Fairytale Gone Bad

Ch 1 Alliance

AU. Light and L are princes. There have been mysterious killings, and Prince Lawliet forms an alligance with King Soichiro Yagami to catch the person behind it. There will be YAOI!

In the land of Mu their are two kingdoms that reign over all others, always managing to maintain peace within their lands; Whammy castle and Yagami castle. The Whammy kingdom is a place wrapped in many secrets, the biggest mystery of them all is prince Lawliet. Not a soul had seen him and still lives except those that dwell within the castle. The king, Quallish Whammy has been known for his kindness and willingness to take in orphans. Yagami castle on the other hand is almost compleatly opposite, they are known for their excillant military. King Soichiro, Queen Sachiko, Princess Sayu, and Prince Light are all well liked amongst their people, expecially the charming prince Light. He has caught the eye of many ladies of the court as well as the highly coveted Princess Amane Misa.

Lately there has been a series of raids in the villages of several kingdoms. King Yagami has been doing his best to put a stop to these vicious raids. He has also joined forces with King Whammy's son Prince Lawliet. Lawliet has been able to give the King some very valubal information that has been slowly bringing them closer to the culprate.


King Yagami was waiting in the throne room of the palace awaiting the newest message from Prince Lawliet. It had been three days since he had sent his last message to the brilliant prince. Not too after the king started pacing one of his kights, Mogi, had entered the room. He then nelt in front of the king. "My lord, a messanger from Prince Lawliet has arrived."

"Send him in." King Yagami said. Mogi got up and left the room. Soon after a red headed boy that looked only a couple years younger than Prince Light was led into the room. "What message dose your prince have for me?"

The red head bowed and pulled a scroll from his tunic. "Prince Lawliet said to make sure that no one but yourself reads this. I myself do not know the contence of this scroll." The boy said holding the scroll out to King Yagami.

King Yagami began to read the message, it went as followed:

King Soichiro Yagami,

It has come to my knowlage that sending messages by our usual way is no longer safe. Our messages have been intercepted. From now on we will use messangers that are loyal only to us. By the way, how is my Matt doing? I'm sure the journy has tired himso I ask that you accomadate him for at least one night.

Now back to teh topic at hand. I have been able to figure out a pattern to these raids. While several people were injuered the only death's were done those who are known to be theives, murderers and other various sorts of wrong doers. Also not a trace has been left behind of our villian. I do however believe that the pesants are calling their savior is dwelling somewhere within your kingdom.

I have a proposition for you. For us to properly join forces I propose that I journey to your kingdom. If you would be hospitable enought to allow me to live and operate inside of your castle I would greatly appriciate it. Together I believe we can rid our kingdoms of this self proclaimed savior. If you agree to my proposal, then please send one of your messangers. If you decline, then please send Matt back.

My most humble and generous gratitude,

Prince Lawliet Whammy

Below the Prince's name was his royal seal, indicating that the other was not a forgery. King Yagami pondered the message for a while, then glanced over at the boy. The red head fidgeted half out of boredomand half out of nervousness.

"Matsuda." The King called to one of his knights. Matsuda came quickly to the king's side, stumbling as he neared. However, once he was in front of his king, he stood in perfect attention. "Matsuda, I want you to esquort this boy to an empty room in the south tower." Matsuda bowed, then led the boy out of the room. "Mogi, tell Aizawa to ready his horse. I need him to deliver a message to Whammy castle."

"I will do it at once my lord." Mogi said. The man bowed then left the room in search of Aizawa.

The king sighed them went to his privit quarters. He then sat down at his dest and began to wright out his message of agreement to Prince Lawliet.

A/N: Sorry for the shortness of the chapter, call it an intro if you will. L is going by his last name Lawliet, because... well it just sonds better for my fic, I am well aware that it is not his first name.

The type of castles they live in are European, I didn't think of making Japanese castles untill playing Samurai Wariors with one of my friends the other night. Anyway, they WILL be stone European castles (mostly for something I have planned for a later chapter). There will not be a Death Note, but something similar, since this is set in midevil times.

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