Title: Play Nice

Title: Silence is Golden

Author: SBX

Series: The "There Is" Series

Characters: Megatron, Frenzy, Barricade, Goldbug, Bumblebee

Pairings: None

Rating: PG

Warnings: Frenzy being Frenzy

Disclaimer: No character used in this story belongs to me.

Summary: Sometimes it's better to just keep you mouth shut.

A/N: Another prompt fic. This time it was Bumblebee/Frenzy/Pet. I'm setting up for some really bizarre relationships with these fics, as you will all find out eventually. And not all of them will be romantic in nature. There's actually a lot that happens between this fic and "Play Nice" but I want to write chapter six of "Comfort Calling Late" before I do any more prequel fics.

Frenzy watched the two younglings play fight with bewilderment. Having not had any contact with any of the creatures since his own youngling days, which was long ago, the communications officer was hard pressed to remember what was normal behavior for them. Or even what their purpose was.

He didn't see the point of their play fighting. The smaller, more timid youngling (Bumblebee, his memory chips told him) was at a clear disadvantage. It couldn't have been much sport for the larger one (Goldbug, which didn't make sense because he was neither gold nor of insectoid origin).

Frenzy didn't understand why the High Lord Protector would keep such creatures around even while working, or why he watched them with such fondness. They were almost animalistic in their behavior and the noises they made.

This brought a new thought to the communications officer's somewhat haphazard processor, and he couldn't keep it to himself if he tried. He turned to Megatron whose attention was unashamedly not on his work.

"My Lord," he said with proper respect. He did not want to get dressed down by the trigger-happy weapons specialist again for not showing proper respect to the rulers of the whole slaggin' planet and I don't care if Megatron and Prime are lax about it, there are still formalities you must follow or it's my cannon up your aft. Clear? Crystal.

Frenzy saw Megatron glance at him out of the corner of his optic and he knew he had the larger mech's attention. "My Lord, why do you keep those two creatures around? Are they like pets?"

There was a stunned silence in the room. Frenzy hadn't exactly been quiet or discrete in his questioning, so naturally everybody in the room heard him. Megatron couldn't formulate a reply even in his own head. His processor kept looping the word 'pets' over and over again. A youngling as a pet? Hoe could anybody even consider such a thing?

It was Bumblebee's indignant voice that broke the silence. "P-pets? W-we aren't anybody's p-pets," the youngling stuttered, speech hampered by his anger. At this Megatron finally got a hold of himself and gave the smaller mech a look that would have frozen the Pit. He was full prepared to rip the smaller mech to scrap (verbally, of course; good communications specialists were so hard to find), when a sound at his office entrance caught his attention.

There stood Barricade, head of security for the youngling centers and the most territorial mech the High Lord Protector had ever met. There wasn't a mech in the world more protective of younglings than Barricade. And judging by the look on his face he had heard every single word that was just spoken.

Megatron quickly calculated the probability of Frenzy leaving the room in one piece, then sat back and relaxed. He'd step in only if Barricade got too carried away. Ratchet would have his aft, other-wise. Those minibots were so difficult to repair.