto it's front.

"Why... Why won't you just die?!" Vengeance demanded clinching it's flaming fists together in fury and Naruto laughed darkly.

"Why? Because... I died once already..." He said and Vengeance snarled at the boy, while Naruto looked on as a second mask appeared at his waist, it was Vengeance's own mask! Then he felt a stabbing pain in his gut and mind at the same time as Vulpina's relieved voice and Vengeance groans of pain filled his head... Yet still 'Vengeance' was in front of him and pushing himself up to his feet an angry glow to his flames... "And just... Who, might you be?" Naruto questioned and then looked down and watched as the chains from Vulpina's Gauntlets slithered, merging together into a long black chain with a spike at the end, then traveled up his leg like a snake and wrapped around his upper body several times...

"Me... I am the thing that hunts those who spill innocent blood..." The flaming being said and Naruto slowly crouched sensing some ominous presence from the beast. "I am the rage of losing those close to you to evil men..." It said as the armor he once wore all melted and then slithered along his body, forming into new armor over his form.

Horned Skulls along the sides of his new thick boots, with spiked plates decorating his knees, thick black leather gloves the right one having an armored bracer over it, the left one having bone like claws. His new open jacket had flaps of leather were over the shoulders of the being with thick spikes coming off of each of them, a large chain appearing around it's left forearm, the chain shaped like skulls and bones with a spike at the end. A pair of armored plates on his hips and thighs, with a belt around his waist that had bullets in it, and a pair of black leather pants.

Vengeance was still on fire, however the flames were now changing, becoming a crimson red rather than orange or yellow. Naruto raised a brow, this change being more than he expected as then Vengeance started to grasp with it's hands and popping sounds came from them... "I AM VENGEANCE!" The being roared at last and suddenly it's ribs appeared and came out of it's chest forming around a glowing sphere of fire in the middle of his chest, a skull with two long fangs coming down his face and several spikes growing forward along the skull...


Naruto Vs. Vengeance...

Final Round...

Crow Naruto/Nocturne(G&G Set), Hellfire chain...Vengeance/Skull Chain, Hellfire Shotgun...

At last the true Spirits of Vengeance, shall clash...


"You are one UGLY son of a bitch..." Naruto said as Vengeance skull snarled at him angrily.

"This coming from a painted up clown like you isn't saying much..." The flaming skeleton growled and Naruto winced slightly.

"Alright, no more face jokes..." Naruto said and Vengeance nodded his head, then reached back and pulled something from his back that Naruto noted resembled Dirge's "Ebony and Ivory" only was longer and made of bones with spikes all over it... "Oh shit..." Naruto said lowly then rolled out of the way as Vengeance fire a ball of hell fire from the "Shotgun" towards the dark Avatar. Naruto then heard an explosion and looked to the spot the Hellfire had hit only to groan seeing the massive hole now in the side of the arena wall... "Whoa" Naruto said then saw a second ball of Hellfire coming at him and raised his Gauntlets to block the attack a translucent white shell forming in front of him but shaking under the power of Vengeance Hellfire. "This could get ugly..."

"You have no idea!" Vengeance shouted and unraveled the chain on his arm before swinging it at Naruto who cursed and flipped backwards away from the flaming specter. Vengeance then jumped up, spinning his Chain towards Naruto, Flames covering it as Vengeance made a literal wheel of Fire towards the boy. Naruto cursed loudly and flipped back just in time as Vengeance slammed the chain down near him. The enraged spirit then simply spun it's chain in the air before quickly throwing it towards Naruto, still holding one end as it wrapped around the red haired boy and Vengeance pulled him forward then kicked him in the face and sent him flying away and into the side of the arena wall's leaving an imprint of his body.

"Damn... This guy doesn't play around." Naruto said to himself and got yelled at for stating the obvious by Vulpina. "I'm starting to miss the quiet in my head..." He mumbled and got more yelling, however ignored it as he rolled under a punch from Vengeance then spun and swept the specter's feet out from under it. Naruto then flipped back to his own feet and away from Vengeance as the spirit then shook his head and the flames started to burn brighter with his rage.

"I WILL DESTROY YOU!!" The specter exclaimed angrily and lunged towards the young Uzumaki. Naruto dodged one of the spiked beings fist's, but Vengeance then used the claws on it's other hands and slashed Naruto's face before kneeing him in the gut, then grabbed him around the waist and lifted him up, Naruto's leg's falling over Vengeance head as the specter then used a pile driver on the young nin, lodging his head into the ground. Naruto's legs then took hold of a surprised Vengeance as then the nin pulled his head out of the ground and flipped, taking Vengeance body with him and slamming the massive specter into the ground.

"Take that..." Naruto grumbled then rolled away from the spirit and let out a sigh. However as a shadow came over him, Naruto let out an annoyed grunt and rolled out of the way as Vengeance slammed it's fists into the ground shattering the land around him. Naruto flipped to his feet however and quickly grabbed the specter and ran while holding onto him, before then ramming his head into the arena wall and making a large crater. Vengeance then grabbed Naruto and reversed the action, ramming the nins own head into the wall only the wall cracked more under Vengeance strength, nearly shattering into bits. Naruto then backhanded the specter and pulled his head out from the wall, then ducked down under a punch, placed his feet on the arena wall and grabbed Vengeance legs, then pushed back, ramming the specters head into the wall once more.

The wall caved in and took Vengeance with it, the specter roaring with rage as he soon stood up and Naruto flipping himself back to his feet and glaring at the spirit. Vengeance snarled and removed his Shotgun from his back and took aim at the dark avatar. Naruto cursed and ducked out of the way of a massive fireball, then ran and touched the wall, running along it as Vengeance continued to fire his Hellfire Shotgun at him. Naruto shouted as one of the blast's hit in front of him, knocking him off the wall and to the ground below. Vengeance then grinned to himself and ran forward, and placed his shotgun back on his back. Naruto saw him and flipped back to his own feet, ducking to the side to evade a punch from the flaming entity then crouching low to the ground and springing forward, sending Vengeance sprawling back.

"So what... Are we to be two immortals locked into eternal combat?" Naruto questioned as he got back to his feet and Vengeance snarled at him.

"It doesn't matter to me. I have no life to return too!" Vengeance stated and Naruto growled angrily glaring at the specter before him.

"Then why are you even fighting?! What purpose does fighting me actually serve?!" Naruto demanded of the specter which seemed to shake.

"It is all I can do... Only in battle here may I live again..." Vengeance grumbled and Naruto looked at the flaming specter with pity.

"Then let me put you out of your misery..." He said simply crouching down into a fighting stance and Vengeance snarled at him once more.

"Ha! I will not allow you to defeat me!" He exclaimed rushing at Naruto as the boy ran at him, the two came together, each pushing the other back. But Naruto grabbed Vengeance by one of the bones coming out of his chest and flipped him onto his back and then grabbed his head placing his thumbs over the spirits eye sockets though he gritted his teeth as his flesh was burned and healed at super fast speeds.

"No, this must end now... You think you know pain and suffering... I'll show you TRUE pain and suffering..." Naruto snarled as the visions of his past came to haunt him, inducing an enormous headache on the boy as he could barely stand to remember these visions... "An entire childhood worth of pain... Of Suffering... All at once... ALL FOR YOU!" Naruto snarled as he sent the images directly into Vengeance mind. "PAINS PULSE!" Naruto shouted the Kamigan eyes spinning rapidly as Vengeance screamed in pain as the visions of Naruto's youth assaulted his mind. When the technique was finished however, the flames on Vengeance body all slowly went out leaving only a skeleton int spiked clothing behind.


Winner Naruto Uzumaki...


Naruto panted removing his shaking hands from Vengeance and backing away from the skeletal being. Naruto then fell onto his ass and groaned in pain as he was surrounded by shadows once more, and he was soon returned to normal. Azrael flying from his back as the Nocturne Gauntlets and Grieves, the Chain around his upper chest, and Vengeance mask on his right hip were the only new additions to his look... "Is it over?" Naruto questioned and heard clapping, then looked to the nearly forgotten guardian of Wrath.

"Impressive Child. I'd say you were the first of your clan to beat Vengeance so thoroughly. Usually I have to stop before he takes his true form but you... it was truly magnificent. Well Done Child, Well done!" Wrath said still clapping then jumped down and landed next to the out cold Vengeance.

"Am I finally finished with these damn tests?" Naruto questioned of the Guardian while pushing himself to his feet and Wrath chuckled to himself.

'Hmmm... Yeah... You can go..." Wrath said and snapped his fingers a black portal opening under Naruto and taking him away, Azrael following him in with the other Crow behind him. "Boy that was one good fight..." Wrath said to himself as then several shadow's appeared and the Arena repaired itself around him. The Twenty or so Shadows all looked down on Wrath with stoic stances but the Guardian of Wrath could feel the annoyance coming from them.

"Wrath, what the hell are you doing letting that brat go?!" Asked an enraged Guardian who was held back by a stoic Fear.

"Lord Pain's wishes are for the Uzumaki trials to be left alone... Were I to attempt to hold him here I would break his law... Besides, I will no longer work for those Akatsuki fools... They have dared to attempt to use us by keeping Lord Pain captive... I simply do not wish to obey them, and I will no longer allow this disgrace to continue on..." Wrath answered calmly and the angry Guardian went silent some of the other shadowed Guardians all nodding while Guilt looked at Vengeance.

"What about him? Why is he still here." Guilt questioned and Wrath chuckled to himself.

"Oh come now Guilt, Vengeance still has his uses to us after all..." Wrath said then kicked Vengeance in the head and waited for the Specter to awaken. He didn't and so Wrath mumbled something about baths in lava before his hand was encased in black flames, which he then plunged into Vengeance chest awakening the specter who started to let out hacking coughs.

"What do you want from me now?" Vengeance demanded looking around at the numerous Guardians around him, his hands starting to twitch.

"What we want is simply really Vengeance... A group known as Akatsuki has taken our lord prisoner... We simply wish for you to find him and tell us who they are holding him... that is all..." Wrath stated and Vengeance raised a brow then shrugged.

"And why the hell should I do what you say? I have no reason to help you or anyone!" He questioned then exclaimed angrily and Wrath grinned under his face plate.

"Should you do as we say, we will make sure you are rewarded Vengeance... We will see if Lord Pain will be willing to allow you to either return to Earth... Or maybe... You would rather go to Heaven to see your family again?" The Guardian said thoughtfully and the specter's eye sockets widened, he quickly turned his face into a snarl however and looked to the Guardian seriously.

"When do I start?" The flaming Specter questioned and Wrath had a slight twinkle to his one visible eye...



Naruto fell out of the portal and groaned as the two crows from within the Realm of Pain flew out and onto Branwen's shoulders. "Hm... So, Azrael and Nigredo huh..." She mused looking at the two and patting them on the head. "At least you got two of my more useful children..." She mused and Jiraiya tilted his head with a raised brow.

"What about that Big... Karasu summon? He looked real useful." Jiraiya questioned while Naruto stood up, the two blade on the front of his Grieves flipping up along his shins leaving the allusion of a pair of metal plated boots.

"Karasu is Useful... In battle... But only in Battle. Azrael is a Scout Class Crow, being able to go long distances, allowing his summoner to see through his eye's, and even picking up some smaller objects. Nigredo is a Spirit Warder, capable of granting a temporary boost in power to a person... Of course the one who is given this power will die once they use it in your human realm." Branwen explained and Naruto shivered.

"Glad I wasn't here when that happened..." He muttered to himself and Branwen smirked.

"Nigredo can also take lost souls to Heaven, Purgatory, The Realm of Pain, or Hell respectively depending on their life as a human. She's probably the closest thing to an Angel you'll see in your lifetime also." Branwen mused then nuzzled Nigredo's head with her cheek.

"Hold it... Thats a girl?" Naruto questioned and Branwen smirked.

"Yes, she is." She told him and Naruto let out a breath.

"How am I going to be able to tell who is who..." He muttered and Branwen rolled her eyes.

"Simple, they go as such, Lowest Summon, is for Distraction, Her name is simply Raven, capable of using Shadow Clones to make more of herself to bombard enemies. Next, Scout Class, His name as you know is Azrael, capable of scouting out area's and picking up some items with his metal talons and beak. Then Spirit Warder, name Nigredo or "The Crow" if you want, capable of temporarily imbuing a person with great power an immortality, results in death when used however. Then, Fighter Class, name Karasu, uses his steel talons and claws as weapons, his feathers can also harden into sharp knives which he can hurl like Shuriken or Kunai, mainly uses his extra wings for this or for creating a large burst of wind. After my Children is me, Queen Class, Capable of creating portals and using Wind based Jutsu effortlessly, also I can heal people if I feel like it. Last is my mate, Boss Class, his name Kakashi, he has all the abilities of myself and our children combined, is the size of a small mountain, and his wings can blot out the sun..." Branwen explained and Naruto gawked at the description of her mate...

"Your husband sounds... Tough... But how did you two?" Naruto questioned looking like he didn't know how to ask the question without sounding Perverted and Branwen took pity on him.

"We take Human form when we want to engage in... Carnal Acts... Thats how." She told him and he made an O with his mouth while Jiraiya grinned lecherously. "Now if you'll excuse me Naruto, my Children and I should be getting back home, Kakashi gets worried if we're gone too long." Branwen said as Nigredo and Azrael both jumped off her shoulders and into the air as she turned back into her crow form, flew into the air, and all poofed into three clouds of smoke...

"Well that was informative." Naruto said with his arms behind his head then turned to see a still meditating Crow. "I didn't know Niisan meditates..." Naruto said with a raised brow and Jiraiya shrugged. "Oh well, so what am I going to be learning next?" Naruto questioned of the old Pervert who blinked then shrugged.

"I'll think of something, until then, I hear you and Crow got a hotel and I need a place to stay if I'm training you." He said and Naruto nodded then walked off, Jiraiya following and leaving Crow behind...


(Hokage Tower...)

"You sent for us Hokage-sama?" One Kurenai Yuuhi questioned, her friend Anko beside her.

"Yes, I would like for both of you to go on a mission of the highest importance." The Aging Hokage said gravely and both women nodded to the man. "It seems as though someone envaded the Temple of Fire and stole a priceless artifact known only as the "Soul of Fire". I need you both to go locate and retrieve the Soul of Fire... Any questions?" Sarutobi questioned and Anko nodded.

"What we got to expect? Was it Enemy Nin or Bandits that took it?" She questioned and the old Hokage took a puff of his pipe.

"We are not sure Anko, if Hana Inuzuka was available I would have her look into it but both she and Kakashi are busy at the moment. Kakashi with training young Sasuke Uchiha for the Chunin Exam finals and Hana is on a mission to investigate the Forest of Death, we had more deaths this year than in nearly fifty years..." Sarutobi told her and Anko frowned while Kurenai took a thoughtful expression.

"Excuse me lord Hokage, I can understand why you would pick Anko for a mission like this, But I've only recently become a Jounin? Why send me with her?" She questioned and the old man chuckled to himself.

"You have a level head. Thats way. Anko is brash while you are calm. You will work perfectly together and your friendship with one another is already proof of it. You both have conflicting personalities traits yet you work well as a team. I am hoping to see what you will work like together... Unless you have an idea for someone to go with you." Sarutobi explained and Anko got a large grin on her face.

"What about that Uzumaki Kid, the Gaki showed some impressive skills during the exam and I'd like to see how well he does if he's put on a new team with different Dynamics..." Anko offered to the old man who took a thoughtful look while Anko chuckled evilly in her mind, she just wanted to mess with the kid, stuck with two hot woman like her and Kurenai for only Kami knows how long...

"What do you think Kurenai-San?" Sarutobi questioned and Kurenai blinked.

"Preferably, he is a good choice. His use of Ninjutsu is only basic but the Shadow Clone would be useful during our mission should we find ourselves in an ambush, beyond that his skills with his Kekkei-Genkai can also be quite useful. Myself and Anko have worked with his mother on occasion in the past and she knew almost the exact same skill's as Naruto. Though he does have a better version of Taijutsu than the Brawling she knew..." Kurenai surmised while also realizing why Anko suggested the idea, she didn't like Anko's motives but it would be a good chance to get to know Kushina-Chan's son...

"Very well then. I will call Naruto Uzumaki here as soon as possible. Please get anything you will for the duration of your trip that you might need ready, I will make sure that the ANBU I send to meet Naruto tells him the same. Dismissed." With that both Anko and Kurenai left and the Old Hokage sighed and leaned back remembering the last time that damn "Soul of Fire" was stolen... When Kushina had been sent to retrieve it as a family heirloom... 'Hopefully, it will not be as dangerous to you as it was to her Naruto-kun...' The old man thought to himself then called an ANBU to retrieve Naruto Uzumaki and get him ready for what could be a long term mission. Once the ANBU was gone, Sarutobi then reached into a drawer and pulled out a familiar little orange book with a smirk on his face... He'd worry about it later...




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Locate the Soul of Fire!


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