Once in a Blue Moon…-


Being hurt sensitively was often happening to certain purple-haired girl. Being in love was odd for a cold-hearted man. But what would happen if they met? Will they ever stay the same or will they be called partners under the blue moon?

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Original story and characters by Nobuyuki Anzai

Fan fiction by Stephanie aka elven-faerie.aerowin

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"Damn it." I muttered under my full mouth. I was eating cookies this time and it was sticking in my teeth. I rushed down the subway and grabbed my MTR card. I swiped it fast and rushed inside the train that was about to leave. I clung on the metal bar with my right hand and brushed off the cookie crumbs from my beige jacket using my left. About five minutes had past and I haven't reached my destination. It isn't my fault that I work in Hong Kong since they have higher salaries there. After I save a lot of money, I'll transfer there. I checked my watch, finding out that it is already…11:38am… "Shit." I cursed. I'm late as the usual oh, god… Mikage-san will kill me!!!Good thing, I didn't leave my blueprints. Sheesh… the MTR door finally opened up.

It's rush hour again. I bumped with a lot of people while dashing off the subway. I bumped on a teenager, a businessman and was almost hit by a stroller. I apologized and ran again, not waiting for an answer.

"Sorry miss!!!" I yelled my apology to the lady in fur while running. Not noticing where I was going, I bumped on something hard. Ouch! What was a post doing in the middle of a wide room?! I stumbled. Some were snickering, others stared. Though through all the shame, someone helped me.

"Hn…Ladies with no gracefulness." The man lent his hand to me.

"Err…" I did not know what to say so I just reached for his hand. "Th-Thanks."

"Hmph…Next time, watch where you are going miss." He said.

"Yeah, yeah I will." I licked my lips. "Thanks again…"

I grabbed my bag and ran out remembering that I was late already. I crossed the street to the next block and went in Yamamoto-san's company building.

"Anou…Sorry I'm late again." I said as I bowed in front of Mikage-san and creasing my forehead, looking for an excuse. "Is this really urgent?"

"Hmm…Kirisawa-san, I see the next time you will be late, I'll demote you into an assistant engineer." He said to me. "But for now I'll let it pass."

"Thanks Mikage-san." I said. "Please excuse me." I was about to go to my office compartment but he called me again.

"Before I forget Ms. Kirisawa, where are your blueprints?"He asked.

"Oh it's here in my…" I reached for my bag and opened the flap. "Where the hell is it now?!"

I can't find it! "Sir,"

"Yes?" he replied.

"I think it fell outside my bag when I stumbled in the MTR but don't worry I have a spare here." I sighed. "But this one is a draft."

"Finish it then before you leave the office. Is that fair enough?" he said.

"Yeah…" I replied. "Then I should go now and finish this."

Fuuko Kirisawa

Is that girl deaf or what? As I always thought, subways are always full of people and are dangerous. My car broke down that's why I'm in this stinking place. I don't even know how to ride in this crap! Hanabishi's with me and the room's getting horrible. At least he knows how to ride in this train. Then someone bumped me and she staggered.

"Hn…Ladies with no gracefulness." I lent my hand to her.

"Err…" she stammered. "Th-Thanks."

"Hmph…Next time, watch where you are going miss." I warned.

"Yeah, yeah I will." She licked her lips. "Thanks again…"

Then she left. I turned my back but I saw some things from the corner of my eye. I looked back. Hmm…it's a green container and a wallet. It must be hers…I got her wallet and the cylindrical container. I opened the wallet but I didn't get the chance to see what's inside.

"Hey c'mon let's go now!" Hanabishi called for me. "We will be late!!"

"Hn…" I growled. "Damn…"

"Your dad's meeting you and you don't want to disappoint him… do you?' he asked.

"I always disappoint him…" I snarled.

"But I don't so let's go…" he insisted.

"Rubbish…" I muttered.

I then went out with Hanabishi. We went to the Yamamoto Enterprise to visit my ill-looking father, a CEO.

"Mikagami-sama, your son and his friend ARE here to talk to you. Shall I let them in?" I heard father's secretary informed him.

He growled in disgust as I heard. "Let my son come in. we have something to talk about."

"Yes sir." His secretary followed his instructions.

She cleared her throat and she faced us. "Gomen ne for the long wait Mikagami-san and Hanabishi-san, Mikagami-sama said that only his son can come in. Hanabishi-san you can't come in."

"That's okay, I'll wait here." Recca said.

"I'll be quick." I nodded.

"Please sit down sir." The secretary offered Recca a seat.

I went in and I saw father drinking his tea on the lounge chair in his office.

"What do you want?" I asked him direct to the point. "I'm busy."

"You're busy?" he raised a brow. "Where? At home doing paper works?"

"No, I'm working at the Fujiwara Company." I said.

"Fujiwara Company you say? But that's the opponent of this company." He outraged.

"Yes." I said.

"You do know that I am planning to send you to the States and…" he said.

"You want me to quit my present work." I continued for him.

"That's right my boy." He said. "And you have to fix your life and quit your job before going there."

"Fix?" I was quite surprised. "I don't need to fix my life. It is already in its perfect place."

"I don't think so." He said.

"I'm not going to quit my job. Nether fix the life you are imposing." I told him.

"Yes you will, son." He responded immediately.

"What makes you say that?" I looked at him coldly.

"There's a prize if you will follow me." he said it straight.

I snorted. "Anything I want?"

"Yes anything you want. Except going back to your present work." he rubbed his dry hands waiting for my reply.

"Well then if that's the case then I will." I agreed. It was always give and take.

"You may go then." he said.

"Yes." I snarled.

"Ahh…son come back here." he called for me. "I do have a question."

"What is it?" I brushed my hair off my face.

"May I see that blueprint of yours?"

"Blueprint?" I looked at the canister I was holding. "Oh this isn't mine, a girl dropped it in the subway."

"What were you doing in a subway?" he asked.

None of your business I thought. I handed him the blueprint and the wallet. He opened the can and placed the blueprint on top of his desk and looked at the wallet to see who owns it. He nodded as if he was in awe and interest.

"Kirisawa Fuuko…" he said.

"…" Is that the name of the owner perhaps?

He switched on the loudspeaker of the three-way phone.

"Tanaka, call Mikage Hiro. I want to speak to him on the phone." he said.

"Yes sir." the woman said.

After several seconds a man's voice bellowed out of the receiver.

"Ahh…Mikagami-sama what made you call?" Mikage hiro's coarse voice greeted.

"Is there someone named Kirisawa Fuuko in your department?" he asked.

"Yes there is someone named Kirisawa Fuuko here. In fact she is one of the best engineers here in my department." he said.

"Let her go here in my office pronto." father commanded.

"Right away, sire!" Mikage laughed.

Mikagami Tokiya

I knocked on the lucid glass door. I wonder why Mikagami-sama called for me, though. I did not do anything wrong.

"Come in." I heard his hoarse voice.

I went in as I was ordered to. "Ohayo gozaimasu, Mikagami-sama." I bowed.

"Are you Kirisawa Fuuko?" he asked me.

"Yes sir." I nodded.

"It seems we have something for you." He said.

"We? Package?" I was taken aback.

"Hmm…I think you met my son, Tokiya, in the subway late this morning." He smiled weirdly.

"Sir, you have a son?" I asked wide eyed.

He nodded. "Here he is."

I looked at the similar long silvery brown mane of a person who helped me. I bowed.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Mikagami-san." I greeted.

All I heard was a tough bleat from him.

"Here Ms. Kirisawa." The CEO's secretary handed me the green canister of a blueprint and then something bulgier. It looked like my wallet.

"Thank you very much." I said. "Ill go now sir…"

I turned my back when he said, "Before you go…I need to talk to you."

I turned again to face him and smiled, "Yes sir…though I still have a deadline. Can we talk about it later this afternoon?"

"Very well then…meet me here before three in the afternoon" he said. "I expect you to be here."

""Yes sir." I replied.

I bowed to the two men and left. I wonder what he'll tell me…

Kirisawa Fuuko


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