a/n Just say that the team never saw ryoga before, and try to bear with me but if you don't like it you don't have to read it that's your choice.

Sweet was running down ryoma echizen face as he hit the ball flying towards him, but of course Momo hit it back and so it went back and forth until ryoma had a strange felling that he was being watched. He looked around and saw no one and just srugged the feeling off.

------------1 week later----------

He had been having that strange feeling of being watched ever since practice that day a week or so ago, it just wouldn't go away and later that day at practice he finally found out who was watching him.

He was playing a practice match with Momo yet again even if he always beat him it was good practice and as his captain put it he was helping Momo improve , then he heard someone call his name so he turned around and froze he could hardly belive who was there.



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