Introduction and Disclaimer
Well, here it is. The official end of the ride.
It's sort of sad, somehow...LOL :)

This is the conclusion, I suppose. But in the way of life, not everything can be concluded in one nice neat little story and then tied up with a bow. So there will be a few leading questions left, probably, at the end of this tale. Of course, some things will be settled definitively. If my story follows the current plan, there will probably be at least one death in this part. There'll also be an element of betrayal between closely associated characters, a few dark flickers from Seiryo's past - and, ultimately - the future of the planet Earth hanging entirely in the balance.

Shall I say more?

Well, no. If I did, noone would read my story :P

Part One gave a hint into the life of Kiyone, or rather her background and past. It also did the same somewhat for Seiryo. The same is true of this part, I think. I've never seen Seiryo as a clearcut hero character, nor do I believe that - in my interpretation of him - he was always honourable or that he was even really a good guy before his encounter with Tokimi's magic. (After all, in GXP, he was set up as the villain!)

That's not to say he didn't always have the good stuff inside of him - I've always tried to emphasise that Tokimi didn't rewrite his personality, it just put him more in touch with the parts of his make-up that he'd suppressed in trying to be a son of the Tennan line. The legacy of the Tennan family is a heavy one of blood feud, ambition, pride and arrogance...and it's only now, thanks to Tokimi, and Kiyone, and Sasami and Suki that he's begun to take those traits in hand and balance them into becoming a decent member of the Juraian race.

That said, he has some fairly unpleasant behaviour in his past. It was mentioned in part one - and the opening of this story paints the picture even more clearly. (We'll see if people still love him quite as much after they've read this story...LOL. I still love him - but I like anti-heroes and villains better than clear cut heroes most of the time anyway - they're far, far more interesting!!)

In the end, I think, Tokimi's pulling Seiryo into her scheme was a watershed for both of them. And Seiryo is able to be the man he is now because of how much he suffered a sense, he's his own worst enemy and he's caused his own bad karma and pain more than anyone else ever has.

I wonder if this means I should give him a happy ending or his just desserts...ponders evilly

As for Tenchi and Ryoko, I'm expecting a bevy of hate-mail at somewhere around the mid-point of this story…smiles innocently

No, I promise, it's not that bad.


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Anyhow, here is part two - the absolute end to the wild ride that's been my Tenchi fanfiction arc.

Usual legal regs apply...and thank you to everyone who's read over the past year!!

After the death of his mother, Seiryo has been forcibly withdrawn from Juraian politics as he struggles to come to terms with his loss. However, even as he prepares to bury the woman who gave him life, the political machinations of an old enemy are starting to wheel into play. Determined to protect her friend from more pain, Kiyone has sworn herself to his cause, but she begins to realise that this is a much bigger plot than at first anyone imagined.

The Earth's paranoid rampage against aliens is hotting up, causing tension as Tenchi and Ryoko find themselves caught in the middle. Washu deploys Yume's unique skills to find out more about Seguru Ishida and his motivation, but her involvement has unforseen side effects as Tenchi realises that his family are spying on his friends behind his back.

And as the scale of Nakabito's scheme becomes clear, the Earth's alien fear seems to be more than justified. A devastating weapon has been unleashed against the planet Tenchi and Ryoko call their home - is there anything which can prevent the Earth's complete destruction?


Chapter One
The Galaxy Police Academy: Elite Division
Eleven Years Earlier

Well, another wasted morning.

SeiryoTennan made his way slowly down the hallway from his morning class, his brows knitted together in displeasure as he headed back to his sleeping quarters. It had been six months since he had first arrived at the Galaxy Police Elite Training Program, and it had not improved on him over time. Surrounded by people of inferior birth and origin, and forced to learn things which no self-respecting Lord of Jurai would ever care about, he was both resentful and indignant that he, of all people, should have ended up in such a place.

He clenched his fists, anger flickering across his haughty teal eyes as he remembered his father's parting words to him.

"It will get you out of my hair and teach you something about being a proper man, rather than a nusiance always in my shadow." The cruel words echoed through his head for the thousandth time, sparking his hot temper yet again at the derision that had marked Lord Seiji's tones. "You don't understand what it means to be a Tennan yet, Seiryo - but I'll make you, dammit, or kill you in the attempt! You want to question me so badly? Then I won't have you under my roof until you've learnt that of all noble disciplines, family pride is the strongest!"

"I hate him." Seiryo muttered vehemently under his breath. "I hate him...I hate him! What kind of a man does he think he is, anyway? What kind of a role model? I will make him pay for this, I swear it. The indignity of sharing quarters with men of ignominious birth - of sharing classes, and being expected to socialise with them! Of all the hells in deep space he could have sent me, I swear he found the worst! I will never forgive him for this...not ever!"

"Hey, Tennan!"

Seiryo paused, turning on his heel as he heard the voice of his classmate calling him from the other end of the hallway. He frowned, his brow furrowing in irritation as he squared himself, gathering his normal demeanour of icy disdain as he met his companion's gaze with an impassive one of his own.

"Did you want something?" He asked quietly, injecting a note of faint boredom into his words. "I have got better things to do than talk to you, you know - this had better be important."

"Damn right it's important." His companion bristled at the dismissive nature of Seiryo's manner, launching himself forwards as he made a wild lunge for his fellow student. "I want to know what you think you're playing at with Yuriko, and I want the truth. Now."

"Yuriko?"Seiryo eyed him for a moment, and the other man's eyes narrowed to near slits.

"Don't pretend you don't know what I mean, you bastard!" he hissed. "Yuriko! Yuriko KawazakiMy fiancée!"

"Oh. That Yuriko." A cold, unpleasant smile twitched at the corners of Seiryo's mouth at this. "I had forgotten...such things are not important to me."

"Not important...?" The young man's eyes opened wide with incredulation. "What the hell do you mean...that you just...what the hell did you do to her, Tennan! Answer me! Answer me!"

"As if such things were any of your business."Seiryo snorted, darting out of the way of the young man's grab as he did so. "I don't waste my time over people who don't matter to me, so leave me alone. If you're so desperate to have Yuriko's attentions, you're welcome to her. I've explored that avenue and I've moved on. She's all yours."

He smirked.

"Although I can imagine that if she truly was your fiancée, she was desperate for some way out." he reflected. "To marry the son of a known Kanemitsu dissident, whose father's name isn't even fully you really think that this is my fault? More likely Yuriko - if that's her name - saw me as her cry for help. You can't blame the girl for having an element of taste. Even if she is only the daughter of a Seniwan physician, she's still far too well-born for an illegitimate half-breed like yourself."

"What did you call me?"

"What you are." Seiryo said with a careless shrug. "There are social strata in this universe, Nakabito - whether they exist in this dive of a place or they don't. And you can consider this a lesson in them - Yuriko was simply too good for you, and so she moved on. Such is life."

"So you think you can take her over now? You can make her love you instead?" Nakabito demanded, and Seiryo snorted.

"You mistake me. I have no interest in pursuing anything, or in making her love me." He said derisively. "You are a fool, let your heart run away with your head."

"So you'll discard her like a useless piece of rubbish?" The other youth's eyes widened with disbelief, and Seiryo stared, then let out a low chuckle.

"You are so melodramatic." He said coldly. "And so naive. Do you think that any connection formed in a place such as this one is going to last beyond a brief encounter? We're young men, and we're none of us within our normal social circles. See sense. Yuriko is a pretty wench, it's true. But she's just that - pretty. She has no noble connections, and it would be foolhardy of me to pursue it beyond that level. Your standards are far different from the ones I have to follow, Nakabito-san - not all of us can be quite so generous with our affections. I'm sure Yuriko knows this as well as I I said, if you want her so much, she's all yours. Though if the rumours about your father are true, she may be glad of her escape."

"You stuck up creep, I'll rearrange your face for you!" The young man was incensed by this and he lunged once more, this time glancing a blow off the edge of Seiryo's cheek. "You steal the girl out from beneath my nose, you convince her she's in love with you and then you discard her as if she was nothing more to you than something to pass the time! I'm going to take you down a peg or seven, I swear I am - before we graduate from this place, I'm going to put you firmly in your place, SeiryoTennan!"

"I doubt that." Seiryo's eyes narrowed, a dangerous flicker entering his teal eyes as he flexed his own fingers. "My place, Junichi Nakabito, is as the blood heir of one of Jurai's most prestigious noble families. No matter how far you stretch that skinny arm of yours, you will never reach there."

"Shut your face or I'm going to do it for you!" Junichi balled his fists again, aiming square for Seiryo's nose, but his classmate reacted too quickly, grabbing him tightly around the wrist and pushing him away.

"Go away, Nakabito." He said coldly. "I don't fight with fists."

"Then it'll be easier for me to flatten you, won't it." Junichi's eyes narrowed to near slits and he jumped at Seiryo once more, pushing him up against the wall of the hallway as he finally made contact. "You only back away because you're a coward beneath all that stuck up noble rich boy talk. Everyone knows that you noble types have nothing but hot air beneath the're not a fighter, you're just a soft touch and a womaniser who's going to spend his time here debauching and skimming off classes because at the end of the day, you know that your Daddy can foot the bill for any excesses and bribe your way to getting your papers!"

"What did you say?" Indignation flooded Seiryo's features at this, and Junichi smirked, tightening his grip.

"Touched a sore point, did I?" He asked softly. "Well, Honoured Lord of Jurai - what are you going to do about it?"

"Get your filthy hands off me, you cretinous wretch." Seiryo thrust his arms out, grabbing hold of Junichi's shoulders and wrenching him forcibly away from his person. "You will not speak so about me and walk away from it, I guarantee it. You have no idea what I am capable of - you would do well not to offend the noble house of the planet Jurai so easily!"

"I'm not afraid of you and your tough talk!" Junichi righted himself, an edge to his tones as he squared his body once more. "You're scum and you treat girls like Yuriko like they're objects in your path. You're giving me a damn good idea what you nobles are like, and that's for sure. No wonder my mother wants Kanemitsu'sindependance, when you're an example of what Juraians are like! I stand by what I said. You may be rich, and you may think you can look down on all of the rest of us who will work and actually earn our qualifications. But I got news for you. You're nothing special."

"We'll see about that, won't we." Seiryo's expression darkened, and he launched himself at the other man, striking hard and clean to Junichi's cheek before he could react. Junichi struggled to land a punch of his own, but Seiryo was livid now, and he grabbed his companion by the arms, flinging him to the ground. His hand flickered to his belt, where his sword - normally no more than an affectation of status since his arrival at the Galaxy Police - hung silent, and as his fingers closed around the hilt, the blade flared into a hot white light.

"I am a Lord. I don't fight with fists." He repeated, his voice cold and dangerously low. "I was trained to fight with the lightsword, the chosen weapon of the noble houses of Jurai. And I got to be quite good at it, too."

He stepped forward, placing one foot on his foe's body to immobilise him as he placed the tip of the sword up towards the young man's throat.

"You underestimate the fact that Jurai is a conquering planet, not one which sits in the shadows waiting to be assaulted." He added softly. "And that my ancestors were at the pinnacle of the planet's expansion. I am not a soft touch, Nakabito-san. And I will not be insulted by the likes of you. If Yuriko had the good sense to choose my company over yours, then that's not my fault. She's not a foolish girl - she knows what my obligations are, and she had no false expectations of my continued attention. If you are not such a man that you can't satisfy a woman you consider yours, then you should take your frustration out on yourself and leave those of us better than you alone."

"Go on. Kill me, then." Junichi retorted. "If you're so noble, slay your fellow student in cold blood. I dare you to. It's just like a Juraian to destroy and maim out of arrogant pride."

"I have no intention of killing a wretch like you." Seiryo said scornfully, pulling back his blade and kicking his foot disparagingly against his fallen opponant's body. "Your blood would taint a good weapon and I would not insult it with such a pointless act."

Junichi cursed, scrambling to his feet as he prepared to make another assault on his classmate, but Seiryo had anticipated him and he drew his sword hand back, hitting the young man square on the nose with the hard carved hilt of his blade. Junichi let out a yell, clutching at his face as blood spurted from the wound, and Seiryo snorted.

"You have so much to learn about things." He said coolly. "No matter how hard you try, you will never, ever equal me, Nakabito."


A voice from the corridor made Seiryo turn, sheathing his sword as he registered the presence of his tutor in the doorway of one of the training rooms. There was an unreadable expression on his face as he glanced between his two students, then he sighed.

"Nakabito, go clean yourself up." He said quietly. "When you're done, I'll see you in my office. Tennan, you'll come with me now...I want a word with both of you, and not at the same time."

Seiryo looked mutinous, and for a moment he debated refusing the order, but something in the man's blue eyes persuaded him that this wouldn't be a good course of action so he bowed his head in acknowledgement, following the fair haired tutor along the hallway towards the chamber at the furthest end in silence. Once inside, however, the older man turned on his student, eying him thoughtfully.

"Your behaviour does not befit a noble son of the planet Jurai on occasion, Seiryo." He said quietly. Seiryo started, staring at him in surprise, and the man nodded.

"You are a long way from home here." He added. "And there's a considerable amount of freedom when you're young and without parental restraint. But whatever is common practice on your homeworld, you must remember that there are rules and regulations here at the Academy which must be obeyed. It's your decision, but you know that the board of commanders might decide to send you home, if you choose to break them too often. And even though I have a feeling you might relish that idea, in practice I'm sure you realise what a disgrace it would be to your family, to have a son sent away from the Galaxy Police Elite Program."

Seiryo pursed his lips, and for a moment he didn't speak. Then he frowned.

"I was being baited by that heathen boy, Kuramitsu-sensei." He said quietly. "He began the confrontation. Not I."

"I know." Mitsuru Kuramitsu inclined his head slightly. "I observed the entire conflict, and heard everything that was said between you."

Despite himself, Seiryo was discomfitted by this, and at his sudden hesitation, his tutor smiled, sinking down in his chair and indicating for his companion to do the same. Seiryo did so hesitantly, wariness in his teal eyes as he wondered what was about to happen to him.

"You are not a stupid young man, you know that." Mitsuru continued evenly. "In fact, maybe you are too aware of your abilities. But you have shortcomings also, and temper is proving to be one of them. This isn't the first time you've allowed yourself to be goaded into conflict with your fellow students, and it must stop."

"I cannot take insults to my family, Lord Kuramitsu." Seiryo said flatly. "And if you overheard our conversation, you know what things were said."

"Yes, I know." Mitsuru nodded his head. "But you gain no honour by acting in the way you just did."

He smiled.

"In a way, you and I have things in common." He added. "I am the eldest son of a noble family positioned just as yours are, at the pinnacle of Seniwan government, just like the Tennans are on Jurai. I know your family's name of old - I realise that you have a long-standing tradition and reputation to uphold. Your father's decision to send you here is all a part of that reputation, I imagine - to improve and hone the potential you have, so that one day you will inherit your family's title in a strong position."

Seiryo's lips thinned at the mention of his father, and Mitsuru's eyes became grave.

"I don't know the true reasons why you came here." He said simply. "And I know it wasn't your choice - even if you don't say as much, it's evident in your general attitude. But really, Seiryo, I think this is the best place for you to be. One day you will be a Lord of Jurai, that's beyond dispute. You have all the genetic connections to be a powerful force on your home planet and I've no doubt that you have the ambition in you to do those things. But while you are here, it would be pleasant to see that ambition directed towards other ends. Not fighting fellow students over assignations with female classmates. You are, I'm sure, better bred than that."

Seiryofaltered, consternation in his teal eyes as for a moment he remembered the last terrible argument he and his father had had before he had boarded the shuttle-craft for the Galaxy Police Academy. Brief memories of his father's illicit assignations with young women behind his mother's back taunted his senses and he frowned, forcing them away. Mitsuru tilted his head on one side, eying him keenly, and he forced his composure back together, shrugging his shoulders.

"I am as you say." He said coolly. "A noble son of Jurai, and heir to my family's title and estate."

"Mm." Mitsuru paused for a moment, then, "But is that all you are, Seiryo?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Are you just an heir? Or are you more than that? Are you a man in your own right, also?"


"Yes, I know. You did not expect this when I called you in here." Mitsuru nodded his head. "You expected a scolding, a fine for breaking rules, perhaps some other sentence. You may yet get all of those. But somehow I don't think that yelling at you is going to make a lot of difference. You consider yourself a cut above your fellows and in bloodline, perhaps, you are correct. Yet, in terms of achievement...I'm not sure. You are capable of it, that I don't doubt. But your application to your do not give a positive view to others of what noble sons are capable of, when they are sent to join the Galaxy Police."

"I don't understand."

"Then let me spell it out for you." Mitsuru rested his elbows on the table, offering his companion a smile. "You show great potential, Seiryo. Certainly in encryption, if you would put your mind to it, your natural linguistic tendancies and your superior education make you an obvious choice for me to tutor further, if you would only put your mind to improving your accuracy. You carry that blade at your waist, and you are an adequate swordsman, yet if you were to put your full focus into your training you could easily best any one of your fellow classmates."

He sighed.

"In short, you show the most natural potential that I've seen in a long time for a student in the Elite Corps." He said frankly. "What will make the difference between you being the best and simply having the possibility of it is down to you. This isn't Jurai, sure enough. There is no noble house of Tennan here. And yet, you could be so much more than you are now. Which would make your family back home more proud, Seiryo? You graduating here with the highest marks and becoming celebrated in the division - or being returned home with your honour tarnished by impetuous, impulsive loss of temper?"

For once, Seiryo found himself unable to answer, and at the sight of his companion's speechlessness, Mitsuru laughed.

"It is hard for all young lords to be to make the transition from pampered position to steely warrior." He said wisely. "But with the right dedication, it can be done. You may think your family has done you no favours, sending you here. I won't pretend to know for sure. But you aren't helping your own cause, acting the way you are. I don't say you must befriend your classmates, or even like them, if you don't want to. But don't sell yourself short. You have far too much ability to waste it, simply because you can't see past the title you will one day inherit. In the future, when your parents are no longer there to hold sway over the Tennan name, I'm sure the Juraian Emperor or whoever rules your world will then need strength and diligence among his noble body. What better way, then, to prove your worth than by working your hardest here? You have the opportunity to outclass your fellows on Jurai - the opportunity to make yourself one day indispensible to your Council and your King, with the things you learn here. It's just up to you whether you want to be the kind of Lord that Nakabito accused you of being, or one who's strength and determination can truly uphold the Tennan family name with pride."

Seiryo frowned for a moment, digesting this. Then he raised his gaze to his companion's, new respect burning in his malachite gaze.

"I think I follow your reasoning." He admitted. "And I...I'm sorry for my conduct today, Kuramitsu-sensei. I had not seen things in those terms before...but perhaps...perhaps you are right."

"I've seen a lot of students, in the time I've spent flitting in and out of this place." Mitsuru said evenly. "But there are very few who stand out beyond the others. The quality of our people is always high,Seiryo...the Elite training program is not for any other than the very best, after all. But I have to say, in you, I see something I don't often see. And if you waste that, you will be the fool."

Seiryo glanced at his hands, thinking this over.

"I had not envisaged the Galaxy Police as a part of my life, until Father decided I should come." He said at length. "But it doesn't matter where I am, not really. I will still be the heir of the Tennan estate, regardless of where I train to be so. And I will be the best I can be, you have my word on that. Tennan pride does not allow for less. I have become distracted - that's all. But I won't let it happen again."

He made up his mind, raising a resolute gaze to meet his companion's.

"And I would like very much to persevere with encryption, if you would choose to teach me." He added hesitantly. "I...I find I enjoy it more than many of the other things we are forced to learn."

"Then I shall put your name down right now, in readiness." Mitsuru promised. "But I want no more fighting with Nakabito or any of your other fellow students. Even if you do not like them, or agree with them, you must respect them. Hard as it might be for you to accept, here you and they exist as equals...and you must keep it in mind. Take it as another necessary lesson towards becoming the Lord you must one day be, if you like...but take note of it all the same. This time I have taken you in hand myself, and I will not report the incident to anyone else, so long as you pay the requisite fine and observe the curfew rule about fighting for the next two weeks. But it is the last time I can make such a concession. If I didn't have such faith in you and the Elite you will become, Seiryo, I wouldn't do it now - but this is truly your last chance. You must control your temper...more than any other lesson, you must learn not to flare up and threaten the lives of your fellows. Even if you do not intend to hurt them, raising a blade to a fellow student's throat is an expellable offence. Remember that."

Seiryo frowned, then, slowly, he nodded.

"I shall pay the fine, and I appreciate your leniency, sensei." he said gravely. He paused, then slid his hand around the hilt of his sword, pulling it from his belt and laying it down on the desk. "And I would leave this with you, if you would take care of it for me. The rule of Jurai is that a swordsman must earn his blade. Father sent me here with it, and I have refused to relinquish it until now...even the rules of the Galaxy Police cannot intervene with the cultural laws of a planet such as my own. But I am not ready to wield this yet, so much is clear. I must prove myself as a man of my own making, not of my father's."

Mitsuru's eyes lit up with surprise, and then warmth as he took the carved hilt, nodding his head.

"I will." He said gently. "And I respect your decision. Seiryo, I think I've made the right call, in judging you this way. I'm sure that it won't be long before you can and will wield this blade as a true swordsman."

"Yes. But not against my fellows." Seiryo said grimly. "I will not be sent away from here in disgrace. You have my word on that, sensei. We will not need to have this conversation again."

"Then you may go, and pay your fine." Mitsuru responded with a grin. "I won't be naive enough to expect you and Nakabito to apologise to one another, but you may want to steer clear of him for a while. I will emphasise the same things with him about fighting and the need for mutual student respect, so I'm sure that such an incident won't occur between the two of you again."

"Yes, sensei."Seiryo bowed his head, then withdrew from the room, closing the door slowly behind him. As he turned to make his way back towards his sleeping quarters, he passed the still fuming Junichi, his nose red and swollen, but he turned his back, quickening his pace as he made his way resolutely back towards the residential area.

"Sensei is right." He muttered. "I am not my father's puppet here, and more, it would spite him beyond all belief if I turned out to be good at this hell he's sent me to endure. If I made the most of it, and learnt skills he never did, I would one day be better than he's ever been. And I will not be sent away in disgrace. I will not give Father the excuse he needs to disown me! I will be the best Elite there ever was...and then Father will regret ever sending me away from home!"