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1. meeting








Hiei sat perched in the shade of a tree, waiting for Kurama to get out of school. He let his chin rest on the palm of his hand and closed his eyes against the sun. He did this sometimes out of pure boredom – he was still confined to the human world as of now. Whenever he waited, Kurama always knew and would walk silently to the tree, a smiling playing on his lips. Many times, Hiei would badger Kurama until he bought him ice cream. Mostly he would just threaten his life. It was the same old, same old.

But not today. No, today was different. Kurama exited the school building at exactly three o'clock as usual. But he was not alone. Normally, since they had all been accepted into the same high school, Yusuke and Kuwabara would come stumbling out like idiots with him before lumbering off together. There was no Yusuke. No Kuwabara. It was some… girl.

Hiei narrowed his eyes. He loathed humans very much. Upon closer inspection, he realized Kurama and the girl could very well have been related. She was good foot shorter than him, but had long straight, red hair and pale blue eyes. Hiei considered slitting her throat. He really did. But then a smell reached him that almost sent him falling out of the tree.

This strong smell penetrated his entire body, making his heart beat faster and his head feel sick. He had never felt such a strange sensation from a smell before. An enemy close by, perhaps? But no, the smell was human. Human, but from who?

With a slow horror Hiei locked in on the girl walking with Kurama. It was her. Her scent. It was driving him absolutely mad. His fists were clenched together so hard his knuckles turned a dead white. All he wanted to do was leap down and cut her into pieces… or did he? He couldn't decide if the smell was sickening or just… appealing? He shook the thought; humans were not something he would ever want to eat. That made no sense.

Just when Hiei thought he could bare it no longer, the girl turned in another direction. Hiei watched as she disappeared around the corner, and breathed a sigh of relief. Ugh that smell was just so-


The demon was almost startled by the sound of his name. It was Kurama, staring up with concerned eyes. "Are you alright? You seem distracted." Hiei ignored the question. "Who was that… thing you were walking with?"

The question seemed to have thrown Kurama off a bit. Hiei never inquired about any of his human relations. "You mean Rei? She's a very nice girl. We were simply discussing the upcoming physics project." Kurama smiled, waiting for Hiei to explain himself.

He didn't.

"Hn. Let's go. I'm in the mood for sweet snow."

Kurama rolled his eyes.




For the next week or so, Kurama emerged from the school alone as usual, and the horrid scent was almost forgotten. Still, when Hiei thought about it, he grew angry. It was a known fact that demons chose their mates by the scent they gave off. However, that was demon to demon. Not demon to human. And Hiei liked to tell himself that he was no capable of love. That all those emotions that could cause pain had been locked away a long time ago.

He liked to tell himself this a lot.

In fact, he had convinced himself that it was lust for blood. He just wanted to kill someone. That was all.

That Monday Kurama was with that girl again. Rei or whatever her name was. Hiei ground his teeth together. The scent was just a strong, and even harder to ignore. He waited for her to turn and leave, as she did before. But she kept walking – right towards Hiei. His blood grew hot and his heart just about stopped. Why wasn't she walking away, damn it?

They stopped about three or so feet away from the tree, talking innocently. Hiei crept into the higher branches, waiting. Suddenly Rei herself turned towards the tree and examined the branches. "I don't see that guy here… but I swear he was. Kurama it was this short guy with black hair sitting in the tree! I'm not crazy." She seemed lost and Kurama seemed confused. He always was a good actor. "It was probably a child playing in the tree."

"Yeah but I looked over at him and he glared at me." She shivered. "I thought he was gonna jump off and kill me… shit, maybe I am seeing stuff." Kurama laughed lightly with Rei before she gave him a quick hug and turned the other way. Kurama did not look back to the tree, he just began walking home. Kurama enjoyed walking home. The high school was right by a children's park, and he always liked to watch the mothers fret over their children. After a few minutes and a few blocks of walking later, Kurama counted down in his head.





"Why did you do that?" Hiei's voice was laced with venom. Kurama felt him breathing hotly on his neck. He fought back a smile.

"I think it would have seemed more suspicious if I had insisted she not show me. Don't you think?"

"I don't want that thing to come near me. She smells horrible." Hiei wrinkled his nose. "I can smell her on you."

"She smells human."

"Exactly." Hiei kept in step with Kurama, glaring daggers all around. After a moment, Kurama took a deep breath. "Well we are assigned to work on a physics project together. So she'll be at my house frequently, as I will be at hers."

Hiei didn't say anything. His Jagan began to glow a deep, angry red. He couldn't handle that smell… everything about that girl was so… so… he didn't even know. He couldn't decide whether he wanted to kill her or sleep with her. He feared it was the second. What was worse – he knew that Kurama knew. The damn fox had probably planned it all from the first day Hiei saw her. Hiei pushed himself in front of Kurama, fuming. In many ways he was acting like a stubborn child.

"Hiei you can't ignore this. It was bound to happen sooner or later."

"But with a human!? She is a filthy human, Kurama." Hiei snapped. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. He could have handled another demon, but not this.

Kurama pulled up in stride with Hiei. "Well it is unusual but it does happen. She's told me that she has seen you around a lot in the past few days. You've been stalking her, haven't you?" They reached Kurama's house then, and Kurama went in the front door to greet his mother while Hiei jumped up to the window and hopped into Kurama's bedroom. As soon as he excused himself and got upstairs, they continued but Hiei ignored the last question.

"Hn. Unusual? More like disgusting. So what should I do about this? Mate with her and be done with it?"

Kurama set his schoolbag on the bed and raised an eyebrow. "It doesn't work like that with humans, Hiei. You have to date and then slowly work your way-"

"Bullshit." Hiei spit. "If she doesn't agree then I will force her."

"Hiei that's rape!"

The fire demon seemed unfazed. "So?"

"Hiei you will not rape her. That is final." If Hiei was capable of a pout, he would have done so. Stupid human rules. Well she wasn't hideous, Hiei was sure many human men would find her attractive. Still, that didn't change the fact that she was human. "You need to check her."

Kurama looked up from his books. "Pardon?"

"You are doing a human project with her, yes? Make sure she is really human. Not some cheap trick."

"Hiei I'm sure that she-"

"Do it." And then Hiei was gone. Now Kurama pouted. How did he ever get dragged into this? At the same time, he chuckled. Hiei… with a human. It was hilarious, actually. Hiei would be pissed when he found out that Yusuke and Kuwabara knew as well.




Rei settled down in her computer chair, wishing she could melt into it. For whatever reason, all her teachers had decided to give her projects all in the same week. She was only seventeen for heaven's sake. Physics wouldn't be so bad; she got to work with Shuichi. Every girl in her high school would have killed to work on a project with him. Shuichi was a little too good natured for her though. But she didn't mind the eye candy. And Shuichi was damn smart too.

She heard a car pull into the driveway. She glanced at the clock. It was eleven already? Shit. If her mom found out she was still awake on a school night she wouldn't be happy.

Rei ripped her school skirt off and pulled on a pair of boy shorts and a thin white t-shirt. Tripping over her chair and a book, she managed to kill the lights and hop under the covers before her mother opened her door to check on her.

"Rei, honey, are you awake?" Rei pretended to yawn, as if she had been woken up.

"Oh hey mom, how was your date?"

Her mom shrugged in the darkness. "Eh, he wasn't really my type. Oh well, right? There are plenty more fish in the sea. Now go to sleep, I know you just crawled into bed." Her mom winked once and then shut her door.

Rei pulled the covers up to her shoulders, and nestled. While in bed, her mind wandered back to that man. She had seen him a lot during the past week or so. He was always in trees or somewhere discreet but she could feel him watching her. Every time she saw him watching her he would glare so hard… well, if looks could kill…

It frightened her terribly, because at the same time it made her heart beat unusually. She tossed and turned thinking about it, until she finally found sleep.


Rei shuddered slightly, unconsciously pulling the covers up higher over herself. A shadow crept over her, just a whisper above her face, ghosting over her in silence. She could feel it in her dreams, something telling her that she should wake up… something was wrong. Someone was there. Someone else was in her room…

Rei shot up like a bullet, breathing heavily. No one. There was no one there. She pulled the covers tight around herself, shaken. It had felt so real. Rei shook her head, laughing at herself. It was just a dream. But as she turned over her heart froze.

Her window was wide open.


"Okay so, how are we gonna go about proving that solar power is better than wind power?" Rei called, tapping her pencil against the table. Kurama entered the dining room with snacks and drinks. "Well both have advantages and disadvantages; we just have to pick one."

Rei snatched a chip bag and opened it. "That's the problem. Which one is more reliable? Wind and sun aren't constant." She shoved a handful of chips in her mouth. For a few minutes they said in silence, Kurama was nervous about Hiei showing up, though he had forbidden him.

"You have a really nice house." Rei said lamely. Kurama realized he was spacing out. "Oh I apologize. I was distracted."

They snacked and researched until about 7:30. Three bags of chips and two ramune sodas later, they were chatting up a storm. "Your mom won't mind that I'm here right? Ya know, a girl alone in the house with a boy or whatever."

Kurama laughed. "No, she trusts me. What about your mother? Will she object to you being here?"

"Ha! No, my mom thinks it's great. She's out on a date until ten or so I think, anyway."

"Ah I see, your father passed away?" There was a long moment of silence before Rei burst out laughing. Kurama was taken aback. "No, no." she breathed out between giggles. "Divorce, silly. My parents got divorced. Why would you think that?"

Kurama blushed. "Sorry, I just… assumed."

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure my mom wishes he was. Heh. Anyway I should probably head home before it gets too dark." She grabbed another soda from the fridge before grabbing her bag to leave. In his head, Kurama let out a sigh of relief. No sign of Hiei.

"Hey Shuichi, thanks for working on this with me." Rei jumped up and hugged Kurama and at the same time, something upstairs broke. She furrowed her brow. "What the hell was that?"

Kurama laughed nervously. "Ah, just my cat." Damn you, Hiei.

"Wow, angry cat… alright, see you tomorrow."

Kurama shut the door behind her and stomped up the stairs to see what Hiei broke, but he was gone.


Rei swore. She wasn't going to get home before dark. It was quiet tonight, event the crickets were silent. They usually had a lot to talk about during the end of summer. Rei checked the watch on her phone. It was only eight o'clock. Her mother was probably still out on her date and wouldn't be home until late. She smiled. Her mom hadn't been dating a lot lately, which was good. For a while after her parents got divorced she became a hermit.

Rei was glad she wasn't home to bug her all the time now.

She turned to walk towards her street. Another man was walking towards her. Cautiously, Rei clutched her bag; you could never be too careful. The man passed without cause, and Rei relaxed. She could have sworn she heard the guy smell her. Creep.

And then quick as he passed her, he was back. She was shoved hard from behind, landing face first on the pavement.

"What the f-"

She felt a strong hand on her back, pulling her up and turning her around. The man smiled in a way that made Rei's skin crawl. "Stop! Leave me alone." The man had yellow eyes and… were those fangs that he had? He laughed mockingly at her. "I can smell his scent all over you. You've been marked. But your mate is not here. How fortunate for me." He growled.


"Your scent is intoxicating…" Rei struggled to scream, but is hands were wrapped around her throat. Oh shit he's going to rape me. Rei made a desperate kick to his groin, but the man dodged it easily before tightening his grip around her neck. "Feisty are you? But you're a sexy human; I think you'll make a nice toy…" She struggled feebly, not willing to give up without a fight. She wasn't going to lose her virginity like this. He brought a knee to her stomach and knocked the breath out of her.

His tongue rolled out his mouth and it was inhumanly long and he leered at her. No please, no.

Rei squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the inevitable.

But it never came. She opened her eyes slowly, and gasped. That man… that guy in the trees! It was too fast for her to follow, but he must have hit the man hard, because she flew backwards and hit her head on the sidewalk. Panic and fear was still racing through her veins. Her head ached and she was confused. The last thing she heard was an ear shattering scream and saw was a pair of red eyes come into her view.

Then everything went black.


Everything hurt. Rei tried to move, but all of her limbs resisted. Even her eyelids hurt. She forced herself to open them a little. Everything was fuzzy, but she could see a ceiling and… Yusuke Urameshi? Rei finally opened her eyes all the way. She shot up and her head ached in protest. "Yusuke? What… what is going on? Why are you here?" She paused. "Wait. Where am I?"

Yusuke laughed. "Relax, you're in my apartment." He added more softly. "You're safe now."

It took a moment for Rei to remember what he was talking about. That's right, she was attacked. But then that guy… he saved her. The weird tree guy. But how did she end up with Yusuke? "Anyway are you hungry at all? We ordered some take-out." Yusuke signaled for her to follow him into the kitchen, which she did slowly. She forced herself off the couch. "We? Who is we?"

Upon entering the kitchen, Rei saw. Kuwabara was there, and Shuichi too. She stretched sore limbs. "Shuichi…uh… I don't… I'm confused."

"I know. Please eat first though. You're disoriented and weak." Emerald eyes coaxed her into a seat, and a serving of food was shoved at her. She ate reluctantly but too many questions were flooding her mind. Who was that guy? And how did she end up with them if he saved her? No one was talking to her, in fact that seemed to be ignoring her on purpose to avoid answering questions. She managed three bites before her curiosity got the best of her.

"This is stupid, how did I end up here? I was… well there was someone else… he saved me. You guys aren't telling me something…" Rei stood to grab a drink from the counter and froze. Hiei stood there, quiet as death, staring. "Him… you! It's you." She turned frantically back to Kurama. "Shuichi this is the tree guy I was telling you about!"

No one said anything. "…Why is he here?" Kuwabara hit Kurama on the arm. "Dude, Kurama…" Rei blinked. ("Kurama?")

Kurama finally spoke. "That… is Hiei. Yes he saved you." Rei nodded. Okay, finally some answers. "Wait… you told me you didn't know this guy." Kurama looked thoroughly embarrassed and exposed. So much for keeping everything on the down low. Silence enveloped the room once more.

Hiei just stood there, looking at her.

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" Rei backed up slowly, panic washing over her. Something was off. She just couldn't figure out exactly what. Hiei snorted and leaned against the counter, un-amused.

"Hn, this girl is dense."


Kurama interjected. "Rei I'm sorry about all this. It's a long story…"

Rei folded her arms. "Yeah well I got time. I wanna know why this guy… er… Hiei has been following me, not that I'm not grateful that you saved my life, and you're hiding something Shuichi… Kurama… whatever your real name is. I deserve to know what. So spill it. Now."

Yusuke whistled from the kitchen table.

"Rei I think you should sit down." Kurama offered, but she declined.

"I'm fine. Now just tell me what is going on."

He took a deep breath and no one else even offered to help him. Of course this was going to be his job. "You see your scent is a very powerful thing and every once and a while it is so strong that a demon is attracted to it. Yes, demons. And when other demons sense this, they battle for the affection of the mate. So really you're just in the middle of a dominance battle. Sort of." Kurama laughed out of pure mortification. Rei finally sat down again. She looked to Kurama, then Yusuke and Kuwabara, and finally Hiei.

"So… you're all demons?"

"Well Hiei and I are, yes."

"And… Hiei is attracted to my scent?"


"So he's my… mate or whatever?"

"Yes." Rei smiled and started to laugh. "Oh okay," she said between giggles. "I get it, this is a joke right? You really had me going to for a second." She kept laughing, but soon realized that no one else was joining her. She stopped.

"You are joking, right?"

Kurama stood and stepped forward. "Rei…"

"Oh my God you're not kidding." It all started coming together, then. The yellow eyes and strange feeling of someone watching her. The inhuman strength.

Rei straightened and rubbed her eyes. "This is so weird. This is so fucking weird. What the hell is this?" She turned to Hiei. "And you, do you even talk besides insulting people? I thought you liked my scent or whatever and what the hell is this demon thing you're talking about? I don't know what to make of all this and I… am going to go lay down again."

She walked back to the couch in a daze. This was really happening wasn't it? She flopped onto the couch, and buried her face into a pillow. She could hear Hiei and Kurama arguing in the kitchen.

"You shouldn't have done that Hiei, now your scent is all over her and her room. She is vulnerable to rival demons. You know that."

"What would you have had me do? Just ignore her scent? It's overpowering Kurama."


"Well maybe shorty shouldn't go lusting after underage girls -"

"Shut up you imbecile, no one cares what you have to say."

She blocked it out and tried to will herself back to sleep. This was happening too fast for her to comprehend; she hadn't gotten over the shock of it yet. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited for sleep. It didn't work, and she opened her eyes again to see Hiei standing over her. She remained surprisingly calm. For a while she only stared at him, but Hiei never met her eyes.

"So… this is real isn't it? It's… real." Hiei didn't answer her; he just looked her over as if he was calculating how this had happened to him. She just took the motion as a yes.

"What if I don't want to be your mate?" Hiei met her eyes, and she noticed they were red like her hair. Red eyes…

Hiei spoke suddenly. "You have no choice in the matter. I am bound to your scent, and you soon will be tied to mine. Unfortunately." Rei pouted.

"Well shit."


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He pushed her up against the wall and snarled.

"You had better watch your mouth human."

Rei put her hands against his chest and pushed. "Shut up, I'm not afraid of you. I can see right through your bullshit. If you're going to do it then just do it."