Going Dark

Chapter 1

Changes on the wind

-Severus' POV-

I have been watching the boy for quite some time now. I'm ready to start the next step of my plan. I will have the world the way I want it soon. I won't have Dumbledore or Voldemort having their twisted ways with the world. It's mine and I will do as I please with it. Draco is a good servant and eager to please. However, I need someone more powerful, with a lot of influence.

'He thinks I hate him', he thought, looking at Harry. Harry appeared annoyed, tired and pissed off at the world. 'He is so far from the truth that it's laughable. His powerful magic is addictive, and he doesn't know it. Dumbledore wants to use him and then kill him. Voldemort wants him dead. However, I want not only his power, but also his body and soul as well. I want his love and I will have it. I will turn him slowly; he won't realize I planned it at all. Powerful, sweet, gorgeous Harry will be mine, and Dumbledore can go to hell if he thinks I'm letting him go.

'If he stands in my way I will kill him. Harry will be mine forever. I wonder how I should break this to Draco. He will be disappointed. I am aware that he likes me; I would have to be dumb, deaf, and blind not to see the looks Draco is giving me. He is like a son, and a second-in-command to me.'

Looking back at Harry, I decide to do it tonight. Having a lot to do, I am determined to leave the Great Hall early.

-End Severus' POV-

He had a Pensieve to fill and a very controlled kiss to plan, as well as a few potions to brew. A potion that will stop a person saying anything about the person whose blood is in the potion. Severus added his to it, and now the person who drinks it will not be able to tell anyone anything about him. He planned to use it on Harry.

-Later that night-

"Hello, Severus, what are you doing?" asked Draco, who was wearing his usual expensive wizarding apparel.

"Brewing a couple of potions," replied Severus, stating the obvious.

Draco peered at the book that was open and forgotten. Severus was a Master so he didn't need to refer to his books to know what he was brewing.

Draco's eyes brightened when he saw what kind of potion it was. A potion that was only given to someone who joined Severus' side. He knew that his father was loyal to the Dark Lord. Severus had told him he was to join his father when he turned seventeen. Severus had, of course, manipulated Draco by sharing with him everything his father had done and promised Voldemort. He knew Draco didn't agree with Lucius, and had turned the boy towards his own side. Of course, Draco would have joined regardless; he loved Severus both as his father and in a romantic sort of way. It was confusing to Draco, but he was the kind that went with the flow of things.

"Who is joining?" asked Draco excitedly. Draco, Blaise, and many other students had joined, including two Ravenclaws.

"Harry Potter," replied Severus.

"What? POTTER! You are kidding, aren't you?" demanded Draco, looking shocked.

"No," stated Severus.

"Why him? Why is it always POTTER!" yelled Draco, full of jealousy.

"He is powerful, Draco, and he will be my right hand man, my consort, and my lover," responded Severus.

"Lover?" asked Draco, hurt coloring his voice.

"Draco, don't be upset. I know how you feel, but I've watched you grow up. I love you like a son; find someone you can grow old with," placated Severus soothingly.

"I understand," replied Draco reluctantly.


"How did you get him to listen to you, never mind join?" Draco curiously inquired.

"He hasn't yet, but he will if I have anything to say about it," Severus countered, a wicked smirk appearing on his face.

"But what if he doesn't?" asked the blonde.

"I won't repeat myself, Draco; he will and that's the end of it," sneered Severus, reminding Draco who was in charge.

"Fine, good luck. I'm going to bed. See you later," concluded Draco, leaving the room.

-Harry's POV -

He was at his wits end, so angry he felt like he could explode. He hated the fact that Sirius had died, leaving him alone so he was forced to keep returning to the Dursleys. To top it all off, Dumbledore was ignoring him again, like fifth year. He knew Dumbledore had a lot of influence in the Ministry. All it would have taken was a few Pensieve memories and Sirius would have been freed. Umbridge would have been put in Azkaban for using an illegal blood quill on him, instead she was out roaming free. Oh yeah, he knew what a Blood Quill was after the first detention, he had looked it up. It was an illegal dark artifact that could get you arrested and sentenced to life in Azkaban. Harry knew he shouldn't still be dwelling on it after all these years. He was now seventeen years old, and in his last year at Hogwarts.

'Don't be stupid. Dumbledore has done so much for me,' he thought. When he thought badly of Dumbledore, a voice in his mind reminded him of everything Dumbledore had supposedly done to help him. He wasn't fooled. Dumbledore had hardly done anything for him, apart from making his life miserable.

Groaning, he got ready for detention with Snape again. The man had become unbearable since Harry had looked into his Pensieve. The thought of being alone with the man for hours made him sick. Mind you, he would rather spend it with Snape than Umbridge; that woman was evil.

A knock sounded in the dungeons as Harry asked for entrance. He was hoping that Snape had suddenly became ill or left, so he could go back up to his bed.

"Enter," snapped Snape's voice. Harry entered the room reluctantly.

"I'm here for my detention, Sir," said Harry, standing as close to the door as he could, not aware that he wouldn't be scrubbing cauldrons all night long.

"Obviously, now sit," Severus responded sarcastically.

Harry blinked and raised an eyebrow while he complied. He had given up trying to figure Snape out; he was just a puzzle he would never solve. The man saved him more than anyone alive, yet treated him like dirt all the time. That made no sense at all. Sighing, Harry wondered what was going on. He wouldn't have to wonder for long.

"Professor?" asked Harry uncertainly.

"Right, Potter, detention tonight will be to look into this," said Severus, bringing out a Pensieve.

Blinking, he shook his head. Nothing good had ever come out of ending up in one of those. Accidentally falling into Dumbledore's and Snape's had been horrible.

Harry would not let Snape destroy any more images of his father.

However, he did not get to the door before it was locked with a click. This left him stuck with his teacher, whom he would never admit aloud terrified him and made him feel funny.

He was shocked when Snape grabbed his hair and dragged him towards the Pensieve. His teacher had never laid a hand on him before. He knew that the man had wanted to, but he had never actually touched him or hurt him before. It was so painful that Harry actually yelped.

He was falling into the Pensieve before he knew it; he wasn't sure why he felt better when Snape went in with him. He shook his head, he so did not want to analyze that right now.

Looking around within the memory, he was surprised that they were in the Headmaster's office. He found himself turning around, looking at a much younger Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore. Harry blinked and wondered why Snape had brought him to this memory. Had Dumbledore demanded Snape do it?

-Pensieve memory-

"You are just going to let them get away with trying to kill me?" yelled the shocked and fearful-looking Slytherin named Severus Snape.

"It was just a prank gone wrong," answered Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.

"A prank gone wrong! Black sent me to the Whomping Willow and led me to a werewolf! It's hardly a joke! And you didn't even punish them," argued Severus, looking like he could not believe what Dumbledore was doing. Harry did not miss the expression of betrayal that was on Severus' young face. It made Harry's heart give a great big pang.

"I will not tolerate being shouted at, Mr. Snape. Need I remind you that this is my school and that I am the headmaster!" growled Dumbledore, his twinkle now gone, causing the younger Severus and Harry to shiver in fright.

"No, Sir," muttered the teen, looking defeated.

"Good, now go. Say anything about Remus' monthly condition and you will find yourself expelled. That boy deserves a chance just like you," ordered Albus, returning to what he had been doing before Severus had stormed in.

Harry was shocked. He did not like how Dumbledore had just treated Snape. He didn't like the man, but what on earth was Dumbledore doing speaking to or treating any child like that? He asked a question he hoped would be answered with a yes. "They did get detention or something, right?"

"Dumbledore give detention to his Golden boys? Who are you kidding? No, he would never do such a thing, especially not to potentially powerful allies," replied Severus as if speaking about the weather.

Harry was now feeling sick and lightheaded. He had known Sirius was a child in man's clothing, but this was beyond immaturity. Even at fifteen he would never, ever think of sending someone to a werewolf. The thought that Dumbledore had let them get away with near murder was unbelievable. Then he realized, 'Powerful allies?'

"That's right Potter. Powerful people, like your father, Black and Lupin, all useful to him. He never cared about Peter but put up with him. Pettigrew was Black, Lupin, and Potter's friend, after all. Just like he has never looked twice at Neville Longbottom," said Severus in a tone that could cut steel.

"Why are you telling me this! And which side are you on?" demanded Harry without tears or begging, just blunt questions.

"You will find out soon," replied Severus as they found themselves entering another memory.

-Pensieve memory-

"Professor, I've come to ask for your protection," stated memory-Severus, who now looked older by at least two three years. Harry noticed he looked skinnier and more exhausted than he was in the first memory.

"Why is that, Mr. Snape?" asked Dumbledore speculatively.

"I made a terrible mistake and want to stop," was all Severus said. The young man was hoping that Dumbledore would give him a job and let him stay in Hogwarts.

"And that mistake was?" inquired Dumbledore.

"I took the Dark Mark," answered Severus, almost looking like he had just swallowed poison. He hated the fact that he was coming to beg for protection from the man that had caused him to join the dark side in the first place.

"Very well," said Dumbledore his twinkle coming back. Harry, watching the memory, sighed in relief thinking Dumbledore was not so bad after all. That thought was wiped from his mind with the Headmaster's next response."You can spy for us and swear an oath to me, or go to Azkaban. It is your choice," said Dumbledore with finality.

"What?" asked Severus hoarsely.

"You heard me, Mr. Snape. Spy or Azkaban, what's it to be?"

"I will spy," Severus conceded, sounding defeated. Anything was better than Azkaban, even death at the hands of Voldemort.

"Good, all you need to do is accept the Potions Professor post and then you can go to Voldemort and tell him that you will spy on me. Now leave," finished Dumbledore, dismissing the young man.

"NO!" said Harry in shocked disbelief. He closed his eyes in pain. Why was Snape doing this to him? He knew Dumbledore was manipulative, but this was way beyond his imagination.

"What's wrong, Potter, don't like big bad Dumbledore?" sneered Severus, enjoying the obvious feelings of betrayal coming from Harry.

"Please, no more, not tonight," pleaded Harry. His head came up; tears clung to his eyelashes and glinted in the light of the Pensieve office. His glasses were now off and he was trying to dry them with his cloak.

Severus felt himself harden at the sight, Harry was gorgeous. He was mesmerized by those beautiful, fearful green eyes. He was glad to see that it was Dumbledore Harry feared, not him.

"Fair enough, you have detention all week," stated Severus before pulling them from the Pensieve. Holding the boy until he got his bearings, Severus kissed Harry without warning. Harry was so shocked that he didn't even have the time to react.

Harry's thoughts exploded into his mind. He could not help but react to being kissed. This was the first proper kiss he had ever had, and he was definitely enjoying it. It was a hell of a lot nicer than Cho Chang's wet kisses any day. On the other hand, this was Snape! Snape. He was not supposed to like this. Harry was so confused. Snape hated him, so why was he kissing him? After finally being released from the mind-blowing kiss, he started gulping air into his lungs.

"Why?" panted Harry. Funnily enough, telling anyone what happened was furthest from his mind at the moment.

"Why not? Now here, drink these," ordered Severus, thrusting two bottles into Harry's hand but still not letting him go.

He was trapped in Snape's arms; looking at the bottles he asked, "What are they?"

"One will stop anyone from being able to get into your mind, the other will stop you talking about what happened," Severus answered honestly.

Harry knew Snape was telling the truth and knew he was not getting away until he drank both potions. Sighing softly, he opened them up and drank them despite their horrible taste.

"Good boy," said Severus softly into Harry's ear before kissing him soundly on the lips. Moaning, Harry shuddered in Severus' arms, wondering what had come over him. He questioned how Snape was making him feel so alive and safe. Was there something in one of those potions that he didn't know about? No, Snape would not do that, despite being a bastard. Harry trusted him.

"Remember, detention tomorrow," taunted Severus, back to his normal voice before sitting down and obviously dismissing Harry for the night.

Harry's eyes were still glazed as he walked back up to Gryffindor tower. He was proven right about trusting Snape; he really couldn't tell anyone what had happened. Not that he had actually wanted to anyway. As for the Occlumency potion, well, he would just have to wait and see.

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