You Can Be My Hero Babe

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Their home was rebuilt and they soon moved into it. By then Harry was nearly due to give birth and he was hardly out of the baby's room. He knew that baby vampires didn't need blood until they were sixteen but had still placed the room next to Severus' and his. Moreover, if the child was not already claimed or in love with another vampire then the fathers or mother and father take their Son or daughter out and teach him how to hunt.

It had taken them ages to get everything together; decorating the place to a way they both like it and getting the whole castle redone with most of it going back the way it was. New pools were put in and new wards added to the castle. Severus no longer just had himself to protect he had his husband and soon there would be a child as well to protect.

They had a potions area in the castle, Severus having nothing to do. He made potion ingredients, and herbs. He had a huge green house in his gardens; he needed mandrakes in potions and many other things so it was worth it. Severus knew that Harry wanted a dog, but he did not want a dog going around his castle. So here he was walking around Diagon Alley trying to figure out what to get him. Something that wont hurt his child that would be here soon. He just passed when he saw something thing, it was beautiful. Walking in he read the tag and saw it was a baby panther. There was also two cubs' that would one day obviously turn into tigers. If he took them now he could train then so they would be good pets. They would also protect them his husband and child. Deciding to get all three of them he opened the cage and took them out.

"I want all three of them" said Severus.

"That will be forty gallons" said the clerk.

Handing the money over, he took the cubs, which were now in a magical box. He was walking past when he spotted the snake. A wicked smirk broke out on his face as he decided to get his lover a Slytherin pet, a cub is a Gryffindor one after all. Getting the snake, he went home, to his lover. Apparating in it was silent which was unusual. Harry was always listening to music or humming, pots and pans clinking. Frowning, he walked up the stairs to see if Harry was having a nap, only to see that his drawers and wardrobe was empty. However, everything else was there. Frowning, he accessed the bond. Harry was in a drugged sleep not aware that anything had happened. Moreover, the child was fine; all the protection spells and potions he had given Harry were holding. He could tell by the smell that they had tried to make him lose the child again. He also detected Dumbledore's magic, trying to get rid of the bond, was the man stupid? It was unbreakable! With a sigh he knew he would not be able to get to Harry until he could tell him were he was, it looked like he was under the Fidelius.

He was furious, the weeks went by and Harry was drugged before he woke up. The baby would have been unhealthy if it was not for Severus giving his child his magic. Severus was more than furious when the month was up; he was drinking blood and killing people again. However, Harry was getting no blood, and it was sending him into a blood rage. That of course was not a good thing; he had not wanted Harry to experience a blood rage.

He was aware that Harry had gone right into his blood rage, not giving who ever had taken him a chance to get it down him. His magic had fought the potion and it had finally won. Of course as Harry drank Severus became aware of where Harry was, that would happen only if Harry was drinking blood of the secret keeper. Apparating blindly, he was shocked to see it was Dumbledore, Lupin, Black, Weasley and Granger that had kept him locked up.

Rushing thought the room, he saw Harry drinking Granger's blood. Shouting was the only thing he was capable of doing.

"No! Harry don't do it love! You can have mine! You don't want hers" said Severus.

Harry looked at him with loathing. This was part of why he hated Blood rages. When in a blood rage the vampire did not even recognise their bonded. He was just about to slap Harry to knock him out of the rage only to see Harry double over in pain screaming.

"Severus. Help me" said Harry. 'Thank god! He's back to his old self' thought Severus as he ran over to him. He helped Harry as much as he could, not being able to do much. Harry was now in labour. Their child was coming and the only thing he could think was 'Thank god he was there and had gotten there in time'.

Looking at the lot of them, he snarled "You had better get used to the fact that Harry Potter will never again be your hero or your puppet. He is loved for who he is, not what he is! He would never go back to the existence you created him and he will never be an Auror! And he will never be unhappy again he is happy where he is and always will be".

"He will go back to being Harry Potter, even if I have to oblivate him" said Dumbledore seriously.

"Then he never will be Harry Potter for his mind is so protected that even you cannot get in. No potion will work either for I have given him that many to protect him, so stop it for your silly games will not work. Now good bye, I want Harry to give birth to my child somewhere we will not be bothered and somewhere Harry will like to remember" said Severus. With that said he disappeared into the air and back to the manor.

"Severus why didn't you come?" he asked.

"I tried love, I tried they had you under Fidelius charm. If you had not nearly killed that Granger bitch then you would still be there" said Severus soothingly.

"Sev it hurts please get it out" whimpered Harry. The contractions hurt more than his uncle's beatings but not as bad as Voldemort's crucio's.

"Ssshh love, its ok" said Severus pulling pillows down to put his lover on, he had to make sure his child was brought into the world. He did not trust anyone, and he knew he could not move Harry again for he was in too much pain.

"NOO! It hurts please make it stop, please" whimpered Harry pathetically.

"I can't love! Not until the baby is born" said Severus feeling useless.

Harry was getting hysterical and with whispered words he used a calming spell on him. He did not want to or could not deal with a hysterical Harry. Not at a time like this. Harry had relaxed with the calming spell, and everything seemed to blur from there.

Finally, the child was there and by then Harry was delirious with the pain. With a sigh Severus put his hand on top of Harry's eyes, whispering again. Harry went limp as he was swept under the sleeping spell. Looking down, he cleaned his lover and his newborn child. In addition, looked down and realised yes, just as he had thought, he had a son. Snape's did not have girls very often, but that did not stop him from wanting one. Perhaps Harry will have another turn, do the impossible for him, and give him a girl if he would consider going through this again.


"Severus, I hurt and I'm hungry, is our baby ok? Please tell me," said Harry wakening up.

"Everything if fine love, he is good and here is food I knew you would be" said Severus. He handed over Harry a bottle of blood, which was almost chugged down.

"Are you ok love?" asked Severus.

"I ache everywhere Sev, but I'm much better can I see him please," begged Harry. How could he ever deny the pleading face of his love? He simply could not. He put their newborn son in Harry's arms.

Tears dripped from Harry's face, as he looked at his son. Moreover, his son was the most gorgeous child he had ever seen. Severus sat down next to him, and said, "I have another surprise for you".

"What?" asked Harry curiously.

Severus whistled, three cubs came bounding into the room, two big and one black fur ball jumped onto the bed. Harry's eyes went huge when he saw the amethyst of the panther looking back at him and the sapphire of the tiger cats.

"I need four names Sev not just one," said Harry in awe. "Thank you Severus! I love you so much," cuddling the man for all he was worth.

"You're welcome love, you deserve everything you get," said Severus.

"Can we call him Severus?" asked Harry looking down at the child. He looked forward to the child growing up he knew that the child would look like Severus.

"Are you sure love?" asked Severus in awe. That Harry would want to name their child after him, with a smile his face lit up like the sun Severus agreed.

"Well then, welcome to the family Severus Artemus Potter-Snape" said Harry kissing his son's cheek, before kissing Severus on the lips breaking apart for air.

"And the cubs?" asked Severus wrapping his arms around the man he loved making sure his child was safe.

"Sapphire, Amethyst and Topaz" said Harry. The names went with every one of their eyes, and Severus found himself agreeing, they were unique cats and they deserved unique names.

"Perfect love" said Severus.

They sat there cuddled into each other for god knows how long. Harry relished the feeling of being safe and held. Holding his son, he fell asleep his son following him. He did not see the tears that poured down the potions masters face, not the pride that shone through those onyx eyes. He had given up hope for a family, and here right now he had the best one he could ever wish for. Two beautiful boys in his life, although Harry was now a man as well as three new cubs. Moreover, not to forget the snake that was wandering the forest not far from them.


Soon Sevvy began walking, helping his dad pick ingredients and playing with the cubs. Harry then began to realise he wanted another child, but Severus never had mentioned it. He could see he loved Sevvy but he was not sure, perhaps the fuss he had made put him off? He was going to ask. Harry had turned from a boy into a mature man. He was no longer scared of the world or anyone, as much as Severus liked being in charge, he knew that Harry would eventually want to be in charge some times when he was older.

Sirius, Remus, Granger and Weasley of course did not bother them again. Of course, the wizarding world was not that big, they could not avoid them forever. They had seen him with his one-year-old son, telling him about a broomstick. Severus of course with him, Severus then did not want to go anywhere without him because of what happened. They had seen how happy he was. Granger was now Granger- Weasley. Harry didn't care; he hated the lot of them. Severus and he had walked right past them acting as if no one was there.

One time during dinner, Harry got up the courage to ask the question he had wanted to ask for a while. With a sigh, he rolled his eyes at his habits; keeping everything to himself.

"Severus do you want another child?" asked Harry, not letting his fear show or heard.

"Perhaps" said Severus. He didn't try to stop the happiness he felt bursting inside him, he loved Harry and would love more children running around.

"Would you ...let me...I want a baby…," said Harry. He was not sure how to ask for this! Christ he knew he could not ask and then it happen.

"Come here love," said Severus trying to stop the smile spreading along his face.

"Yes?"-asked Harry.

"I will give you all the babies you want, all you need to do is ask," said Severus as his and Harry's clothes disappeared within the blink of an eye. Their child was asleep up in his bed as he impaled Harry on his cock without any preparation. Severus had realised that Harry loved it rough, loved the small bit of pain for extra pleasure.

Severus got up as he could not sit in a stiff chair. Harry wrapped his legs around Severus as he got up. God it was good to be in him, squirming he rocked back and fourth tying to get Severus deeper inside him. Hissing, Severus got himself into the chair that was comfortable enough for them to have sex in. No matter how many years that would go by that was something Severus and Harry never tire of. Harry, sick of waiting, lifted until his lovers cock was nearly totally out of him before he let himself fall back down, screeching gods! He was in heaven. He kept going steadily. Severus gripping at his waist trying to get him down more, Harry began sweating and he impaled himself repeatedly. Severus soon came explosively into his love, Harry then cleaned them, impaling himself he snuggled into Severus before falling asleep. Severus was still deep inside Harry where he belonged and where Harry wanted him.

Twelve months later, Harry had indeed done the impossible he had given birth to a girl, but Harry had ended up having twins, a boy and a girl. One Harry had called Ryan Reese Potter-Snape and the girl they had called Rachel Lillian Potter- Snape.

Severus could not be happier and either could Harry. Dumbledore soon died. They of course were invited to the old man's will-reading but they did not go. They wanted nothing from the man not even an apology. What Dumbledore had done was inexcusable.

Remus died soon after. Being a werewolf, his bones did not last long. Severus had stopped giving them Wolfsbane potion. Sirius had killed himself soon after, and as for everyone else they lived on happily. Moreover, Harry and Severus were to see it all happen. There love still as strong, Harry never regretting Immortality even for a minute. And he lived free and happy. Free of being the golden boy. Free of the burdens that had been flung on his shoulders he was happy. Free to live his life how he liked. They both watched as the story of the boy who lived became legend before it became a myth before it was forgotten in time.