Author's Note;

Here's the epilogue to Biju Swap.

I hope you guys enjoyed the ending to this fanfic

Gaara and Temari were spending the night at Naruto's before heading back for Sand. Gaara had just walked in when he heard raucous laughter. Curious to see what was going on, because Gaara had learned that, with Naruto you never knew. He went into the living room. Kiba was there with his dog and Jiraiya and Sakura were also there. They were watching something, probably a comedy. Gaara wasn't too fond of comedies, he was just about to head for his room, when something Naruto said made his ears prick.

"So what did ya think about the trick I played on Kakashi sensei?" He asked.

Gaara rolled his eyes.

"Hey look! This one says Gaara/Kyuubi! Let's see what this is about!"

Gaara felt very uneasy. After capturing Orochimaru the Anbu had raided several of Orochimaru's hidden lairs and had come across video tapes documenting the experiment.

There was uproarious laughter as Temari squealed.

"Oh my gods! Gaara makes the cutest girl ever!"

Naruto yelled. "Hey! Gaara's prettier then me! No fair!"

Jiraiya wolf-whistled appreciatively.

"Wow!" Claimed the Sannin, "That's one for my book."

Gaara could suddenly hear furious scribbling. Suddenly there was deafening silence,

"Oh my gods!" Said Temari getting up hastily and running out the window while Kiba and Naruto howled with laughter. Gaara's entire body went rigid when he heard the telltale moans of the ninja who had caught Kyuubi's eye. His face turned as red as his hair as Kiba and Naruto continued howling with unrestrained mirth.

Naruto was laughing so hard he could hardly breath and Kiba was on the floor rolling around and clutching his stomach.

Jiraiya predictably was scribbling faster.

"NARUTO!" Gaara growled, face flaming, and eyes burning with murderous intent.

Jiraiya, Kiba and Akamaru disappeared in less then a second.

"Give me those tapes!"

Naruto was still snickering, he couldn't stop. Gaara's glare would have probably made everyone drop dead, but Naruto was too...too dumb to drop dead! Gaara thought angrily. He shook his head, and tears ran down his face as he struggled to stop laughing. He took the tape out and ran for the door.

"Naruto! Dammit give me that tape now!"

Naruto ran faster.

"No way! You'll totally destroy it and I wanna cherish that moment forever!"

Gaara let out a feral snarl and Shukaku who had been sleeping heavily for hours, felt the familiar jiggle. The tanuki turned a delicate shade of green.

"If you don't give me those tapes now you won't even get to cherish your last breath! Those tapes are mine! Now give them here!"

Naruto had a comeback.

"Well it was my demon!"

Gaara used his sand to trip Naruto and crush the tape.

"Awww maaaan!"

Naruto groaned, watching as the tape turned into so much shrapnel. Gaara ran back to destroy the other tapes, except the one of him decimating those rogue snow nin, that one was pretty cool. Naruto ran after him, yelling and throwing a tantrum. All was right with the universe.

The End