Cherry Blossoms

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, I wouldn't be sitting here writing crappy fanfiction, now would I?

Authoress's note

I'm sorry, I'm not very good at writing am I? I had planned not to write again, but I really needed to write this down (plot bunnys suck)


He is sitting on a bench, one that looks remarkably like the one he left her on.

It is Spring and, though he is usually not one for anything that wastes time in any way (it was always her that wasted time – she was always a dreamer, and many times, before the idiot arrived in the morning he would catch her with an absent look on her face. He could never quite bring himself to wake her) he sits, and he watches the cherry blossoms fall, glad of this small peace.

'Hi, Sasuke-kun! What are you doing?' He turns his head, and there she is, smiling happily.

'Nothing' he informs her, curtly. He wishes she would just go away, leave him in peace.

'Nothing at all?' she is frowning now, and he feels a small twinge, but pays no heed, files it away in the back of his mind…

'Hn' he confirms, using that precious word, to aggravate her, in the hope she'll go away.

'Hmm' There is no such luck, no luck for him at all it seems. He is not in a good mood, but resigns himself to her company.

He turns his head away from her for a fraction of a second, tracking a cherry blossoms fall. He turns to look at her again, opens his mouth to say something. She is not there. She probably never was.

He is seemingly unsurprised, though if you looked closely you would see the marginal widening of his eyes, the slight crinkle on his brow. But there is no one to see him, and Uchiha Sasuke turns to watch the cherry blossoms fall once again.


Note (again)

This is just a short drabble thing (can it even be called a drabble? I wonder..) Anyway, please tell me how I did, flames are okay (Because, come on, this isn't great)