Once In a Blue Moon

Author's Notes: The life of the Kirisawa Fuuko he once knew.

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Act 7: A Bittersweet Tale

The room is dim, illuminated only by the vague shine of urban lights through a window. One drape is pulled halfway across the glass pane, and the faint luminosity struggles to brush the edge of a neatly arranged quilt, spread over a queen sized bed on the left side of the room. Beyond it is a shadowed and neat and organized desk, upon which rests a slim laptop. The computer's processor whirs lightly. Its glowing monitor reflects an eerie blue back on the face of its user.

The man lets out a slow sigh. He props his chin on his hand, and taps one finger against the desk. He was getting really impatient at the internet's connection that night. He shut down his laptop and slipped under the covers. Gradually, he closed his riled azure eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

On the other house, a restless girl was pacing around the small room she was going to sleep in. Frustration enveloped her mind since going back to Japan. Thinking that nothing good will come out from her trance, she tried to sleep even if she can't.

Mikagami Tokiya is sorely tempted to shove his head under the pillow and ignore it, but he knows from prior experience that it won't work. When fully awake, he had deliberately chosen three alarm clocks that would be clever enough to pierce his deep sleep with its sheer annoyingness. His sensible side knows that this is logical for a deep sleeper. However today, he had only two alarm clocks set to wake him up. He knew that the monkey girl would pounce on him and greet him with the loud voice he often hears from her. Instead the usual pounce-on-me routine, he heard aggravating voices from the other nearby house. He had predicted that this would happen.

His "visitor's" ear-piercing voice was too much for him to handle. One more yell from her, and he was certain that his eardrums are going to shatter. That was the biggest mistake he made for that day — bringing a monkey home.

Kirisawa Fuuko's family never told the eldest daughter that they had become bankrupt for a few months now. They had been living under a roof offered by the Mikagami's. They were a happy family with good occupations and all but some yakuza broke down their house since Fuuko rejected the heir of the yakuza clan and they were deceived by a bunch of money-hungry swindlers and also the hospital bills they had to pay.

"Papa, Youki-oniichan," said the girl with mauve hair gazed at the men inside the room. "You two still can work yet you are always staying inside this house offered by Mikagami-sama. Even if mama works as the governess for their mansion and I work as an engineer for their company, that isn't enough to pay them back! Both of you should work hard too! Onii-chan, you graduated from college so you can work too. Papa, you can still work too. You're not that lazy anymore to cook anymore, right? A simple Ramen stand or cook for another restaurant would do."

"But…But Fuuko, the outside world isn't that good for us ever since that incident. People criticize our family badly already." Youki explained.

"Even though our family is criticized that badly, they can't judge us that miserably!" she complained. "You got in the top ten during the board exams, brother. Papa's a well known chef. I'm the one who caused all of this so I must be the one mortified not you. I should take the blame so don't get all depressed when you go out of this house and been made fun of. Just wish I won't let ourselves get thrown out of this house while I'm back here in Japan."

Fuuko marched out of the den and went to the kitchen to brew herself a cup of coffee and leaned on the edge of the counter. She heaved a deep sigh and rubbed her temples in distraught. She kept on thinking why is her life led to a miserable stage everyday. Only a few good things came to her life but it can't be matched to the pain and sufferings she had dealt with.

"Fuuko dear, you're already up." Her mother gently smiled as she entered the kitchen.

"Good morning mom." Fuuko said with a weak smile. "Where have you been?"

"Next door, remember? Ah yes, Mikagami-sama's son, Tokiya-sama, is waiting for you." Mrs. Kirisawa said. "It seems you are going somewhere today."

"Thanks mom! I'll be going there after I prepare." She replied and went to her room.

Fuuko went in the Mikagami household wearing a white wrap around blouse, a pair of jeans and a beige trench coat. She passed through the porch and saw Tokiya on the balcony eating his breakfast and reading the newspaper.

"Ohayo, Mi-chan." She greeted with a smile.

He glanced at her and nodded; he took a sip from his coffee and placed down the paper.

"So, why did you call for me?" Fuuko asked straight away.

"Take a seat, if you please. It'll be better talking to you if you sat down." He said.

Fuuko agreed and sat on the chair in front of his.

"You'll be doing these papers as I go visit some matters for a while and when I come back, I expect everything to be done. We're going somewhere afterwards." He instructed. "That's all for now, I'm going already."

He stood up and headed outside.

"Uh…Wait!" Fuuko yelled and walked behind him. "Can I do these papers somewhere else?"

He nodded in reply. "Just be sure to call where I can pick you up."

"Where are we going exactly?" she questioned.

"You ask too many questions, monkey. Bye." Tokiya left without any other words.

Fuuko got the files and rode a taxi to a nearby café.

Fuuko called Tokiya after a few hours to let him know where she is. He just told her where he was since he was still making some arrangements. She rode a taxi and directed the driver where to go.

A few minutes passed and her emerald green eyes enlarged when she saw the truck speeding toward them. She was speechless and stoned; she couldn't move a single muscle in her body. She was too terrified with her eyes locked onto the truck. The taxicab driver was trying his best to avoid the truck but in her mind, she could tell that there was no way for them to escape this. Seeing the truck getting closer to them, she wished the best outcome for everyone.

Fuuko slowly opened her eyes and found herself in white room with her mother sitting by her side weeping for some unknown reason and Tokiya standing by the door. She struggled to sit up and her mother looked at her while a soft smile.

"Finally you're awake!" her mother hugged her tightly.

"Ma-mom, where are we?" she asked innocently.

"We're in a hospital, dear. Remember, you were in an accident?" her mother told her. "This had been the second accident you had in your life."

Fuuko tried to recall her memories but her head hurt so much when she tried and said, "The second time?"

"Uh..yeah… excuse me for a bit." Mrs. Kirisawa said with an unexplainable emotion on her face.

Tokiya realized Mrs. Kirisawa's expression so he decided to clarify everything with her later.

"Mi-chan, I'm sorry. I wasn't able to go to you since there was this accident." Fuuko said. "Where were we supposed to go?"

"Nothing, never mind that and don't apologize. You never predicted that the accident would occur." He said in a softer way than before. "Before I forget, someone came to see you."

"Who is it?" she asked.

The door opened and Raiha appeared with a bouquet of flowers on his hands. He had a worried expression yet he smiled warmly for Fuuko.

"Rai-kun!" she smiled widely as she saw Raiha.

Tokiya exited to provide them privacy. He saw Fuuko's mother talking with her husband and he walked towards them.

"What's the meaning of the first accident and why doesn't she have any clue?" he asked frankly with a straight face.

"Mikagami-san…" the two stood and bowed down.

"Just answer my question." He insisted.

"Fuuko…was in an accident when she was in her teens and got amnesia. She's actually the child of my brother but he died in the accident." Mr. Kirisawa said. "I took her in and raised her. This year, we received a letter from her grandmother, she has to go and marry the child of one rich family which was never mentioned in the letter."

"So you don't plan to give her back?" he asked.

"We do-don't know…" the couple said.

"I'm not in the position to tell you what to do but what I can say…" he said, "It might be better if you let her know everything already before she knows everything from another person. She might just simply…hate you."

Tokiya said and left the scene of the troubled couple.



I don't know what to do next actually. It is evident coz of this crappy chapter…